Nordom (Iconic)

A Modron who has gained free will


Male Rogue Nordom Fighter 10,
Color: White
temperament: Phlegmatic/Melancholic

Quote: “I’m a little Modron short and stout.”

weapon of Choice: Hand multi shot crossbow bolters (IE KORE from goblins)


Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Consitution: 16
Intelligence: 16
Charisma: 8
Wisdom: 8
Guile: 8
Spirit: 8
Adroitness: 15


Nordom’s Crossbows
Nordom’s Crossbow Bolts
Nordom’s Ocular
Baatezu Mace
Pharod’s Crutch
Served Arm (Yours)
Corpse Limb 985
Yevrah’s Ring of Almost Invisibility
Displacer Ring
Twisted Ring
Adahn’s Ring
Lens of Seeing Double
Time’s Eyepiece
Rod of Modron Might


This modron seems to be subtly different from the others you have seen. It carries a pair of crossbows in its four arms, and it seems to be taking an active interest in your behavior.

You’ll first encounter Nordom while making your way though the “Hard” level of the Rubikon dungeon. Simply strike up dialogue with him, which will eventually lead to his offer to join your party.


Backwards modron – Nordom. Queries? Chronology: Modron March. Destination: Limbo. (Original Destination: Mechanus → reason for destination shift unknown. Reason: Lost?) New parameters dictated by superior: Shaped matter of Plane (Limbo) to test hypothesis. Rubikon dungeon constructed.

Superior lost in field test. Superior = Nordom? After exposure to Plane, perspective has deviated from norm. Perceptions have become smaller and louder. Wings have been replaced with arms: reason unknown. Suspicion/hypothesis: not liked wings? Speculation.

Nordom was once “one” but am now smaller, louder “one.” Processing information difficulties.

Two spirits of Rubikon gears assist Nordom. Transformed these- selves into weapons to defend against Rubikon errors. Their query: leave this place and shoot other hostile sentients (goal: adventure?).

Reason for Nordom deviation unknown. Primary function terminated when Rubikon disintegration reached three cubits inwards and increasing. Processing functions… functions re-defined upon arrival of new sentients. Nordom now gear in new hierarchy.

Designated leader: Addressee. Attention: Nordom follows.

Personal Quest: A band of Modron wish to destroy him because he violates their duty

Death: Dies fighting against a Death Slaadi

Nordom (Iconic)

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