Ignus (Iconic)

A lunatic mage who opened up a portal to the plane of fire in his heart


Male Fireborn (human) Wizard 15, Fire mage 10


Strength: 13
Dexterity: 16
Constitution; 20
Intelligence: 19
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 3
Guile: 7
Adroitness: 9
Spirit: 3
Leadership: 4

Advantages: Ingus is a powerhouse house spell caster, not just because of his skills as a wizard, but also because of his unique spells that only he (and possible the PC) know. He also has a remarkably good Con which means he can take a lot of hits, and his ability to fly combined with his dex means both that he is good at dodging attacks and flying over things. But most importantly, he has a ton of natural abilities in terms of magic that make him extremely useful. Under his spell like abilities section, he has a mind boggling amount of abilities and spells. In essence, Ignus can (if fully leveled) use once per day every single firebending and Pyromancy ability, as well as every single Cleric/druid/Mage/Shaman/Witch/Magnus/Magister/Psion spell related to fire (this includes spells that can create an attack of any element, he will only get the fire version). So when properly leveled and when his personal quests are done for him, Ignus is one of those companions who will almost never run out of attacks. He can start throwing spells and will keep throwing spells all day long, so against all but the most powerful foes or the greatest hoards, Ignus will likely always have some juice left. The fact that he is completely immune to not only fire, but also Firebending and Pyromancy which makes him very dangerous. And of course, should you actually run out of spells (quite a feat honestly) he has his personal fireballs to fall back upon, and any enemy who comes close to him will be damaged by his fire aura. And should he die, he explodes in a nightmarish blast of flame that really damages your enemies so there is that. He has extremely limited regeneration which makes healing him less of a hassle. Finally he is immune to negative morale effects and will never break or panic under your command,
Also if you have him teach you spells, those hit points you lose go to him, which can make him a little more difficult to kill.

Disadvantages: First and formost, he only really knows fire spells. OK he is a full wizard but the fact that a certain number of his spell slots require fire spells means he has very few spells you can give him that aren’t fire related. His disagreeable nature means that other companions will not like him and he can cause social difficulties. But his greatest difficulty as a character is this, he can only equip a shockingly few amount of items, rings (limited to two), eyes (limited to 2), a set of teeth, a bracelet, and if you do a certain quest correctly, the fire whip. That’s it, no tattoos, no belts, no shoes, hat, bracers, gloves, no capes, and of course no robes, which greatly limits his use as a companion. Hell he can’t even use essence gems. Even with quick items slots he cannot use anything made of paper, so dealing with his inventory bullshit can be very difficult. Until you finish his personal quests (which is rather late in the game) he doesn’t even have a melee attack he just awkwardly uses his range attack badly. And of course this lack of equitable items means that his already weak AC is unlikely to get better, so while he has high HP and dodges well, he is remarkably easy to hit, so you will be spending lots of healing on him regardless of how high his hit pool is. And those items he can equip often don’t have much in raising AC, maybe some rings of protection and a Magnus Guard. He takes even more damage from Magical Frost too which frustrates things. He is a remarkable blaster who can remain creative and viable for a very long time but beyond that their isn’t much there.


There is a burning man hovering in the air over a grille in the Smoldering Corpse Bar. His skin bubbles and chars, and flames pour from his tormented eyes, yet his expression is far away, almost as if he were reveling in the flames.

Ignus is probably the trickiest companion to add to your party. First, you must obtain the Decanter of Endless Water in the Drowned Nations, after which you need to pay a visit to Nemelee in the Clerk’s Ward to learn the Decanter’s command word. Once you have these two tasks completed, stop by the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the southeast portion of the Hive and use the Decanter to free Ignus from his fiery torture. Once freed, Ignus will offer to join.


Magus Shield, Magus Guard, Ring of Fallen Stars, Mempa’s Biting Ring


No more talk and wander… Ignusss wishesss to BURNNN

Ignusss burnsssss… sssooo long ago… yet…


Once… Ignussss knew NOTHING of flamessss… ssset ssssmall firesss, tiny flamesss, tiny flickeringssss…

The firessss grew… Ignussss ssset firessss in their streetssss… and lit the firessss of anger in their heartssss…

They sssought to punisssh Ignus, the ssmall fliesss from the Hive. They wissshed to sssee Ignusss BURNNN after Ignusss ssset fire to their ssstreets…

…tiny magelingsss, hedge wizzardsss, runecasterssss… tiny sparks of magic came to PUNISSSSH Ignusss for hurting their loved onessss… they sssentenced Ignusssss to BURNNNN, made Ignussss a TORCH, a sssspitting FLAME, burning, burning…

It wassss JUSSSTICE, they sssaid…

…but it was not a sentence…

…there is ssoooo much flamessss and painnn that there issss NO pain… there issss LIGHT, and HEAT, and the flesssh runsss as TALLOW acrosss my bonessss…

…and for the firssst time…

…Ignussss wasss PLEASSSSED

When the Planessss burnnnn and all life is torchesss, then Ignusss ssshall at lassst… be at peace…

Personal quest: Find his childhood book, and read it to him

Death: Dies fighting an army of Ice Devils

Ignus (Iconic)

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