Boydon (Iconic)

An artificial life form, created by an evil wizard and hoping to find a meaning to life


Male Frankenstein Expert 10, Fighter 6

Strength: 30
Dexterity: 12
intelligent: 13
Constitution: 25
Spirit: 3
Wisdom: 10
Adroitness: 10
Charisma: 3
Guile: 4

Ring of Regeneration
Ring of SHield (Shield Constant)

One of the strongest characters in the whole game, Boydan can pound most of your enemies into paste with little to no effort, and thanks to his DR, Natural Armor, and massive Con makes hurting him quite difficult. His natural Magic and Weapon resistance adds to the fact that Boydon is hard to hurt, and lightning actually heals him. He is ineqlequent and basically just does one thing, but he does that one thing so well can you really begrudge him it?

He also gets the False Teeth Slot, allowing you to equip him with some extra magic items, and has three more tattoos than most

Very weak Spirit, if a spell does overcome his damage reduction he can be dominated or feared very easily. He makes social encounters quite tricky and his extreme temper can get you into trouble. Also he can only wear very little equipment.

Most critical of course is the fact that he has very low level and isn’t likely to improve much at all, making him quite limited when it comes to combat options, you mostly just put him in front of the enemy and have him hit

Also really weak to fire.


Boydon (Iconic)

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