Long ago, one of the most brutal Gods of Conquest, Invasion and War, now known as The Patriarch grew tired of his existence. He destroyed and torn down great civilizations, but even as he saw these great cities burn, he was filled with….longing. He wished to build his own Empire, his own society, something that he could rule, where he could create and nurture people instead of simply looting others accomplished. He was a God, if he ruled over a civilization, he could do it perfectly, for a God isn’t limited as a mortal is. A society that wouldn’t work for mere mortals could work for a god….but what is the perfect society? However, he was a God of War, he knew nothing of what made societies. He turned to other gods for aid, and found no clear answer to his question “What is the perfect state?”
The Gods of Destruction said their was none, that life was "Nasty, Brutish, Short, and tends to rip of other ideas)
The Gods of Peace said that a society that encouraged love and compassion would be the perfect society
The Gods of Evil said a society that encouraged self interest and personal gain
The Gods of Good said a society that promoted morality and human rights
The Gods of Chaos said a society that was flexible
The Gods of Law said a society that was Consistent
the Gods of Neutrality said a society that promoted free will
The Gods of Nature said that nature was the ideal society
And the Gods of War said that only through strength could a perfect society be forged
The Patriarch grew confused, for he was a God and Gods are by their nature somewhat simplistic beings, and was more suited to simple answers. Trade, Economics, Social Engineering, Politics, Human Rights, Tariffs, Freedoms of Speech, Art, Oppression, War, Domestic affairs and Taxes were all complicated issues that seemed to vary in terms of usefulness. The Patriarch Realized that it would be easier to conquer a great deal of land and then rule rather than start from nothing, however how could he conquer most efficiently? The God resolved that he would meditate on this matter, and consider all aspects of politics. Doing so would take him out of the world of mortals until he could resolve his will. He choose a random location on a random planet, and manifested their with all his power. As luck would have it, he appeared next to a small village, of no more than 100 people, and to them he spoke
“I shall sleep, and consider the nature of the world, and weather or not people can live together in harmony within a society. When I awake, my nature shall be wholly changed, I will no longer be a God of War, but I shall be the ideal god of government, ruler ship, and justice, and my empire will be the perfect Empire. In the meantime however, while I sleep, I task you with conquering as much land as possible, for when I awake, only that which you have conquered will be part of my Utopian Kingdom. You have 7,513 years and a day to do this, for when I awake, all that you have conquered will be under my rule, and I shall govern it forever more in perfect harmony and bliss. You shall be rewarded in the afterlife
It has been 4,759 years since then, and the Imperial Empire, one of the Greatest Empires in the entire world, is on the verge of Civil War. The Military, the Senate, and the Caesar are all at eachothers throats, with the Church and the Civil Servants still undecided on what side to take. All around them are powerful dangerous enemies, and internally many wish to throw off the Imperial yoke once and for all. It is into this world that half a dozen crazy motherfuckers are going to change the world…..or die ignominiously in a ditch. Take your pick

Imperial Dreams

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