Total List of Skills

Charisma – Force of personality and how likable you are, how witty you are
Guile- Social awareness, how clever you are, and how manipulative you are
Strength – How much damage you do, how athletic, you are, and how much you can carry
Constitution- How long you can do a single activity and how tough you are, and health
Intelligence- How much you know (skills), your reason and how well you remember things
Spirit Spiritual awareness, self control, and personal moral
Wisdom – Awareness of the world around you, intuition, and common sense
How fast you are, ranged weapon skills, and how acrobatic you are
Adroitness- Manual dexterity, skill with making things, and craft awareness
Luck (this one is special, you cannot choose points into it. With a few exceptions, characters all have 10 in Luck, only the most powerful magic can alter luck)

Strength (Vitality, Vigor)
Vitality- How much strength you can put into a single act, such as lifting things, and damage.
Vigor- How athletic you are, how well you can climb, swim, or jog
Spirit (Insight, Resolve)
Insight- Personal understanding, how well you can can maintain moral.
Will- Your ability to resist magical domination and general mental will power.
Wisdom (Will, Perception)
Cunning- Commons sense, ability to think on your feet, and general worldly intelligence
Perception- Your awareness……duh
Constitution (Endurance, Stamina)
Endurance- How much discomfort or pain you can take, how well you resist pain damage.
Stamina- How healthy and in shape you are, how well you can avoid effects like poison.
Dexterity (Agility, Finesse)
Agility- How quick you are on your feet, dodge, and acrobatics
Grace- How skilled you are at targeting specific areas or ranged combat. Also how coordinated you are and how you avoid hurting yourself. The antithesis of Clumsiness
Charisma (Personality, Influence)
Personality- How much people actually like you or enjoy your company
Presence- How well you can people to do what you want
Adroitness (Security, Craft)
Focus- How good you are at multitasking and organizing yourself/maintaining focus
Craft- How well you make things, how skilled you are with your hands.
Guile (Acumen, Cunning)
Acumen- How well you think on your feet or have social awareness
Deception- How well you can subtly control people or manipulate them.
Intelligence (Mind, Reason)
Mentality/Mind- How well you can keep control of your own personal sanity
Reason- How well you solve problems
Luck (Fate, Appearance)- If this stat is used, its totally random.
Fate- Gives a small bonus to everything you do (or a minus)
Appearance- What you look like starting out.

The Save

Constitution- Fortitude

Dexterity- Reflexes

Spirit- Will

Charisma- Social

Wisdom- Sanity

Initiative- When you attack in combat (Adroitness)
Willpower- How well you resist magical control (Spirit)
Reason- Who wins in a magical duel (Intelligence)
Fortitude- Resisting Poison or other physically draining effects (Constitution)
Acumen- How well you act on your feet socially (Guile)
Charm- How well you attract people to you (Charisma)
Reflex- How quickly you react to things (Dexterity)
Perception: Awareness of the world (Wisdom)
Stamina- How well you can bounce back from things that affect you (Strength)
Chance- Random chance bitch (Luck)

How do skills work.
You roll a D20 and add the stat the skill is based on, for example if your rolling a climb check you can use your strength bonus. so if i strength 18, I add 18 Then you add the skill point bonus from your climb skill. The stat you use is dependent upon the circumstances, but the skill bonus works reagardless of circumstances. Class skills automatically make you have a 1 in every point. Skills are measured on a 1-20, and are designed more a specializations. once you start getting from +10 in skill points it costs 1 more, (which for a non class skills means your spending 3:1). For 15-20 its +2, so 3/1 for class skills and 4/1 for non class skills. Hint, don’t fucking do cross class skills.

Social classes (all classes at 1st level have X+y bonus X 4

Casters 2+bonus
Fighters 4+bonus
Hybrid/rogue 6+ bonus (hybrid social)
Social 8+bonus

Utility Classes
Casters 2+bonus (hint)
Hybrid 4+bonus (Hint)
Fighter 6+bonus (hint)
Rogues (6+bonus)

Combat SKills
Casters 1+bonus
Minor 2+bonus
Hybrid/rogue 3+bonus
Fighter 4+Bonus

Skills (as a rule, I prefer more than less, so I wants lots of skill choices)
(D&D skills)

  • skills are class specific
    Athletics Physical exercise
    Acrobatics- How cool you are at actual physical activities (Dex- Agility)
    Appraise- Detecting Value of something (Int-Reason)
    Autohyponsis- Mind over body and ability to tap into your own mind and mental discipline (Spirit-Discipline)*
    Balance- How well you can balance your check book…………duh (Dex- Grace )
    Climb- ………..figure it out (Strength-Vigor/Dex)
    Concentration- How well you can concentrate under pressure (Adroitness-Focus/Con)
    Control Shape- This is a very situation skill, its only for people who have their bodies regularity altered (Wisdom)*
    Craft- How well you can make things, you have different categories of craft (Adroitness-Craft/Int)
    Decipher Script- If you can read this, apparently you can do that (Int-Reason)
    Disable Device- Undoing Traps, picking locks and other such things (Adroitness-Craft)
    Disguise- pshhhhhh…..this totally is the truth skill (Guile-Cunning)
    Escape Artist- Getting yourself out of bad situations like being tied up. (Dexterity-Grace)
    Fly- Only for flying creatures, how good you are at it. (Dex-Grace)*
    Forgery- This is bluff guys….(Adroitness-Craft)
    Handle Animal- How well you work with animals. (Wisdom/Perception)
    - non magical healing, like fixing a broken arm ect. (Wisdom-Sensibility)
    Hide- The poor man’s stealth, this is more for generally avoiding detection, like setting up an ambush opposed to sneaking into somebody’s house, or hiding from a a guard opposed to sneaking through a forest. Basically this is for people who AREN"T MOVING and are just trying to not be seen.(Dex-Grace/Wisdom)
    Jump- White man can’t jump (Strength-Vitality)
    Knowledge- How much you know about a particular topic. Like with craft, this is actually alot of different skills (Int-Learning)
    Linguistic- How well understand language itself. (Int-Learning)
    Listen- WHAT? (Wisdom- Perception)
    Move Silently- Avoiding making noise, again its the poor man’s sneak part two. Essentially, this isn’t true “Stealth”, instead this is just for people who are trying to avoid making noise, it won’t help you sneak past alert guards, but it will keep you from stepping on the crumbled up newspapers.(Dex-Grace/Guile)
    Operate Device- How well you can use Machines and stuff, like how well you can use a Crane. (Adroitness-Craft)
    Perform- Musical skills, like Craft their are alot of different subcategories for different instruments/styles (Charisma-Influence)
    Psicraft- Understanding of Psionics and the inner workings of your mind (Int-Reason)*
    Profession- Your actual understanding of your job (Intelligence-Learning)*
    Ride- I wonder? (Strength-Vigor)

Search- Finding things (Wisdom-Perception)
*Sleight of Hand
- You know it. Basically doing things without people noticing, like smuggling, reading a hidden weapon, doing a magic trick, juggling, or stealing (Guile-Cunning)
Sneak- Actual sneaking abilities. This is far more hard to train in, but it allows you to do slip right past people. Cost three except for stealth classes(Dexterity-Agility)
Spellcraft- You knowledge of how magic actually works. (Int-Reason)
Spot- Sort of Detective stuff, how well you can notice little details (Wisdom/Sensibility)
Survival- How well you can not die in the wilderness (Wisdom-Sensibility)
Swim- How w ell… can swim (Strength-Vigor)
Tumble- How you dodge and avoid things, also how well you can avoid hurting yourself from falling, and how generally nimble you are (Dex-Agility)
Use magic device- hoq many magic items you can equip (Int-Learning)
Use Rope Kinky ;)(Adroitness/Craft)
Wild Empathy- How well you interact with animals (Wisdom/Perception)

(3.0 Skills i might keep)
Alchemy- How well you use…alchemy. Maybe this could be like spell craft. However, maybe i could have this for non magical potions (Int-Reason)
Innuendo- I am totally keeping this, communicating to other people hidden messages or subtle clues. (Guile-Acumen)
Inuit Direction- I don’t know if i will keep this (Wisdom-Sensibility)
Read Lips- Hell yeah, we are keeping this (Guile-Acumen )
Pick Pocket- Is this different from Sleight of Hand? I mean, Sleight of hand seems more like tricks and little things, but they might be close (Adroitness- Acumen)
Scry- Totally keeping this (Intelligence-Reason)*
Open Lock- Maybe….i mean Disable Device is a very different skills (Adroitness-Craft)

(Alternate D&D skills)

Resolve- How well you can stay conciseness after taking damage.
Discernment- How good you are with understanding your current condition (poison, wounds, damage ect) (Wisdom-Sensibility)
Caligraphy- Figure it out (Adroitness-Craft)
Games- Like Preform, Knowledge ect, these are just games you are skilled at. (Int- Learning)
Lore- Finding obscure or hidden information. Sam Spade finding out the background on his employer or Ned Stark finding out the secret behind Jofferey Bartheon (Guile-Acumen)
Medicine- Deals with general health and sickness opposed to physical illnesses (Wisdom-Sensibility)
Conceal- hiding an object (smuggling ect) (Adroitness/Dex)
Assessment- Figuring out somebody’s fighting abilities and how skilled they are (they walk like a warrior, they are built like a horse rider, they have nimble fingers) (Guile/Strength


(new Social skills Skills)
Intuition Social Spot Check
Perform Acting and Music
Gather Information- Getting information from a crowd (Charisma-Personality)
Bluff- Lying to people…….sweet man (Charisma-Personality/Guile)
Wit- Jokes, comebacks, insults, charming observations, word play and planting gossip
Haggle (Charisma-influence)- How well you can get the price you want
Persuasion (Charisma, influence) – Getting somebody to do a specific task for you by trying to appeal to there reason.
Speechcraft *(Charisma, influence)- Formal speeches, and what not….you know what i mean. In short, this is a matter of being able to speak to a mass audience or talking impersonally.
*Intimidation *(Strength, Vitality)- Scaring the shit out of people in order to get them to do what you want, based upon physical strength (or the illusion of physical strength) in order to get people to talk.
*Innuendo *(Guile, Acumen)- Communicating secrets to other people.
*Sense Motive
- (Guile, Acumen)- Help you figure out what the fuck the other guy is up to….little jerk.
Diplomacy- (Guile/Charisma) How well you can people to understand your view point and to negotiate. Essentially you are trying to reach a compromise.
Composure Social resistance to being provoked

Weapon Skill
Awareness: How well you can predict an opponents plans and actions in combat.

Axe Skills
1 handed Maces
2 handed Mace
Great hammers
1 handed weapon Hammers
Heavy Armor
Light Armor
Medium Armor
Large Shield
Medium shield
Light Shield
martial Arts
Short Blade
Long Blade
Two Handed Blade
Hand to Hand
Pole arm
Duel Wield (Long weapon short weapon)
Two Weapon Fighting (Two weapons)
Duel Blade (To equally sized weapons)

Total List of Skills

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