The Nine Ages of the World

After the creation of the world, their were nine ages of the world, the ages of creation. The first seven of these are the ages of fate, and the last two are the ages of Free Will. These are the ages of creation, each one being paved over by another, with the left overs of the older ages. these ages are

Age 0- The Old ones, oh sweet lord

Age 1- The Age of Creation (children’s story telling games), this is the age ruled over by the Primordials. Here the Sefirot is created. Primordial are creatures of raw creation

Age 2- The age of Life (Fae, Fey, Fay), the time of the Epigraphs. Fey are beings of instinct, Mind, Body, or soul

Age 3- Age of Personality, the time of the Titans, who create the Temperamental
These are the beings of personality untouched by anything else

Age 4- Age of Instinct, the time of the Spirits, who create the Charkas. these are beings who act as reflections of mortals personification of various objects and feelings

Age 5- Age of Reaction, the Time of the Divine (Aedra, Daedra ect), the time of the Doshas
These are the raw beings of cycles, creation and destruction (and stability) Yin and Yang (and the combination), Femine, masculine and Sex. Two opposing forces (including and Control) and one thing that brings them together (affection)

Age 6- Age of Values, the Time of the Immortals (the beings of the color planes) who created the Colors

Age 7- the age of Morality, the Time of the Cosmic Beings, and it is the time of morality

Age 8- The Age of Legends, the Time of the Deities (Patron God)

Age of 9- The Age of Mortals, the time of Free Will (Humanity)

The only beings who are free of this cycle and have free will are Gods, Mortals, and Vestiges, the latter of which are too irrelevant to matter, so the world is a face off between humans and gods.



The Nine Ages of the World

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