The Great Maw

The Maw, also known as The Great Maw or as written by his followers, the MAW is an enigma among gods, and spirits, a combination of both and yet neither. The MAW was once a local spirit of a mountain, worshiped and sacrificed too by the local people. Eventually its people were taken and enslaved by a neighboring kingdoms, and while their they still cried out for their home Spirit, and far away it heard its cries. Thus this creature did the unthinkable and left its home, determined to protect its people, emerged from its realm to do battle with the local God-King.
There, the Maw emerged before the startled God King and to the surprise of all present, consumed him, taking into itself the Portfolio of the God. There it guided its people home and ruled over them as a God, its people’s faith making it into a true divine being. However, The MAW still had the mindset and understanding of a creature of the Spirit World, and despite deeply loving its people, it hardly understands them. The MAW has a hard time comprehending the needs of Mortals


Towards Fiends: The MAW hates and despises the creatures of the Lower Plane, and seeks to destroy all of them. One day an Imp came into his realm, and The MAW himself attacked it, destroying it and then following it back into the 9 Hells themselves, wrecking Havoc until it returned to its own home. Every time a Demon, Devil or Daemon enters its realm, the Great Maw ravages its home world until the Fiendish leadership learned to leave its realm alone, for the Great Maws power is something which cannot be underestimated.

The Elder Gods: Since its beginning, The MAW hated the Elder Gods, the beings of Taboos and evil. When it first achieved Godhood, The MAW instantly attacked the Elder Gods, severely damaging Grandpa Nurgle and scarring Slender so badly that it hid away from the world. If The MAW can have anything resembling a long term goal, it plans to utterly destroy the Elder Gods entirely. The Elder Gods are terrified of this creature that seems to have a homicidal urge to destroy them, and the fact that it regularly attacks their domains mean that to them.

Worshipers: The Fact is that The Great MAW is a weird god is that it doesn’t grant spells or powers to its worshipers of any kind, in fact it forbids all Divine Magic. All of the prayers and devotions given to the Maw are not put out to clerics or miracles, but instead kept by the The MAW for storage. Thus, when the MAW attacks, it is FAR more powerful than it should be given its number of followers, because it is stingy as shit. Thus when the MAW does attack, it simply tears through its opponents and has the power to challenge the Elder Gods.

The most critical part of understanding The MAW’s relationship with its followers is that while it does protect them from cosmic threats of all sorts, from Devils, to Elder Gods, to angry Spirits, it doesn’t protect its people from other mortals. Or correctly, it does until they screw up one of its commandments. As The Great MAW doesn’t have any understanding of subtly, if it’s people displease it in any regard it will simply abandon its protection from its people, and its people will likely to be conquered, enslaved or otherwise. However, after a few generations it will eventually grant its power to one of its mortals who will save the chosen people. This effect is that a chosen person, (why they are chosen is known only to The MAW) will suddenly be given 30 levels in cleric and the instructions to save the people. When their job is done, the powers are taken away, as The Great MAW needs to keep its power to attack other cosmic beings. These clerics only rule for a short amount of time.


1) Honor thy children and protect them from all harm, and teach them the Commandments of the MAW

2) Thou shall not seek to know the nature of Thy LORD MAW nor to look upon his face.

3) Thou shall not eat the flesh of any creature that would change your nature, because this would make you unpleasing in the eyes of the MAW

4) I am thy lord The MAW and thou art my chosen people. Thou shalt never harm they fellow chosen, for in harming them, you harm The MAW

5) Thou shalt not fear death, nor seek through any unnatural means to prolong thy life, nor the lives of thine kin. THou shalt die in peace, knowing your soul is protected. Thou shalt never create undead creatures, for these are abominations in the eyes of The MAW








13) Thy shall learn and follow the commandments of The MAW, and shall never in pride, claim to speak for The MAW nor shalt thou change his Commandments.

[1/14/15 10:11:11 PM] Lindsay Kant: Suddenly, the man is. This wonderful spectacle. He stretched out his pace, whistling, humming, delicious, and copper. Are satisfied. Pushes the air, and sent him away, goodbye, he says, to fall. HE empty. He sucked and licking, and this time it’s like to try. My company repeatedly again. Once, twice, and not at all lost Tamo.hbhor not even know him. When he feels the powder between the toes, and desire. It is soft and slow, and can Lof.osbaoni night, the brain moves the dust fly, and sees many things in vain, many of which are separated, and for the second time. Rubbish, and his signature, and the new taste emotions during rough start to move, and jerked and spat, and hath dust of darkness, which are closely linked, and aloe, and warm, and is too heavy, returned to their homes. The man was scared. Air can be found. And he left, this new member. Turn again, that feeling of a friend, I pray. Please. And it does. And fell on him, pushing, adding that, and is safe. Man gives air. But the atmosphere, welcomes. Not only is the man.
[1/14/15 10:13:20 PM] Lindsay Kant: I will make you, and he will come to the help of a doubt
Between the light and the darkness upon the earth.
And he came over me Oh, lie not move
I could speak of the truth, and the sky
There is a gray area, where he was for the first time
And he touches the earth and the heaven, and the serpent,
And was a teacher
and learn
And again, do not touch it.

The Great Maw

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