The Fade

The fade is the Subconscious of the living creatures, and the beings here are manifestations of peoples subconcious. Things I don’t know
1) If this is at all connected to other planes in any way
2) What its purpose is
3) Where it fits in the larger pictures

What I do know

1) Their are 25 times of Fades (natives) divided into five categories of five.
2) It works like in Dragon Age.

For now, I’m going to go with alignment.

Evil=Fade Demons

Hungry Fade
Sloth Fade
Rage Fade
Pride Fade
Desire Fade

Law=Fade Spirits
These guys try to inspire mortals…hard cause they almost never leave the Fade

Honor Fade
Order Fade
Loyalty Fade
Dedication Fade
Duty Fade

These guys just want to interact with the world, but they don’t bother possessing mortals

Vengeance Fade
Envy Fade
Performance Fade
Discord Fade
Bravery Fade

They try to enter the mortal world to do good.
Justice Fade
Love Fade
Mercy Fade
Valor Fade
Faith Fade

Neutral= They just don’t care….they don’t care.

Fear Fade
Joy Fade
Sex Fade
Sorrow Fade
Sleep Fade
Greed Fade

The Fade

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