Phaer Tel’Quessir; A small group who escaped into the plane of time to of fight against all of the Elven Gods, Drow or otherwise

Sy-tel-Quessir: The Tel of the Wildlands

Teu-tel;Quessir: The Nomadic folk

Ruar-tel-Quessir: The Magically isolated Tel

Ar-tel-Quessir: The Main Empire of Tel

Ssri-Tel-Quessir: The Processors to the Dark Elves

Or-Tel-Quessir: The Wood Elves Ancestors

Aril-tel-Quessir: A winged race of false Angels who rule over the nearby humans as Gods

Alu-Tel-Quessir: These underwater beings rule a ruthless undersea Empire

Celadrin: A halfbreed with Humans


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