Sacred Numbers

Numbers are extremely important, and tied to the fundamental nature of the world itself.

Critical numbers

0: The Nameless, the creator of the fundamental world. Utterly uninvolved.
1: The Taint, a formless being of corruption and hate.
2: Yin and Yang, the two main creators of the world
3: The Fae, Fey, Fay, the forces of mind body and soul.
4: The forces of Turbulence, Stability, Sun and Moon
5: The Five Tempearments
6: The six seasonal courts, Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter, Wet, and Dry, the Old Gods
7: The great Fortunes, IE the Seven Chakras
8: The Great Spirits
9: The 9 Ennegrams, ruled by the Faen
10: The Al philosophies
11: The Circle of life. The opposing forces of Order and Discord (The Aedra and the Daedra), Unity vs. Purity (Progarai and Neverborn), Enlightenment vs. Discipline (Yozi and Fortunes), Instinct vs. Temperance: (Kami vs. Low Titans), Balance (Tribunal)
12: The Months, Ruled by the various Fairies
13: The Elder Gods, don’t fuck with them.
16: The Outer Gods
18: The Elemental main plains, 16 core elements, plus 2. 4 groups of 4, the 4 classical (fire, air, earth, water) 4 substance (Wood, Metal, Bone, Blood), the 4 Energy (Positive, Negative, LIght, Darkness) and 4 spiritual (Time, Space, Life, Death), with Void being none and Ether being all)
21: The Temperament combinations
23: Pridmortials
55: Less Fortunes

1314: The new Gods



Fear: ShadowKnight (ever Quest

Fire: Warrior

Sound: Infiltrator

Light: Spirit Shaman

All: Arcanist: (Warlock Warcraft)
Blue: Mage (Warcraft Mage/Everquest Mage)
Green: Warden (Warcraft/Everquest Druid)
White: Pilgrim/Avenger(Warcraft/diablo Paladin)
Black: Nephoyle: (Warcraft/everquest necromancer)
Yellow: Warcraft Monk
Red: Warcraft Shaman
Divine: Priest (God’s Color)
Combination: Champion (Various types, Beige, Orange Purple, Violet, Grey, Brown, Scarlet, Crimson, Pink, Gold, Silver)
Colorless: Warrior
All: Faen

Earth/Air/Water/Fire/Wood/Metal/Void: Benders

The 4 Seasons

Winter: Coercer (Everquest Enchanter)
Spring: Spell Singer: Everquest bard
Summer: Beast Lord (Everquest)
Fall: Witch Doctor (Warcraft/Diablo)

The 12 Months:
All: Mage

Lawful Good: Paladin
Lawful: Knight
Lawful Neutral: Arbiter
Neutral: Hermits/Shepard
None Neutral: Incarna
Extremes: Soulborn
Any Neutral: Totemist

The Temperaments

Sanguine: Factorium
Summoner: Phlegmatic
Artificer: Melancholic
Supine: Truenamers
Choleric: Shadow Casters

God: Oracle

Gods: Clerics/Favored Souls/Druids



Sacred Numbers

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