Races of the Old World

These are the races of Middle Earth

The First Born

Traits they all have in common

Immortal: Elves cannot die of old age or sickness, they must be killed

These are the Elves who heeded the Call of the Valar and started to go West They are divided into three roups

The Vanyar

They were the smallest group and the first to reach the West, they are almost all dwelling in the Undying Lands currently.

Sub Races

The Solosimpi: These are those who never made it to the Undying Lands and remained in Middle Earth, Dwelling in hidden Kingdoms

The Minya: These are those who dwell in Aman, but not in the undying Lands

The Noldor

The greatest and most famous of the Elven Races, these races essentially shaped the History of Middle Earth.

Other Sub Groups

These were those among the Noldor who stayed in Aman, and focused their energy upon perfecting their craft rather than going East


These were the Elves who never took the journey West at all, but instead opted to stay in the East and dwell within the realms of darkness. They were a clever and crafty bunch who fought against the Enemy through tricks and deception, and were always closer to nature than their Western Brethren, however their magic and abilities were limited.

Calaquendi These are the Teleri who returned to Middle Earth from the Undying Lands, extremely powerful in the magic of combat

These are the elves who dwell in the Golden Wood

Edhil These are the elves who dwelled in the Valar’s Gardens of the Lamps, as refuges from the forces of darkness

Elgath These are the Sindar who didn’t move south but stayed at the kingdom of Elu Thingol Greymantle

THe Eldale
Yes I know its a term for the three kindreds, but i’m using it here as the elves who went past Aman straight to the Undying Lands and are the only ones who dwell their.


These are the Noldor who went south after the First Age

These are the elves who gave up last second on the journey west when they came in sight of the sea, and decided to stay their as the makers of the great shape.

These are the elves who dwell on the islands between the Aman and Middle Earth

The Khazad
These are the dwarves, and their seven main fotresses are Khazad-dum, Nogrod, Belegost, Tumunzahar, Hollowbold, Gabilgathol, and Mickleburg.

The Apanonar
The Human Race of Middle Earth, far different from the Humans or Highborn of later generations

The Elendili
The royal family of the Dunedain, who are decended from the Mair elves
The Atanatari
These were the humans who lived in the West and mingled with the Eldar when they returned from the West. They lived as vassal folk rather than independent, however they were gifted with great and powerful magic and knowledge

The Atani

These were the humans who were taught by the Eastern Elves, and learned their techniques. While never as great or as beloved as the Edain or other races, they were still tutored in the way of the Elves and fought bravely against the forces of Darkness

The Edain
These where the Humans who first came West and were taught by the Elves.

These are the Men who dwell in Lake-Town, Dale, and the Surrounding Regions, they chose their name after their hero “Bard the Bowman” and they are a tough people who are allied with the dwarves and fight well against the forces of evil

These are the humans


These are the vast nations of tribal peoples to the east, who for the most part serve Sauron or Morgoth. Some tribes were loyal to the West however and fought bravely for them, however for the most part the Easterlings serve the darkness. These are the guys who appear in the LOTRS bestiary, and are

These are the humans who dwell in the realm far east near Ubtiumnio

These are the humans who dwell near the Iron Hills

The Corsairs of Umber These people would a pirating and disorganized people who constantly raided the lands of Gondor.


These men dwell in the icy wastelands of the north near Angband

These Eastern Tribesmen were infamous for their savage combat abilities and their great fleets, they were long an enemy of the Dunidain for they served Sauron. Since Sauron’s defeat, they still remained a great enemy to mordor and an ally to other evil forces.

These woodsmen dwelled in Greenwood and Mirkwood and are famous for their abilities to envoke powerful rages and communicate with animals.

Men of Rhun
These are the easterlings from the Movies and from the Third Age video game.**

Black Numenoreans
These are the Numenoreans who served mordor, and Sauron, and dwell in their own small kingdoms to the south. They dwell in their coastal cities in the far south of Harad and constantly meneance Gondor

Dorwinions An eastern peoples who were mostly peaceful, famous for their trades and fantastic wine, which even the elves had to admit, was really damn good.

Dunedain These are the people descended from the Edain and Numenoreans who resettled on Middle Earth, establishing the greatest kingdoms in the world of Men.

Dunelanders These hill people (as seen in LOTRS the Third age) hate the Rohenrimn and despise the orcs

These are the nomadic men of Rohan who move through the East


These are the northmen who the men of Rohen are descended from



These are the first Hobbits, who dwell in the north and are untouched by the world around them. They are far more secretive and hidden than the Hobbits that we know and love, for they dwell in dangerous lands and thus by Hobbit standards are rather warlike. Of course, by everybody else’s standards, they are absurdly peaceful


Monsters and other Creatures

Belain: Natural spirits of great power who dwell specifically in middle earth.

Black Riders These are wraiths who have been transformed by Morgul blades, they are powerful but still killable.

Crebain Giant evil Crows

Dumbledors A race of evil insects

Ents are cool

Great Eagles
one of the main forces of Good

Races of the Old World

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