Races of Middle Earth


Quendi/First Born

The name for all elves

These are the Elves who came later for the Great Journey after the three houses, but never were able to find the way. They emerged in the West after the Ships had sailed, and found life among the three houses who Remained behind, the Sindor, Eldale, Laiquendi, and the Moriquendi. They are the lower class of the Elves, and never were able to achieve the greatness in kingdoms, but they serve as subjects to other elves and did many great deeds.

These are the Noldar who traveled East via the Second Journey (the journey by land)

These are the Teleri who returned East via the Land Journey

These are the Vanyar who travelled East via the Land Journey

These are the Vanyar who traveled East via the Sky Land


The Noldar who returned East via the Sky

These are the Teleri who returned East via the Sky

These Slyvan who eventually went west to the Undying Lands are the Laegrim


These Teleri have an unusual story. For they were ready to leave when their king, Elwe Singollo vanished. The Sindar were those who waited for their king, instead of heading west or returning east. When he returned, he was married to Melian the Maia and was known now as Elu Thingol. Imbuined with this new Magic, the Sindar didn’t go West, but instead made the greatest kingdom in Middle Earth until the War of the Jewels. They made alliances with the Eglath, the Moriquendi, the Nador, the Falathrim, and the Eldale. Then the wars with Morgoth came, and if it wasn’t for the returning elves from the WEst, the Sindar would have been wiped out.

When the three kindreds returned east for the War of the Jewels, their Essence changed. Those who then returned West a Second time were known as the Tareldar, the twice Eldar. They are the most powerful Elves of all.

These are the Quendi who went to the Undying lands. Any Elf who does so gains the Amanyar template

These are the elves who never went west, and remained in the east, and thus were exposed to the evils of Morgoth more than most. They are a warrior people, and faded, never gaining hte light of the Undying lands for having attempted the great journey. But they are fierce, and skilled at hiding and mastery of the shadows.


When many of the Noldor returned to Middle Earth, they brought with them a great deal of Magic from the undying lands. Those born of them, while not knowing the lands of their parents, gained power from such a blessed union and thus grew up with a greater sense of purpose and power.

These are the elves who started the journey, but then abandoned it shortly after. They are an isolationist and fierce folk, enemy of evil but no friend to dwarves

When Elwe Singollo vanished, many elves stayed behind. After awhile, some of them went back East, giving up on their king. They were knowned as the abandoned, and while they made many great and wonderous things back east, they never had the power of their western King.


Some of the Vanyar didn’t finish their Journey, and remained behind. They lived in blessed isolation, great with magic and powerful but little in the ways of shadows or arms.

These are the elves who made the Journey West, all of the THree Kindreds are known as Elder. However, the True Elder are those who managed to See the Lights of the Trees and become blessed with its great power

The proper name for Half Elves

Elves with Human Blood in them (IE Elrond)


At the cusp of their journey the west, some of the Teleri hesitated, and were granted islands where they could rule until they choose to go west. They are the greatest shipwrights in the world, and they rule the Grey Havens

These are the Teleri who came back to the realm of Middle Earth following Morgoth’s treachery. They brought with them their great magic of music and the sea.

The greatest Elven Kingdom in the South in terms of magic is the Golden Wood, and they are the Teleri who didn’t return West after hte War of the Wrath

The last great Noldor Kingdom, these were the great Craftmen of the Elves, forging the great Rings among other wonderous artifacts. They are made of the Noldor who didn’t return west after the War of the Wrath

Some of the Vanyar hesitated upon going West, and remained in Middle Earth, along with the Sindor. They were the greatest lovers of nature and ruled a kingdom known as Lindon, the realm of song, as they were the greatest singers in Middle Earth.

These are the elves who all mixed together at Rivendale, becoming a single race.

These were the Teleri who never managed to cross the misty mountain. Unlike all other elves, they have no kingdoms, and no rulesr, but instead are a nomadic nature loving people who live in small tribes. This has earned them no great deeds but they were the only Firstborn who still fought against Morgoth at the end of the War of the Jewels.


Second House of the Firsborn, and the most powerful, greatest, and wondrous of all of the Firsborn, they were the creators of the greatest magics in the realm.

The Third and Final House of the Western Elves, they are the most numerous and well known among all of the elves.

These are the Vanyar who returned East in order to Fight against Morgoth.

Those Vanyar who were trapped by Misty Mountains during the Great Journey

These are the Teleri who remained upon the Island in sight of the Undying Lands, never to leave.

This is the name for the Eastern Elves who eventually went to the Undying Lands after the War of the Wrath

This is the name of the Sindor who went West to the Undying Lands

These are the Dark Elves who went West after the War of the Wrath

These are the Noldor who turned back East

These are the Teleri who turned back East

These are the Vanyar who turned back east during the great journey

The Sindar who eventually went west to the Undying Land were known as the Solosimpi,

The First House, and the smallest among them, they are the magical elves.


Those Vanyar who didn’t wish to return to the West after the War of the Wrath became the Lindar, a magical and mysterous people who were the greatest singers in Middle Earth

These are the Noldor who never went West, instead remaining in Middle Earth. They were the great forges before the War of the Jewels, and great things were done in their kingdoms.

The Seven Avari Tribes
These are hte Avari who eventually went partly West, when forced by Morgoth, and interacted with the Elder Elves, long after becoming a distinctive Race








The Race of Men/Third Born

The Universal Name for them.

These are the Second Born who live among the Elves in Beleriand, willingly pleding their services to the elves in exchange for their gifts.


The greatest winmakers in the world, these trading people of the East tried their best to live in peace with all around them.

These were the three Houses of Men who lived as Allies but independent of the FirstBorn.

These are the Elves of a noble lineage who are decended of Elven blood. They were the kings and rulers among the Humans and the only Second Born to dwell among the

Corsairs of Umber


These fierce Barbarian people came from the Far East and Serviced Saron.


These are teh humans secended from the Numenore, and are the most powerful humans in Middle Earth itself. Their kingdoms include Gondor and Anor

The people of the HIlls


Wild Men
The wandering primative men



This is the name by which the men of Dale are known, dwelling in the great City under the mountain

Decended from Skin Changers, these tough men live in the north and serve as one of the great buffers against the Orcs. Famously, they have the ability to take the form of bears, but no other creature.

Black Numenoreans

The evil servants of Sauron, they are the most powerful servants of Evil among the Race of Men




These are the Hobbits who dwell in the dangerous lands of the Elves and dwarves. They are skittish and jumpy folk, ever eager to fleed and hide from the sign of trouble.



Barrow Wights

Belain- Undead Elven Spirits that return to help their kin

Dumbledors- A race of winged insects

Races of Middle Earth

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