Outer PLanes: The Burning Hells

The beings of the Burning Hells, realm of Neutral Evil/Neutral, are an odd bunch. The Deofol, as the natives are known, are extremely violet and dangerous, and have invaded the Material Planes and the Upper Planes on multiple occasions, and yet are rather disconnected from Planar politics. While they are subversive and corrupting, they rarely have the patience for serious material domination, and mostly try to use brute force to destroy their enemies, something which they have plenty of. THey have invaded the Material PLanes 8 times thus far, and the Upper Planes once, each time being defeated after causing massive losses, and 3 of their invasions brought an end to most of civilization. Their realm is nothing more but a series of Ruined landscape, each one ravaged by a different force, be it natural, magical, or social. Within their own realm, they mostly simply prepare for their next invasion or try to subtly infiltrate the mortals who they will strike against next time they invade. Like all paradoxical planes, they are created not by the souls of the damned, but instead by parts of said souls. The main part of this realm is very Morder like, empty ruined land with fire and mountains of ash, crawling with Deofol. The realm’s ties to the outlands means that their creatures plague the region, as they constantly spill into the outlands to try to cause destruction, however they are held back by the Forces of High Heaven, who seem to have made it their personal duty to destory the Burning Hells. The enimity between these two planes is strange, as it isn’t an effect of natural magic (seeing as the two planes do not border) but instead as the result over their war over a mortal realm that lead to the banishment of leaders on both sides. The beings of the Burning Hells also border Abbon, and they take advantage of the Daemons general indifference to them to simple roam the Lower Planes, getting involved in the Blood war or joining up with wars against the Heavens. Within the Burning Hells, their is intese in fighting, as the three main alliances cause constant friction between the factions, though these wars are largely abandoned when a new target presents itself. The Burning hells is in fact nothing but flesh, the flesh of a highly powerful being who corpse created this realm. Thus all of the Deofal are nothing more than maggots and worms who are eating at the remains.

Rulers: The alliance of the Deofal is fairly loose, except during times of invasion, where they unify far better under a single leader. The leaders are divided unto where they focus their energies, some wishing to fight the “Great Conflict” and destroy the forces of High Heaven, some wishing to keep fighting the Sin War and corrupt or kill all mortals, and some wishing to fight the “Dark Exile” and destroy all of the other evil forces uniting them under a single banner.

Tathmamet the Prime Evil: AL: N The Absolute ruler of this realm was once one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse, the rival of Anu, lord of Neutrality. Anu and Tathamet were once part of the same pearl, which the soul of the First Mortal was contained, however Anu, in an attempt to be perfectly neutral, rejected all of its imperfections and flaws, from which sprung "Tathmamet, the manifestation of Flaws. Angry at its rejection, it warred with Anu, who had since become Lord of all Neutrality, and was defeated, its corpse becoming the entity known as the Burning Hells. Its core remains alive, though weak, at hte center of the Burning Hells, in its personal Realm known as the Dark Abyss, which even the other Deofal do not wish to enter. Tathmamet is hardly sentient, instead simply being a primal force of flaws and imperfections, whose only goal is wipe out all neutrality. To this end, it tries to encourage its spawn to cause endless wars, forcing all people to choose between one of two sides, bringing an end to moderation and middle grounds for ever.

The Prime Evils: Also known as “The Three” these are the most powerful Deofal who are actually interested in doing shit. The three brothers rule over the Burning Hells and are responsible for the main portion of the war against the heavens (in fact part of the war against neutrality). They believe they should focus their energies upon fighting against Mortals, forcing them to turn to either good or evil to fight against them. They briefly were overthrown by the Great Evils, and even now only control half of the Burning Hells, and their Civil wars against their brethren take up most of their time. Among themselves however, they are totally loyal and have never intentionally betrayed each other.

Mephisto: NE, Lor of BLood Lust The Eldest of the Three BRothers, and the closest thing the Burning Hells have to a unifying leaderis the, Mephisto is often the face of the Burning Hells to outsiders. Among the Prime Evils, he is the weakest (though that isn’t saying much, he is still one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse) however he is also the most cunning, intelligent, and analytically of the Brothers, which is why he tends to be their leader. Mephisto is infamous for his intensity, and total lack of moderation, being filled with hatred. Lighting and fire are constantly springing free of his body, and his hatred is so intense that it animates all corpses around him, even in the rare situation that he does not wish it. Despite being full of Bloodlust, Mephisto is a cold, calculating, and fairly mild mannered monster, his bloodlust is that of cold hatred which allows no mercy, rather than open terror. His Realm, known as “Quor’Tath” a massive city the size of a country full to the brimg with endless fueding between various highly intelligent Deofal, who are fighting endlessly for power and prestige. In fact the entire city is nothing more than an experiment run by Mephisto, who uses it as a way to study politics, treachery, and scheming in order for him to be prepared in the world of interplanar politics. On the material PLane at least one country is dedicated to his sole worship, the Mages of Zakarum, who revere him as a deity and try to take over hte rest of the world in his name. He has been bound three times, and escaped each time, noly to finally be destroyed 100 years ago. Unable to manifest on the Material Plane (for now), Mephisto is still dedicated to his goal, now working thorugh his puppet nation and his minions to try to bring an end to compromise forever. He is loyal to his brothers, however he has a bad habit of not telling them vital information to test their reactions, which often causes unnecessary infighting and can even ruin his plans. More than once have mortals been able to exploit his uncommunicative nature in order to get his brothers to unintentionally ruin his schemes.

Relations: He is loyal to his brothers, though he tends to manipulate them and annoy them when he doesn’t need to. He views the Great Evils as useful pawn,s and doesn’t register that they could be a threat to them, something which ahs more than once come back to bite him. He sees the Lesser evils as fools, and only pays attention to them to distract from other schemes. He hates all of the High Council, except for Auriel, who he has a long standing crush for and he hopes to eventually corrupt her to be his bride, a scheme which has brought him nothing but pain thus far. He views gods as little more than a bother, though he loves manipulating the BLood War to for his amusement in his spare time.

Diablo: AL NE, Lord of Blind Terror. The most powerful of all of the Prime Evils, Diablo is the most widely known and hard to kill of them all. Seven times his soul has been bound on the material plane, each time he escapes and runs amoke again, only recently has his avatar finally been killed and he returned at last to his home. He is the youngest of the three brothers, though is massive power means that he wields a great deal of respect. He was the first to enter the Material Plane, and it was his power which allowed the others to get through, through this plan too over a thousand years. During his first attack, the result of 2,000 years of planing, he was able to destory a whole kingdom before the realms prince, a powerful warrior sacrificed himself in order to imprison him. 500 years later, he was able to escape, but was only able to destroy the High Temple of the Holy Light and part of the local village before three extremely powerful warriors destroyed his form. He bound himself to one of the heros (the warrior’s) body and for 20 years the poor man tried hard to contain the evil, only to finally be destroyed from within and releaze Diablo. Diablo first made sure to realize his brothers, launching a massive invasion which destroyed massive parts of the world before he was slain by yet another hero. He returned in his “uber” form, which was realized in the World Stone, but he was slain again before he could do little more than ravage a village. Pandemonium Diablo briefly surfaced as a result of this, only to be destoryed as well. It seemed like the world was at last safe, however Diablo had one last trick up his sleeve, and he had planted magical seeds which made it so that his own death could fuel his return even greater than before. 50 years after his dfeat, he returned more powerful than ever and attacked the High Heavens themselves, and it was only through immense effor that he was finally destoryed, seemingly once and for all. Or at least his avatar was, his true form still dwells in the burning Hells, where it schemes to take it all back. He is worshiped as a god in a small village of Trinsect, which planes to be the capital of his new invasion. He is the most creative of the Three, and also the most direct, which is why his name is the most widely spoken and feared of all of the Prime Evils, though he is deferental to his Brothers. He tends to amuse himself by rampaging through the BLood Rift and then retreating, leaving his Deofol behind to be devoured by the angry combatants.

Baal: NE The Middle Child, Lord of Wanton Destruction Baal is the most insidiousness and ruthless of the three, Baal is the least subtle and most wanton of the three. He focuses most of his energies upon creating new weapons and magic for his wars, which he often sells out among the Lower planes, which become very well known during the Blood War. His realm, the Hellforge is a constant workshop among the various Deofal, who build up various monuments to his glory only to have them torn down. He is extremely phyisical, and this combined with his dry wit, makes him the most likable of the three, though this is of little comfort to those being killed by him. He does occasionally show mercy, though only rarely.

The Great Evils: These four beings rule 1/4 of The hells between them, and are the main opposition to the Prime Evils. They believe that they should focus their energy upon destroying the Upper Planes rather than dealing with mortals or the lower planes.

Andariel: NE, Maiden of Anguish. Once Diablo’s lover, she betrayed him during the Dark Exile and ruled a fourth of the Burning Hells until the Great Return. Since then, she has remained steadfastly independent, controlling a far larger army than the Primes even if she lacked power. She is still somewhat allied with Diablo, but she remains fiercely independent, working with him when they share a common goal. She reveals in Emotional torture, and abhores isolation, she needs people around her so she can mentally and emotionally torment them.

Duriel: NE, Lord of Pain/Maggots. Andariel’s twin sister, he was instriumental in the Great Exile, but has since renounced his former rebellion and joined the Primes in their war, though he still hopes to maintain his own independence. He serves Baal primarily, and hopes that his loyalty will ensure him a place of power when the Primes win the Civil War

Azmodan: NE, Lord of Sin. The most intelligent of the Great Evils, it was he who instrumented hte Great Exile, and it was he who profited the most from the Prime Evil’s failures. Currently he iand Belial are fighting a civil war for control, however they have a secret pact to unit against the Primes should they try to retake control. His Avatar was the last to be destroyed on the Material Plane.

Belial: NE, Lord of Falsehoods: The second most powerful Great Evil, Belial was instrumental in overthrowing the Prime Evils and he rules a powerful Empire in his name on the Material PLane. Belial advocated the notion that perception is reality, and it was his sole purpose to dominate reality. He did not lie simply for the sake of lying, but rather to decieve with the intent of controlling others’ perception of what is real. He relished the moment his victim realized they’d been decieved, that moment of nakedness and betrayal. If Belial had a weakness however, it was that he was often trapped within the intricate webs of his own machinations

Outer PLanes: The Burning Hells

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