These Giants call themselevs Hu-Charad, which means “the stewards” but everyone else just calls them giants- and for good reason. Giants are massive creatures, standing up to 12 feet tall. Except for their size, they look like normally proportioned humans; to them, humans appear like children. In fact, young giants are indeed the size of adult humans. The Hu-Charad are a very wide spread race, ruling over a wide variety of lands, due to their size, organization and advanced culture their influence have spread across the world, making them one of the most influential cultures in the modern world. The Life of a giant revolves around ritual and ceremony. Even giants’ growth to their massive size depends on rituals called Shu-ru (“attaining the essence”). Their are three stages of Shu-Rin, and the at the third, giants acheive their growth potiental, getting to around 16 feet tall. Since not every giant goes through these rituals, height of giants can vary considerably. Giants are incredible builders, and they construct fantastic structures of stone, glass, metal, marble, wood, and chocolate, and have a fetish in making everything look grand, even on their own large scale. Thus all giant architecture is massive and even their basic houses can be made into human sized temples. Many of them rule over massive kingdoms over other races, and so these realms tend to seem rather surreal, with the standard doorway being 10-15 feet high and 10 feet wide. Giants are warm hearted and genuinely friendly unless given a reason not to be. When angered though, they become terrible to behold, and will focus single mindededly upon their enemies destruction. They are not frivolous, but they value humor, song, and rituals as much as they value food and air. In terms of roleplaying, resist the urge to play them as authoritarian heavies, and focus instead on why they want to be in charge. They are caretakers and stewards- they want to see the land and its people preserved. They want only whats best for everybody (Though they tend to define what is best under very specific terms) They are more often than members of other races to put htemselves at personal risk to help somebody else, but they don’t take foolish chances. However, their kingdoms are all famous for the fact that they are extremly bold in all of their policy decisions. As a race, giants possess three distinct natures. One when they are are under the influence of the ritual known as Chi-Julud (wardance) makes them warliek, terrirtorial, and determined. The other nature comes out when they act under the view of Si-Karan (caretaker), they are calm, cautious, and gentle unless driven to anger. Finally, some operate under the Shu-Rin (Scholar) who are masters of internal view points. While generious and kind, giants also see themselves as stewards and guardians of other cultures, and while some might call them oppresive they do not allow themselves or their allies to be taken advantage of or harmed by outsiders in any way. Noramlly they are slow to anger, unless they are in the mindset of Chi-Julud. In that case, they turn into terrifying forces of nature. Giants love jokes, but tend towards a rather dry deadpan, which can be offputting to others. Culturally their are seven different great giant kingdoms/Empires, however none of them have any “Special” numbers of one type of giant or another, all are equally mixed, except for the three “Draconic” kingdoms, who use evolved levels. The first kingdom, and the most well known is the one that liberated one contenient from Demonic rule, and is based upon the Alexanderian Empire. The second is the great empire left behind during the invasion, which is is based upon the Antiparid Kingdom. The Third is still in a state of War with the Dragons, and is based upon the Kingdom of Lysimachus, and the fourth “Typical” kingdom is based upon the pre alexanderian Macedonian Kingdom. Finally the three “Evolved” Empires, which split off from the main parts of giant culture are those who work alongside the giants, based upon the Earily Ptolimic Empire, Those who left their old lands and carved out a new realm, based upon the earily Seleucid Empire, and finally those who invaded dragon lands are based upon the Antigone Empire.
God- ???

AL- Giants, regardless of culture, tend towards lawfulness, and have no particular bias towards good or evil. Ironically, due to their wide spread influence, they are one of the major forces of good in the world, even though most of the population is LN.
Color- Giants again, are mostly white, often Pure White, with many large subgroups of Beige and Grey.
Temperment- Giants tend towards Chloric and Melencholic temperements.

Giant racial traits-
+2 Strength, +2 Spirit, 2 Dexterity. Giants are strong and very self controlled, but can be clumsy due to their size.
Is of the Giant type
Medium Size
Powerful Build
Speed- 30 feet
+2 to all diplomacy, speechcraft, and sense motive checks
+2 to all craft checks.
+2 to all Sail and Swim checks
Knowledge giant is a class skill

These are the giants who have embraced the ideal of the warrior, which they must go through before moving on to the other ways of the world. They tend to be around 8 1/2 feet tall

1 Strength, +1 Wisdom
Hit Dice- You gain an extra 1D10 Hit dice
Skill points- You gain extra skill points, equal to 2 (
Intelligence bonus) X 4
Skills- Climb, Craft (any), Diplomancy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (ceremony), Knowledge (Dragons) Preform (Ballad), Preform (Storytelling), and Sense Motive are all class skills
+2 Bonus to all Fortitude Saves
LA 1
This is the mindset of the steward, who govern the world after the fighting is over. They tend to be around 9 feet tall.
Stats (same as Chi-Julud except)

Hit Die- 1D10
Skill Points- 2+intelligence bonus
+1 Strength, +1 Constitution
Will Save +1
Fortitude Save +3 (total)
Base Attack bonus +1
LA 2
Something Else
Hit Dice- 1D10
Skill Points- 2 + Int bonus
Extra Skills- Climb, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (ceremony), Knowledge (giants), Perform (Ballad), Perform (storytelling), Sense Motive)
Base Attack Bonus +3
Fortitude Save +4
Reflex Save +1
Will Save +2
LA 3
Evolved Hu-Charad

Evolved 1
A level 1 evolved Hu- Charad

+1 Strength, +1 Constitution
Base Attack Bonus +3
Fortitude Save +4
Reflex Save +1
Will Save +2
LA 4
Evolved Level 2

+1 Spirit
+1 Natural Armor Bonus to AC
+10 to Natural Ground Speed
Base Attack Bonus +5
Fortitude Save +4
Will Save +2
LA 5
Evolved 3
+1 Strength, +1 Constitution
Base Attack Bonus +4
Fortitude Saves +5
Reflex Save Bonus +2

These guys are bestrial, honorbound hunters. Usually found roaming open grasslands far from civilization, litorians only rarely separate from their tribes. Unlike members of other races, only the unique individuals litorian interacts with other species. they are impressive in stature and in their honorable nature (seriously fuck these guys). with due respect to cats (ok, i take that back, fuck house cat), these are not aloof, self-interested felines, but proud warriors and hunters who are principled and thoughtful in their actions. They ascribe high importance to the well-being of their allies, their families, and their people. Also, do not dismiss them as primitive hunters. Litorians have been aroundf as long as humans or faen and know much about those races and the cities they build, because monte cook has watched dances with wolves one two many times. They reject the ways of other races to embrace their own…..but seriously they are primitive hunters. They are noble and value personal honor very highly, they are also closely guard their image in society. Litorians teach their children that to be caught in a lie, to be seen as a failure or to be called cowards are all fates as bad as death, nor being caught telling a lie. some take this to mean almost never speak, attempt only to do what one is good at, and never turn from a fight, no matter what the odds. These points of view, however, border on the extreme. Most litoricans realize that intent holds more importance than action. And a statement is never really lying if you believe it when you say it. Other things, however, can shame a litorian as well: associating with honorless people, betryaing a friend, dishonoring your parents, failing to repay a debt, or worst failing to recognize when you are in someone’s debt. One who saves the life of a litorian usually finds that litorian swearing to aid
them in some great task, and often forms a life debt, this is known as ripping off Woories.

+4 Dexterity, 2 Wisdom
Low-Light Vision
+2 Intimidate, Listen

Level 1
Extra Hite Dice 1D8
Extra Skill points: (2+ Int Bonus) X 4
+1 Strength, +1 Dexterity
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Fortitude Save: +2
Reflex Save: +2
LA 1

Level 2
Skill Points 2 + int Bonus
Scent, +10 feet in speed.
Base Attack Bonus +2
Fortitude Save +3
Reflex Save +3

Level 3
Skill POints: 2 + int bonus
+1 Constitution, +1 Dexterity
Bite Feat for free,
Free access for the litorian spell template
+3 Base Attack bonus
+1 Will Save

Evolved Levels

Level 4
Hit Dice: 1D8
Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier
+1 Strength, +1 Constitution
Base Attack Bonus +4
Fortitude Save +4
Reflex Save +4
LA 4
Level 5
Natural Attack with +1,
+1 to attack and damage with bite
Base Attack Bonus +5
LA- 5
Level 6
+2 Dexterity
+1 Natural Armor bonus to AC
base Attack bonus +6
Fortitude Save +5
Reflex Save +5
Will Save +2
LA 6


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