Faiths of the Empire

List of Deities

Nameless, Lord of All (the Universe)
Ao, N, God of Portfolios

Major Gods
Annam,N/LN God of Giants
Asgorath, Unaligned, Goddess of the World (Dragons, Creation)
Boccob, N, God of Magic
Breeka, N, Goddess of Living things (balance, Spirits, Nature)
Corellon Larethian CG, God of Elves
Chauntea, NG, Goddess of Agriculture
Chronos, LN, God of Time (Dead, Recently returned)
Garl Glittergold, CG, God of gnomes
Gilean, N, God of Balance (Free Will)
Gozreh, N, God of Climate (Wind, Waves, Nature, The Sea, Weather)
Gruumish, CE, god of orcs
Kelemvor, LN (LG), God of The Dead
Kossuth, N, God of Elemental Fire
Incabolus, NE, God of all Illness (IE cruel illness, opposed to sickness, natural death)
Istus, N, God of Fate
Kador who was Asmodeus, LE, God of the Usurped (Fire, Lies, Sadism, manipulation, creation, elements, Royalty, Kings, Magic, Pacts, betrayal, revenge, cults)
Kord, CG, God of Strength
Moradin, LG, God of Dwarves
Maglubiyet, NE, God of Goblinoids
Mystra, NG, Goddess of the Weave, Spell Casters
Nerull, NE, God of the evil aspect of death, death
Nola, N, Goddess of the Physical Sun, Blessing (Development, Revilement, Maturity)
Obah-Hai, God of Nature
Olidammara, CN, God of Thieves, Rogues Humor
Oghma, N, God of Knowledge (Inspiration, Invention, bards, Truth, Artist)
Pelor, LG (LE?), God of the Sun (cancer?)
Paladine, LG, God of Hope (Good Dragons, Light, Order, Redemption, Kingship, Love, Honor, majesty, Leadership, Love)
Praemus, LG, God of Rehabilitation
Shar, NE, Goddess of Darkness, Loss, (Despair, night, Hatred, Forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, the Underdark, the Shadow Weave, Nihilism, murder, shadow, Selfishness)
St. Cuthbert, LN (LG), God of Common Sense, Zeal (Social Order)
Takhisis, LE, Goddess of Despair (Control , Ambition, Intrigue, Evil Dragons, Hatred, Darkness)
Talos, CE, God of Destruction (Storm, rebellion, Conflagration, earthquakes, vortices)
Tempus, CN, God of War/Honorable Combat (Literally every war aspect, the others only exist at
his mercy)
The One, God of Morality
Tyr, LG (LN), God of Justice (Justices, lawyers, magistrates, paladins, police, the oppressed)
Vecna, god of Dark Secrets
Yondalla, NG, Goddess of halfings
Thaizdun, CE (NE), God of the world’s destruction
Ubteo, N, God of Creation, Mazes, Spirits

Greater deities
Abaddon, NE, God of Inevitable Death, the Grim Reaper (Death, Entropy, Games, Honesty)
Abadar, LN, God of Merchants (Wealth, Cities, Law, walls, Ditches)
Aranu, LN, God of Leaders
Amaunator, LG, God of Natural Laws, Rulership,(Contracts)
Amoth, LG, God of Mercy (Justice, he has been Recently Resurrected)
Aroden, LN, God of History (Prophecy, Culture, society, knowledge, slain)
Asaru, LG, God of Humanity, Humans (Diplomacy, Youth, Good Will, Courage, honesty, love)
Aurifar, N, God of the midday Sun, Divine Judgment, Fire Creatures, Fire Magic
Akadi, N, Goddess of Air, Movement, Speed, (Air Elementals)
Belsameth, NE, Goddess of Darkness (Murder, Deception, Witchcraft, Assassins, Nightmares)
Beory, N, Goddess of Rain (The World, Earth)
Bane, LE, God of Discord, (Despots, Dictators, Fear, Tyranny, Oppression, Hate)
Calistria, CN, Goddess of Indulgence (Elves, Trickery, Lust, Revenge, Fire)
Corean, LG (LN), God of Chivalry
Cyric, CE, God of Strife, Deception, Murder (Intrigue, lies, murder)
Daikitsu, N, Goddess of PLanting, Kitsune, Rice (Agriculture, Harvest, craftsmanship)
Densa, CG, Goddess of the Stars (Dreams, Travelers, Luck)
Eanius, NG, God of Growth (life, Animals, plants, Nature)
Ehlonna, NG Goddess of Forests
Enlil, LN, God of Breath (Air, War, Rulership)*
Erastil, LG, God of Hunting (Farming, Trade, Family)
Erathis, LN, Goddess of Civilization (Invention, Law, Cities, Order)
Erollisi Marr, NG, Goddess of Ideals (Love)
Espranach, NE, Goddess of Decent into Evil, Dilution, Void (Corruption, temptation, darkness)
Eythnul, CE, God of Slaughter
Fharlanghn, N, God of travel
Fronaus, LN (N, LG), God of Lawyers, (Justice, Law, nobility, Honor, Truth, Contracts)
Fumeiyoshi, NE, God of Envy (dishonor, Hate, Undead, night)
Galaedros, N, God of Plants (Nature, Spirit Elves)
Grumbar, N, God of Elemental Earth (Solidarity, oaths, changelessness)
Hedrada, LN (LG) God of Order, Rules (Justice, Law, Judgment, Civilization, Cities)
Heironeous, LG, God of Valor (Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, Law)
He Who Was, LG, God of Conscious (Peace, Good Intentions) Dead but still powerful
Ihys, CG, God of Expression (Free Will, Love, Mortals, Language, Writing)
Hei Feng, CN, God of Tsunamis, Kenku (Sea, storms, thunder, Wind, Hurricanes)
Helm, LN, God of Watchfulness, Guardians, (Vigilance, Order, Justice, protection from Evil)
Hextor, LE, God of Tyranny (Discord, Massacres, conflicts, fitness, Law)
Istishia, N, God of Elemental Water (purification, Wetness)
Ilmater, LG (NG), God of Suffering, suffering for others (endurance, Martyrs, perseverance, mercy, Redemption, Love, the lame, the poor, serfs, the oppressed, Charity, kindness)
Inti, LG, God of Group Strength, Ruler ship (Sun, Light, healing, life, protection, leaders)
Illia, N, God of Mana (Magic, Wisdom, Knowledge)
Iomedae, LG, Goddess of Righteousness (History, Prophecy, Culture, Justice, Honor, Valor,
Incabulos, NE, God of Dissolution*
Rulership, Law, Order, Light, Bravery)
Irori, LN, God of Self Perfection (Enlightenment, Knowledge, History, Discipline)
Kai-Den, LG, Good of Solidarity (Creation, Justice, Law, Compassion, Sun, Healing, Courage, Judgement) Warden of Light
Kofusachi, CG, God of Happiness (Discovery, Abundance, prosperity)
Karana, N (CN, CG) , God of Storms
Lathander, NG (CG) God of the Dawn (Creativity, self Perfection, Vitality, Youth)
Lothian, LG (LN, NG, CG, LE), Goddess of Martyrs (Law, Order, Purity, Light, Peace, Guilt)
Madriel, NG, Goddess of Farming (Agriculture, Plants, Redemption, Healing)
Melora, N, Goddess of Mothers (nature, birth, life, harmony, living, things, earth, animals/plants)
Mwajin, NG, N, God of Merchants (Commerce, Wind, the Sea, Circumstance, Optimism)
Mystryl, CN, Goddess of the Energy (The Weave)
Midnight, LN, Goddess of Spells (The Weave)
Mithaniel Marr, LG, God of Truth (Valor, Justice, Righteousness, Honor)
Mishakal, NG, Goddess of Healing (Restoration, Love)
Lao Shu Po, NE, Goddess of Scavengers, Looters (Night, rats, Thieves)
Lady Nanbyo, CE, Goddess of Widows, Earthquakes (Suffering, Fire, plague, sorrow, smoke)
Nethys, N (NE, NG), God of Spellcasters
Odir, LG, God of Absolutism (Knowledge, Magic, War)
Pharasma, N, Goddess of Rebirth, Guide of the Dead (Prophecy, Death, Fate, Birth)
Phellia, NG, Goddess of Ceremony, Esteem (Weaving, Love, Vanity, Arcane Magic, Spiders, Mothers)
Pholtus, LN/LG/LE, Resolution/inflexibility, the one true way
Qi Zhong, NG, God of Medicine (Healing, Magic, Knowledge, The Elements)
Sarenrae, NG, Goddess of Redemption (Sun, Fire, Honesty, Healing, Love, Compassion)
Selune, CG, Goddess of Light , Opposition to Evil (The Moon, Love, Wanderers, Stars)
Selene, CG, Goddess of the Moon
Sidaru, LG, God of Rendition, Authority of the Dead, Sustaining death, Peace of Death, Guidance of the dead (Death, Justice Peace, stability, foundation, serenity, decorum)
Silvanus, N, God of Plants, Druids, Dyads, untapped nature (Nature)
Solusek Ro, CN, God of Evil Aspect of the Sun, Scourge, Heat, Desert, (Drought, Ruin, Fire)
General Susumu, LE, God of Personal Glory (archery, horses, War, Glory, Honor)
Taiia, N (any) , Goddess of Mortal Life and Death (Creation and Destruction)
Torm, LG, God of Duty (Guardians, Obedience, Loyalty)
Tsukiyo, LG, God of Spirits,
Samsaran (Jade, the Moon, rebirth)
Tunare, NG, Goddess of Life (Growth, nature, Animals, Plants, Maturity)
The Gurgling God, CE, God of Forgotten things, horrible depths, rotting secretes, liquid darkness, dirges, endings, Vestiges (Loss, madness, fear, is a vestige)
Rallous Zek, LE (NE), God of Enmity, Warriors (War, Victory, Battle, Conflict, Conquest)
Rao, LG, God of Reasonable discourse(Peace, reason, Serenity)
Reorx, LN, God of Technology (Creation, Forge, Smithy, Dwarves, Gnomes, Kender)
Rodcet Nife, NG, God of Kindness (Healing, Peace, Restoration, Cures, Generosity, humility)
The Triumvirate of Light (the Triad) (LG, Gods of Good of Civilization)
Omal, Intermediate NG, God Protection
Sheyla, LG, Intermediate, God of Due Process, Prosecutors, Courts, written Law (justice)
Creith, CG, Lesser, God of Restraint, (War , protecting the innocent, Crusades)
The Silver Flame, LG (LN, NG, N, LE), God of Faith
Yaezhing, LE, Lord of Harsh Justice, Punishment (Murder)
Yamatsumi,, God of the Winter (Mountains, Volcanoes, wrath)
Wee Jas, LN (LE), Goddess of Vanity, Repose (Death, Magic, Law)
“Zarus”, LE, God of Humanity (perfection)
Zhao-Khan, LE, God of Domination (Tyranny, Hate, Fear, Oppression)
Zugzul, LE (NE, N, CN), God of Power (Necromancy, Conquest, Fire, Tyranny, War, Oppression, Sacrifice, Darkness, Intimidation, Obedience, Tyranny, based after Torak)

The Sovereign Host (gods who embody religious archtypes, worshipers can be any AL, Greater)
Arawai, NG, Goddess of Bounty, Affluence (prosperty, Abundance, Fertility, Crops Plants, birth)
Aureon, LN, God of Learning (Logic, Magic, Law knowledge, Oracles, Spells, Law, Wisdom)
Balinor, N, God of Bounty, Natural creatures, Rangers (Animals, the Hunt)
Boldrei, LG, Goddess of Community (Family, marriage, hearth, government)
Dol Arrah, LG, Goddess of Sacrifice, Good will, diplomacy (honor, light, the sun, Glory)
Dol Dorn, CG, God of Athleticism, (Competition, Heroes, Self Sacrifice, Liberation )
Kol Korra, N, God of Commerce (theft, wealth, money, trade, travel)
Olladra, NG, Goddess of Plenty,( Feasts, Good Fortune, Luck, Good Luck, Food)
Onotar, NG, God of Tools, Artificers, Warforge (Crafts, weapons, fire, dwarves, Metal)
Uvot, NG God of Prosperity

Intermediate Deities
Austinian, LG, God of Salvation (Faith, Justice, Honesty, Family, Mercy, Love, Redeemption)
Achra, LE, God of Warlords (Bane) \
Adimas, CG, God of Rewards, Finery, Pleasure (Chance, Enjoyment, realization, magic, study)
Akasha, CG, Goddess of Accord, sacred femininity (Good, hope, light, feminism , sun, passion)
Ahriman, LE (LN/LG), God of Sin (Asmodeus, Hell, Sin, Contracts, Archfiend)
Ormazd, LN, The God of Meaning (The replacement of Arhiman)
Anashti Sul, NE (LN, LG), Goddess of Oblivion, Hypocrisy (Healing, Undead, Restoration)
Aoskar, N, God of Portals (Dead)
Alseta, LN, God of Transitions ( Doors, Years, Thresholds, Doorways)
Asteleben, NE God of Eugenics (Social Darwinism, bigotry, racial anthropology, nature, ecology, predator-prey relationships, life, death, reproduction, evolution, natural selection, survival of the fittest, racism, experimentations, competition, strength, growth
At’ar, LN, God of Bureaucracy
Auril, NE, Goddess of Cold
Bahamut, LG, Good Dragons/Metalic Dragons
Belthazar, LN, God of mechanics
Bertoxxulous, NE, god of Plague (Illness, Necromancy, decay)
Beshaba, NE, Goddess of Bad Luck, Misfortune (random mischief, accident)
Bhaal, NE, God of Murder (Dead)
Blediwesse, NG, Goddess of Virgins (Maidens, Spring, Rain)
Boron, LE (LN, N, NG) God of Silence (Death, Sleep, the inevitable, forgetting, darkness)
Brell Serilis, N, God of the Underground
Bright Nydra, CG, Goddess of Good/Neutral Lycanthropes, Moonlight
Branchala, CG, God of Song (Bards, Inspiration, Music, Poetry, the disenfranchised, harmony)
Cazic-Thule, CE, God of Fear (Terror)
Cayden Cailean, CG, God of Alcohol, Brewers, barkeeps (Bravery, Freedom, Luck)
Chardun, LE, God of Slavery (Conquest, Domination, Avarice, Pain, Tyranny, Law)
Chaniud, LN, God of Structure, Institution (Laws, healing, knowledge, order, Law, Society)
Chemosh, CE, God of False Redemption , False Hope, Nemesis (Undeath, Despair, Death)
Chislev, CN, Goddess of Instinct
Coatlicue, N, Goddess of the Womb
Cyruk, NE, God of Megalomania, Delusion ( selfishness, Imprisoned, Aspect of Cyric)
Daq, N, God of Moderation (Morality, Good, Evil, Commitment, extremes, balance, choices)
Denev, N (NG, NE), Titan, Mother of the Seasons (the Earth, Death, Nature, the natural world)
Durulas, LN (LE, LG), God of Antiarcanism, Self Determination, Sanctuary (Peace, Sun, order)
Elishar, NG, God of Positive Energy (light, Prophecy)
Enkili, CN, God of Randomness, Inconsistency (Chaos, trickery, Storms, Misfortune)
Firhanna, N, God of wild place
Finin Ro, CN, God of Fire Magic
Firinna, CN, Goddess of Independence, Stubbornness (Pride, Fire, Selfishness, endurance)
Firun, CN (N, LN, NG, NE), God of Restraint (Cold, Ice, Hunting, Meditation, Ascetics)
Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, God of Mischief (theft, Influence, merriment, confusion Joviality, Pranks, trickery, Jest, bards, Gambling, wit, charm, Cunning, humor)
Gaen, LG, Goddess of Ecstasy, Resolution (Valor, Protection, Sexuality)
Gahaira, NE, Goddess of Hunger, Leanness, want (desolation, Famine, Starvation)
Galatea, NG, Goddess of Serenity (Commonality, Gentleness, Water, Oceans, healing, Calm Change, Fishermen, Rain, Bountiful Water, Nymphs, Tolerence)
Gond, N, God of Invention (Construction, Craft, smithwork)
Gorum, CN, God of War, Battle, weapons (Iron)
Gundar, LN, God of Structure (Earth, Order, Creation, Law, Craftsmen, Building, Leaders, Construction, Order, Stone, Mountains)
Habbakuk, NG, God of Persistence (Animals, Rangers, Loyalty, nature, the sea, Creation, passion)
Hak, N (CN), God of Horses, Riders, Calvary, Mounting Animals (Harvest, sky, stars, wind)
Halina, NG (N), Goddess of Conception (Birth, Couples, Crops, Nature, plants, Midwives, Sex)
Halor, CN, Lord of Consolations, Astrology, (Sun, Moon, Stars, Sky, Air, Chaos, Sailors, Wind)
Hersh, CN (N), God of Communication (Gambling, Luck, Friendship, Fair Play)
Hella The Dark Queen, NE, Goddess of Callousness (The Dead, Entropy, Death, Cruelty, Evil)
Hesinde, LN (N, NG), Goddess of Study (Magic, language, writing, history weaving, wisdom)
Hiddukel, NE, God of Exploitation (Slavery, Thieves, Evil Business practices, damned Spirits, lies, wealth, ill gotten gains, betrayal, Greed, Selfishness, Cowards, Profit)
Huhueteotl, CE, God of the motion of time (Fire, destructive aspect of fire, temper)
Hunael, NG, God of Culture (Dead)
Inanna, LE, Goddess of Abuse (Love, War
Immotian, LN (LE), God of Succor, Cleanliness (Purity, Fire, Austere, community, law, chastity)
Ingerimm, LN (LG, LE, NG, N, CN), God of Work, Labor, ore (Fire, forge, craft, earth, volcanoes, dwarves, cyclopes, architecture, steel, metalwork, zeal, smiths, forge)
Innoruuk, NE, God of Hate, Teir’ Dal (Contempt, viciousness, Destruction)
Ishtar, N, Goddess of Sex
Johoum, LE, God of Extortion (Sun, Authority, Consequence, self-reliance, Empire, Stricture, sanction, hierarchy, oppression, punishment, Subjugation, authority)
Kain, LE, God of Stability, Perfect Order, Fascism, Control (vampires, Time, Free Will, Fate)
Katay, LN, God of inevitability (Order, Time, Record, Decay)
Kiri-Jolith, LG, God of Unity (Justice, Courage, Valor, Pacifism, heroism, solidarity)
Koriel, LG, God of Vigilance, Protection from Evil, Piety
Kothar, CN, Martial discipline (War, combat, tactics, strategy, rage)
Kozah, CN, God of Lighting/Thunder (Talos)
Ki, N, God of Animals
Kokopelli, CN, God of Unique thinking (trickery, entertainment, music, art, jokes, humor, comedy, performance and good and bad, fertility, orphans, seduction, luck, theft, mischief, cleverness, problem solving, creativity, wit, intelligence, Coincidence, irony, justice, ambiguity, confusion, half breeds, hermaphrodites, atypical gender, insanity, the lost, shapeshifters, entertainment, drugs, phobias, fetishes, irrationality, time, contradiction, extremes, emotions, weather, noise, crowds, riots, obscure causality, deception, midwives, misdirection, lies, chaos
Kwainin, LN, God of Devotion (Balance, Neutrality, Compromise, Balance, Objectivity, Love)
Lamashtu, CE, Goddess of Monsters (Madness, Ruin, Nightmare, Demons)
Lendor, LN, God of Patience, Tedium (Study, Time)
Limalia, NE, Goddess of Hardship (Tribulations, peril, Travel, Experience, burdens, perseverance, water, pain, trials, abandonment, deprivation, desert, endurance, self reliance)
Mask, NE, God of Hiding in Shadows, intrigue (Thieves, Shadows, Deception)
Majere, NG, God of discipline (Monks, Meditation, contemplation, control, martial arts, thought)
Malkind, LG, God of Charge, Assurance, Tutelage (Dwarves, Earth, Protection, Medics)
Marius, LN, God of Causality (Prophecy, Monotheism, Karma, Balance, Law)
Minue, NG, Goddess of Astrology (Love, moon, stars, romance, ocean, travel, divinity)
Mielikki, NG, God of Protectors of the Forest, Dryads, Forests, Forests Creatures
Mictlantecuhtli, NE, God of Sacrifice (Death, the underworld, Darkness)
Melann, NG, Goddess of Peasants, Farmers
Menoth, LN, God of Proper Conduct, Adherence (creation, Fire, Humans, Judgement)
Morgion, NE, God of Famine, Plague (Decay, Disease, plotting, vermin, suffering, weakness)
Mouqol-N, God of Appraisal, Reciprocity
Myron, LG, God of Confidence (Optimism, Justice, Valor, Honor, Chivalry, Sex, Bravery/Pride)
Myrkul, NE, God of Wasting (The Dead, Dead/He is dead)
Necrucifer, LE, God of Unity of Evil, Destruction of Good, Arrogance (Evil, Honor)
Nammu, N, Goddess of the Primordial Creation (water, Creation)
Nessek, N, God of Sorcery, Improvisation, Harnessing flames (Fire, Magic)
Noue, NE, Goddess of Loss (Despair, lies, secrets, shadows)
Norgorber, NE, God of Powerbrokers, Cabals (Secrets, Corruption, Poison, Murder, Greed)
Nurien Maegloth, LN, God of Chronicles (Time, knowledge, writing, preservation, Paradox)
Pacuun, CG, God of Journeys (Light, Stars, travel, sun, Hating Undead, He is the walking god)
Pashati, NG, Goddess of benevolence, tears (Rain, Purity, birth, growth, healing, renewal)
Peraine, NG, Goddess of Kindness, Medicine (Agriculture, Fertility
Phex, CN (LN, NE, CG ), God of Deals (Trade, thieves, night, fog, , responsibility, magic, Moon
Pholtus, LG/LN, God of Resolution, Inflexibility, Light
Prexus, N, God of the Ocean
Procan, CN, God of Navigation (Storm, Salt, Sea Life, Weather, Tempests)
Prince of Darkness (Ashmedai), NE, God of Contracts (Deals, , Archfiend)
Psergi, NE, Goddess of Mercilessness, Evil of the sun, Desert, Volcanoes, arson, immolation
Qirus, LN, God of Achievement (Stamina, resolve, Structure, establishment, Pride, greatness, warfare, Protection, Domination, Stoicism, Vigilance, Exploits)
Queen of a Thousand Roots, N, Goddess of Physical Parasites (Flowers, Fungi, Reproduction, beginnings, plants, roots, fertility, slime)
Quetzatcoatl, LN, God of Metallurgy (art, Wisdom, Air, Sacrifice) (Also Kukulkan/ehecatl)
Ralishaz, CN/CE, God of Ill Luck (Misfortune, Insanity)
The Darshan, N (ANY), God(s) of Wariness (Prophecy, Divinity, Omniscience, forethought, guidance, aspiration, fact, legend, enlightenment, mystery, conjunction, uncertainty, )
The Rathe, N, The Lords of Earth Magic (twelve interconnected beings)
The Twins, N, Gods of Self Improvement
Morrow, Intermediate, NG, God of Helping,
Thamar, Lesser, NE, Goddess of Self Interest
Rahja, CN, Goddess of Ecstasy (Drink, love, lust, sex, parties, joy, beauty, horses, flowers, art)
Raven Queen, Goddess of Natural Death (Death, Winter)
Rondra, LN (LG, LE, NG), Goddess of the Rules of War, Honor in war, honorable battle (Honor, war, bravery, lighting, storm, fire, war)
Rovagug, CE, God of Disaster (Sealed)
Rudd, CG, Goddess of Games
Sargonnas, LE (CE), God of Wrath (Vengeance, Destruction, conquest, fire, strength, war)
Shelyn, NG, Goddess of Poetry (Beauty, art, love, music)
Shinare, LN, Goddess of Interaction (industry, commerce, enterprise, contracts, negotiations)
Shizuru, LG, Goddess of Ancestors, Honor, (The Sun, Swordplay)
Sindress, CN, Goddess of Instigation, Action
Sirrion, CN, God of Transformation (Passion, Alchemy, creativity, Artists, Lovers Change, Fire)
Sollus, NG, God of Crops (Harvest, Fertilty, the Sun, Agriculture)
Stratis, LN, God of Honor
St. Jerac, LN, God of morticians (Necromancer, Paladins, Death, judgement)
Sun Wukong, CN, God of Corousing (Drinking, nature, Trickery, Monkeys)
Sunya, LE, God of Sacred Masculine, Confidence, Self Righteousness, Arrogance , supremacy (Conflict, Darkness, dominion, tradition, foundation, establishment, domination, love)
Tanil, CG, Goddess of Single Mothers, orphans (Hunt, Travel, Music, Good Luck, Forestry, Archery, Bards, Freedom)
Temrin, N, God of Old Age (Time, Decay, Death)
Tephaneron, CN, God of Athletes (Success, War, Warriors)
Tierra, NG, Goddess of Hidden Magic(Earth, argriculture, family, homes, motherhood
Toldoth, NE, God of Negative Energy (Darkness, Undead, Destruction)
Torag, LG, God of Strategy, Restraint (Forge, Protection, Dwarves, War)
Travia, NG (N, LN, LG), Goddess of Generosity (Hospitality, home, hearth, faithfulness, gentleness, helping, peace, cooking, travelers, customs, morality, family)
Trithereon, CG, God of individuality (Liberty, self liberty, self defense, retribution)
The God without a Name, Nameless god, NE, God of Villainy, Power (ambition, lies, betrayal, treachery, selfishness, temptation, destruction, self-mutilation, hatred, destruction, success)
The Tribunal, LN, God Crime and Punishment, Trials, Courts, Judges, Laws (Justice, Order)
Triumvirate, LN, the Lords of Elemental Water
Tarew Marr, LN, God of Liquid
E’ci, LE (LN), Goddess of Ice
Povar, LG (LN), God(ess) of Vapor
The Strict One, LN, God of Legislation, Strictness, Rigidness, illogical law (madness, good, evil)
Quellious (The Tranquil) , NG, Goddess of Inner Peace, Meditation, Peace (Tranquility)
Tyche, N, Goddess of Fortune, Luck
Tymora, Goddess of Good Luck, Good fortune, (skill, victory, adventures)
Uhanam, LN, God of Planning (Skill, Magic, tatics)
Umberlee, CE, Goddess of the tides, Currents, Sea Winds (Chaos, storm, destruction)
Umaj, Cn, Goddess of subsistence, the land, struggle (Nature, animals, instinct, scavenging)
Urgathoa, NE, Goddess of Excess (Gluttony, Disease, Undeath, Vermin)
Urkanthus, N, God of Elemental Balance (Discord, diplomacy, negotiation, council)
Utu, CG, Holy Purges, Purity (the Sun, Lawmakers, ranges, druids, farmers)
Valkon, LN, God of the Great Sky, Ordering Nature of Heaven, Legitimacy (Nomads)
Vandarion, LG, God of Guards (Watch, office, protection, duty, vigilance, honor)
Velit, LN, God of Exchange
Vulcan, N, God of Crafters
Waharim, LN, God of Theory/Practice, Understanding, Forethought, reflection (Meditation, mind over matter, mental activity, knowledge, learning, planning, Silence,
Growth, the mundane
Waukeen, N, Goddess of Trade (Coins, Wealth, commerce)
Xegony, N, goddess of Air Magic
Yosa, Goddess of Crafts, LG (N) (Makers, Blacksmiths, Masons, weavers, Magic)
Zaia, LG, Goddess of the Natural and Supernatural, the mundane and divine, the life and afterlife, natural processes, Material Plane (Space, Time, astronomy, cycles, the heavens)
Zegfyld, LG, God of Design, Material Creation (Crafts, Artifice, Planning, Artisans, invention)
Zeboim, CE, Goddess of Spite (Storms, Tempests, Sea, Strife, Jealousy, Weather)
Zephos, LN, God of Shepherds, Personal Loss, Lost Souls (Death, Leadership, The Dead)
Zilchus, LN, God of Prestige (Money, Business, Influence, Wealth)
Zivilyn, LN, God of Insight (Wisdom, Enlightenment, Awareness, Understanding, Time)
Zodal, NG, God of Benevolence (Mercy, hope)
Zon-Kuthon, LE, God of Pain (Darkness, Loss, Envy, Shadows)
The Balance
Taylo, LN, Lord of The Environment (Harvest, Hunt, Beasts, nature, Plants, beasts)
Caylis, N, Goddess of Weather
Akalin, CN, God of Freedom
Lesser Deities
Ades, CE, God of Undeath (Torture, Pain, Necromancy, Orcus, Neistrademos)
3Anachtyr, LN, God of Lawyers
Ananse, LG, God of Spider Kin, Ugly People (Witch Doctors, Messengers, Craftsmen)
Alemar, CN, God of Elemental Air, Smoke
Allitur, LG/LN, God of Propriety (ethics)
Aragen, N, God of Collections (Knowledge, research, stories, poetry, lore, Scholars, books)
Asherath, N, God of Caution , utility, Military History (Scholarship, War, History, Time)
Atroa, NG, God of the East Wind
Azwan, LG, God of Gallantry, Freedom (Nobility, Leadership, War, Liberation, Honor, Glory)
Azuth, LN, God of Arcane Magic, Wizards, Sorcerers, Mages (Spell casters, Magic)
Baelros/Bhaelros, CN, God of Rebellion (talos)
Bah’Mut, LG (LN, LE), God of Fanatics (Paladine)
Baldin, NG, God of Composition, Storytelling (Light, Poems, Music, the Sun)
Balthazar, LN, God of Determination (Fire, War, Craftsmanship, Discipline, elementists)
Bhalla, NG, Goddess of Nourishment (Great Mother)
Beltar, CE (CN), Goddess of Pits (Caves, Malice, Mines, earth, bitterness)
Berei, NG, Goddess of family structure
Berna, NG, Goddess of Reconciliation (Former goddess of vendettas)
Bram, LN, Insects/Industriousness Schemes, Manipulation (Lies, Darkness, Jealousy, Murder)
Calelrin, NE, God of Dishonesty (war, murder, nomads, deceit)
Celestrian, N/NG, Space/Stars
Celempietal, LN, God of Pacts (Buildings, Law, Protection, Dwarves)
Chalavar, N, God of Feasting, Food, Eating, Cooking(Halflings, NOM NOM NOM)
Chitza-Atlan, LE, God of Centaurs, Guarding the Underworld (The Dead)
Cliath, LN, God of Awareness (Creation, Physical World, Ideals, Harmony, Order, Balance)
Corath, NE, God of Machinations
Cylene, CE, Goddess of indignities (Prison, Wardens, slavery, torture, sadism, cruelty)
Cyndor, N, God of Continuity (time)
Dalt-CG, God of Doorways
Damaran, NE, God of Vermin and Creeping things (Scavengers, cowards, survival)
Deneir, god of literature, (glyphs, images, calligraphy, scholars, Historians, Scribes, Lore masters, seekers of enlightenments, Students, Art, Books, Libraries, Knowledge)
Delleb, LG, god of Study (reason, intellect)
Delanor, LG, God of Maritime Trade, Seagoing Merchants, Sea Trade Routes, Navy (Sailors)
Deianeira, NG, Goddess of the Frontier (Seasons, forests, hunting)
Devion, CE, God of Misanthropy, acrimony, Pessimism, (Cynicism, Deception, Guile)
Dhunia, N, Goddess of Reincarnation, The Wild (nature, Birth, Midwives, nonhumans)
Dragoth, CE, God of Atrophy (Blight, Decay, Death, Disease)
Drakkara, NE, Goddess of the Power Hungry, Magic as a tool, Self Control (Evil Magic)
Durann, LG, God of Righteousness (truth, honor, Healing)
Dwayna, NG, Goddess of Motivation (Healing, Life, Air, Inspiration, elimentists)
Earth Dragon, LE, God of Hidden Treasures (Earth, weather, Mountains, ex great spirit)
Eldath, NG, Goddess of Serenity, Quite Places, Springs, Pools, Waterfalls)
Eliwyn, N, Goddess of Purity (Nature, innocence, abundance, hope, plants, animals)
355) Enki, LN, God of Rivers
356) Essiah, CG, Goddess of Eroticism, Erotic Love (Love, nurture, fun, gnomes, delight, sexuality)
357) Etugen, N, God of Herds, Pastures, Nomads (Earth)
358) Estanna, NG, Goddess of Domestic Life,(Home Life, Family Life, Hearth, Home, family)
359) Ezra, LN (LG, N, LE,) Goddess of Mists (Salvation, Ravenloft)
360) Fatale, NE, God of Surrender, Giving up, detachment (Death, Murder, Fatalism)
361) Fei Cui Huang-Di Zhi Jian The Jade Sword, LN, God of Technique, Swordsages, Martial Arts
362) Fortubo-LG (LN), Guardianship, Stone (Metal, Mining, Mountains, Dwarves)
363) Geshtai- N, Godess of Lakes/Wells, Oasis (Water, Rivers, Plants)
364) Girru, LG, God of Warmth (Fire, Light, Knights, Good Fire Creatures)
365) Gliran, LN, God of Magic Use, Efficient Magic Use, The Art, Responsible Magic (Wizards)
366) The Green Man, CN, God of Simplicity
367) Grenth, LN, God of Discernment, Insight, Clarity (Death, The dead, Ice, water, assassins, ritualists, honesty, winter, Harshness)
368) Gunther, CN, God of Free Spirits, Runaways (Travel, Wanderlust, freedom)
369) Guthix, N, God of Maintenance (Balance, tranquility, preservation, nature, equilibrium)
370) Hala, N, Goddess of Witchcraft (Hags, Magic, Ravenloft)
371) Hannan, NG, God of Penance (Sun, Healing, Light, Honor)
372) Hannatha, NG, Goddess of Breeding (Life, Healing, Nurturing, Community, Family, Peace)
373) Henrin, LG, God of the Valiant, Guards, Perseverance (Loyalty, Nobility, Protection, Humility)
374) Heiran and Nareis, LE/CE, Gods of Fear of Death, Human Sacrifice
375) Heiranis, CG, God of mavericks (rebels, freedom, individuality, retribution)
Hernun, N, God of the Chase
377) Hesani, NG, God of Preservation, Preserving life, Empathy (Midwives, Healing, balance, cycles)
Hombel, LG, God of Innkeepers, Inns, General Stores (Preserving things, Karma, Justice)
379) Hurakan, CN, God of Floods (Unrestrained Fury)
380) Hyrag, NG, God of the Lifegiving Aspect of the Sun, Solace
Ibrandul, N, God of Caverns, the Underdark (Shar somewhat)
Ilsare, CG, Goddess of Artistic Inspiration (Drama, Passion, Artists, Joy, Romance, Love)
Ioun, LN, Goddess of Oracles, Lore (Knowledge, Magic, Prophecy, Skill, mental power)
Jascar, LG, God of Hills (Mountains, Earth, Valor
Jode, CG, Goddess of Artistic Pursuits, Choirs, Religious Songs, Non verbal music
Jortin, CN, God of Disarray, pandemonium, Jesters (Chaos, Weather, art, music, wealth, jokes)
Judge Daethros, LN, God of Stewarts
387) Karribi, NG, God of the Subconscious, Comas (Dreams, imagination, surrealism)
388) Katia, N, Goddess of rejuvenation
389) Kazar, CE, God of Elemental Fire, Volcanoes
390) Kimylia, LN, Goddess of the Upper Class (Trade, Wealth, nepotism)
391) Khonvum, NG, God of Avian Races, Rainbows (Magical Beasts, Animals, Birds, Beasts, hunts)
392) Kormir, LG, Goddess of Correction, Accuracy, Verification (History, Knowledge, Truth, secrets)
393) Kurell, CN, God of Bitterness, Jealousy, Scorn (Revenge, Thieves)
394) Kurzana, LN, Goddess of Shelters (Caverns, Building, Construction, Weaving, Crafts, Home)
Khala, NE, Goddess of Blizzards, Snow Storms, Snow (Winter)
Kysul, LG, (ex Old One), God of Obligation, Good Aberrations (madness, slime, fate, planning)
Jannath, Earthmother (N), Goddess of untamed nature, overgrown areas (Druids)
Lakal, NG (N), Goddess of Doctors, Healers, Medicine (peace, Mercy, she is recently returned)
Lastai, CG, Goddess of Pleasure
Leira, NE, Goddes of Illusions (Cryic)
Lirr, LG, Goddess of Prose (Poetry, Literature)
Llerg, CN, God of Beasts (Strength)
Lliira, CG, Goddess of Dance (Happiness, Joy, Trade, Wealth)
Locharit, LG, Goddess of the Written Word (Gnomes)
Loviatar, CE, Godess of Pain, Cruelty, (torment, sadism, torture, agony)
Lucinda, NG, Goddess of the Cerebral (Spellcraft, Sorcery, Magic, Idealism, Scholars, cities)
Lucial, NG, Goddess of Story Writing (music, dance, bards)
Luna, CG, God of Feminism, female Power, No Evil Were Creatures (the Moon, Dance)
Lunitari, N,Goddess of Neutral Magic, the Neutral Moon
410) Lurue, CG, Goddess of Talking Beasts, intelligent non humanoids, Unicorns
411) Lydia, NG, Self Improvement (music, knowledge, Learning, Feminism)
412) Lyssa, CN, Goddess of Mesmers, beguilement, allure (Beauty, illusion, duality, glamour, charm)
413) Nergal, NE, God of the Nether
414) Mesalax, NG, Goddess of Community Service (Compassion)
415) Malar, CE, God of Savagery, Bloodlust, Evil lycanthropes (bestial savagery, the hunt, Stalking)
416) Mara, LG, Goddess of Romantic Love, Closure (stillness, death, undead, succor, beauty, grief)
417) Marduk, LG, God of Guarding Civilization)(Bahamut, Babolyonian)
418) Maqur, CE, Goddess of Conceit, Falsehood, Persian Gain (Self interest, exploitation, betrayal, trickery, scandal, selfishness, Crime, arrogance, violence, inequity, duplicity, malice, misdeeds)
419) Melora, N, Goddess of Harmony of the Natural World
420) Melandru, CG, Goddess of restraint (Earth, Elements, nature, plants, endurance, peace)
421) Mayaheine, LG, God of Fortitude (Valor, Glory, Justice, Protection, Paladins)
422) Mencius, CE, God of Blame (Vengeance, Conviction, Rage, War)
423) Meyanok, NE/CE, God of Rejection (Snakes, Disease, Pain, Discourse, Famine)
424) Mina, NG/NE/N, Goddess of Grief (Loss, Joy, Mortality, Independence, Free will, sea)
425) Merikka- NG, Goddess of Honest Labor/Orderly Plans, Coming of Age(Agriculture, the Home)
426) Mist, CN, Goddess of Flux (The Sea, Currents, Oceans, Rebellion, winds, Storms, Destruction)
427) Mithra, LN (LG), God of Soldiers, Discipline
428) Moander, CE, God of Corruption, Rotting Death (Dead)
Mok’slyk-THE SERPENT (?), Entity from Beyond the Veil
429) Mouqol, N, God of Reciprocity/Free Market Economists
430) Myhriss, NG, Goddess of Romance
431) Nadrik, LG, God of Good Conduct (Honor, Truth, Justice, loyalty, Valor, humility)
432) Nathar, CE, God of Deprivation, Ghuls, Shaghali (Disaster, demons, loss, caution, unhappiness)
433) Naana-sin, CG, God of Moonlight (Fighting Evil)
434) Kadiya, NG, Goddess of Naiveté (Peace, Mercy, Optimism, Love, Peacemaking, Redemption)
435) N’asr, NE, God of Unnatural Death (Cryic, Bane, Bhaal, Kelemvor)
436) MOrmekar, N, God of Rebirth (The dead, death, the dying, the reborn, carrior, nature)
437) Morwyn, NG, Goddess of Recovery (Healing, Wisdom, Peace, forgivness, mothers, charity, mercy, redemption, contriction, love, animals, Guides, Midwives)
438) Norebo, CN, God of Gambling, Risk Taking (Fair Play)
439) Nuitari, NE, God of Evil Magic, The Evil Moon (Ambition)
Old Heakun, N, God, God of Examination, wandering (Travel, Mortals, Earth)
Osprem, LN, Goddess of Sea voyages, Sailors
442) Phaulkon, CG, God of Horizons, Birds, Archery (Clouds, air, wind)
443) Phaant, LE, Goddess of inevitability, Misfortune (Bad Luck, oppression)
444) Phaenya, CG, Goddess of Festivals (Celebration, risk, adventure, luck)
445) Phyton, CG, Domestication of Nature
446) Pohloh, LN, Goddess of Elemental Water, Steam
447) Procan, CN, God of Sea Life/Salt/The Seas
448) Ptah, N, God of Spiritual Regeneration
449) Raelralataen, LN, God of, Obedience, Division between Death and Life (Justice, Law, Death)
450) Raije, LN, God of Renown, Distinction, War Stories (War, Honor, Victory, Fame)
451) Ramman, LN, God of Armies (War)
452) Rono, LG, God of Elemental Earth, Dirt
453) Rontra, LG, Goddess of the Rural (earth, plants, farms, dirt, gems, metals, farmers, miners, elements, dwarves, grandmothers, the eldery, women, caves)
454) Sebatis, LN, God of the Study of Magic, Purity of Magic (Neutral Magic, Study, Balance)
455) Semirath, CG (LG), God of Individual Rights, equality, jesters (Justice, freedom, luck, joy)
456) Seshalis, CN, Goddess of Lakes (The Sea, water)
457) Siccara, NG, Goddess of Social Work, Selflessness, Social Reform (healing, aid, mercy)
458) Sindall, CN, God of the Impudence (Thievery, intrigue)
459) Shalimyr, God of Fathers (water,ocean, rivers, lakes, streams, rain, sailing, fishing, merfolk, storms, nature, and grandfathers)
460) Shaundakul, CN, God of Caravans, Travelers (travel, Portals, Exploration)
461) Shyzan, N, God of meditation (psionic)
462) Soggelos, CG, God of Creativity (Water)
463) Sol, LE (LN, LG), God of Cancer (Pelor)
464) Solinari, LG, Goddess of Good Magic (The Good Moon, Vigilance)
465) Sottiltion, CG (N), Goddess of Summer, South Wind
466) St. Argath, LG, God of Slaves (Suffering, Endurance, perseverance, hard work, sacrifice)
467) Syrul, NE (LE), Goddess of Treachery (Lies, False Promises)
468) Shenlong, LG, Knighthood, (Good Dragons, honour, lyality, knighthood, clouds, storms, rain)
469) Sylvanae, N, God of Fae, Sylvan’s, Wood, Tribalism
470) Taliena, NG, Goddess of Unconditional Love, Zest for life, Optimism (Love, Family, Friends)
471) Telchur, CN, God of the North Wind
472) Tem-Et-Nu, LN God of river (wealth, victory)
473) Terak, LG (LN), God of the BOdy (War, Valor, Physical Struggle, Unity, battle, honor, animals, respect, tactics, Love, Law, Order)
474) Tiamat, Goddess of Evil Dragons/Chromatic Dragons
475) Tinel, CN (N), God of Seeking (truth, admiration, scholars, scribes, magic, knowledge, the mind, secrets, truth, science, spell casters, inquisitive, animals, and nature)
476) Talona, CE, Goddess of Poison (disease)
477) Tallon Zek, LE, God of Ruthlessness (Tactics)
478) Telchur, CN, God of the North, Frost (Cold, Winter)
479) Terris Thule, NE, God of Nightmares (fear)
480) Thanatos, NE, God of Decay (Disease, Evil Magic, Famine, Time, Beastmen, Entropy)
481) Thalander, NG, God of Vitality, Exuberance (Life, Survival, Strength, Fertility, Sex, flirting)
482) The Old Man, N, God of Observation, Brooding
483) Toran, LG, God of Conduct (Honor, Truth, Loyalty, Duty, Virtue, Vigilance, Forgiveness, Valor
484) Tuern, NG, God of Just War, Heroism (Dead)
485) Turpa, CN, Goddess of Weather Patterns (Change, Weather, Emotions, Nature)
486) Tyrhm, CE (CN), God of Brutal Justice, Angry Mobs, Lynching (Anger, War, Cold, Vigilantes)
487) The Morning Lord, LG (LN), God of Good Intentions (Optimism. Redemption, Mercy, Ravenloft)
488) The Multitude, CE, Demon God(s) of misusage, misuse, catachresis, wrong, (insanity, random)
489) The Lawgiver, LE, God of Control (Obedience, tyranny, Bane, Ravenloft)
490) The Overseer, LG, God of Crusades (Ravenloft, justice)
491) Urbanus, NG (N), God of Cities (Humans, Growth, Improvement)(rules oxford)
492) Urdiga, NE, Goddess of Misdirection (Undead, Deceivers, Necromancy, Temptation, lies)
493) Urian, NG, God of Stars (Elves, sky, moon, sun, wind, freedom, salvation, rain)
494) Yoosef, N (NG), God of Tolerance (Knowledge, Enlightenment, Protection, magic, Earth)
495) Valkar, CN, God of Courage
496) Valthonis, LG, God of Rediscovery (Paladine)
497) Vangal, CE, God of Bloodshed, Banditry (Pestilence, Famine, Thunder, Disaster, Destruction)
498) Varig Ro, LN, God of Blacksmiths
499) Vallon Zek, LE, God of Discipline, Training (Tactics, Ruthlessness, War)
500) Verdante, NG (N, LN), God of Natural Cycles (Druids, Nature, Plants, Animals, Death, Birth)
501) Wyst, CG, Goddess of travelers (roads)
502) Xan Yae, N, Goddess of Stealth/Mind Over matter, Celerity
503) Xavias, LG, God of Research, rationality (Science, mysteries, craft, fate knowledge, magic)
504) Xeen, CN, Goddess of Physicality (Pleasure, pain, win, love, insanity, intensity, arrogance)
505) Xel, LE, God of Lower Classes, Peasantry, the downtrodden (The harvest, sacrifice, acceptance)
506) Xerbo, N, God of Transport, (Sailing, the Sea, Business)
507) Zandreya, N, Goddess of Consciousness (Nature, Plants, Mortals, Balance, Growth, Life)
508) Zheenkeef, CN, Goddess of intuition (Inspiration, wine, madness, invention, internal turmoil, gnomes, creativity, titans, tragedy, prophecy, oracles, half wits, geniuses, animals, trees, oracles, prophets, and luck)
509) Zurvash, CE, God of Indulgence (Animals, Hunt, passion, strength, domination)
510) The Watcher of the Skies, N, Goddess of the Future
511) Ynchabalos, LN, God of Numbers

The triumvirate of Darkness
Danil, CE, God of Persecution
Drakar, NE, God of Injustice
Astil, LE, Goddess of Bitterness

The Dark Six (Embodiments of religious archetypes)
The Devourer, NE, God of Devastation, nautical travel (Hunger, storms, water, disaster) The Fury, NE (CE), Goddess of Extremism, Passion, Fury (Anger, insanity, revenge, rape)
The Keeper, NE, God of Weakness (Death, entropy, greed, hunger, time, old age, decay)
The Mockery, NE (CE), God of Dishonor, Unjust War, Mockery (treachery, betrayal, murder)
The Shadow, CE, God of Mayhem, Consequence (Corruption, Duality, darkness, shadow)
The Traveler, Minor, CN, God of Evolution, Alteration, Transformation (chaos, deception, trick)

Abaddon, CE (CG,CN), God of Natural/unrestricted magic, excess (Secrets, magic, mortals)
Aengrist, LG, God of Safe Havens
Al-Hanan, CG, Goddess of nuptial couples, young lovers, Lost of virginity (Beguiling, Akasha)
Al-Mathar, CG (CN), Goddess of Miracles, Rain in the Desert, (Patience, Rain, Pashati)
Aluvan, NG, God of Guarding and Protecting souls/ghost/the dead, ghosts, Manifests (death)
524) Afflux, NE, God of Inquiry (IE torture)
525) Ahaar, CG, God of Aspiration (Air, Clouds, Wind)
526) Al-Ishtus, N (NE), God of scorpions and venom, Vindication
527) Aldinach (Change name), NG, Goddess of Full Moons, Insight
528) Al’Amal, LN, Goddess of Perseverance (Limalia)
529) Al-Muqadar, LN, God of Dispassion, Detachment, Aloof (Daq)
530) Alswin, N, God of Justified Vengeance, Closure
531) Altua, LN?, Goddess of Personal Codes
532) Amphoousa, CE, Goddess of Uncontrolled Desire, Attainment (Desperation, Lust, Ambition)
Anshar, NE, God of Clouds (Air)
Antonidas, LG, God of Academics (School, research, invention, Scribes, Lore, Scholars, Magic)
Anwyn, LG, Goddess of Common folk, servents (the Hearth, home, housewives, serfs, peasants, women, wives, animals, haflings, love)
Ardaen, NG, God of Holy Light, Reflection (Elves, he is dead)
Aratheous, CG, God of Wood-Working, Whaling, Scrinshaw (War, Oil)
Asche, LN, God of Sophistication, etiquette (Cities, Civilizations)
Ashenzari, LN, God of Foresight (Divination, Exploration, Cursed/Imprisoned God)
Assuran, LG, Good Righteous Battle
Aymara, CG, Goddess of Pasison (love, music, romance, marriage, lovers, musicians, artists, bards, animals, songs, elves).
Azul, LE, God of Natural Springs, Relieving Rain, Saving at a price, Thirst, waste dwellers
543) Azor’alq, CG, god of Daring (Light, Purity, Strength, Fighting Evil)
544) Bashra, CE, God of Unhappiness, Crises, Questioning Faith (Nathar)
545) Bel, CN, God of Resentment
546) Bestra, NG, Goddess of Spreading Love (Poems, nurturing, kindness, feasts, crops, nature)
The Beast, N, God of Overcoming Hardship (Perseverance, Stewardship, Beasts) Bhagya, CG, God of Gales, Doldrums, realization (Good luck, Adimas)
Bhishaj, NG, Goddess of Patience, Selflessness (Pasathi)
Bleredd, N, God of Precious Metals (Mines, Crafting)
551) Byzola and Dymetreax, Conjoined Twin Gods, CE/NE, Lords of Horror and Disgust
Camazotz, CE, God of Cults (Vampires, the underworld, evil, Pest control, pests)
Cheibriados, N, God of Slowness, Ponderousness
554) Dakhiel, LG (LN), God of Temperance (Daq)
555) Ennari, CG, Goddess of the Oppressed, The Poor (Peasants, dwarves, earth liberation, suffering)
556) Danika, LE, Goddess of Sadism (Torture, assassination, poison, murder)
557) Darmon, CG, God of Laughter (animals, travelers, tricksters, rogues, joy, luck, tarde, merchants, diplomacy, messengers, jesters, scouts, rebels, pranks, and thieves)
558) Dekk, N, God of detachment (Sages)
559) Derris Zek, NE, God of Pillage (Plunder, Loot)
560) Diabolus, LN, God of Thriftiness (Economics, Squares)
561) Disnomia, LE, goddess of Schemes, Meticulous Plans, (manipulation, Corruption, Politicians)
562) Dracanish, LN, God of finality, endings, Ghosts (the Dead, Death)
563) Eavarous, LE, God of Evil fighting Evil
564) Elyvilon, NG, Goddess of Comfort (Peace, Healing, Love)
565) Emnet, LN, Goddess of Family Tradition (Family, knowledge, tradition, predators)
566) Engelan, N, God of the Present (Time, Halflings, Personal Life)
567) Erich, LE (LN, LG), God of Obedience, fealty, fascism , militarism (Honor, racism, hierarchy)
568) Erbin, NE, God of Tramps, Deadbeats, Borrowers, bums, bankrupts, derelict, vagrants (theft)
569) Fedhas Madash, N, God of Fungus, decomposition (Hatred of undead, Plants)
570) Fizban, CG, God of Kenders, Eagerness (Curiosity)
571) Galla, CN, Goddess of Trends (Style, fashion, clothes, funk, charm, party)
572) Geoth, NG, God of Cooking (Taverns, Hospitality, celebration, Baking, Chefs, Meals, Food)
573) Grendath, CG, God of Wit, Fools, Cleverness, Laughter (Luck, Freedom, exploration, Heroes)
574) Hadeen, NG, God of Aristocracy, God of Nobility (Archery, he is dead typically)
575) Haku, CG, God of Free Spirit, desert Winds, Desert Nomads (Travel, Deserts)
576) Harredda, N (NE/LE), God of Noise (Cold, Winter, Society)
577) Harrimast, CN, God of Privateers, Popularity, Happy Piracy?
578) Hanspur, CN, God of Waterways, River Travel (Rivers)
579) Heshtail, LG, God of Succour (Healing, Mercy, Aid
580) Hleid, NG (CN), Goddess of the Uldras, Polar seas, Cold Magic, Arctic Animals
581) Iborighu, CE, God of Freezing, Uldras, Cold Magic, Dying Alone
582) Inurath, CN, Goddess of Personal Glory, Challenges of War, Calls to battle (war, battle)
583) Jareth, LE, God of Games, Gamblings, Games of Skill (Impartiality, Skill, Rules, Ruthlessness)
584) Johydee, NG/, Goddess of Espionage (deception, Protection)
585) Joramy, N/NG, Goddess of Volcanoes (Wrath, Quarrels)
586) Juranis, CN, God of the Open Seas, navigation
587) Kadis, N, god of Mines (Earth, the Mountain, Dwarves)
588) Kantor, CG, God of Distinction (The Sea, Individualism, Aggression, bravery)
589) Karaan, CE, God of BLoodlust (Savages, hunting, aggression, cruelty, anger)
590) Kantilles, LG, God of Responsible Magic, White Magic (Good Magic, Contribution)
591) Kharos, N, God of Wizards
592) Khoronus, LN, God of Strategy, Resistance, the Indomitable (Courage, War, Tactics)
593) Kikubaaqudgha, NE, God of Torment (Necromancy, Murder, Torture, Undead, Killing Demons)
594) Kran, NE (N, NG), Goddess of Fault
595) Korak, NG, God of Hard Work (cities, smiths, artisans, carpenters, masons, laborers, workers, dwarves, the working class)
596) Kurgess, NG, God of competition (Sport, Self Sacrifice)
597) Khelliara, CG, Goddess of Autumn, Dryads, Forest Creatures
598) Konkreth, CE, God of Brute Force
599) Kundo-God of Noise, Thunder (Building, Craft)
600) Laathsaal, CE, God of the Assathi, Defiance (Transgressors, Slain)
601) Lampata, CE (CN), Goddess of Tribulation (Limalia)
602) Larhoon, CE, God of Violence, Trophies (Murder, Savages, Slaughter, torture, War, sadism)
603) Lirr, CG, Goddess of Prose
604) Llerg, CN, Beasts/Animal Strength
605) Lord of Lions, LN, God of Dominion (Qiru)
606) Luclin, N (NE), Goddess of Shades (Envy, Shadows, Parodies)
607) Lugonu, CE, Goddess of Instability (Chaos, Randomness, failure)
608) Lyris, CN, Goddess of Victory
609) Maal, LN, God of Judges (Justice, Law, the dead, retribution, lawyers, magistrates)
610) Maia, NG, Goddess of Childbirth (Family, Farming, Fertility, Midwives, Mercy, Water)
611) Makhleb, CE, God of Supplication (Chaos, Violent Death, Carnage, massacres, war)
612) Malachive, NE, God of Disobedience, Atheism, Faithless, Impiety, Disrespect, Abhorrent
Malyk, N, God of Vortices, Wild Magic (Talos)
Merrithrawn, NG, God of Personal Charm, Persuasion
MIrresh, NG, Goddess of Laughter and Frivolity
Miridum, NG, Goddess of Lore (Dead)
617) Monettica, NG, Goddess of Snow (Clouds, elves, Flying)
618) Morell Thule, NG, God of Good Dreams
619) Murdane, LN, Goddess of Pragmatism (Dead)
620) Nadrech, CN, God of Cowardice
Naderi, N, Goddess of Romantic Tragedy, Romantic Death (Suicide, Drowning, Love)
Nalinivati: N, God of Nagaji, Personal Choices
Navashtrom, NG, God of Exercise, Physical Harmony (Adventurers, Strength, Harmony)
Neltak, LN, God of Property (justice, Law, Execution, Maintenance, Ownership, truth)
Nemelex Xobeh, CN, God of Unpredictably, Blind Luck, lack of patterns, the WildCard
Niveral, N, God of Forgetting, Lost Lore, Forgotten Lore (Fire, Lore, Knowledge, Time)
Okawaru, LN, God of Comradely, Allies, Fire forged Friendships, Allances (War, Discipline)
627) Pahluruk, CG, Goddess of Forging (Chauntea)
628) Pala, N (LG) God of Constilations (Paladine)
629) Pyremius, NE, God of Arson
630) Raddashin’s Eye, CG, God of Helpful Rains (Harvast)
631) Rajek, N (NG), God of Pilgrims, Shrines (wandering, Travel)
632) Rafiq, CG, God of Camarderie, cheer, guides (Aimas)
633) Ravvan, CE, Demon Lord/God of Poaching, Overhunting (savagery, bloodlust)
634) Red Fox, CG, Goddess of Craft teaching.
635) Ruh Thariq, LN, God of Third Options, Compromise (Daq, salvation, enlightenment)
636) Sabine, CN, God of Regeneration (Renewal, destruction, prophecy, transformation, storms, fury)
637) Sacwhynne, CG, Goddess of Duels, Fencing, Sport Fighting (Honor, Ice, War, Nobility)
638) Saradomin, LN, God of Pleasantry (Order, Wisdom, Law, righteousness)
639) Saukuruk, CE, Goddess of Ice
640) Scahrossar, CE, God of Sadism/SociopathsSela, LN, Goddess of Last Accomplishments, Stone Buildings, Monuments (Unity, Prosperity, History, Stone, Friendship, Walls, Lasting Bonds, Oaths)
641) Sevrash, CE, God of Savagery
642) Shaanti, LG, God of Foundations (Siddaru, Contemplation)
643) Shaaka, CN, God of Invertebrates, Evolution (Gamblers)
644) Sif Muna, LN, Goddess of Mystical Secrets, Sages, Spell books, Mystics
645) Solanil, NG, Goddess of Oases
646) Sonlayahonhilaiouyatauya, LE, Goddess of Antipathy (Ice, Loss, Loneliness, the forlorn)
647) Sotillion, CG/CN, Goddess of the South Wind (Ease, Comfort, Summer, Warm Weather)
648) Sulerain, CE?, Goddess of mass murder
649) Sulzar, N, God of Ash (Fire, Earth, Darkness, Death, Trickery, Balance)
650) Syllok, NE, God of Desperation, Iksar
651) Syreth, LG?, Goddess of guardians
652) Taeshandra, NG, Goddess of Shrines (Travel, Elves, Halfings, Quicklings)
653) Taka NE, God of Self Justifiers, Dishonesty with self, Self Delusions (Thieves, deception)
654) Taurusk, CE, God of Bloodshed, War Chaos, power for power’s sake, crushing the weak (Slain)
The Black Flame, NE (CE), God of Ill intentions (Absolutism, extremism, zelotry)
The Burning Spirit, CN, God of Destuctive Magic, Black Mages, Aggression (evocation, Fire)
The Lady, N, Goddess of Long Shots, Last Chances, Near Misses
The Patient One, NE, God of Vileness, Aberrations (Vile)
The Peacock Spirit, N (All), Goddess of Mind, Body, and Soul (Aesthetics)
The Shinning One, LG, God of Dedication (Honor, Valor, Virtue, Truth, Crusades)
The Orichalcum Uron, LG, God of Resiliency (Strength, valor, pride, forging, sun, Constructs)
The Moonsilver Uron, CG, God of Chance(Freedom, love, change, luck, moon, Constructs)
The Jade Uron, LN, God of Hardiness, craftsmanship (Skill, craft, elements, constructs, law)
664) The Starmetal Uron, LN, God of Wares, Trinkets (Trade, Fate, construction, constructs, craft)
665) The Soulsteel Uron, LE, God of dissatisfaction, Worthlessness, unimportance, ineffective)
Teun, LN, Goddess of Machines, Tests
Thraxis, NE, God of Cancer (Pestilence, plague, disease, vermin, infection,)
Thoin, N, God of Secrets under the Earth, Hard Workers (Mining, Dwarves, Secrets)
Torvonnilous, CN (NE), God of Misers
Trog, CN (CE), God of Violent Tempters, Berserkers, Illiteracy (War, Rage, Voiolence)
Qalima, LG, Goddess of Natural Processes (Zaia)
Quensti Pah, NG, Goddess of Infinity (Mishakal)
The Wolf god, CE, God of Packs (Savagery, the Hunt, Ravenloft)
Udyama, LN, God of Greatness (Qirus)
Unnah, LN, Goddess of Fighting Skill, Training
Uruburus, LN, Goddess of Death and Rebirth, Mundane and supernatural
Vaatn, CN, Goddess of Irony (Humor, Luck, trickery(
Vara, NE, Godess of Nightmares (Fear)
Vatun, CN, Arctic beasts, Snow, Tribalism
Venhumet, CN, God of Evocation, Destruction Magic, Black Mages
Volketh, CE, God of Murderers, Serial Killers, Fascination with Death, Killers, Hurt (Murder)
Vornoth, LE/CE, God of Lost Identity Votemmaris, LE, God of Starvation, Shipwrecks, Sunburns, Endless expanse (thirst, castaways)
Vogan, CN, God of Rainstorms (storms, rain, water, thunder, lighting)
Wandul, LE, God of Ice (Cold, Winter, Darkness)
Wenta, CG, Goddess of West Wind, Brewing (Autumn)
Wohoon, CN (N), God of Wilderness
Xarios, NE, God of the Unnatural (Lichs, undeath, immortality, necromancers)
Xanag, CN, Goddess of Jewelry, Superficiality, Fashion (Vanity)
Xom, CN, God of Amusement (bordom, randomness)
Yredelemnul, NE (N), God of Enslavement, Undead Servitude, Disrespect to corpses (undeath)
Yutow, LN (LG), God of Pacifism (Intolerance, Peace, Devotion)
Zalimah, LG, Goddess of Environmentalism, Opposition to settlements, Wild (Pashatai)
Zamorak, CE, God of Deconstruction
Zaros, LE?, God of Emptiness, Crisis of Faith, Skepticism.
Zin, LG, God of Reverence (Purity, Inner strength, Spirituality, piety, sustenance)
Zionil, N, LN, god of Construction
Zoser, CN, God of tornadoes, dervishes, whirlwinds, Sand
Zhakata, NE, God of Starvation (Ravenloft)
Zyphus, NE, God of Accidental Death (Graveyards, Death, Tragedy)
The 24 Gods of the Hours, Minor, Gods of…..Well the Hours, individually Hero Deities
The Three Sisters (The Triad)
Naryne, LN (LE), Goddess of the Upper Class (Kings, Queens, ruler ship, royalty, nobility, kingdom, leadership, lords, animals)
Canelle, CG, Goddess of running (Victory, athletics, competition, physical strength, glory, games, athletes, animals, and competitors)
Thellyne, CG, Goddess of shyness (woods, woocraft, hunting, trapping, tracking, rangers, animals, nature, solitude)
*Aansen, NG, God of Natural Reflections (Moon, reflection, fertility, penance, plants)
Achaekek, LE, God of Assassins (Protecting the Gods, Domains, Murder, Cult)
Aetna, N, Goddess of Magma, Lava (Volcanoes)
Aknor, N, Working for helping others.
Ahriana, CE, Doggess of Delirium (Madness, Insanity, aberrations, enlightenment)
Al’Akbar, LG, God of Dignity
Al-Khawan, NE, Goddess of Self Interest, Power Lust (Maqur)
Almdrid Sunkiller, NE, God of Eclipses, Loss of Sun (Night, Cold, Love)
Al-Qariha, LE, God of Offerings, Perfection, Excellence (Sunya)
Arazani, LG, Goddes of Sainthood , The Lame (Paladins, Justice, Slain)
Armadyl, LG, God of Mourners (Justice, Sky, Air)
Aspiration/Fact/Legend, LN, N, CN, Lords of the Darshan, Past/Present/Future (The Darshan)
Ashparal, Ng, Goddess of Flowers, Cultivation (Plants, Gardens)
Ashumas, N, god of Ambiguity (Fate Destiny Fortune)
Ayailla, LG, Light, Celestial Radiance, Good Sky Creatures
Ayonea Ro, The Maestra, N (NG) Goddess of Music, Bards, Calm (Inspiration)
Ayratha, LN, God of trial, Transformation, Discovery, Pursuit of Purpose, hidden beauty (Forge Smiths Artisans, Fire Earth Creation
Ayuruk, NG, God of Perseverance (Ilmater)
Bast, CN, Goddess of Wonderlust (Mainpulast, Pleasure, Sex)
Bastet, CN (CG), Goddes of Instincts (Prosperity)
Besmara, CN (CE, NE, CG), Gooddess of Priacy (Strife, Sea Monsters)
Blurrah, CG, Goddess of Comfort in Mourning
Bolgin Serilis, CE, God of Rejections, the Demented (Deformities, Goblins)
Brigh, N, Goddess of Construction, Constructs, Clockwork
Calbran, NG, God of Resisting Violence, Non-Violence
Camazotz, NE, God of Nocturnal Predators, Blood
Canarake, CE, God of Savages
Cas, NE, God of Grudges
Castain, LG, God of Thelogy (Ex God of Life, Light ,Law, Love, Order, Place, Rules)
Cava-Noes,-Cava, NG, God of Magical creation, Artifice (Genesis, Magic, secrets)
Charlathan, CN, God/Goddess of Retribution and Reward, Capaciousness, Mixed Blessings
Chaay, CG, God of Delight
Cthao, LG, God of Suffering and Reward.
Cuma, LN, God of the Scientific Methdod, Emprical Methods, Testing (Science, Oghma)
Curchanus, CG, God of tales (Travel, Beast, endurance, Slain)
Cyriss, N, Goddess of Science, Gears (Mecahncis, Machines, Invention)
Dalbei, NG (NE), God of Wilderness Life, Thosei n turn with nature
Danace, Le, God of Masochism (Inquisitions, Torture, Sadism)
Destor, CE, god of Ill Fortune, Cruel Fate, Unfariness (Bad Luck)
Dhuum, NE (N), God of Final death, final death, the void, inevitably, endings, (Death, finality)
Doresain, King of Ghouls, CE, God of Ghouls, Cannibalism
Drasek Riven, NE, God of Hiding in Shadows, sneaking (Shadows, Stealth, Assasins, Mask)
Drendari, NE,Goddess of Shadows
Drinal, The Silver Reaper, Great Spirit, Goddess of Twilight (Death, Endings)
Druzzil Ro, NG (N), God of Artist, Self Perfection (Inspiration, Music, magic)
D’Shan, LN, God of Sandstorms, Deserts Wind, Harsh Wind
Ehayae, Matron of Dawn, Great Spirit, NE, Goddess of Dawn (Beginnings, Birth)
Elah, CG (CN), Goddess of Navigation, Questers (Mystra)
Elamash, LE, god of Hostile Animals, Hostility
Elgath, CN (CE, N), God of Archers, Focus, Magical Beasts (Hunters
Erias, CG, God of Personal Dreams, (Dreams, Sleep)
Eshowdow, CE, God of Ignominy (Shar)
Evening Glory, NE, Goddess of Imortality through undead, enternal beauty (Love)
Felidea, CN, Goddess of Gypsies, Felines, Sensuality
Feleis, N, God of Rules of the Hunt
Finder Wyvemspur, CN, God of transformation of Art, diversity, inspiration and Saurial
Flamgart, CN, God of Changing Routine
Fruelhia, CE, Goddess of Frost
Furia, N (NE), God of Capriciousness (Volcanoes, Fire, rage, anger, peace, slain)
Gamgal, LN, God of Protection of the dead, Tombs (Funerals, burials)
Gargauth, LE, God of Political Corruption (powerbrokers, cruelty, betrayal)
Garagos, CE, God of Mindless Slaughter, Chaotic War
The Gecko King, Ne, God of Ur-Priests, Stolen Power (Immortality, Greed, Sloth)
Geshtai, N, Goddess of Oasis/Wells
Gilgeam, LE, God of Prowess (Tyranny, Battle Strength)
Gharsh, NE, God of the Unquestioning
Ghlaunder, CE, God of Debility(Infection, Stagnation, disease, Vermin)
Goldenage, LG, God of Elders (traditions, Culture, Wisdom, Advice, Shamons, Slain)
Gorynn, LE, God of Gladiators, Areans, Fights to the Death
Grlarshh, CE, God of Painful Death
Groetus, CN (CE), God of Empty Places, Oblivion, End times
Gwaeron Windstrom, NG, God of Tracking, Rangers
Gyronna, CE, goddess of extortion (Hatred, Hags, Spite)
Hadarus, CN (CE), God of Willfulness, Disobedience
Halgrin, CE, God of Screams, Vocal Noise, Agony (Terror, torture, Slaughter)
Halmyr, LN, God of Large Scale battle
Harkatottom, CG, God of High Spirits, Personal Freedom, Half Orcs, Free People (Freedom)
Hoar, CN, God of Poetic Justice
Hwyrdd, CG, God of Jokes, (Halflings, Gnomes, Pranks, Tricks)
Idra, CG (CN), Goddess of Prostitution, Physical Love (Passionate Love, sex, Secrets, Beauty)
Imal Wheatshef, NG, God of Farms
Immatuk, LN, god of writing (mathematics, Archetecture, libraries, letters)
Jagra, LE, Goddess of Unmaking
Janora N, Goddess of Accepting Fate
Jergal, LN, God of Proper Burial (Death, Fatalism, Judge of the dead)
Jiyva, CN (CE), God of Jellies, Slime (oozes, Slimes)
Kadeshu, N, god of missionaries (messenger of the Gods, Travel)
Karan, CG, Goddess of War as Art, Athletes, War as Sport, Practice
Katashama, LG, God of Prosperous Families, Guardian Spirits, Large Families (Prosperity)
Khairi Mlinzi, LN (LG), God of stamina (Qirus)
Khellemi, N, Goddess of Last Rites
Khostren, NE, God of Stench (Vermin, Plague)
Kiputytto, CE, Goddess of Infection (Disease, Talona, Slain)
Kira, CG/NG, Goddess of Support, Aid, Assistance, Akasha)
Kuzira, LE, God of Foundation (Sunya)
Kyr’Tok, CE, God of Deformities (Fear)
Lanys T’Vyl, NE, Goddess of Loathing, Envy (hate)
Lastai, CG, Goddess of Physical Love (love)
Lasydia, NG, Goddess of Castaways (rescues)
Lissala, LE (LN) goddess of Service, reward of service, Runes (Law, Fate, Duty )
Lucha, Ng, Goddess of Guides (Selune)
Luchanig, CE, God of Futlity, Swamps, Bogs
Luz, CE, God of Wickedness (Pain, Oppression, Deceit)
Mahasari, LE, God of Social Station, Society Hierarchy (Johoum)
Maleskari, NG, God of Shades, Lost Knowledge (Shadows)
Manwwe, N, Goddess of Clean Water, Trade currents
Marble, NG, God of Free Will, Freed Slaves(Slaves, Psionics, liberation, sanctum)
Methias, LG, God of Protecting Animals
Menzies, CE, God of Transgression
Milani, CG, Goddess of Uprisings, Rebellions (Hope, Devotion)
8Miridum, Ln, goddess of Primal Magic (mages, Wizards, magic)
Mongrel, CN, God of the Dispossesd (Lost, Homeless, Poverty, Bastards, wanderers, orphans)
Murlynd, Lgo God of Philanthropy (Paladins, valor, magic technology)
Naberezhnyi, Le, God of Martial Conflict, Slavers, Unjust War, God Killers (tyranny)
Nanahuatl, CN, God of Personal Misfortune
Naran, LE, God of Plots Conspiracies (Slavery, tyranny, Villainy, Cunning, Lords, Lies)
Nemorga, Ln, God of Execution, Lawful Death (Death, the dead, gatekeeper of the Dead)
Nobanion, LG, God of Royalty
Nur, CN (CE, CG), Goddess of Distain, Mirages (Deserts, heat, fire, sun, Akasha)
Otassal, CE, God of Loathing, Hatred of Life, Disgust (un, Death)
Perdan, LN, God of Seals, Doors, Prison, escape (Gateways, Slain)
Phieran, NG, God of Perseverance, Resolution (dedication, Diligence, Pursuance)
Phyrah, N, Goddess of Questing (Travel, Exploration, music, storytelling, wandering)
Porcelian, N, God of Refuse, Toilets (Joke God)
Rajani, LE, God of the establishment (Sunya)
Ras Naranj, CG, God of Providence, Freedom of religion, Reward of study (adimas)
Rallaster, CE, God of Mutilation (Vile)
Red Jaw, CE of Pursuit
Rizolone, NE (N), Goddess of Praise (Genuine Praise, Moral, Inspiration, Fire)
Rolfron Zek, NE, God of Holelessness, the Forlorn (despair)
Russna, N, Goddess of Study (Language, Wisdom, Mystery, writing, mist, Orators, Messenger)
Sahari, LN, Goddess of Breath, Medicine (Wind, air, law, judgment)
Sahteb Mahlni, The Feral Spirit, N, goddess of Natural Cycle (instinct)
Sarym, CE, Goddess of Torment (Torture, pain, Hurt)
Satkriyaa, NG, Goddess of Luminescent, detachment, ascendance (Virtue, kindness, akasha)
Sayras, LN, God of Divniation (Fate, Trush)
Selene, NG, Goddess of Outcasts
Sethris, NE, goddess of Offence (Revenge, Violence, bitterness, Cruelty, Spiders, Compassion)
Seto, NE, God of Nihilism (Assassins, Death, Undead, Cannibalism, Darkness, Poison)
Sharess, CG, Goddess of Hedonism (Pleasure)
Shehaan, N, Goddess of the Recusive (Solitude, Isolation, Concealment, Mist, elves)
Shialla, NG, Goddes of Glands, Pollination, Woodland Fertility, nuptial couples, Korrend
Shurassa, CN, Goddess of Catharsis and Forgiveness (Storms, Hurricanes, release, redemption )
Siamorphe, LN, Goddess of nobles, Divine right, Royalty
Sivanah, N, goddess of Reflections (illusions , Mystery, magic)
Solch, LG, Goddess of Labor (healing, childbirth, forgiveness, midwives)
St. Radimus, LN, God of Restraint (Noblity, humanity, ruling, retribution)
Stern Alia, LN (LG), Goddess of Child raising
Subastas, Cn, God of Opportunism (Trade)
Sullen Zek, CE, Goddess of Rage (barbarians, War)
Syhana, CG, God of Colors, Rainbows (Fey, renewal, cyclones, Sunlight)
Tamul, LG, God of Meditation
Tardeshou, LG, Goddess of Integrity (Truth)
Targus, CN, God of Looting, Skill at arms (Bandits)
Tevra, LN, God of Clockwork, Steam, Improbable technology, machines
The Angel, NG, God(S) of Aspiration (The Darshan)
The Cold Rider, NE, God of the Forsaken, Being Forsaken (Deceit, Shadow World, Undead)
The Darkling, CE, God of unmaking (Azani reborn)
The Devourer Wurm, CE (CN), Lord of Primitivism, Dark Ages, Social Ruin
The Eternal Fire, LN (NG, LE, NE, LG, N), God of Cleansing
The Flayed God, CE, God of Broken Identity, Loss of Dignity (Torture, Ruin, Hatred, Revenge)
The Lost one, N, God of Nostalgia
The King of Ghuls, CE, God of Ghuls, the unweary
The Light of Fact, LN, God(s), of Fact (The Darshan)
The Red Knight , LG (LN), Goddess of Tactics
The Wild One, CN, Goddess of Erratic Behavior, Currying Favor, unpredictably weather (Umaj)
The Xammux, LE God(s) of Amoral experimentation
Thamus, NG, God of Defending the Innocent
Thellos, NE, God of Consumption (Gluttony)
Thranton, CG, God of Temperamentalism
Thluxe, Paells, CN (CE< God of Jailers (torture, the underdark)
Torskal, LG, God of Just Vengeance, Lawful execution (Centaurs)
Trelu, NG, God of Sculptors (Artists, architects, lines, shapes, image, colors, design)
Tukulti, CG, God of Helping (Oases)
Ulaa, LG, Goddess of Gemstones, Quarries (mountains, hills, Dwarves)
Ullkoruuk, NE, Goddess of Traitors (heratics, Apostates, betrayal)
Ulura, N, Goddess of Forbidden Love, Secret Lovers, Enchanting moonlight (love, moon)
Uthgar, CN, God of Physicality, Barbarians, Exercise, Personal Glory
Valarian, NG, God of Good Magical Creatures, Forest Creatures
Valkur, N, God of Favorable winds, Sailors, navel Combat, Ships
Valigan third Born, CN, God of Anarchy
Vazaelle Kaleine, CE, God of Lunacy
Velsharoon, NE, God of Necromancy (undead, Liches, Necromancers, magic) is a dick
Vayu, LN, God of Forethought (Waharim)
Vogg, CE, God of wildlife, Wild Fire, random Destruction, Arson, Tempers (Fire, Ruin)
Volskalska, LE, God of Wayfarers (Nomads, Mongolians calvlries, riders)
Xev Bristleban, CN, God of Joviality
Yaheine, LG, Goddess of Decency (Protection, valor, Honor, war, Safety ,Champions)
Yathaghera the Winged Queen, Goddess of Contentment (Lliira, Lurue)
Yeathan, CE, God of drowning/Watery death, last breath, All things Foul
Waho, LN, God of Patience (Waharim)
Wastri, LN (LE), God of Bigotry (Self Deception, Amphibians)
Zagyg, CN, God of Eccentricity/Unpredictability
Zalam, LE, God of Morbidity, Night Fears, Self Deception, contempt, insolence (Sunya)
Zebuxoruks the Forsaken, NE (N), God of Imprisonment (Magic, Taboo, Secrets, Knowledge)
Zuoken, N, God of Mental Mastery (Mental Powers, Monks, Meditation, Physical mastery)
Al’Asran, LG, god of Brightness
Al-Zarad, N, God of Nonintervention (Arcane Knowledge, Foresight, Boccob)
Algol, LE, God of Subjugation (Johoum)
Aurifar, LN, God of the Sun’s Heat (Pelor)
Angeth, CE, God of Atrocities (Rider of Strength)
Apkieran, CE, God of Waste (Undeath, Goblins, Death)
Baba Yaga, NE, Goddess of Curses (Hags)
Behrahl, LE, God of Sellswords, Bandits (Rider of War)
Daern, LN, Goddess of Fortifications
Daoud, NG/N God of Immediacy (Humility, Clarity)
Domrusk, CE, God of Despoiling (wasting, Rider of Destruction
Heward- NG/N, God of Musicians (Bards)
Iyachtu Xvim, LE, God of Despots, Unjust Rule (imprisoned)
Kelanen, N, God of Balance, sword Skills, Weapons
Keoghtom, NG, God of Secret Pursuits (Natural Alchemy, Extraplanar Exploration)
Kuzira, CE, Goddess of Consequence (Johoum)
Kuroth, CN, God of Treasure Hunting
Mayon Mistmoore, NE, God of Blood, Recognition (Vampires, Cruelty)
Nazarn, LN, God of Ritualistic Combat, Purity of combat
Oshuruk, CE, God of Discord
Orathel, NE, The Eater of Souls, Unnatural acts to souls (Slain)
Quaal, LG, God of Militias, Retirement (Forestry)
Marinthaxus, CN, God of The Imprisoned (escaping, The dispossessed, banishment, paranoia)
Sangindr, LE, God of Blood Sacrifices, Misguided Loyalty (Vengeance, Rider of Blood)
Shimha, LN, God of Dogmatism
Tsolorandril, LN, God of Patterns (Waves, Time)
The Peacemaker, LN (LG), God of Decorum (Sidaru, Sih Daroga)
The Scarred One, NE, God of Discretion (Nathar)
Vathris, CN (CG), God of Lost Causes (Anguish, revenge, Ingenuity)

Quasi Deity
Acavna, CN, Dead, Goddess of Waste (Moon, Battle)
Amaznen, N, Dead, God of Rotten Food (Magic)
Aolar, CE, Dead, Goddess of Overhunting (Hunt
Atarra, LG, God of Last Stands
Azhia, LG, God of the Abandoned (Slain/Captive of Baalzebul)
Crotius, NE, God of the Betrayed
Nolzur, CN (CG, N), God of Patents, secret Formulas
Krovis, CN, God of Partisans
Megwandir, NE, Goddess of Failure (Lolth)
Pak Shahara, CE, God of Disloyalty (Maqur)
The Darkling, LE, God of Harbingers
The Lord of Blades, LE (LN, N, LG), God of Warforge, Artificial Gods
Tharoth, N, God of Endings
Typhon, CE, God of Monsters
Valthonis, LG, The Wandering God, God of Mortals (Paladine)
Zol Darklock, N, God of Pretenders

Proto Deities
The Egg of Coot, LE, God of Egotism
Balim, LE, God of Filth (Baalzebul)
The Lich King, NE, Lord of the Damned (Undead, Plague, Despair, Scourge, Slain)
The Child Goddess, N, Goddess of

Fallen Gods
Izrador, NE, God of Destroying Magic (The Odrendor Orcs, Norse Pantheon )

Mulhorandi Pantheon (note, it is not divided between the Traditional gods and their new forms) here are the New
Anhur, Lesser, CG, God of Conflict, Martial Skill, Defense (thunder, Raine)
Geb, Lesser, Neutral, God of Self Control (The Earth, Mineral Resources, Barren Earth)
944)Hathor, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Motherhood, Folk , cows
Horus, Lesser, NG, God of Rebirth
Horus-RE, Greater, LG, God of Administration (Ruler ship, Sun, Kings, Vengeances, Life)
Isis, Intermediate, NG, Goddess of Marriage (Good Magic, weather, Rivers, Agriculture)
Nephthys, Intermediate, CG, Goddess of Tax-Collectors (Protection of Children, Protection of the Dead, Wealth, Trade)
Osiris, Intermediate, LG, God of the Harvest (The dead, death, Vegetation, Justice, Afterlife)
RE, Intermediate, LN, God of Ruler ship, Natural Order, Judges
Sebek, Demigod, NE, God of River hazards, wetlands, Were crocodiles, Crocodiles (Vanity)
Seth, Intermediate, LE, God of Drought, the Desert, Snakes, Jackals (Destruction, Drought, Night, Rot, Snakes, Hate, Betryal, Ambition, Poison, Evil Magic, Murder, Evil)
Thoth, Intermediate, N, God of Scribes (Natural Magic, Knowledge, inventions, Judgment)
Seth, Minor, LN, God of The Desert (Set)
Traditional Pantheon (IE, the actual Egyptian Pantheon)

Birthright Gods
Old (all dead)
Andiuras, Intermediate, LN (LE,LG), God of Arbitrators, the Andu (Justice, ruler ship war,)
Azari, Greater, CE (NE), God of Doom, Beastmen (Hybrids, perversions, darkness, magic, ruin)
Basaia, Intermediate, LG, Goddess of Family Bonds, Bringing Light the basarji (The sun)
Brenna, Intermediate, CN, Goddess of the Brecht, Self Interest (Commerce, wealth, trade)
Masela, Lesser, NG, Goddess of the the Masetian, Mariners, Nautical Travel The Sea)
Reynir, Minor, CG, God of the Rjuven, Encouragement (Exploration)
Vorynn, Minor, LG, God of Awareness (The Moon)

New Gods
Avani, Intermediate, LN, Goddess of Reason (magic, Knowledge, The Sun, Enlightenment)
Belinik, Intermediate, NE, God of Anger, dissention, Terror, Barbarism (Strife, War, Bitterness)
Cuiraecen, Lesser, CG, God of Recklessness, Barbarians, Fearlessness, Bold, (Glory, storms)
Haelyn, Greater, LG, God of Principles, Anuirean (Courage, Justice, Chivalry, law, Paladins)
Eloele, Minor, CN, Goddess of Independence (Thieves, Darkness, Night, deception, Spies)
Erik, Greater, N, God of Druids (nature, Forests, Hunting, Wilderness, Animals, Plants, Earth)
Kriesha, Lesser, LE, Goddess of Hardship (Winter, Beasts, Cold, Suffering, Cold Monsters)
Laerme, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Enlivenment, artisans, creating Art (Art, passion, Fire, Love)
Nesirie, Intermediate, NG, Goddess of Mourning ( Oceans, remembering the dead, diplomacy)
Sera, Intermediate, CN, Goddess of Profit (Wealth, Luck, Commerce, bargains, barter )
986) Ruornil, Minor, N (NG), God of Ingenuity (The Moon, Magic, Night, Mystery, Darkness, Sleep)

Dwarven Deities
Abbathor, NE, Intermediate, God of Avarice , Dwarven Love of Gold
Angradd, Lesser, LG, God of Death Seekers (Fire, War, Bravery, Death)
Berronar Truesilver, intermediate, LG, Goddess of Safety (Dwarf Families)
Bolka, Intermediate, NG, Goddess of Marriage (Love, Beauty)
Burok, minor LG (LN), God of Tenacity (Protection, Compassion, Forge, Genocide)
Brycwycan, LN, God of Dynasties
Clanggedin Silverbeard, intermediate, LG, God of Love of Battle (Dwarven Warriors, Battle, Courage, Shield Dwarves)
Chennet, Minor, NG, God of Manufacturing (Craftsmen, Armor, Weapons, Forge, Smiths)
Deep Duerra, Demigoddess, LE, Goddess of Psionics/GreyDwarves/Psionic Warriors
Dhumnon, Intermidate LG, God of Arrangements, Deals (Contracts, merchants, commerce)
Dhurli Ironbeard, Demigod, LG, God of Recreation
Dranngvit, Minor, LN (LE), Goddess of Paying Debts, Personal slights, Wrongs (Evengence)
Droskar, Minor, NE, God of Cheating, Dark Dwarves (Duergar, Toil)
Dugmaren Brightmantle, Lesser, CG, god of discovery
Dumathoin, Greater, LN/N, God of Underground Realms/Mining (Natural Beauty of the underground, Underground secrets, the Dwarven Dead, high Dwarves, underground exploration)
Ekliazeh, Minor, LN (LE, LG), God of Forge Dwarves, ordeals (Traditionalism, xenophobia)
Era, Intermediate, NG (N), Goddess of Natural Resources (Habitats, anvils, elements)
Erred, Minor, LG, God of Stewardship, Stonehearth (Honor, Valor, Glory, war)
Frega, Minor, Goddess of the Stonelost, Races, Animal Husbandry
Folgrit, Intermediate, LG, Goddess of Wives (Mothers, Children, Hearth)
Gorm Gulthyn, Lesser, LG, God of Defense of home/Watchfulness
Gendwar Argrim- Demigod, N (NE, NG) Vendettas,, war against Goblinoids (War)
Grundinnar, Lesser, LG, God of Friendship (Diplomacy, Loyalty)
Haela Brightaxe, Demigod, CG, Goddess of Joy in Battle/luck in battle
Hanseath, Minor, CN, God of Carousing (Parties, Feasts, Brewers, Beer, Beards, Crusades)
Hemgrid, Intermediate N (LN), God of Underground Realms, Tunneling, Digging (Fighters)
Herkan, CG, Minor, Goddess of Stones, Ore
Khuldul Rockcarver, Minor, LG, God of Enjoying Work
Kols, Demigod, LN, God of Family Duty
Koorzun, CG, Lesser God of magic items, (Runes, Magic, Magic Items, Protection,)
Gorrim, Greater, NE, (Imprisoned) God of Temptation (Destruction, earth, Wealth, ruin)
Granok, Greater, LN (LG), God of Cooperation
Laduguer, intermediate, LE, God of Toil, Magic Weapons, Duergar (Craft)
Magrim, Lesser, LN, God of Repose( Death, The underworld)
Moradin, Super God of Dwarves, Generally awesome
Mocharum, Greater, LG (LN), God of Willpower, Isolation
Morachon, Intermediate, LN, God of the forge, siege Weapons (Creation, fire, War)
The Iron God, Lesser, LN, God of Iron (No Shit), Grailwarden Dwarves, Precious Metals
The Maker, Major, LG (LN), God of Making, Shaping, Genesis, (Mortals, Creation)
(Andraste, Intermediate Sub God, goddess of Prophets, The Maker’s human Servant)
Muamman Duathal, Minor, CG, God of Expatriates)
Marthammor Duin, Lesser, NG, Explorers (these two are fierce rivals)
1028) Mya, Greater, LN, Goddess of the Clan/Family Wisdom
1029) Orbane, Intermediate, LN (LE), God of the Power Hungrey, Mercenaries (Greed, weapons, battle Prowess, ambition)
1030) Pathmeer, Lesser, LN, God of Spies (Secrets, Knowledge) The Reason why the God of Spies is a dwarf is because that is the last thing people would expect
1031) Rectarren, Lesser, LN, God of Compensation , Reckoning (Law, Order, Industry, retribution)
1032) Roknar, Minor, LE, God of Gaining wealth/Endless Greed, Temptation (Intrigue)
1033) Sharindlar, Intermediate, CG, Goddes of Courtship/Formal Love
1034)Shau, Greater, LN, Goddess of Honesty (Family, Protection, Strength, War, Family)
1035) Sulterio, Minor, LE, God of Brooding (Darkness, Mininig Poisons, Technology, Dark Dwarves)
1036) Thard Harr, Lesser, CG, God of Wild Dwarves/Group Survival
1037) Tharmekhul, Demigod, N, God of harnessing fire, Furnaces
1038)Thautum, Lesser, N, God of Earth’s Secrets
1039) Thak the Hammer, Minor, LG, God of Kingship
Torag (See Above)
1040)Trudd, Intermediate, NG, God of Loyalty
1041) Unnom, Demigod, N, God of Caves
1042) Valla, Lesser, LG, Goddess of Ardor, Zest (Justice, Purity, Righteousness, Honor, Purity)
1043) Valkauna, intermediate, LN, Goddess of Oaths/Runes
1044) Vergadain, Lesser, N/CN, God of Discovering of Wealth, Entrepreneurs (trickery, cleverness)
1045) Vorax, Lesser, LG, God of Preparation (battle, valor, Bravery, Vigilance, Belligerence, Honesty)
1046) Yurabbos, Demigod, LN, Goddess of Unswerving Devotion (Oaths, Loyalty, Duty, Runes, Law)
Alternate Dwarves (Spirits), the Triumvirate
1047) The Miner, Intermediate, LN< God of Mining/The Underlands
1048) The Smith, Intermediate, LN, God of Smithy
1049) The Hidden Mother, Intermediate, LN, Goddess of Traditions

The Great Fathers, Lesser, LG, Lords of Crafting (each is individually a Demigod)
Dhurg, LN (LG), Lord of Weaponcraft
Dohl, N (LG), Lord of Maintenance (Mines)
Dovur, CN, Lord of Siege Weaponry, advanced warfare
Ghrd, LN, Lord of Great wealth, Patronage, Funding
Godor, LG, Lord of Oration (Law)
Hrord, LG, Lord of repairs
Jhord, NG, Lord of Obtaining Secrets
Lodhul, CG, Lord of Feasting (Virility)
Odom, LG, Lord of Magical Construction
Orm, NG, Lords of Stonemasons
Sigmur, NG, Lords of Records
Udo, CG, Lord of Defensive Buildings, Castles, Keeps, Fortifications
Uldar, LG, Lord of Armormaking

Elven Gods (Gits….)
1050)Aeridin, Lesser, NG, god of Well Being (Health, Dawn, Vitality, youth, sun, Moon, caring)
1051) Alobal Lorfiril, Demigod, CG, God of Mirth
1052) Aerdrie Faenya, Lesser, CG/CN, Goddess of Fertilizing Rain/Nice weather/Avians/Avariel(winged elves)
1053) Aeros, Intermeidate, N, God of Wind (Air, Sky)
1054) Angharradh, Intermidate/Minor (weird combo god), CG/CN/NG Goddess of Unity
1055) Araleth Letheranil, Demigod, CG, God of initiative
1056) Alathrien Druanna, Demigod, NG, Gemetric Magic
1057) Araleth, Minor, CG, Goddess of Starlight (Twilight, Light, Elf Elves)
1058) Darahl FireCloak, Demigod, NG, God of Renewal/Reinvention (previous god of reforestation)
1059) Krith Sotheril, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Divination
1060) Celestan, NG, God of Legacy, Spring (Moonlight, the moon)
Corellon Larethian-Elf Boss
1061) Deep Sashelas, Intermediate, CG, God of Aquatic Elves/Underwater Societies
1062) Dealth, Intermidate, CN (NE), Goddess of Secrets, Hubris (tricks, Misfortune)
1063) Elebrin Liothiel, Lesser, CG, God of Gardens
E’li, Lesser, LG, God of Ethics (Paladine)
1064) Elikarashae, Demigod, CG, God of Transcendence (Warriors, miltia)
Enoran, Demigod, N (LN), Lord of Aging, The effects of Age, Ending (Death, travel)
Erevan Ilesere, Lesser, CN, God of Spontaneous…ness?
Faunus, Greater, CN, God of The Circle of Life, Natural Order between Plants and Animals
Fenmarel Mestarine, Lesser, CN/CG, God of Wild Elves/Feral Elves/Scapegoats
Ferros, Intermidate, N, God of Craftsmen, Metalworking (Smithy)
1070) Findeladlara, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Architecture (Art, Twilight, Tradition)
1071) Fiurmarra, Intermediate, CN, Natural Fire, Wildfires, Creation and Destruction (Magic)
1072) Gadhlyn, Hero Deity, CG/CN, god of outlaws
1072) Hanali Celanil, Intermediate, NG, Goddess of Romantic Love/Female Clichés
1073)Hydros, Intermediate, N, God of Freshwater (Water, Storms, Healing)
1074) Jandaveos, Minor, CG, God of Newfound Hope, Rebuilding
1075) Ketephys, Demigod, CG, God of Running, Speed (The Hunt, The Moon, Forestry)
1076)Kithairien, minor, CN, God of Hunting Prowess, Quickness of wit, Running (Wild elves)
1077) Khalreshaar, Demigod, CG, Goddess of Half Elves, Rejects
1078) Kirith, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Enchantments (Enhancements, Diviners)
1079) Labelas Enoreth, Greater, LG/CG/LN, God of Longevity
1080)Queen Maeve, Lesser, CE (CN), Goddess of amorality, awe(Dreams, chaos, faeries, moon)
1081) Mariko, Quasi Deity, CG, Goddess of Appeals (Mercy, Redemption, Prisoners, Love, Children)
1082) Melira Taralen, Minor, CG, Goddes of Songwriting, Song Magic (bards)
1083) Myliesha, Minor, CG, Goddess of the Displaced (Wind)
1084) Mythrien, Demigod, CG, God of Seals, Mythals
1085) Nalthalos, NE, God of Golems, Sullenness (Scarred Lands Dark Elves)
1086) Naralis Analor, Minor, NG, God of Easing Pain, Recovery (Death God, Healing)
1087) Ordana, Greater, NG, Goddess of Scholars (Knowledge, Magic, Wisdom, Cumasti)
1088) Phoeboul, Minor, CN, God of Slumber, Inspirational Dreams, Interpreting dreams, (Dreams)
1089)Prielghari, Intermediate, God of the 6 Elements (Fire, Metal, water, Wind, Earth, and Wood)
1090) Relkath of the Infinite Branches, Archfey, CN (CG), God of Treant, Forestry (Unpredictability)
1091) Rellavar Danuvien, Minor, NG, God of Ice Elves/Peaks/Mountain Life/Trappers, Ice magic, Cold Dwelling Fey, Arctic Animals
1092) Riliifane rallathil, Intermediate, CG, God of Wood Elves /Living in Harmony with nature/Really fucking annoying to spell elf names that nobody likes but feel obligated to make,
1093) Vonakydnra
1094) Saurula Iliene, Minor, CG/CN, Goddes of Nixies (mental note, add to fey group)
1095) Sehanine Moonbow, Greater, CG, Goddess of Mysticism (Journies, transcendence, alteration
1096) Seren, LG, The Cal Goddess (Nature, Life)
1097) Shevarash, Minor, CN/CE/CG, God of Vendettas/Loss/Killing Drow (Crusades, genocide)
1098) Shindaleria, Lesser, NG, goddess of Sea life, Coral Reefs, Underwater Plants (Sea Elves)
1099)Solaan, Lesser, CG, God of Sky Elves, Performers, Day (Travelers, Sky, Summer, Sun, Weather)
1100) Solonor Thelandira, Lesser, CG/CN, God of Archery/wilderness survival (Hunting)
1101)Sylvian, Lesser, N (CN), God of Wild Places, Lumberjacks, Woodcrafters, Woodsmen
1102) Syrianna, Terunnantee, Lesser, N, Goddess of Magical Combat, Duskblades, Bladesingers, Eldritch Knights, Warmages, Hexblades, Templar, intelligent weapons (Females, Evocation)
1103) Tal-Allustiel, Minor, NG, God of Awe (Art, beauty, Elhil)
1104) Trishina, Lesser, LG, Goddess of Play (wife of Deep Sashelas)
1105) Tethrin, Minor, CG, God of Formal Challenges, Contests, Bladesingers, duskblades (Duels)
1106) That Which Abides, Demigod, LG, Lord of Lore Magic (Slain,
1107) Terra, Intermediate, LN, Goddess of Magistrates (Law , Earth, Justice, Judges, Mountains)
1108) Tarsellis Meunniduin, Lesser, CN, Snow, Mountain Peaks (Snow Elves, Ee’aar)
1109) Vandria Gilmadrith, Intermediate, LN, Goddess of hard Decisions/War(Guardianship, grief, war)
1110) Ye’Cind, Demigod, CG, God of Song Magic
1112) Yuelral, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Druidic Magic, Jewelers (Crystals, Magic, Half Elves)
1113) Zandilar the Dancer, Demigod, CG, Intense Passion, Entropy, sensualists
1114) Khalreshaar, Lesser, CG/CN/NG, God of half Elves
The Elven Mysteries
1115) The Allfather, Greater Deity, CG/LG, God of Elven Kind/Customs
1116) Lord of the Deep, Intermediate, CG/CN, Secrets of the Ocean
1117) Lady of Wind, Intermediate, CG/CN, Goddess of Wind Movement
1118) Lord of Mysteries, Lesser, NG, God of things without answer/Ascended elfs
Lady of Love, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Non Romantic Love
Keeper of Time, Greater, LN, God of Foresight/Changing of Seasons
The Trickster, Intermediate, CN, God of Trickery
The Wyld Hunter, Lesser, N, God of Survivalists, Vagabonds
The Spider Queen (See drow)
The Lore master, Lesser, CG/LN, God of Research
Fae/Elf Gods (All but two are slain)
Lacyr, Intermediate, LG, Goddess of Ages (Ruler ship, Lordship, Heaven)
Ossyris, Lesser, CG, God of The Passage of Time (War, Conflict, Righteousness)
Ayisla, Lesser, CG, God of Night Time, Gatekeepers, Purification (Midnight, Prophecy
Nyrro, Lesser, NG, God of Daylight, Noon, Books, Libraries, Language (Lore)
Scyrah, Intermediate, CG, Goddess of Desperation, Nostalgia (Spring, blessing, Love)
Lurynsar, Lesser, CG, God of Guerrilla tactic, Environmental Warfare, Terrain (Summer, War)
Lyliss, N, Goddess of Fabrication (assassins, poison, Autumn, Spies)
Nyssor, Lesser, LN, God of Ice, Construction (Winter, Isolation, Crafting) Dormant

Shared Human/Elven Gods
Arosi, Lesser, CN, Goddess of Rapture (Intoxication, Drink, Hedonism)
Brith, Major, LN (LG), God of Authority, Mandate of Heaven (Rulership, Law, Good, Day)
Jubb, Demigod, CE, Battle Madness, Insanity
Kyros, Lesser, LN, God of exactitude (Law, Reason, Truth)
Lumiya, Greater, NG, Goddess of the Tides, Taoism, Trance (Night, Animals)
Melmoth, Intermediate, CG, God of Solitude (Wandering, Magic, Bards, Songs, Hermits)
Nuith, Primordial, N, Lord of the Stary Heavens
Valkazz, Intermediate, NG (N), God of Feminism, Women Warriors, Independent Women
Vendyss, Minor, NG, Goddess of Heat

Duaral Gods

She, Intermediate, NE, Goddess of entrapment.
Arkady, Demigod, LE, Goddess of secret police and discovering secrets (spies, darkness, torture)

Gnome Gods (freaks)
Baervan Wildwander, Lesser, NG, God of Wanderlust/Forest Gnomes
Barlifandorf, NG, Goddess of Seeking (illusions)
1136) Baravar Cloakshadow, Lesser, NG, God of Magical Deception, Cons (Illusions, Pranks)
1137) Beryl, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Deep Gnomes, Safety (Stealth, deception, gemsmithing, gems)
1138) Callarduran Smoothands, Intermediate, N (NG), God of Elementalism, Svirfneblins, Steam Gnomes, Morlocks, (Mines, mining, Stone, The underearth)
1139)Charis, Greater LG, God of Commoners, The untarnished nature (nature, the underworld, Earth, Unity)
1140) Flandal SteelSkin, Intermediate, NG, God of Fitness (mining, metal working, smithing)
1141) Gaerdal Iron Hand, Lesser, LG/LN, God of Martial Defense, Training (Defense, Administrators, Sterness, Combat, Vigilence)
Garl Glittergold, Czar of the Gnomes (Cemcutting, humor, Jewelry making, wit, jokes)
1142) Gelf Darkhearth, Intermediate, CN, God of Entropy
1143) Goran, Lesser, NG, God of Questioning the Impossible
1144) Kela, Intermediate, NG, Goddess of Trade Routes (Crafts, Smiting, Explorers)
1145) The Devourer (the Glutton), Lesser, CE, God of Disaster
1146) Mieroc, Minor, LG, God of engineering, Thinker Gnomes (Crafts, Machines, War, Smithing)
1147) Naturan, Lesser, N, Goddess of Nutrition
1148) Nebelun, Lesser, CG, Coincidences, Artifice, Tinker Gnomes (invention)
1149) Nivi Rhombodazzle, Intermediate, N, Goddess of Risks, Pessimistic, deep gnome(Stealth, Gems)
1150) Ollom, Minor, CN, God of Brewing, relaxation through drinking , drinking songs
1151)Rill Cleverthrush, Lesser, LN, God of Originality
1152) Roykyn, Hero God, CE, Goddess of Cruel Pranks, insensitive
1153) Segojan Earthcaller, Intermediate, NG, God of Burrowing/Deep Gnomes, Appraisal (The dead)
1154) Shadon, Lesser, CN, God of Humiliation (illusion, Humor, Trickery, Pranks, Amusement)
1155) Sheyanna Flaxenstrand, Intermediate, CG, Gemcutting/Passion
1156) Scitayr, LN, God of Tragedy (Death, Magic, dreams, fate, invention, knowledge, prophecy, rest)
1157) Urdlen, Lesser, CE, The God of Carnage, Lawn Gnomes, Spriggans, (Bloodlust, Greed, Hatred)
The Gnome Watchers
1158) The Protector, Greater, NG, God of Humor (he is falstaff)
1159) The Stoneworker, Intermediate, God of hard Work, Architecture (Seriousness)
1160) The Woodrunner, Minor, NG, Goddess of Keen senses,, running, Forest Gnomes, gentleness
The Smith, Intermediate, LN, God of Artisans
Progress, Lesser, CN, God of Work, Progress, Workaholics (Invention, engineers, explorers)
Howler, Intermediate, CG, God of Energy, Raucousness, Zest, enjoyment (Fertility, Youth)
The Blackness, Lesser, CE, God of Selfishness (Despair, Negativity, Hubris, loss)

Halfling Deities
1165) Avandra, Intermediate, CG, Goddess of Optimism (Freedom, Luck, Travel)
1166) Arvoreen, Intermediate, LG, God of Militia/Unexpected Warriors, Common folk (Paladins)
1167) Brandobaris, Lesser, N, goddess of ignominy (adventuring, stealth, thieves, secrets)
1168) Branderback, Lesser, CE, God of Avidity (Self interest, greed, stealth, thieves, night)
1169) Bucca Tunnelly, Demigod, NG, God of Harmless Tricks
1170) Bunga Proudfoot, Minor, CG, God of Meals
1171) Charmalanine, Hero Deity, N, Goddess of Keen Senses/Narrow Escapes (luck) Chaldira Zuzaristan, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Pranks (battle, bravery, luck, Mischeif)
Cyrrollalee, Intermediate, LG, Goddess of Trust
1174) Korven, Lesser, LG, God of Security, Protecting families, Last second defense
1175) Fortuna, Intermediate, CN, Goddess of Chance (Fashion, Change, lust, prostitution, passion)
1176) Sheela Peryroyl, Intermediate, N/NG, Goddess of Abundance (Prosperity)
1177) Thamir, Minor, CE, God of Opportunity, Opportunism (Thieves, Greed)
1178) Tilla, Lesser, CG, Goddess of the Docrae, Parody (Freedom, Redemption, Humor)
Urogalan, Demigod, N/LN, God of respect for the dead (Earth, Death, Genealogies)
Yondalla, Big Boss
Dallah Thaun, Intermediate, CN, Goddess of Manipulation
Halori, NG, Demigod, Goddess of Obsession, Offensive War
Jarvor, CG, Hero Deity, God of Personal War, Single Combat
Uncle Spider, Quasi Deity, CG, God of the Carefree

Grandmother, Greater, LG, Goddess of Family roles
Maia, Intermediate, NG, Bounty of the Land, Food
Ghem, Lesser, NG, God of Good Natured Laziness (the forge)
Amar, Lesser, CG, God of Family Honor/Fighting for the Family
Amali, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Encouragement
Shem, Minor, CN, God of Black Sheeps (Exiles)
The Road, intermediate, CN/N, God of the Road

Dragon Deities
1191) Asgorath, Greater, N (All) , God of Balance, Colors (Dragons)
1192) Aasterinian, demigoddess, CN, Goddess of Banter(learning, invention, pleasure, free thinkers)
Apsu, Lesser, LG, God of Peace, Renewal (Glory, Leadership, Good Dragons)
Astilabor, Minor, CN, God of Acquisition, Seekers of Wealth
1195) Bahamut, Intermediate, LG, God of Good Dragons, Metallic Dragons
1196) Chamber, Demigod, NE (any), God of Obscuration (Fire, Secrets, Invention)
1197) Chronespis, Lesser, N, God of Prophecy
1198) Dahak, Minor, CE, God of Ruin (Evil Dragons, Destruction)
1199) Father Claw, Minor, CE, God of Floods, Reptiles, waste (Destruction, Renewal)
1200) Faluzure, Minor, NE, God of Exhaustion,/Energy Draining/Undead Dragons
1201) Garyx, Minor, CE, God of Destruction/Renewal
Hlal, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Storytelling
Kalzareinad, Demigod, NE, God of Apathy (Dragon Magic, Dark Secrets, Kinda dead)
1205) Kereska Wonderbringer, Minor, NG, Goddess of Spontaneity, Magic Creativity (Dragon Magic)
1206) IO, Greater, God of Dragons, Impartiality
1207) Insellageth, NG (N), Greater God of Mysticism, Mystic Power, Natural Magic (Knowledge, Magic, Faith)
1208) Lendys, Lesser, LN, God of Retribution, Arbiters, Protecting the interest of balance
1209) Lord Toruk, Proto Deity, CE, Lord of Thrallsdom
1210) Ni-Gorth, NG, Hero Deity, God of Ideas
1211) Null, Lesser, LN/LE (LG), God of Fatalism (Death, Fate, Judgment, Lost Souls)
1212) Pyrtechon, Minor, CE, god of Arrogance(Destruction, ruin, ravages, Chaos, ruin)
1213) Rofirein, Lesser, LN, God of Public Service (Guidance, Law, order, Protection, honesty)
1214) Sardior, Intermediate, N, God of Gem Dragons/neutral Dragons (Psionics, Secrets)
1215) Tamara, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Benevolence (Life, Light, Mercy)
1216) Task, ,Lesser CE, God of Hoards, Avarice, Wealth (Selfishness, Greed)
Tiamat, Intermediate, CE, Goddess of Evil Dragons, Choromatic Dragons
1217) Tchazzar, Quasi Diety, CE, God of Nationalism
1218) Tsartha, Intermediate, N (LN, NG), Goddess of Family Bonds (Healing, Peace, Love, Mothers)
1219( Xymor, Demigod Minor, LG, God of Philosophy (Bahamut)
1220) Veeshan, Intermediate NE, Goddess of the Sky, Wyverns, Wurms, Wyrms, Drakes.
1221) Viccan, Intermediate, N, God of Wildspace (Pacts, runes, spelljammers, hexblades)
1222) Zellorans, N, God of Half Dragons, Anarchs, Incarnates (adventures)
1223) Zorquan, Demigod, LN, God of Status, Ideals Dragonkind, Role Models (Pride, power, ideals)
1224) Dvernin Gods (I still don’t know what a Dvernin is)
Hagalvethr, Intermeidate LG, God of Dvernin, Hard work (Honor, commitment, might, virtue, perseverance, mining, forging, storms, autumn)
Bjardvif, Lesser, CG, Goddess of Parenting (Pregnancy, birth, mothers, poetry, love, spring)
Sjor, Minor, CN, God of Martial Process (Oaths, vows, battle, the sea, war, bravery, honor)
Isvel, Minor, LN, Goddess of shelter (Ice, snow, tradition, rituals, runes, winter, , insight, permafrost, tundra, good luck, loneliness, guidance
Kvelja, Demigod, LE, God of Banishment, Those cast from grace (heat, Drought, deserts)
Torsottr, Demigod, NE, Goddess of the Tundra, Peril (Envy, misery, envy,Limalia)
Flar, Hero Deity, CE, god of falsehood, treason, double dealing, dishonesty, (Maqur)
Dautha, Demigod, LG, God of Calm (Death, Peace, Cold, Peace, Sidaru)
Yuma, Demigod, CN, God of Eulogy (Harshness, cold, Wind, Death, Funeral, Burial)
Harkunna, Hero Deity, God of Clear Skies, Inner Calm (Calm, Waharim)
Jormungandr, Demigod, LN (LE), Goddess of interference, arbitration, interposition

Goblin Gods

Bandos, Minor, CE, God of the Twelve tribes, Jorges, Ourges, Mogres, Brutes, Degenerates

1238) Bargrivyek, Lesser, LE, God of Co-Operation (As in unification, taking other people’s land)
1239) Karaash, Minor, LE,God of Raids
1240) Kartothok, Greater, LE, God of Sacrifice (Destruction, Evil, Goblins, blood)
1241) Khurgorbaeyag, Lesser, LE, Territory, Moral (oppression, conquest)
1242) Hadregash, Hero Deity, God of Barghast, Fey Goblins, Supremacy
1243) Maglubiyet, Greater, NE, God of Goblins
1244) Meriadar, Intermidate, LN, God of Arts and Crafts/Mongrel Folk (Meditation, Patience)
1245) Skean, Minor, NE, God of Dishonor (Monotheistic)
Stalker, Demigod, NE, Cold Hatred/Stalkers/Night horrors/End of all life (Malar?)
Kazikazi, Minor, CE, God of Tunnels, Berserkers, Low Goblins, Tunnel Goblins, Mine Goblins
Kikanuti, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Bhukas, Desert Goblins/Desert Life, Clay
Nomog-Geaya, Lesser, LE, God of Hobgoblins/Authority
Shural-Kazi, Intermediate, LN, God of Efficiency , High Goblins, Empires (Law, Conquest)
Shural, LN, Minor God of Rationalism, Mountain Goblins (Efficiency, architecture, Reason)
The Iron One, Demigod LN (LE), God of Overseers (Maglubiyet)
Venkelovore, Hero Deity, NE, Goddess of Graves (torture, Famine, Obesity, Fey Goblins)
Win’Jassa, Minor, LN (LE), Goddess of Seers (Witches, Sacrifice, Magic, Fortune Tellers)
Zarongel, Hero deity, God of Mounted Combat, Dog Killing (Fire, Fey Goblins)
1256) Zogmugot, Hero Deity, God of Flotsam (Scavenging, Drowning, Fey Goblins)

Bugbear Deities, In service to the Goblins
Barziluth, Demigod, NE, God of Superstitious (magic, Shamans, Spirits)
Grankhul, Minor, CE, god of surprise attacks
Graehkar, Hero Deity, CE, God of Tribute
Hruggek, Lesser, CE, God of Bugbears/Violence, Bullies
Skiggaret, Demigod, CE, God of Intimidation

Orc Deities
Alodai, Intermediate, CE, God of Self Hatred ( Orcs, Pain, Suffering, Torture, Destruction, rage)
Bahgtru, intermediate, CE, God of Blind Stupidity, raw strength
Beogh, Minor, NE, God of Hill Orcs, God of Contention (Struggle, Bloodshed, carnage, war)
Gallakh, Demigod, CE, God of Bloodlust, (Stalker)
Grand, Lesser, CE, God of Belligerance (Crafting, Mining, Smiting, vengeance, materialism)
Grumish,CE, Major, CEO of Orcs
Ilneval, Intermediate, LE, God seizing lands, hoards, territorialism (War, discipline)
Herne, Hero Deity, NE, God of Hunting for survival, Frenzy (Malar)
Kharkus, Demon Lord, CE, Lord of Dishonesty
Khasrach, lesser CE (CN, CG), Goddess of Primal Passions, Debased (Protection, Love, cylces)
Luthic, lesser, NE, Goddess of Submissive/oppressed women, servitude, orc women (Witches)
Shargaas, Intermediate, NE, God of Concealment(darkness)
Torazan, Demigod, LE, God of Orogs, Oreges, Eugenics
Xarakh Nam, minor, NE, God of Nepotism, Imperialism (Ambition, magic, tyranny, psionics)
Vel, Demigod, CG, God of Encouragement (Good Orcs, Slain)
Yurtrus, lesser, NE/LE, God of Festering (disease, infection)

The Pathfinder Orc Gods (The Great Warband)
These gods are very similar to the Orc gods, but are in fact different. Again a result of different worship.
He-who-watches, Greater God, NE, God of Wrath (Pathfinder Orcs, War, savages, brutality, cruelty, sexism, barbarians, mercenaries, looting, pillaging, rape)
The Great Mother, Intermediate, NE, Goddess of Patriarchy (Infanticide, submission, magic, plagues, abuse)
Grandfather White Hands, Intermediate, CE, God of Abusive Parents (Magic, war, plague, rot, burial, death, oppression)
Iron Fist, Lesser, LE, god of Command (War, punishment, order, strategy, planning)
Mule, Demigod, NE, God of Half-Orcs, Half-Breeds, Children of Rape (Rape, outcasts)
Nightlord, Lesser, NE, God of Cheating (poison, subterfuge, dishonor, dishonesty)
The Pale Lady, Lesser, CE, Goddess of Blackmail (Infection, curses, disease, magic)
The Warchief, Lesser, CE, God of Frustration (Rage, War, Brutality, savages, stupidity)
The All-Eater, Hero Deity, God of Mold (Slim, age, oozes, darkness, rot)
Black Jack, Hero Deity, LE, Goddess of Nurturing (Naga, protection, survival)
Gwullgi, Hero Deity, CE, God of Distraction (Bloodshed, Slaadi, torture, war, chaos)
Imdugud, Hero Deity, NE, God of Shipwrecks (Drowning, magic, Kraken)
Seven Hunt Seven, Hero Deity, LE, God of the Slave Trade (law, Myrmarch, slavery)
Shedim, Hero Deity, CE, God of the Killing of Prisoners (Cannibalism, Murder)

The Deep Embrace Orcish Pantheon

Torglarok The Heart of Fire, Lesser Deity, CN, God of bad Tempers 9volcanos, rage, metal, stone, war, rage)
Arakan the Darktongue, Intermediate, NE, God of Ethnical Decay (temptation, darkness, secrets, Trickery)
Gymblor the Underlord, Greater God, CE, god of Ferocity (War, Orcs, Rage)
Iraznog the Root, Intermediate Deity, TN, God of Roots (Darkness, Underground, Half-Orcs)
Helmang the Dread Sun King, Lesser, LE, GOd of Pettiness (Sun,Temperance, discipline, Day)
Skith the Harlot, Minor Deity, CE, Goddess of Consorts
Kuldrov the Slave, Lesser Deity, LN, God of Weaklings (Stars, slaves, darkness, sycophants)

Kobold Gods

Dakarnok, Demigod, CE, God of Banditry, Kobold Warriors (Raiding, Offense, Pillage)
Kurtulmak, Greater, LE, God of Kolbold
Kuraulyek, Demigod, NE , God of Urds, Hiding (Concealment, Fear, Cowards, Air)
Gaknulak, Demigod, LE, God of Traps (Defense, Stealth, Theives, Trickery, Protection)
Naksulimar, Hero Deity, NE, God of Surrendering (magic, negotiations)
Ruthnokh, Quasi Deity, CE, God of Infanticide

Giant Gods
Annam, Major, President of the Giants
Aegirran, Minor, NG, God of Dream Voyages, Personal visions (Dreams, Sailing, Storm Giants, Voyages, Love)
Arno and Julian, Demigod, CE, God of Giants, Indecision (ettins)
Bergelimir, Hero-Deity, CG, God of Elders (Family, genealogy, Storm Giants)
Diancastra, Demigod, CG,Goddess of Half of Impudence, Half Giants, smaller giants (fertility)
Dunmore, Demigod, N, God of Wood Giants, Hermits
Grolantor, CE, Intermediate, Ettins, Mountain Giants, Crudeness
Degradation/Rednecks/Trailer Trash/Bad teeth/offensive southern stereotypes (Incest)
Fandaaara, Intermediate N, Goddess of Birth (Death, Earth, Knowledge, community)
Grannoch, Minor, LN, Goddess of Elemental Balance ( Ice, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Storms, Titans)
Grjotgard, CE, Minor, God of Temper
Haggakal, Demigod, CE, God of Fallen Orges, Incest (Orges, Inbreeding)
Hiatea, Greater, N/NG, Goddess of Forest Giants, Courage, Feminists, Upbringing
Iallanis, Lesser, NG, Goddess of Zeal, Cloud Giant, Wood Giant, Voadkyn (Love)
Jammudaru, Demigod, NE, God of Horror (Nightmares)
Karonotor, Lesser, NE, God of Defomity, Fomorian, Verbeeg, Hunched Giants, Broken Giants
Memnor, Intermediate, NE, God of Self Composer, Conceit, Smugness (domination, Mental Progress), Ice Giants, Mist Giants, Peak Giants, Other ones I don’t remember
Minderhal, Lesser, LE (LN), God of Common People, the Enslaved (Creation, Justice, Freedom)
Othea, Lesser, N, Goddess of Giant kin, Goddess of Giantkin, Firblogs, Mother of Giants, affairs
Skode, Demigod, CG, Goddess of Trophies (Hunting, Storm Giants, Hunting Evil, Diurnal Beasts)
Skoraeus Stone Bones, Lesser,N, God of Stone Giants, Recluse
Stronmaus, Greater, NG, God of the Sky/Rain, Storm Giants (joy, sunlight)
Shax, Lesser, CE, Goddes of Sea Giants, goddess of Cruel Gossip
Surtr, intermediate, LE, God of Fire Giants, Cleansing, “Racial Purity”
Thremyr, Minor, CE, God of Salt, Ice trolls, snow fey, Ice Giants, (Ice, Tribute, Frost Giants)
Thrym, Intermediate, CE/NE/LE, God of Frost Giants, Insensitivity
Ulutiu, Demigod, LN God of Glaciers, Polar Environments, Arctic Dwellers (Giants, Cold)
Urazra, Minor, CE, God of Brutality (War, Strength, Stone Giants)
Zogmugot, MinorLE (LN), God of Efficiency (Firegiants, War, conquest, Slavery)
Vaprak, Lesser, CE, God of Ogres, Trolls, Cannibalism. Has three sons, Anori, Hakuni, Muaj

Anasials, Minor, CE, Goddess of Drow on the Surface, Sleeper Agents, Scouts
1324) AZ’atta, Lesser, Goddess of Penitence (Love, Redemption, idealism, forgiveness, mercy)
1325) Baraeon Ca’duz, Lesser, NE, God of Antipathy (Males, Cruelty, Darkness, hatred revenge)
Lolth, Mayor of the Drow gods

Eilistraee, Minor, NG, Goddess of Moonlight, Renegades, Dance (Swords, hunting, surface)

Ergosal, Demigod, NE, God of Rumor, (assassins, Deception, Illusions)
Forbeo, Lesser, N (NE), God of Burial (Law, Funerals, Fatalism, Fate, Death)
1330) J’imasro, Demigod, LE, God of Scorpions, Ebberon Drow, Unknown (Vulkoor)
1331) Keptolo, Demigod, NE, God of Flattery (Drugs, Rumor, Opportunism)
1332) Kiaransalee, Demigod, CE, Goddess of Goddess of Vengeance, Massacres, Undead , Insanity
1333) Ghaunaduar, Lesser, CE, God of oozes, roper (jellies, rebels, outcasts, drow)
1334) Gorgoth-Lol, Minor, NE, Goddess of Malign Knowledge, Lost Elves, (Guile, Opportunism)
1335) Lothlonglathe’, Hero Deity, LG (LN), God of Personal Codes, Personal Caliber (Truth, Justice)
1336) Lualyrr, Hero Deity, LE, Goddess of Secret Police, Interrogation
1337) Ma’zabert, Hero Deity, CE, Goddess of Filth (disease, Decay, Poison)
1338) Neeloc Raye, Hero Deity, LE, Goddess of Dominance, Submission, Abuse (death, Law)
1339) Selvetarm, Demigod, CE, God of Battle Prowess, Bloodlust, Resentment, Driders, (warriors)
1340) Sestihaculus Shadalun, Quasi Deity, LE, God of Xenophobia
1341) Skiasca, Hero Deity, NE, Goddess of Vindictiveness
1342) Vhaeraun, NE (CE), Lesser, God of Drow Males, Treachery (Trickery, racism, intrigue, betrayal)
1343) Zinzerena, Hero-Deity, CN (CE), Goddess of Humiliation, Ambushes (Chaos, deception)
Liytiri Gods (Minor)
1344) Lilitu, NE, Goddess of Femininity , Exploitation, Manipulation through Sex (Treachery Deceit)
1345) Mishtuli, CE, god of Masculinity, Patriarchy, Demons (killing for sport/asmusement
1346) Vierdri’ira, Minor, CE, Goddess of Belligerence (stealth, night, darkness, cruelty)

Darthiir Gods
Arrachnovoleth, Intermediate, NE, God of Vermin, the Underdark, Vupdrax, Evil Aspect of wilderness (bats, Earth, Poison, exiles, Insects, Filth)
1348) Black Widow, Demigod, Goddess of the unnatural (Necromancy, Revenge, death, murder, Kiaransalee)
1349) Bronzozek, Demigod, NE,God of Caution (Abjuration, healing, protection, paranoia)
1350)Demzer, Demigod, NE, God of Abuse (Enchantment, pain, lust, domination)
1351) Illshyarra, Demigod, CE, Goddess of Glamour (illusion, lies, beauty, intrigue, darkness)
1352) Moraan, Lesser, CE, God of Depravity (Slaughter, necromancy, Speed, undeath)
1353) Nyarleth, Demigod, CE, Goddess of Social Decay, Overthrow, (Conquest, battle rage, anger, war, barbarism)
1354) Reshagol, Demigod, LE, God of Augury, Political Dealings (Divination, learning, Knowledge)
1355) Reykrabre, Demigod, NE, God of Conspiracies (Slavery, conjuration, air, lies)
1356) Skuttle, Minor, NE, God of Spiderlings, Driders, Agility (Greed, Secrets, theft, greed)
The Spider Queen, Intermeidate, NE, Goddess of Destiny (Lolth)
1358) Syrellyn, Demigod, NE, Goddess of Transmutation, Adaptation, Aquatic Drow
Xarcon, Demigod, CE,god of Calamity (Evocation, chaos, fire, destruction)

The Spinners of Fate- Dhaerow Gods
Karzerothrine, Lesser, CE, Goddess of Dhaerow, Dark Motherhood, Obscene fecundity
The Gravemother, Minor, NE, Goddess of Consummation, Evil Aspects of Birth, Sex, and Death
The Killer, Minor, CE, God of Ruthless Warfare, Killers, honor less Warfare, Offense
The Deceiver, Minor, CE, Goddess of Infighting (power broking, corruption, lies, deceit)
The Second/Lord Loat/Whisperer in the Shadows, minor, NG, God of Second Chances
Illumian Gods
1365) Tarmuid, Demigod, LN, God of Illumians, Symbols (Magic, Languages, Runes)
1366) Aulasha The Liberian, Demigod, LG, Goddess of Libraries (Knowledge, Grief, Books)
1367) Glautru the Seer, Demigod, Neutral, God of Contemplation (seers, Prophecy, Life, Death)
1368) Soorinek, Demigod, LE, Goddess of Doubt (Intrigue, Secrets, Betrayal)
1369) Syeret, Demigod, CG, God of Inspiration (Light, Creativity, Art)
Wathaku, Demigod, NE, God of Endings, Nihilism, (Entropy, Wrath, Genocide)

Goliath Gods

Kavaki, Greater, N, God of Goliaths, Sports, Teams
Kuliak, Demigod, N, God of Banishment (Exiles, The Dead, Magic, Springs)
Manethek, Intermediate, N, God of Oral history (Hunting, Lore)
Naki-Uthai, Minor, N, God of Climbing (Bravery, Skill)
Theleya, Intermediate, NG (N), Goddess of Herbalists (fertility, Growth, Health)
Vanau, Lesser, N (NE), God of Accidents (Natural disasters, misfortune)

Raptoran Deities

Tuilviel Gilithien, Greater, CG, God of Raptorans, Night Birds, Flight (Sky, Stars, the moon)
1378) Duthilia, Lesser, N, Goddess of Surplus (Autumn, Hunting, Abundance)
1379) Kithin, Lesser, N, God of Paucity (The Dead, the Dying, Winter, Barrenness)
1380) Liendil, Intermediate, CN, God of Weather Changes, Hail (Storms, Trickery, Change, wind, rain)
1381) Nilthina, Lesser, N, Goddess of Warmth, Warm winds (Abundance, Lore, summer, Lore)
1382) Ventila, Lesser, N, Goddess of New Beginnings (Spring, Fertility, Love, Growth)
Warrior Pantheon
1383) Altua, LG, Goddess of Battle Conduct
1384) Syreth, NG, Goddess of Bodyguards, Protecting Civilians (protection)
1385) Valkar, CG, God of Tenacity (Courage, Valor)
1386) Halmyr, LN, God of Technique, campaigns (strategy, planning, tactics)
Lyris, N, Goddess of triumph (victory)
Konkresh, CN, God of Rashness
Typhos, LE, God of superiority, Supremacy (Tyranny) Sulerain, NE, Goddess of Annihilation
Nadirech, CE, God of Deserters (Luck, Cowards)

Reptile Deities
World Serpent, Major, All, God of Snakes, reincarnation
Satha, LN (LE), God of Revival, Regeneration, Revivification, metamorphoses (Sseth)
Kaliya, Minor, CE, God of Anomaly, abnormality, Misconduct (Martuakh)
Maleth, Lesser, LE, God of Authoritarians, Autocrats, Absolutism
Martuakh, Lesser, NE, God of Dullness, Torpidity, stupor, Lethargy, Slumber, She-da-zhong
Merrshaulk, Intermediate CE, God of Yaun-ti, Snakes, Atrocities, Hibernation (Sloth Somnolence, Poison, lassitude)
Merx, Intermeidate, LE, God of Extortion, Nepotism, fraud, Bribes, Bureaucracy, Corruption
Murshalk, Hero Deity, NE, God of Lethargy, Slumber, Mismanagement (Martuakh)
Sseth, Greater, NE, god of Yuan-ti, Ophidians, Betrayal, Sarrukh, Lassitude (Poison)
Sss’thasine’ss, minor, CE, God of Venom (Talona)
Sertrous, CE, Demon Prince, Lord of Heresy
Tlaloc, LE (CN, LN) God of Monsoons (rain, hail, storms, sacrifices, sustenance, fertility)
1403) Tlazoteotl, N (CN, CE), Goddess of Guilty Love (bodily pleasure, vice, nature, agriculture)
1404) Tonatiuh, NE, God of Heat Waves (The Sun, misfortune)
1405) Ydersius, Minor, CE, God of Serpentfolk, Immortality (Poison, He is kinda dead)
Zehir, NE, Lesser, God of Intoxication (Poison, Assassins, Vemon)

The Fungus Gods (I’m not making this up)

Lumuu, Greater, NG, God of Nutrients, safeguarding plants (Life, light, day, Fungus)

1408) Lerios, Greater, NG, God of Shooting Stars, Moss, Leeching off others, Decomposition
1409)Lumar, Intermediate, CG, God of Damptness (Wind, Clouds, Storms, Rain)
1410) Lerian, Lesser, LG, God of Geodes, Natural Healing, Bacteria
1411) Singaug, Lesser, LE, God of Evil Trees, evil plants, hatred of humanity (Old man willow)
Seven Lost Gods (All Slain Demogods)
Tyranthraxus, LE, Lord of Possession (Only Living, Yugloth Lord)
Maram the Great Spear
Haask, Voice of hargut
Borem, CE, Of the Lake of Boiling Mud, God of Mud
Camnod NE, the Unseen
Dendar, the Night Serpent, NE
Kezef the Chaos Hound, CE
Swamp Gods
1412) Braksha, Demigod, CE, God of Corpses, fall of civilization, self hatred
1413) Eddard, Demigod, CG, God of Bridges (Travels, journeys, wanderers)
1414) Eleiomon, Demigod, CN, Goddess of Fickle Love
1415) Kodes, Minor, LG, Goddess of Eliminating Peril, Hunting evil, Tamign Civilivation
1416)Maas, Minor, NG, God of Marshes, Bogs, Wetlands, Swamp Plants
1417)Margan, Hero Deity, NE, God of Raiding Merchants, Destroying Trade
1418) Nyami, Quasi Deity, N, Lord of Treacherous Waters
Ran, Demigod, LE, Goddess of the Obscure
Toloth, Demigod, LN, God of Spell Components, Magical

Other Monster Gods
Anguileusis, Hero Deity, God of Violating Nature
Alazhra, Proto Deity, NE, Goddess of Lost Dreams (night Hags)
Aventernus, LG, God of Aventi (Stormwrack), Saviors
Blibdoolpoop,Intermediate, CE/NE, Goddes of Kuo Toa, Drowning, (Lunacy)
Cegilune, Minor, NE, Hags, Metamorphosis, Larvae
Daragor, Demigod, CE, God of Instinctual lycanthropes
1426) Diinkarazan, Demigod, CE, God of Derro, Taboo(Incest, revenge)
Diirinka, CE, Lesser, God of derro, Savants, (Cruelty)
Eadro, Intermediate, N, God of Merfolk, Reefs, tranquility
Gorellik, Demigod, CE, God of Hyenas, Hyaenodons, Failure, ex god of Gnolls
Great Mother, Intermediate, CE, Goddess of Beholders, Egotism
Gzemnid, Demigod, CE, God of Beholdor Kin, Obscurement
Hergund, Minor, CE, God of Corrupted Ore, Earth Ogres (Stone, Earth, Corruption)
Herigga, Quasi Diety, N, Goddess of Carnivorous Plants
Ilsensine, Greater, LE, God of Mental Domination, Mind Flayers, (Submission)
Jazirian (Asmodeus’ Brother), Greater, LG, God of Coutl, Community, Altruism
Kaelthiere, Lesser, CE, God of Salamander, Azers, Efreets, Conflagration
Kanchelsis, Minor, CE, God of Vampires, Cults (Debauchery)
Koriel, Lesser, LG, God of Fighting Evil (Vigilance, Learning, Protection)
Laogzed, Demigod, CE, god of troglodytes, eating, hunger
Maanzecorian, Lesser (and dead), LE, God of Knowledge awareness (Philosophy, MindFlayers)
Mak Thuum Ngatha, NE, (power level unknown) God of infinite Knowledge and breaking the barrier between space and time, The Far Realm
Mellifleur, Minor, NE, God of Liches, apotheosis
laash, Lesser, NE, God of Worges (Full moons)
Panzuriel, Intermediate, NE, God of Subversion, evil aqua creatures, krakens, Morkoth, merrow
Parrafaire, Minor, CN, goddess/God of naga and Darma
Persana, N(NG), God of Tritons, good Aqua Creatures
Piscaethces, Lesser, LE, Goddess of the forgotten time.
Psilofyr, Lesser, God of myconids (mushroom people), fungus (community)
Quorlinn, lesser, N, God of Kenku, Mimicry
Ramenos, Lesser, CE, God of Bullywugs, Somnolence
Rakshasa, Minor, LE, God of Rakshasas, politicians
Raxivort, Minor, CE, God of Xvarts, Bats, Rats, Schemes (Cheating)
Remnis, Minor, N/NG, God of Service (sky and giant eagles)
Sekolah, lesser , LE, god of Sahuagin, Sharks, Plunder
Semuanya, Lesser, N, God of Lizard folk, propagation (survival)
SessLnnek, Naga god…weird
Shekinester, naga god..weird
Sixin, demigod, NE, god of Xill and stratagems
Stillsong, ?, NG, God of ???
Surminare, Lesser, N/NG, goddess of selkies, harmony
Syranita, Intermediate, NG, goddess of all bird people, world awareness/education
Szelizid, Demigod, N, God of sanity (Beholders, spectators, magic)
The Dark God, Minor, NE, God of Enfeeblement(Cold, Darkness, Duergar, palleomons, pariahs, Revence, Decay, Negativity)
The Forgotten God, Minor NE, God of the Yikaria, Yakemen, Hidden Identities
Turaglas, Demigod, Minor, God of Consuming the world (not the brightest)
The Whale Mother, Demigod, LG, Goddess of darfellan (whale folk), whales, Solitude
Whiteskull, Lesser, LG, God of Good Undead, Remorseful Undead, Undying, Lost Families
Water Lion, N(NG), Who the Hell Knows WTF this thing is?

*The Twelve Gods of FUCKING AWESOME
Tammara, NG, Greater, Goddess of Illumination (Art, craftsmanship, music, literature, writing, metalworking, gnomes, dance, weaving, poets, scribes, authors, reading, writing, song)
Gorgauth, CE, LesserGod of Wild Magic (Chaos, Decay, corruption, darkness, vengeance evil, illusion, entropy, spawn, tyranny, cruelty
Tharnak, LN, God of Endings and Beginnings, natural cycles (Death, the Sea, Moons, law)
Oneiros, Intermediate, N, God of Destiny (History, fate, dreams, prophecy, time, destiny, Destruction, desire, despair, death, Delirium, Delight, The Endless, Immortality, Mortality)
Soloner, LG, Greater, God of Deliverance (Honor, Justice, Mercy, Guardianship, loyalty, valor, law, light, chivalry, sacrifice, vigilance, goodness, dwarves kindness loyalty, order, sun, glory)
Almaril, Intermediate, CG, Goddess of Delight (Compassion, desire, marriage, affection, lust, sensuality, pleasure, love, beauty, passion, sex, joy)
Elatra, Greater, NG, Goddess of Death and Rebirth (Earth, Plants, animals, living things, the sky, cycle of life, elves, fertility, birth, death, seasons, weather).
Tevesh, Intermediate, LG, God of Non Violence (Peace, Healing, medicine, community, community bonds, self sacrifice, martyrs, wounds, Pacifism, Love, Mercy, Humility, Monks)
Llyndeiras, Intermediate, CG, God of Enrichment (wealth, trade, commerce, thieves, prosperity, halfings, burrowfolk, Sharing, money)
Martreus, Greater, CN, God of Upheavel (Elemental forces, natural disasters, destruction combat, martial prowess, berserkers, war, battle, honor)
Illaenth, Greater, N, God of Choice (Individuality, freedom, the mind, the self, will, meditation)

The 10 Alignment Gods

All but the Traitor are Greater Gods
Phidas, Lord of Lawful Evil
Khemra, Lord of Lawful Neutral
Hallisan, Lord of Lawful Good
Greymoria, Lord of Neutral Evil
Korus, Lord of TN
Mera, Lady of Neutral Good
Maylar, Lord of Chaotic Evil
Phyra, Lady of Chaotic Neutral
Zarthus, Lord of Chaotic Good
The Nameless Traitor, Demigod, Lord of Unaligned.

Cosmic Gods
Moildram Major, LN/LG, Goddess of High Law, Social Order
Cyrullia, Greater, LG , Goddess of Charity (Harmony, Law, Social Order)
Marly, Intimidate, LN, God of Investigation (Inquisition, SPies, Secret Police, Truth, Justice)
Sedjima, Lesser, LN, God INformation (Learning, Knowledge, Scholar)
Slarken Obel, Minor, N, God of Evolution (Hunting, Law, cunning, survival, society)
Tholtanooma, LE, God of MIlitary Law (Militirism, control, power)
Manturin, Major, N God of the Balance of Power
Rillifloham, Greater, N, God of the Food Chain (Nature, Plants, Animals)
Rasan Korya, Lesser, CN, God of Solipsism (Ambition, assassination, selfishness)
Demyuritas, Intermedia, Goddess of Esthetics (Art, transcendence, style)
Hisk: Major, CN, God of Contention (Glory, Battle, Honor, war)
Karnawenn, CN, Greater, God of Randomness
Bleskua, CE, Intermediate, God of Feuding
Temanamat, CN, Intermediate, Goddess of Changing Regimes (Fertility, children, love, life, Revolution)
Golod, CE, Demigod of Disruption
Sog-Morthoth, CE, Minor, God of Degeneration
Thakta Tylden, CE, Intermediate, God of Civil War

Hara/Zkracl/Gunngger/Shaliroi: Gods of War, Water, Fire, Air

The Love Gods
Aaluran, Minor CG, God/Goddess of Sexual Prowess (Seduction, Lust, Sex, passion, courtship, transexuality)
Alilial, Intermediate N, Goddess of Midwives (Birth, children, mothers, destiny, Gods)
Cevelis, Minor LN, Goddess of Chastity (Denial of Flesh, Morality, Purity)
Kaladis, LesserLN, Goddess of Matrimony (union, Lineage, family, bonding)
Vershant, Intermediate, NE, Goddess of Fecundity (Fertility, Reproduction, the warren, perversion)
Zanbos, Minor, CE, Goddess of Abusive relationships 9Rape, destruction, domination, despair, Perversion)

Non Deities
Fallen Titans
Chern, NE, Lord of Sickness (natural illness) , Magical Illness, Epidemics (Vermin, Plague)
Gaurak, CE, Lord of Hunger, Obesity, Waste (Gluttony, Starvation)
Golthain, LN (LE), Lord of Indecisiveness (Weakness, Compassion, Mercy)
Golthagga, NE (N), Lord of Unrestrained Creation (Forge, Golems, Smithy, Indifference)
Gormoth, NE (NG), Lord of Escapism (Indulgence, Creation, Hedonism, Witchcraft, Spite)
Gulaben, CE, Lady of Insanity (Wind, Aerial creatures, invisibility)
Hrinruuk, NE, God of Hunting for Sport, Killing as a Challenge (Stalkers, Hunters, Beasts)
Kadum, CE, Lord of Temper, (Rage, Strength, Madness, Beasts, Taint)
Lethene, CE, Lady of Hurricanes, Untamed oceans (Storms, Nature, Water)
Mesos, NE, Lord of Forbidden Magic (Magic)
Mormo, NE, Lady of Curses, Perversity (Snakes, Witchcraft, Hags)
Thulkas, CE, Lord of Inflexibility, Stubbornness (Fire)
The False Gods (all but the Slain count as Quasi Dieties)
Mayzol, LG, God of the Just, safe Conduct (Justice
Terrator, N, God of terrain (Nature)
Mothril, CN, God of Self Satisfaction
Quizwrax, LE, God of Cults
Kane, CG, God of Game Hunting, Migrations (Hunting)
Reyor, NG, God of Medicine (Healing)
Tharatoth, LN, Goddess of Implementation (Justice)
Banik, CE, God of Inciting Conflict (Fire)
The Slain, NE, Proto Deity, God of Misrule (Slain)

Abysm, N, Lord of Psionic Mythals, Mind Cities
Achererak, NE, (Ex Quasi Deity) Masters desire for immortality
Achultza, The Second Path, LN, Lord of Alternate Magic (Ex Demigod)
Agares, LN,(Earth Elemental Lord) Truth Betrayed, Inappropriate Truth
Ahazu the Seizer, CE, Lord of Kidnapping (former Demon Lord)
Alric The Burning Mind, LE, Lord of Discovery the Insane
Amun The void Before the Alter, LG (LN) (Ex God), Lord of Negligence
Andras The Gray Knight, (My Favorite), LN (LE, LG, N), The Jaded Lord
Andromalius, CN, Lord of Dramatic Irony
Ansitif The Befouler, CE (Ex Demon Lord), The Desecrator of Temples (21rd level
Arete, LN, the First Elan, Constant Rebirth
Arijani, Lord of the Nestled Illusion, NE, Lord of Fruitless Plots
Ashardalon, CE, (Ex Dragon Quasi Deity), Lord of Slights
Astaroth, LE (LG, LN), ex fallen Angel, Lord of being unable to take responsibility
Aym, NE, Lord of Stinginess
Balam, NE (LG), Mistress of Impossible Tasks (Atheism)
Buer, LG (LN) (Ex Spirit), Mistress of Obsessive Helping of Others
Cabiri, CE, (Ex Demon Lord), Seeker of All Knowledge, no matter how perverse
Cagesorell, The Silent Scribe, LN, Lord of Tropes
Calim, LE, Lord of Obsessive Rivalries
Chattur’gha (Ex Ancient), CE, Lord of Straightforward thinking, Brute Strength
Chupoclops, (Ex Primordial), CE, The Destroyer of Souls.
Cles The Pactmaker, LG, Lord of overzealous Protection
Dahlver, N, The Master of Binders , Short Attention Spans
Dantalion the Star Emperor, LN (Ex Chinese Spirit), The Aloof Lord
The Dark Plea, Stain on the Future, NE, Lord of Lost Time
Diabolus, CE, (ex Demon Lord) The Morose Lord
Denam the Pleading Companion, NG, God of Pleading, futile healing
Desh, Master of Mirklight, N, Lord of Spiting Gods
Desharis, LN, First Civilized Fey, Lord of Dreading Loneliness
Dromilius, The Hivemind Triumphant, LN, Lord of Mental Unity
Eligor, CE (CG), Lord of the Abandoned
Faust, LE, Lord of Evil Deeds in the Search of Knowledge
Fellblade, NE, God of Career Killers
Focalor Prince of Tears, LN, Lord of Tears (Anguish, Greif, Remorse)
Geryon, LE, (Ex Archdevil) Lord of Blind Loyalty
Gargoth, LE, Ex Archdevil Lord of Failed Coups (Gargauth)
Gith, Liberator of the Astral, LE, Lady of Eternal Revenge
Haagenti, Mother of Minotaurs, LN (LG, CE), Mistress of self Hatred
Halphax, (Ex gnome), LN, Lord of Capitulation
Haures, LE, Lord of Self Delusions
Inajira, Keeper of the Lost, (Ex ArchFiend), LE, Lord of Subverting Rules
Iyachtu Xvim, NE, Lord of Fallen Gods
Ipos, LN, Lord of Vestiges
Karsus, LN, (Ex God of Magic), Lord of Hubris
Kas, NE, (Ex Demigod), Enemy of Vecna, Lord of Broken Friendships
Kurrothk, LG, (Ex Demon Lord, Ex Angel), God of Impossible Redemption
Ladut, N, Lord of Failure to Reach one’s goals
Larsdana Ap’Nuet, NE, Lady of Manic Love
Leraje, LG (LN), (ex elf demigod) Mistress of Wining, no matter what the cost
Lurnem the Broken Soul, LE, Lord of Overextension
Malphas, NE, HE who falls in and out of Love
Mantorok (Ancient), NE, The Festering Lord, Master of ancients
Marchosias, NE, Lord of the Art of Murder
Naberius N, Lord of Verbosity
Naphia, N, Goddess of Heartbreak
Orthos, N, The First Vestige, Lord of Binders
Otiax, CN, Lord of Obsessive Compulsions
Paimon the Dancer, LN….He is just a crazy mother**ker
Pang Deraas, The Dweller in the Cold, CN (CE, CG), Lord of dangerous help
Praetor The Dead Immortal, N, Lord of the Good old days, fear of death
Prime, LN (Ex Major Deity) Lord of the Paradox
Reshar, Lord of the Nine Swords, LG, Lord of The Sublime Way
Quarte, CN, Lord of Second Guessing, Conflicting Thought
Ratekaer, The Greenwalker, NG, Lord of Protecting the unworthy
Ronove the Iron Maiden, N, Mistress of Acting to dispel other’s self doubt
Salgen, N, The Exception that Proves the Rule
Sammaster, LE (Ex Chosen), Lord oft the Cult of the Dragon, False Prophets
Savnok, CN (LN, CE), The recalcitrant Lord
Seklas, LE, Lord of Dead Gods, imprisoned gods, impotence, God slayers
Serdadess, The Envoy in Exile, NE, Lady of Unreliable Envoys
Shami-Amourae, CE, (Demogorgon’s consort), Mistress of Attention Whores (73)
Shax, NE, (Ex Giant God of Sea and Storm Giants), The Possessive Queen
Shineman, TheWander in Rags, (Ex Baernoloth), LG (NE), Lord of Dispelling Darkness
Taratai, The Dream that Was, LN (LG), Lady of Possible Dreams
Tenebrous, CE, (Orcus’ Divinity), Lord of Detachment
Triel, LG (LE), Former Archangel, Beelzebub’s Old self, Lord of Lost Glory
Theliram, LN, Mistress of Imperfection, the strive for pointless perfection, formality
The Nameless One, All, Most Awesome Guy Ever
The Lost One (Ex Ancient), LE, Lord of knowledge never gained
The Triad, LG, Lord of Desperate Measures (Ex gods)
The Unconquered Sun (Not Sol Invinctus), LG (LN), Lord of Total Victory
Ulyaoth (Ex Ancient), CE, Lord of Lost Knowledge, Long term planning
Vanus, NE (N), Lord of Gullibility
Vox, The Faceless Shadow, CN, Lord of Anti Government
Xel’lothath (ex Ancient), CE, Mistress of inconsistency
Yt’Scultis, The Far Traveler, CN, Lord of Switching Bodies
Zagan, NE (ex Yuan Ti God), Lord of Disappointment
Zceryll, CE, She who never accepts help.
Zerthimon, LN, Lord of the Gith
Zod the First Warforge, LN, Lord of Specifically Assigned Tasks

The path of Adama: (D&D Buhhda stand in)

Druaga is the Lord of the Div, and is the Pathfinder version of Ahriman. He is not a god, at least I haven’t chosen him to be one yet. Ahriman, is the Pathfinder version of Asmodeus

Faiths of the Empire

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