Adapting Zelda: Spells

Dins Fire: Drains 5% of your magic, but creates an orb of fire which deals 2D10 fire damage
Example: Used to kill a pair of Anubi

Nayru’s Love: Uses up 50% of your magic, makes you immune to non magical damage.

Example: Used to kill stay alive long enough to defeat a Barinade

Faroy’e wind: Costing 10% of one’s magic bar, this create a safe point to teleport back too.

Example: Used to kill Vaati’s Wrath, then retreat

Shield spell: Used to give yourself DC 5
Example: Used to kill a Big Octorok

Jump: Lets you jump twice as high once
Example: Used to jump up and kill a Twilight Dragon

Life: Used to restore a single heart
Example: Used to kill a Blue Octorok

Fairy: Turns link into a fairy, not that he needed much help
Example: used to sneak into an enemy band and assassinate an enemy Wu jen

Reflect: Causes an enemy spell have a 10% to bounce back
Example: Used to kill a

Spell: Can make you once per life time cast a single spell
Example: USed to cast a Wish o dispel all enemy magic for a whole day

Bombos: This spell sets out a ring of fice in all directions
Example: used to kill a band of Death Swords

Quake: Causes an earthquake, and everybody in the area is turned into a slime
Example: used to defeat an entire army of Red Moblins

Ether: Causes lighting to come down and kill all flying enemies
Example: Used to kill an entire army of Keese

Adapting Zelda: Spells

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