Adaptation part 9: The Witcher


The Two Breeds of Elves are going to be folded into the Dragon Age Elves


Black Sun Child


Catagorie: Necrophage: These are creatures who were transformed into undeath during their life

Ghoul: The Witcher Ghoul is known as a “Flesh Ghouls” But otherwise are exactly the same. These broad shoulders creatures are the undead remains of those who died on the battle. These broad shouldered creatures with deformed faces and fanged teeth. They are resistant to most poisons and can only be hurt by Silver, Bright Light, and Necrophage Oil.

Graveir: Even larger than the Alghoul of the Witcher Ghouls, and are born from the result of Genocide. They are resistant to knockdown. They are basically like Flesh Ghouls but far larger and stronger and tougher. Their is a single case of an intelligent Graveir who can talk, but nobody really knows what to make of that

Alghoul: Largest and Stronger than a Flesh Ghoul, but not as strong as a Graveir, these creatures look alot like Flesh Ghouls, but are sbutly broader shouldered with larger fangs and claws

Cemetaur: The largest and the strongest of the Witcher Ghouls, these bastards are huge, towering at around 8 feet, and extremely broad. They have all the powers of the normal ghouls in addition to Damage reduction 20/silver.

Vampires of the Witcher: Witchers are divided up into different groups. First I will Focus on the “Higher Vampires”

Alp: very similar creature to a vampire, Alps are actually something else entirely. They are spirits, who appear as naked women with fangs, cat eyes, and bizzare, deformed limbs. While they are not undead, they certainly are monsters who live off blood, and will hunt/try to destroy any living creature they find. They normally float about 3 feet off the ground, and they have powerful seductive voices that can make mortals enthralled. They hate virgins, and try to avoid them desperatly. They are immune to fear and stun attempts, and are weak against silver.

Katakan: These are a race unto themselves, who don’t need blood to survive, but find it intoxicating much like wine for humans but stronger. They are rather sinister, but not necessarily evil. They do appear to be supernaturally good looking, and often take up jobs as “ladies of the night”…or men of the night if you prefer. They have no fear of the sun, running water, holy water, garlic, or even damage. Silver and fire still hurt them fine.

These creatures are another race of female “vampires” who are highly intelligent. They appear as extremely hot women, who float above the ground and have strange brittle and nasty looking skin. They tend to travel in packs trying to obtain victims, they use their screams to paralize and confused mortals before eating them. They are weak against fire and silver, and if any spell can knock them to the ground, they have a very hard time getting back up

Mula: These creatures look alot like Alps, but are in fact undead, because the world isn’t confusing enough as it is. They are Katakan who died and returned from the dead.

Moola: These are Katakan who were turned into vampires, very unique. They are teh Censored Alp

Bruxa: These terrifying creatures are not undead, but are still horrifying. They appear as beautiful women, who hunger not just for blood, but also for the submission of the mortals around them. They will kidnap young people, dominate them for weeks at a time, before tearing them to pieces. They have damage reduction 15/silver and almost none of the weakness of a vampire. They have the ability to create an illusion about their apperence, however a mirror will show their true form.

Nosferat: The Witcher 2 Bruxa, these are another race, not undead, though they certainly look the part. They dislike Garlix and sunlight, but aren’t damaged by them. They can killed by Silver or fire. Immune to poison and bleeding.

leder (Kites, Fliers)
These creatures are monstrous, looking vaugly like humanoid bats, who feats on human flesh and drink blood. They are essentially animalistic, having no intelligence beyond hunting but they are cunning enough to try to not attract attention. They tend to live in urban settings, picking off the poor and the destitute. They are immune to fear and stun attempts, and have DR 10/silver. If one has taken black blood, that instantly kills them

Catacans: Dead Heathens who haven’t been buried properly

mulae: Same as above

A relative to the Fleder, they are even more hideous, so much so that the sight of one is enough to paralyze a foe if they aren’t strong willed. Unlike Fleders, they prefer flesh to blood, and they tend to actively hunt rather than wait for prey to come to them. They are not more intelligent then Fleders, but far tougher and more dangerous, and tend to swoopt down to get a hold of their prey.

Plumard: undead Garkains, these guys are actual vampires…..sadly

Archespores: These strange plant mixes are the result of horrible deeds which went unpunished. Upon the graves of the innocent victims, and they just lash out at all those around them. Sensitive to silver and they shoot poison spores

Mutents: These are the results of alchemy gone….wrong?

Common Mutant: These are those who didn’t die, but didn’t achieve the correct result. They are super strong and super fast, but are totally mindless. They just attack anything in their area.

Mutant Assassin: These are what they have been looking for, a very fast, very intelligent, hyper aware and Very very fast. They are totally loyal to their creator, and are idea assassins. They are immune to pain and fear, and are resistant to magic. The only problem is that they have trouble thinking independently and lack creativity and thus need somebody else to tell them what to do and direct them.

Greater Mutant: These guys are far closer to the the idea, freakishly strong and faster than they look, these guys can tear through an enemy. However, they aren’t very bright and while they can obey orders, they are barely smart enough to listen

Greater Brothers: These are the successful experiment, but again, lack the ability to formulate intelligent tatics. That being said, they are freakishly strong and absurdly tough.

Armored Hound: The only other animal who can be mutanted so far through conventional means our dogs, and nobody knows why. They way they are mutated is by connected them to armor plates, making them like mini tanks of death and foom.

Barghest (Witcher): These creatures are called Ghost Dog (THEY ARE ALSO THE BEAR), and they serve the wild Hunt. In addition, they attack small villages with wide held persecution and intolerance, which means in pratice, they tend to attack almost everywhere in the world. They are immune to poison and fear, and are resistant to pain and fear effects. Extremely weak to knockdown attacks.

Basilisk (Witcher): These creatures are called basiliscum, but are essentially the same. They have no magical properties beyond a very nasty poison, however they live in dark enviroments and like to eat people. Sensitive to silver.

Bloedzuiger: These hideous swamp creatures are a bit like giant leeches. They are just animals and attack anything that they can. They are extremely weak against fire and silver, but immune to poison. When they die, they explode in a blast of low grade acid which deals 1D6 damage to everybdoy within a three foot range

Coccacacidium: These are larger and even nastier archspores who are formed when a horrible crime has not only been unpunished but acutally forgotten.

Cockatrice (Witcher): This version is known as a skoffin, while extremely large and vicious with a nasty poison, not turning to stone shit. Damage reduction 15/silver, which they take double damage from. Their is a greater version is very large but about three times as big.

Corpus custodia: Not actually from the game, but the basis is very much the same, any time I want to find a name for a mish mash of different creatures, I should use this name, as that is pretty much what it is.

Dagana: Their version of Dagon, just so I can have consistency. It is a massive creature, often worshiped as a god, but not actually a god. It is a being of the great Depths, much like the rest of its kind. Being on the surface instantly kills it. If it has those who believe it to be a god, it can survive on the surface, however should they die and it not be in the depths, then it dies as well.

Devourer (Witcher): Called the Ingis in this version, these things are terrifying mosnters. Despite their apperance, they are quite intelligent, but desire above all to devour human flesh, and preferably, after torturing their victims a great deal first. They are some form of Fey creature, though I don’t know the type. They only come out after dark, where they will try to kill people. They are weak against silver.

Drowner: undead creatures who are the result of evil people whose graves have been overrun by water, these guys are really not that powerful, weak against silver and immune to poison, bleeding and certain magics, otherwise they just attack with claws and can swim very well.

Drowned Dead: Might have to rename them, basically these guys are actually drowned during life. Unlike actual drowners these guys are much more powerful.

Nadir: These guys are the Witcher 2 Drowned Dead don’t know the details

Echinops: Another guilt plant, these weaker ones grow where the crimineal who never was punished for his actions was buried. They are sensative to silver and shoot poisoned thorns

Frigtheners: These creatures are Daemons, terrifying beasts from another world, only able to be brought into this one through extremely specific alchemy summon ritual. They resemble massive prarying mantis. They are however sensitive to loud noises.

Great Golem: these are the golems of the Witcher world, because they are absurdly powerful even by the standards of Golems. Their only weakness is lightning, not magical but actual lightning, so good luck killing it.

Griggs: 4 inch tall prankster fey, these little creatures are annoying but mostly harmless, they can kept at bay through fighting, but far better to simply make nightly offering of scotch

The Beast: These creatures are…..strange. Basically they exist to punish towns who have committed evil deeds and try to pretend they never happen, and will try to wipe them out. Before attacking a stranger, they ask a single moral question, depending on their answer they will kill somebody. They are immune to almost all magic and poison.

Ifrit: These creatures from the elemental plane of fire. and I"m going to call them Afreets to avoid confusion. They can be summoned by various powers, and are highly intelligent but totally alien and don’t speak any langauge other than their own. They simply like to burn, though in a more socphistacated sense than that.

Kikimore: A being from one of the Lawful Neutral Planes, Kikimore simply try to slowly take over any world they live in, until they are exterminated by a smarter species. They are divided into Workers, Soliders and Queens. Also ninjas….those are very important.

Koshcley: These massive terrifying creatures are from the netherworld, and are almost impossible to summon, should one do so, they should feel very bad about themselves, because these things are terrifying.

Mamune: These small creatures are basically harmless, though annoying. They try to mock and imitate those who they walk by, and occassionally try to get travellers lost at night, but otherwise are just annoying.

Midday Brides: One of the saddest creatures one can find, the midday bride is only formed if a bride (and it is only a bride because the multiverse is sexist) is killed by a jealous lover on the day of her wedding but before the ceremony. This terrible transformation leaves the creature totally confused and enraged, wanting to prepare for the wedding. Critically, the bride must love another man, who in turn loves the jealous girl. As of such, they are very hard to create, also to destroy. You must kill them 12 times in one day, and spend that night forging a mirror out of the shards each kill leaves behind. The next done, one must defeat her in battle, then show her the mirror and make a poem or song about her horrible experience. Only then, will she pass on

Warg (Witcher): Called the Rat Worg, these guys are nasty poisonous little bitches who aren’t neasrly as nasty as real worgs

Nightwraith: These creatures are the remains of women murdered at night while unmarried but not virgins. While they often are hostile due to madness, some are fairly benign and many help out people lost at night. They can be killed as per normal, though many villages keep theirs around because they are so helpful. Once a month however, they partake in a great dance, that if anybody sees, will be drawn into until they die and become a nightwraith themselves.

Noonwraiths; These creatures are formed by young women murdered at noon who are married but were virgins. Not as powerful as their noctornual cousins, they are still dangerous and more prone to be mad. However some are still benign and useful.

Royal Wyvern: I might change the name, but these are much larger more aggressive neiribors of the common Witcher Wyvern, very poisonous with DC 15/silver.

Skullhead: These strange beings are the degenerate remains of a human tribe who were trapped on the plane of Ice in a time portal for 5 million years. They degenerated into these beings, animals but brutal

Wraith (Witcher); These creatures, which I will call chain wraith, they are bound spirits who were killed without finishing their education. Its rather specific. To kill them you have to destroy the wraith and then find the body, which should be within 1 day of the soul

Striga: These strange creatures are the product of brother sister incest, who in turn were cursed. The child will turn into a massive beast of muscle and claws, who are almost unkillable. They can be killed with silver. They are very weak against suprise attack. however if a person can occupy its attention for a whole night, in which case the curse will be lifted and they will restore to a normal person.

Vodyanoi: Strange fish race who can vary from hostile to benign.

Zeugl: These strange creatures are from the Swamp plane, and occasionally come into the filthiest parts of the Material Plane

Unique Monsters: The King of the Wild Hunt: This terrifying creature is of totally uknown origins, except that he stalks and hunts those who are tied to “Destiny”. Maybe he is the remnants of Destiny, or maybe he is the final reaper upon the world, whatever he is, he is scary.


The Enternal Flame: A church abased upon the Worship of one God, in fact one of the Outer Gods who remained in the world when the others departed. The Eternal Fire is based upon repressing difference and bringing about a world of unified order. LE/LN

The Forefather and the Mother Creatix: Two powerful spirits based about birth and ancestor.

Adaptation part 9: The Witcher

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