Adaptation part 4: Half Life


All Xen creatures come from the PLane of Madness Xoriot IE Ebberon

Head Crabs
Standard: The standard from half life 2
Elite: The standard from Half life 1
Fast: Normal
Poison: Normal, have damage reduction 10/fire, and their poison will be healed by anybody. Even a normal person who is hit by a poison head crab will recover hit points at a rate of 10 HP per round until they are restored to their initial hit points
baby Head Crabs: From Half life 1, they only have 1 hit point, can’t create zombies
Gonarch: the queen Head Crabs, can spawn baby Head Crabs, can’t create zombies
Headcrab zombie
Standard: As seen in half life 2, they can be split in half
Elite: The version seen in Half life one, they cannot be split
POison: They are often covered with half a dozen poison head crabs, which they throw at people. have massive amounts of hit poitns
Fast: Skinned appearance, they can be split in half
Gonome: these are the advanced form of any headcrab zombie who is able to stay alive for a long period of time. They will eventually turn into a Gonach, to produce more head crabs. They have the bizzare ability to produce chunks of their own flesh to throw at their foes.
Great Mantras: the massive alien aircraft from Half Life 1, these predators are huge, but are fairly benign to surface dwellers, thoguh they will attack any flying creature with extreme aggression
Flyers: smaller but more dangerous Mantras, these one can produce a blast of lightning from their core
Xen Controllers: Small childlike creatures with disproportionally large heads, they can control the other xen races and shoot magical fire balls from their hands.
Myrmex: The General soliders of the PLane of Madness, these massive creatures have very high Carapace, as well as absurd strength. Finally, in addition to their monsterous claws, they have the ability to shoot a swarm of thornets, small bee like creatures with visious six inch blades.
Thronets: See above
Cirripedia donaldsonia,2 also known as the Barnacle: They stay in one place and have their sticky tonge try to pull victims up towards them.
BullSquid: These creatures are able to launch a glob of acid at a range of thirty feet. extremely territorial, they will attack with acid or their massive tails if they feel their area is threatened. Eat headcrabs
Landsquid: the Version shown in the concept art, they dont’ have any ranged attacks. Also known as Gastropolypus toxophlegmata
Chumtoad: These creatures are fairly benign and mostly just wish to be left alone. They are the lowest creatures on the food chain, and thus mostly simply get abused or killed by bigger creatures. They are very aggressive if touched, and can kill, but mostly just want to be left alone
Chubtoad: These are larger six eyed version who are a bit more aggresive, around the size of a small dog. they are still largely pathetic however.
Gargantua: These massive monsters are the jugganauts of the plane of madness. These 20 foot tall monsters have massive damage immunity, damage reduction and a carapace. They can issue a supersonic roar that will damage everybody in the area, they have massive claws instead of hands, and finally they can open their hands to admit massive streams of fire, which will hurt everything in the area
Houndeye: These small creatures resemble bouncy hamecreatures with a massive compound eye. They attack in packs, either through a supersonic blast or a limited ranged blast of acid. their mouth is located near their stomach
RoundEye: A counsin of the Houndeye, they are larger, thiner and have a single eye instead of a compound, they are extremely aggressive.
Ichthyasaour: These aquatic Xoriat Creatures are extremely aggressive and resistant to damage, having Damage Reduction 10/magic
Death Leach: Half Life 1 Leach very weak
Carnivious Leach: Half life 2 Lech, very strong
Nihilanth: The greatest of the Xoriat Creatures appart from the masters themselves, these creaturs look a bit like a tortured baby fetus with an overly large head. In addition to their nasty claws, they are masters of teleportation magic, including an orb which can teleport all enemies to a location within 1 mile, they can also summon any near by xen creature. They communical through telepathy. Finally, they can shoot blast of energy, of their choice, or can shoot a cone of lightning

Snark: These tiny creatures attack in swarms and will kill any non xen creature they can find. They also can explode in a blast of acid
Vortigaunt: some of the few actually friendly natives to this plane
Vorts: monsters based upon the Vortigaunt
Archerbeast: A small worm like creature which floats through the air either biting or shooting acid
Xen Charger: These animals charge forward and attack you, trying to maul you after breaking your legs
Xen Rampager: The Xen Charger old model idea
Fast Walker: These creatures have heat and night vision, as well as vicious claws, however they can be domesticated by mortals and can often serve as pets
Flocking Floater: These mostly benign creatures will be content to be left alone unless attack, at which point they will launch a glob of acid
Kingpin: these massive bizzare looking creatures while unintelligent, have a mastery over psionic powers. They can use this to prevent any long range physical attack from working, and must be killed either through magic or melee
Mr. Friendly: A truly horrifying creature around the size of a small horse, this monster while bizzare seems fairly straightforward in terms of attacking with its tentagles, but in fact is far more sinister. Should it manage to grapple a target, it will then rape the target to death, due to being a sick fuck. It also could shoot out acid at a close range
Panther Eye: These huge creatures will launch forward much like a large cat and overwhelm their enemy before they have a chance to react
Snapbug: A small buglike creature who launches itself at its target and tries to tear its throat out. Like a boss
Stukabat: A flying creature with six eyes, it could emit a sonic attack or claw their target
Skitch: Extermely dangerous creatures, while their claws are simply sharp, their teeth has such a poison that it will instantly kill their target if they don’t make a fortitude save vs. poison DC 19
Stampeder: This massive creatures are fairly benign until angers, at which point they charge and destory everything in their path
Tripod Hopper: Looking like a giant walking vagina, it lands on the victims head and envolpes it in acid, killing them
Hydria Worm: A strange creature looking almost like a DNA string, this creature can move through matter very easily at will, and can do devastating.

Antlions: These are creatures from the Charka plane of Fire.

Antlion Guard: These bastards fly at you and try to eat you
Antlion worker: weaker, but they can shoot out a nasty as fuck acid that also drains health. If killed, they explode in a blast of Acid
Antlion Guard: Huge Antlion with power armor and a fuck load of hit points and deal out alot of damage.
Myrmidonts: These are larger and tougher guards with blue skin
Antlion Guardians: They are even tougher and have some nasty poison which reduces the targets hit points to 10% before being restored at a rate of 10% per round
Antlion King: A massive immobile best
Antlion Grub: A tiny grub, it can only deal 1 damage if on a crite and if killed produces a salve which heals 5 hit ponts.

Race X Creatures: I haven’t come up with an origin for them yet. For now, I think they come from the realm Daanvi, the Light Charka

Gene Worm: These massive creatures have the ability to create massive portals to other realms based upon other people portals, essentially “Stealing” other people’s portals in order to transform them into their own portals. Very dangerous
Pit Drones; These small nasty creatures have scythe like blades for hands and nasty foot long spines on their heads, which they can shoot at a foe. If they run out of spines, it takes a day for them to grow back
Pit Worm: These monsters have massive claws and the ability to shoot lazers from their blades
Shock Troopers: these are the only truly intelligent beings of Race X, they are totally alien but intelligent enough to use tatics and plans. When they launch a bizzare invasion, these are the organizers even if they aren’t the strongest. They often have shock roaches attached to them, and can shoot spore gernadse
Voltigore: Massive creatures with tough hides, they attack by charging or shooting lighting. Baby version have far more limited lighting abilities

Combine: I don’t know which ones I will include, but I will include the Advisors

Advisors: Highly psionic extremely intelligent roaches, they dwell on the LE/LN planes

Adaptation part 4: Half Life

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