Warpaint of the Wolfhound
This dates back to the Black Age, when supposedly brings luck when fighting beasts. This pattern is from the Arling of Redcliffe is traditional for dogs that fight on the front lines of battle.
Stats- This grants this +4 damage against beasts.
User: Sherry the Rat

Kaddis of the Trickster
This pattern is ancient, said to date back to the danes of the Danes. Knights fighting their way in or out of besieged fortification often use this design.
Stats- 30% fire resistance and +3 to damage
User: Wilson the Bear

Kaddis of the Mountain-Father
An extremely old design used by Ash Warriors, meant to invoke the Avvar god Korth. An avvar pattern sacred to the goddess of death.
Stats- This gives 20% nature and spirit resistance.
User- Barkspawn

Vitaar (Qunari only)
Arishok’s Vitaar
According to stories out of Kirkwall, the military leader of the Qunari spent a number of years maroon in the Free Marches city of Kirkwall-without once receiving supplies from his people or calling for help. Why did so, and how the Qun got along without an arishok is unknown. The Qunari in Kirkwall did however, have to trade considerable supplies from their sunken shiop…including the Arishok’s personal face paint, created in a rare an venomous snake in Par Vollen known to kill a person in seconds.
Stats- This grants 8 extra damage, crits deal 1d4 extra damage, and +4 will saves.
User- The Arishok….duh

Vitaar of the Dragon Hunter
This strange Qunari face paint is created from a deadly poison- fatal when applied to anyone other than a Qunari, whose unique physiology somehow not only neutralizes its effect but also allows the paint’s magic to harden the flesh and provide other protections. The Qunari gives this to any citizen who can slay 10 dragons.
Stats- This grants +1 to strength, deals 5 extra damage, and 1d8 extra damage on crits
User- The Iron Bull



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