War Axe


Axe of Fire Doom
This ultra-powerful, jeweled Axe is a weapon that really screams ‘overkill” Each time this axe is used, it engulfs everything surrounding the wielder in a sea of flames- a tactic that is as devastating to the wielder as it is to enemies. Theo only hope of using this weapon without committing literal suicide is to find some means of becoming immune to fire damage. This enchanted weapon could be found amongst the treasures of the secure vault which the magicians of Scintillus had suspended in the Ethereal Void. Studded with jewels, the finely crafted axe was able to summon a sea of flames when its wielder swung it, engulfing everything around it in deadly fire. So potent was this weapon, that its user was at risk of being consumed within the inferno it created, making it wise to employ flameproofing magic or armor when brandishing it.
Stats- This +6 Waraxe will have a ¼ chance of targeting a fire ball (spell level 30) casted targeted upon the person hit.

The Battleroarer family maintained an inn alongside the river Delimbiyr, frequented mainly by adventurers. A trio of red robed Thayan wizards blasted the inn and all within it to dust over a disagreement resulting from the Battleroarer’s refusal to offer service to the distrustful wizards. Hagan Battleroar, just a young dwarf at the time, was tending to the family’s herd of sheep on a nearby hill and saw the massacre. Hagan abandoned his family’s peaceful ways and with steadfast perseverance became a dwarven defender. He crafted this weapon to aid him in a vendetta against all users of magic, specifiably Thayans. His clan recently began asking for news of Hagan’s whereabouts, after he disappeared recently tracking several red wizards near the mouth of the underdark.
Stats- This +6 war axe, if it hits it has a 5% chance of silencing the target for 5 rounds and gives a -4 to int.


War Axe

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