Wand of Freezing Death
This deadly wand was crafted by the Wizard Hegthen to protect him from his rival’s fire-using minions. Hegthen made frequent use of the wand during his protracted war with his enemy. After ten years of hounding, Hegthen decided to take the battle to his rival, defeating him in one of the most spectacular magical duels ever seen in Suzail’s history. As his terms of victory, Hethgen demanded that his enemy’s name be magically snuffed out of the memory of all who knew him. His enemy accepted and later went on to become the Cloaked Flame, a dangerous terrorist killed by Cormyrean Purple Dragon and War Wizards in 1212 DR
stats- You can cast Icelands, IceStorm and Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm 1/day

Wand of Armory
Often confused with another wand of the same name, the Wand of Armory is used to cast protective spells in the user. Unfortunately for the creator of this Wand of Armory, trolls are persistent creatures.
Stats- you can cast both Shield and Ghost Armor 1/day on user

Wand of Trap of Detection
Thjis wand was once in the possession of the half-even rogue mage Illep the Watchful. A native of Myth Drannor, Illep used the slender ebon wand to located the sanres and sprinblades he often encountered during numerous burglaries. Illep was well liked by most people, but a human warrior named Brammel took offense to Illep’s foppish manner in a tavern one night. Despite Illep’s skill with daggers, the lithe rogue could do little to recover form the axe wound to the upper chest and neck that Brammel dealt him. Brammel was arrested by town guards and the wand was to be returned to Illep’s family in Myth Drannor. The small caravan transporting the wands was sacked by human bandits and disappeared from history.
Stats- Find Traps 1/day

Wand of Corrosion
A trio of wizards worked on this wand using a number of material caomponents they had available to them and more that were relatively easy to acquire. Otterly the Rotund, Madbek of the Seventh Star, and Yrgron the Moron only crafted the wand so they could sell it. Their long-term design of the Naturalist Guild in Myth Drannor. Their wand was a greater success than their research facility.
Stats- 1/day you can cast Daeth Fog and Acid Storm

Wand of Fire
the wand will cough foth a huge, burning ball of fire that streaks out to the desired range (to a maximum of 120) and burst in a fiery, violent blast, just like the fireball spell. The fireball inflicts 6D6 points of damage, but all 1s rolled are counted as 2s. The victims may make a save in order to take half damage. The second ability of the wand is akin to the spell ’Agannazar’s Scourcher” in that a column of flame will streak towards the victim inflicting 6D6+6 damage. 1/day each

Pemby’s Wand of Many Missiles
Merry by reputation and promiscuous by nature, the half-evlen enchantress Pemby Cloudsilk created a great number of wands and staves in her time on Faerun. Pemby kept this wand for herself for personal protection. When she was killed by a jealous lover in 1103 DR, she left the wand to one of her many other suitors, the thief Tamlock of Waterdeep. Tamlock avenged Pemby’s death several years later when he killed her murder with imperceptibly poisoned blade in a duel.
Stats- Like a wand of magic missile, except that it also casts Force Missiles at the target.



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