Throwing Stars/Shuriken


Stars of Ojy-do
Ojy was the spiritual guide for the village of Golden, but found himself pressed into work as a smith when bandits laid siege to the community. He fashioned these and other weapons so the defenders could fight back, and through he was unskilled in metalworking, he offered thanks to his guiding spirits for each successful hit of his hammer. That the starts still exist is a testament to the strength of his faith.
Stats- This +1 throwing stars deal an extra 1d4 cold damage.

Shining Light
Years ago, Vilaneux of the Iron Order was lost to a hurricane and stranded in the then-unknown Kara Tur. He and his full plate armor were an oddity to the locals, but he soon proved his commitment to justice. He became so respected that, when he died, his farmor was cut into these Shining Light weapons in tribute
Stats- These +2 Shuriken when they hit daze 50%/2 rounds

Many Talon
‘the Calling’ was an evil that infested the Azaki assassins’ guild of Kara-Tur some 200 years ago. It corrupted a minor attendant, and elevated his family in exchange for gruesome service. The attendant’s body eventually played host to the creature’s soul, and in the chaos that followed it generated dozens of these weapons, apparently at will, before falling to an unknown sohei.
Stats- This +1 throwing stars deal an extra 1D4 acid damage, vampiric regeneration 1, an extra 1d4 against good.

Grains of Sand
These are from the armory of Miri Shokiro, a warrior whose legacy is largely lost to history. What survives is the philosophy that defined her existence “Be the sand and nothing b ut time will take you. The rocks must become it, the waves and wind must bear it, and those who would hold it find it slips through their grasp. Always some trace in a faraway nook, if never the whole is seen again”
Stats- This +1 Shuriken has a 50% chance of inflicting sleep DC 14

Dragon’s tail
Each wewapon of this type bears the following inscriptions “As the tail of the Dragon sweeps across the sky, so too will these stars be unerring and true, if no other intend is meant or suffered.” Of course, this ungainly text is actually the poor translation of a single elegant symbol. Is it any wonder that the creator of the items remains unknown, when such length must be taken to understand so small a thing?
Stats- these +2 shaken deal an extra 1d4 fire damage


Throwing Stars/Shuriken

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