Techniques (Jade Empire)


Techniques are permanent buffs that can be given for a character if they perform a ritual, however the person must be willing to partake in them. Of course, not all Techniques are good for all players, but you can take one without the full benefits.

Alloyed Body
The Alloyed Body is Smiling Mountain’s ultimate series of exercises, designed to offset some of the weaknesses the corpulent trainer saw in the exercises he devolped earlier in his career. Practicing these holistic exercises strengthens both health and focus.
Stats- +5 to Health and Focus Points

Balance of Nature
To be one with your art, it must be your entire world, your only focus. But to lose yourself in that world is also a serious failing. If you balance the needs of your art with the needs of your inner self, you can achieve true transcendence and clarity of mind.
Stats- +5 Chi and +9 Focus

Belly of Iron
A series of exercises devolped by smiling Mountain. Those who learn and use his Belly of Iron techniques learn to take blows better, giving them more stamina in combat. The strain of using these exercise can slightly reduce a warriors ability to channel their chi.
Stats: +3 Hit points -1 to Chi

Boar’s Strength
The boar is a surprisingly cunning and rsourceful opponeent when encountered in the wild. Even the msot experiene hunter can fall prey to it if he does not watch himself. The boar uses its natural sterngth and weight in battle. Learn from the lessons the boar can teach, and you will prove more difficult for your opponents to overcome.
Stats- +1 to Strength, -3 to Spot checks

Bone Splinter
The battle against the elder horse demon that followe dyou out of the gateway in Dirge, a splinter off its learing skull-like visage became lodged under the skin of your forearm. It causes you no pain or irritation, and it seems that some measure of the magic that sustained the elder beast has come with it.
Stats- +2 to Mind Checks, 10 extra hit points

Chaotic Strains
played by Skilled hands, the Zither of Discord can attune the chaos in a person’s soul, making one stronger and better able to walk the Way of the Closed Fist. Every so often you catch a hint of music carried on the breeze to remind you of this ancient artifact.
Stats- +2 to Fortitude Saves and Will Saves, Closed Fist Only

Cleansed Body and Mind
Once a body has been purified in the correct manner, with all the forces and pressures of the body in proper balance, one will find one’s strengths greatly increased and more able to resist the hardship of life and the mind clearer, more ready to adapt.
Stats- +2 to all Saves, +5 hit points

Clear Mind
A clear mind can see truly where a clouded one cannot. Removing the imbalances from the body that distract the mind can greatly increase one’s clarity and focus. This new thoughtfulness will make an individual seem slightly distracted to those who do not understand.
Stats: 1 to Perception, +1 to Spirit
Communication of the Dragon
With the Five Meditation wheels of Dirge spinning as you meditated, you soon realized that, like the amulet, the wheels were merely a training tool. You feel closer to understanding the nature of the Water Dragon than before, and with that understanding comes power. How you choose to use it remains to be seen.
+1 to Spirit

Communion of the Ocean
The Spirit Monks have long used the meditation wheels lining the entryways of Dirge’s inner temples to aid their meditations. Three of the wheels spun freely during your meditations, and your spirit feels more in tune with your heritage as a result.
Stats: + 10 Chi, Spirit Monk only

Conditioning of the Body
The Lithe grace of any serious physical artist, be they dancer or martial artist, belies the strnght of their body. Through their arts, all fat and useless muscles burned away, leaving only the hard muscles beneath .
Stats- +1 to Con, -2 to Charm

Craftsman’s Litany
Many Craftsmen repeat litanies in their heads while they work, the repition helping them focus. A warrior who has learned the power of such exercises can adapt their meditative nature to the battlefied with much the same result
stats- +5 focus.

Deadened Nerves
Lotus Assassins often use a techinque common to many martial arts, but in their fanatacism, they take it to an extreme. They beat their body continuously, first with ropes, then with wooden sticks, then finally with iron rods, until their bodies are completely dead to the pain. They can resist all manners of physical attacks, but focusing so intently on the physical does little for the spirit.
Stats- Immunity to non magical pain effects, -1 to Wisdom and Spirit.

Duchess of Ulmsbottom’s Rules of Engagement
A worn copy of the Dutchess of Ulmsbottom’s Rules of Engagement. A leather-bound book, its cover emblazoned with two silhouettes of musketeers aiming large blunderbusses at each other in an upright stance. While virtually incomprehensible, some of the diagrams provide excellent examples of the ways in which wars and battle should never be fought.
Stats- 3 extra weapon skills

Eye of Inner Darkness
Looking out fro mthe void inside, the place in which the spirit resides, is a person’s inner eye. A person at peace with their inner self gains great power and strength of mind from this eye.
Stats- +4 to all Will saves.

Fearsom Visage
Trianing as a Lotus assassin takes it tole. A Lotus Assassin sometimes deliberately deforms himself to present a more disturbing visage to his opponents and instill fear in his foe.s
stats- -2 to Charm, +4 to intimidation

Fitness of the Upright Gentleman.
A worn copy of Fitness for the Upright Gentleman, a manual of regimented condition. This small leather bound book with the outline of a man in some strange fighting style on the cover contains radical exercises that offer alternative training methodologies that allow you to fight in strength.
Stats- +1 to BAB

Friends in High Places
You have helped Princess Sun Lian see that her father is beind the Empire’s troubles. Whatever happens, you will always have an ally in court, an asset that cannot help but buoy your spirit.
Stats- +2 to Composure

Gaze of the Lion
A masterful hunter, the lion must always be aware of the totality of its domain and be ready to protect it. You feel a kinship with the might predator after solving the riddle left by the old master of Two Rivers.
Stats- +2 to Perception and Cunning

Guardian’s Strenght
The Guardian, Chai Ka, has regained control over Wild Flower from the demon Ya Zhen. He is grateful for all that you have done both for him and the girl, and he lends his strength and wisdom against the troubles to come.
Stats- +2 to Stamina Checks

Hawk’s Elegance
As brittle and as elegant as they may be, a bird must have a keen mind to adapt and make use of its surroundings. This constant attention to detail is a sign of one who focuses more on one’s mind than on one’s body. The mind is as powerful as any other.
Stats- -2 to BAB, +1 to intelligence.

Heaven Mantra
This meditativve technique was once the exclusive possession of the Spirit Monk order. They taught their monks its secret, giving them uncompromising power over spirits and lesser creatures through their arts. This meditation, performed daily, focuses the spirit and unlocks hidden potential with an individual.
Stats- You gain an extra 4 general skill points

Hunter’s Spirit
Know yourself, and you can know your prey. By knowing your own limitations, you can surpass yourself, see the limitations in others, and gain true power flowing from your spirit outwards into the world. A keen mind and a keen spirit are both the mark of a master hunter.
Stats- +2 to Reflex saves.

Legacy of Death’s Hand
Death’s Hand’s training in incessant and brutal. It admits no failure, and no one who fails will survive it. But at its core, its aims is to improve the student. His methods may be inhuman, but for those who can survive, twisted enlightenment awaits.
Stats- Immunity to Fear

Legacy of Master Li
Master Li’s training techniques have been passed down for all of his students. Some learn better than others and see the greater pattern present within each of his smaller teachings. Each of these minor lessions builds on the others, teaching a student to focus his mind and learn from his surroundings constantly. The lesson of perception maybe be Master Li’s greatest goal.
Stats- +1 to Perception.

Lessons of the Forge
Smiling Mountains trianing sessions in Two Rivers can teach valuable lessions. Standing one’s ground against increasing numbers of students helps young warriors learn to pace themselves and last longer in battles. As metals are carefully folded to make them stronger still, so are those students who have learned the lessons of the forge.
Stats- 1 extra wound point.

Few possess the nerve to stand up to a member of the Imperial family. Fewer still survive such impertinence. The fierce determination you showed when dealing with the Princess and her delicate entourage will service you just as well on the battlefield.
Stats- +2 to Insult and Intimidation.

Manual of Trepanation.
This manual outlines the step by step process for drilling hole in the skull that will, in theory, reliease pressure on the braining, allowing the mind to expand and work more efficiently. Since the treatement goes against the science understood by the Jade Empire’s physicians, you assume that this is a metaphor for deeper mysteries. Your reflection upon the myriad possibilities presented by such a strange procedure has brought you more in turn with your own spirit.
Stats- +2 Bonus to Awareness

Mastering Evil
This technique is granted only to those who are willing to harm others for their own befit, particularly in a very brutal manner. After all, your interests come before that of other people.
Stats: +1 to Strength

Mind of Steel
Mental exercises that tests the memory and quickness of thought, Smiling Mountain’s Mind of Steel techniques can help warriors better focus in battle. The time spent honing the mind can have the side effect of slightly weakening one’s body, however.
Stats: loss of a hit point, +1 to Dexterity.

Mother’s Touch
Despite their tiny stature, thecannibals of Pilgrim’s Rest Inn possess surprising strength and resilience. Their connection with the ancient beast known as The Mother has made them strong, and they have rewarded your aid with a scroll that granted a light touch of magic that effects them. There’s no chance you will end up twisted like those creatures, but you do have occasional carving for meat.
Stats- +2 to Escape Artist and Hide

Porcelain Skin
A clear complexion is the hallmark of a healthy attraction individal. By correctly balancing the forces within one’s body, one can improve one’s outwards apperance. Suchvanity does true enlightenment no favors.
Stats- +2 to Persuasion, -1 Disguise.

Predatory Intuition
To find a beast, one msut understand the beast and how it thinks. This applies to humans just as with the lesser animals. Learning this makes a warrior more intuitive, but it lessens inner harmony.
Stats- +2 to Stealth, -2 to Composure and and Mediate

Replenishment of the Mind
These techniques of the ancient Spirit Monks teach to enhance the mind by focusing one’s chi. By focusing on the ebb and flow of one’s chi, one can strengthen one’s mind and gain greater mastery over one’s chi.
Stats- +7 more Chi, +4 to Mediate

Rote of the Endless Mind
The Rote is a method of cleansing the mind and body, focusing the power of the inner self through your thoughts and actions. One who practices this technique frequently gains inner strength and clarity of purpose.
Stats- +2 to Charm and Speechcraft

Scales of the Serpent
your study of carefully kept notes penned by Kai Lan the Serpent has led you to an understanding of his techniques. His notes outline a series of postures and form designed to make the user tougher and more intimidating. The postures likely explained his success in seizing controls of the Imperial Arena.
Stats: +1 to Composure, +2 to Charm, +3 to Intimidation
Snake Mantra
The snake is a creature of cunning and intelligence. It is not large or powerful as the others are, but when it stirkes it is no less deadly. The way of the snake is the way of inner power. Followers strengthen their minds, wit, and inner power of their spirit.
Stats- +2 to Influence
Spiritual Sacrifice
Your sacrifice for Mad Wen’s daughter left a small hole in your spiritual potential, and you can feel the loss of energy. Whenever you exert yourself magically, somewhere, a little girl walks free and alive because you were selfless, and the tiny dent in your chi is a constant reminder that anyone worthwhile is worth the sacrifice.
Stats: -2 to hit points, good character only, you can bring a person who just died (like 30 seconds ago) back to life if you are willing to take on this weakness.

Strength of Wood
An ancient technique that strengthens a warrior’s body until his skin becomes as tough as wood. While the skin looks unchanged, it is tougher and more resilient than normal.
Stats- +2 to Fortitude Saves

Structured Body
Intense training can result in more than a healthy physique. With an understanding of the body’s subteties one also realizes that slight shifts of weight and changes of stances can give one’s arguments more force.
Stats- +1 to Persuasion, Haggle, and Sincerity

Swallow’s Grace
A Dancer must learn to glide as softly and as delicately as a small bird, flitting from here to there. Many find this behavior fascinating but mysterious.
Stats- +1 to Charm, Speechcraft, and Composure, -1 to Sincerity

The Broken Wheel
The last remnant of the Emperor’s invading force have been torn from the cycle of rebirth and their spirits are lost for all time. Regardless of whether these soldiers deserved such a cruel fate or note, you have harnessed the tattered shreds of their spirits to your purposes.
Stats- +2 to Mind Checks

The Path of the Monk
The Road walked by the monk is one of outward tranquilty and inward struggle. A warrior’s life is denial of peace by its very nature, and yet there are those who have found calm in the shifting tides of battles. Collection of ancients techniques, those who understand the Path of the Monk are remarkably adept at channeling their chi.
Stats- Regeneration 10

Path of the Scholor
The heavens Smile upon those who pursue knowledge, but the battle also favors he of the quick mind. The Path of the Scholar is a codified-and cross indexed-series of meditation and exercises designed to hone one’s thoughts. No opponent inspires more fear than one who not only knows what you willd do next, but also possesses the speed to counter your strikes with ease.
Stats: Damage Reduction 12

The Path of the Warrior
There are those who test themselves with combat, and then there are those who walk the Path of the Warrior. Those who have practiced these ancients techniques- codified over millennia- are possessed of inhuman resilience.
Stats- 100 extra hit points.
The Perfected Warrior
An ancient technique taught only to the finest champions in the Jade Empire, the Perfected Warrior technique serves to focus an already razor-sharp mind and condition an already powerful body to the heights of perfection. Your undefeated rise to the rank of Imperial Champion prove that you deserve to be among the elite few who have ever learned this technique.
Stats- +3 to any one stat of your choice.

The River of Time
Life is made of many details, many facets of being. A person in tune with his surrounding may eel the subtle vibration each thing makes as its fate passed nearby. By being attentive to these influences, one can not only become closer to one’s own fate but may begin to see glimpses of other’s as well.
Stats- +4 to Awareness

The Turning Wheel
The last Remnants of the Emperor’s cursed army have dispersed from Dirge and yet you can still hear the whispers of thanks on the winds. Far from a distraction, they serve as a reminder of the tasks ahead, and makes it all the easier to steel your will.
Stats- +2 to Composure and Concentration

Theories of Medicine
Mad Wen Zhi learnd much in his quest to save his daughter. While his medical knowledge may not be direclty applicable, the genius that when into his research has not been lost on you. By examination of his methods, you can better tailor your own, giving your mind much greater Focus.
Stats- +4 to Concentration

Tiger Mantra
The Tiger relies on strength and speed. It is a symbol of passion and power. In the tiger lies the utmost physical ability of an individual. By dedicating yourself to the tiger, you strengthen your body along with your mind
stats- +2 to Acrobatic and any knowledge of your choice.

Tracking Eye
To track a beast in the forest, one must have keen eyes that catch every movement and track it undeterred by distraction. The Tracking Eye is that technique. Following it, one can gain much greater Focus, but it is disconcerting to others.
Stats- +4 to Track and Survival Checks, but -2 to Charm

Vigorous Body
The Body is a harbor for many poisons and toxins that accumulate within. Without the proper steps to release these poisons, the boyd can become slow and sluggish. By clearing these and allowing the blood to flow more freely, a person can become much more vigorous. This new rush of health has a slight disrupting effect on that person’s chi.
Stats- +1 to Fortitude, -4 Chi points

Viper’s Wit
A sharp wit and mind are key to winning the hearts of people. Too many believe that looks and strength alone rule the day, and they neglect to realize that a mind will always triumph. One’s wit and skill must strike like a snake, taking the opponent by surprise.
Stats- +1 to Initiative

Warrior of the Infinite Spirit
The Spirit knows no bounds. One who is great in spiritie is destined to achieve great thigns. One who knows his own spirit and uses it accordingly can often shape the world around him to his desires. Warriors of this path seeks to become one with their spirit, choosing their own destinies.
Stats- 10 extra focus and Chi

Warrior of the Inner Eye
The inner eye, the eye within the midn, sees much. There is nothing that cannot be understood by a clear mind and a pure spirit. Warrior of this path seek to rid themselves of all distractions, focus on their arts, and perfect the clarity of their mind.
Stats- +2 to Perception and Craft

Warrior of the Unyielding Heart
The body is the final arbiter of any choice. Our destinies are made in this world that our desetinies are made, and warriors of this path seek to strengthen their bodies by any means. Through courage and strength ,they seek out their place as set out by heaven.
Stats- +1 to any stat of their choice.

Wind to the Abyss
The spirit is endless. The depths one can sink too is limitless. If one looks inside, they will see nothing but themselves. Inner strength, the strength of the spirit, comes from this limitless inner void.
Stats: +1 to Spirit, -1 to Charisma.


Techniques (Jade Empire)

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