Targe Shield


Aeducan Family Shield
This shield has been pitted and scarred by the claws of countless darkspawn, but the ancient seal of House Aeducan can still be clearly seen. This shield is traditionally worn by the second of the Aeducan’s second son. The Mark of the Warrior House Saelac is engraved on the inner face beside the mark of the Smith House Almas.
Stats- This +5 Targe gives +1 to Constitution and Strength, 9 extra guard, and allows the wielder deal 4 extra damage against darkspawn.
User- Gorim

Branka’s Shield
Paragon Branka made this for her own use in the Deep Roads. It is marvelously lightweight, as if made from cloth instead of metal. The seal of House Branka appears on the face.
Stats- This +7 weightless Targe is +9 against Darkspawn, lets you deal 2 extra damage against beasts and 4 extra damage against darkspawn.
User: Brogan Dace

Dead Coat of Arms
A shield bearing the heraldic marks of a house with no living heirs, this last symbol of their line now repurposed and meaningless, and so a symbol of the Chantry has been painted over it.
Stats- This +3 Targe gives +1 to Constitution and allows Rage regeneration 2

Shield of the Dead Legion
Through blued and hardened, there is a subtle reflection on the reverse of this shield. While it may be raised against the world, the bearer can’t escape his own visage and what is owed.
Stats- This +4 Targe gives the wielder a +5 to all mental stats, which becomes +10 if against Darkspawn (including the Blight).

This shield was crafted for a templar sent to capture a famous maleficar. The templar died, and the shield was lost.
Stats- This +6 Targe gives 8% magice resistance, +4 to will, damage reduction 5, and lets you deal an extra 6 damage vs. Maleficar (the class)


Targe Shield

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