Swords (Zelda)


The Master Sword: This +5 Holy Long Sword is able to damage Divine Creatures normally. It can be upgraded to a +7 Sword (only then does it gain the divine property). This weapon is absurd.

The Great Fairy Sword: This +6 Holy Bastard Sword gives the user immunity to curses and can cut through magical reduction. It is considered Epic

BigGoron Sword: This +7 Two Hand Sword is considered Epic.

Gilded Sword: THis +5 Short Sword is considered Epic

Giant’s Knife: This odd weapon acts as +7 Two Handed Sword only makes 4 hits before breaking. The broken bit can still be used as a +1 short Sword

Kokori Sword: This + 3 Long Knife can only be used by good people.

Razor Sword: This Short Sword works as a +5 for 100 hits, and then it breaks to what ever form it started out as.

The Seashell Sword: This +5 Broad Sword counts as epic and automatically ignores the first 5 points of hardness

Noble Sword: This +5 Longsword has the odd ability that allows the user, when at full health, to shoot lasers which deal damage as if you had been hit by the blade in melee (No strength bonus). Only works at full health, though certain rings means that this can work if you have only lost a single hit point, and one tiger scroll means this can work if you only have a single hit point.

Tempered Sword: This +5 Holy Longsword also fires a beam attack, though its beam only does 1D8 damage

Golden Sword: This +6 Holy Great Sword fires a beam attack that does 1D10 damage

The White Sword: This + 3 Short Sword allows the user to case “Create Illusionary Copy” if they take three rounds to charge. The copy can’t fight or do damage, but can help push objects or switches

Hero’s Sword: This +1 Holy Gladius makes you immune to fear

Phantom Sword: This +5 Broad Sword is notable because of the fact that it is spirit bane, counting as a +7 sword against spirits and can even kill Guardian Phantoms, which people though were immortal.

The Four Sword: This Sword on its own is “just” a +4 Long Sword…which lest you split yourself into 4 separate people (each bearing a +1 sword)

THe PIcori Blade: This sword only exists in conjunction with the Four Sword, the sword works as a +4 Sword for the 4 sub parts.

The Practice Sword: This +5 Wooden Sword….is a plus 5 Wooden Sword.


Swords (Zelda)

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