Small Shield


Tiernon Sundered Shield
This enchanted shield looks like it was punched by a giant, though to its credit, it has not only managed to stay intact, but also managed to retain some of its original magical protections. Its surface bears the maker’s mark, ‘Tiernon”, and the symbol of a dented helm—though it is hard to tell whether the helm was intended to be dented or whehter the impact of the giant’s first marred the symbols.
Stats- This +2 Small Shield has a 3% chance to let you ignore blunt damage.

Waukeen’s Defender
A number of these shield can be found in Waukeenar temples throughout Feaerun. The church crafts these shields to sell to enterprising adventures. In exchange for the powers of the device, the bearer is required to keep the front of the shield uncovered and in its original state. If the owner does not comply, the shield’s powers fails. In this way, dozens of adventurers walk the realms bearing the golden face of Waukeen on their arm.
Stats: This +3 small shield gives you +2 to saving throws and 10% magic resistance

This small shield was created as a gift from the leader of Clan Battlehammer to one of his trusted servants. The servant, Wurdar Stoutbrew, protected the clan leader’s family from being killed and eaten by yeti. Wurdar wore the shield proudly for ten years before he was killed by orcs in the Spine of the World. His sacrifice allowed a few key members of the Battlehammer clan to escape to safety. Combined with the icon of Clan Battlehammer, the shield’s abilities have been further enhanced.
Stats- +2 to AC against Melee attacks, if upgraded gives 10 extra hit points, +1 to strength.

Deckhand’s Defense
Shields such as this one are often carried by honest deckhands plying their trade in trouble shipping lanes. The first sign of an impending pirate attack is often the sudden volley of arrows from a passing ship.
Stats- This +1 Small Shield is +3 vs. Piercing

Dwarven Mirth
Among the dwarven people, the father of all bards was the master Talesmith Simeron Steelhammer. Well-versed in his people’s history and lore, he traveled extensively, spreading tales of their culture and achievements. Near the end of his long life, he returned one last time to his home in the Great Rift. From every lintel hung a version of this shield, commissioned by his clansmen to commemorate his homecoming
Stats- This +1 small shield gives +2 to Charisma

Hearth Shield
These famous shields, crafted by the dwarves of the Western Heartlands, are so called because they make even the fiercest blast of heat seem as comfortable and tolerable as a cozy hearth
Stats- This +3 shield gives fire resistance 15

This small shield proudly bears the mark of Luiren, homeland of the strongheart Halfling. While few people think of halflings as possessing any real military traditions, the Luiren folk maintain well-organized militias led by the local clergy and supported with powerful divine magic. This shield is likely belonged to an ordinary Luiren soldier who fell in defense of his homeland.
Stats- This +2 Small Shield gives damage reduction 5

Shield of the Watch
This shield originates in the faraway Shaar, in the armory of a fighting brigade called ‘The Watch’. A group of warrior wemics, the goals of these half men, half lions were never fully disclosed. They were involved in extensive trading of weapons for information, however, and neighboring communities of the region learned to fear and avoid them. Distrust of these group may have been justified, as several nomadic human tribes of the regions did disappear over time.
Stats- This +1 shield is +2 against women.

Shield of the Wisp Hunter
Soggy Nurkel, legendary hero of th gnomes, is said to have lost himself, while chasing swampland toad as a child. As the night fog settled in, will-o-wisp lured him this way and that through the dark swamp. Outsmarting them, however, he wove a magic shield from the marsh reeds, crushing them with it as he sneaked up on them through the mists. Replicas are made every ten-year as part of the festivities celebrating his life
Stats- This +2 Small Shield gives Electrical resistance 10, +4 against Will-o-wisps
Reflection Shield
Thought only a decoration from some forgotten festhall, this shield languished in the backroom of a shop until a young noble purchased it as parade armor. Its dormant enchantments were discovered when a later attempt on his life was foiled as the shield reflected each attack back at the would be assassins. Subsequent study has linked it to Myth Rhynn, or perhaps some other ancient excavation
Stats- This +1 small shield will reflect missile weapons.

Shield of Harmony
Audn of the Field, Knight-Champion for the wizard Kekkim, carried this shield for most of his life. It protects the bearer from most forms of mind control, a benefits for a wizards who needed warrior allies to stay faithfully at his side. Both Kekkim and Audn have long since returned to the earth, leaving the shield to whomever might recover it from Kekkim’s tower
Stats- This +2 small shield gives immunity to charm, confusion, domination and hold person

The forgotten shield
Despite the effectiveness of the enchantments on this shield, it is otherwise nondescript and defies precise identification. Such standardization makes it likely that it is from the militia of osme forgotten barony, though it is hard to be certain
Stats- This +2 small shield gives immunity to Lightning Bolt.


Small Shield

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