Teneraad’s Sickle
A design easily traceable to Teneraard Treekin, hunter turned blacksmith turned ranger. He spent years making tools for servants of nature, eventually taking them up himself, but he never truly felt accepted in the role. His efforts, while admirable, were born of memories of his father standing over a Cloakwood stag, a species that was eventually hunted to extincition
Stats- This+1 Sickle gives a +1 to AC, Doge, and Strength

Sickle of Holy Mourning
This sickle is a pure weapon, crafted by hand careful to let nothing despoil the process of creation. A number of these items were made in memory of fallen heroes, though no specific individual was named. They seem to honor a higher concept instead, and each weapon is a tribute to those who fell unremembered and gave their lives in good faith hoping their sacrifice would mean something.
Stats- This +2 sickle counts as +5 against undead and gives the extra feat Extra Turning.

Thomas Alvanthorn led the Circle of Flame, a group of druids dedicated to the use of fire as a tool to replenish the forests. Their actions often led them into direct opposition with other, more traditional druids, who strive to keep the forest free of flames. Still Alvanthorn preservers and many druids wield his Renewal sickles, spreading both flame and the cause
Stats- This +3 sickle deals an extra 2d6 fire damage, and gives Fire Resistance 10.

Golden Sickle
In recent years, powerful druids have quit their groves and begun searching for the golden sickle. Once considered merely a legend, rumors say that the weapon has reappeared in the realms. Having been hidden by the goddess Chauntea, many centuries ago, no one knows what its return might portend. A prophet of the druids claims that the one to bear the Golden Sickle will restore balance to Faerun.
Stats- This +8 sickle gives a bonus spell slot for levels 0-4 and gives a +5 Animal Empathy
Blightbringer Lineage
The product of a summoning gone awry, the Blightbringer was a demonic creature unleashed in the Chondalwood centuries ago. Slain at great cost, the spot where it fell remained tained for years, twisting anything that took root there. These abominations were meticulously removed and destroyed by local druids, and while the area eventually did return to normal, the tool used to tend it were corrupted over time, resulting in the sickles now called Blightbringer Lineage.
Stats- This +1 Sickle is +2 against good, if it hits disease DC-14

Blacksoul Sickle
Normally sickles are associated with druidic pursuits, but these items are dark and sinister, and would hardly have belonged to a neutral man, or women of the wood. Blacksoul Sickles speak of nighttime ritual and evil intent, and that is proably why their creator remains anonymous.
Stats- This +6 Sickle gives 2 Vampiric Regeeneration. If upgraded it is a +10 keen sickle that deals 2d6 extra damage.

Ankle Cutter
In the chaotic melee of a boarding action, there’s nothing some pirates like better than a small hook for sweeping people’s feet out from under them.
Stats- This +1 sickle inflicts knockdown.



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