Dhaliri’s Scimitar
Dhaliri was a remarkably unrenowned druids, until he befriended the mage Ashell. Ashell was everything Dhaliri wasn’t, loud, boisterous and outgoing. Many believed this was the main reason that the two were great friends. On Dhaliri’s 25th birthday, Ashell presented him with a newly enchanted version of his weapon. The scimitar now glows with a pale blue light and seemed lighter and faster than ever before. It is unknown how this weapon came to be in the Dale.
Stats- This +1 Scimitar deals 1D6 extra cold damage, makes you immune to finger of death, and 50% chance of inflicting 1D3 extra cold damage

Vorpal Scimitar
This scimitar radiates a dark aura when you examine it. The blade is so finely sharpened it could likely server a head in a single blow.
Stats- This +3 Scimitar has a 20% chance to behead the foe.

Talon of the Glomfrost
This weapon was fashioned by her hands, guided by the dwarf, Tiernon. Forge from ice taken from the walls of the Gloomfrost, this blade has taken some of the glacier and some of your strength into it, creating a formidable weapon. Though made of ice, the weapon is only slightly cold to the touch and does not melt, even when exposed to the hottest flames.
Stats-+4 Scimitar gives 10% fire and cold resistance, Storm Shell 1/day, 15 chance of Entangle

The Lucy Scimitar
This weapon was used by a well-known Zakharan gambler named Kadan Ibn-Kadur. It is believed that the blade helped Kadan win many foolish bets that should have lost. Kadan parted with the weapon, however, when he crossed paths with the infamous Nido Ochita Inazuma in western Faerun. Inazuma was the son of a Gormyrean knight and a Kara-Turian with Inazuma-once whn she learned she had conceived, and against immediately before she gave birth. Legends says that Inazuma was born on the edge of the Fateful Coin, the mystical method by which Tymora and Beshada decided whether a person will have good or bad luck throughout his or her life. Sages believe that Inazuma’s coin landed on the edge, making him immune to the effects of weal and woe. When he came across Kadan and his scimitar, it was only a matter of time before the Zakharan gambled his scimitar and his life into Inazuma’s hands.
Stats: This +2 Scimitar grants constant Luck, can cast luck 1/day

Cradle of Mielikki
A lesser-known weapon, historically only used by rangers serving Mielikki, this blade has a very humble and simple background. The Cradle of Mielikki was originally blessed by a triumvirate of druids for a ranger named Kell pathwalker. Kell led a peaceful life, fending off the occasional orc or goblin who might wander into his land. When he died of old age, the druids had no one to pass the blade on to. The oldest of them, Bimon, held onto the scimitar, but never used it in battle. When Bimon and his associates left their groves for an extended period of times, a wandering mercenary robbed the hollow tree of its riches. He carried the scimitar north to the Spine of the World, where he died of exposure.
Stats- +1 Scimitar Sonic Resistance 10

This legendary blade was wielded for a short time by the warrior Ilban of Elturel. It is from his exploits in Calimshan that the weapon gained its name. Before Ilban, however, valiant was in the possession of a holy slayer from distant Zakhara. According to sages, the light sword was crafted to serve an order of assassins. Valiants’s owners survived through many incredible ordeals, mostly because of the magic of the weapon. The weapon was lost in Calimshan when a holy slayer pursued a pasha’s blasphemous agents to Calimport. The scimitar remained in the hands of Baris cabal for about a dozen years before the band was broken up by Ilban and his companions. Ilbans exploits took Valiant into battle against sandmen, giant scorpions, desert raiders, evil sorcerers and the demonic servants of Celan Harad.
Stats- This +2 scimitar gives an extra attack per round.

Frost Brand
The history of this scimitar is unkonw, but the mystery of how a desert weapon had a frost enchantment is worth considering.
Stats- This +3 scimitar deals 1D10 extra frost damage on critical hits.

Scimitar of the Souless
In honor of Iyachtu Xvim, Madae had one of her most skilled weapon smiths create a replica of Iyachtu Xvim’s scimitar, the Scimitar of Souls and call it the Scimitar of the Souless. When it was complete, it was put into the hands of Iyachu Ixvim statues, in the hopes that if one day he would Materalize as one of his avatars, he would use the weapon she made for him in battle. She will be waiting a long, long time. The mainstay weapon of Iyacthu Xvim, the Scimitar of Souls has the power to literally suck the life out from its victims, as does this replica. Its large, black polished blade is serrated on the blacks side of its curve, wraps around the lethal tip and etches its jagged way one quarter the blade’s length down the sharpened side. The brutal looks and size of the finely forged Scimitar of the Souless compliments Iyachu Xvim’s foreboding presence and intimating scowl. In the hands of of his avatar even the copy of the original sword would yield the dark god an immense advantage in battle-let along if a mortal would wield it.
Stats- This +5 Shamshir casts Dispel magic on target, can inflict Energy Drain on a target (-2 to attack and damage, -10 hit points, -4 to fortitude saves), 25% to inflict an extra 2d6 acid damage

Caernach’s Silver Sickle (Scimitar)
The arch-druid Caernach was known to carry a good many enchanted items, most of which he crafted with his own hands. Most famous were his boots, “Breath of Life” which left flowers and tiny saplings sprouting from the earth where Caernach strode. Still the arch-druid’s “lesser possessions” were nothing to scoff at- take for instance, his silver sickle, fashioned to gather sacred misteltoe and the heads of eneomeis aliek. This unisual weapon is actually a cross between a sickle and proper sword, resembling a scimitar more than anything else. Both the oaken haft and silver blade are engraved with decorative swirls and patterns. Once per day, the sickle may be used to scratch a small circle into the earth, digging in the spot will reveal a handful of healing berries just beneath the soil’s surface.
Stats- This +3 Mambele can case Good berry 1/day

Scimitar of Khumash-Gor
It was said that Khumash-Gor wielded it while leading his armies, and that it was buried along with him. Nobody would dare to search for it however, since it was also said that Khumash-Gor would destroy anyone trying to steal it from him. The scimitar was found by the Avatar in the Shrine of the Ancient Ones, where Khumash-Gor’s tomb was located. True to the legends, Khumash-Gor appeared and attacked the Avatar, who was able to employ the spell Grant Peace to banish him from Pagan, leaving only his weapon behind.
Stats- This +5 Great Scimitar deals an extra 1D8 damage to non evil creatures.

The Frostbrand
This weapon has an unknown history but seems to have accomplished some great deed in the past.
+3 scimitar, +3 to defense, and speed of 1
This enchanted scimitar bearst the mark of Taka Kobe, honored swordsmith of Kara-Tur, though how it came to be here is unknown. Perfectly balanced, it affords quick recovery in combat and even allows the wielder time for an additional attack.
Stats- this +2 scimitar gives you an extra attack per round and does an extra point of damage.
Water’s Edge
The blade of this weapon seems to shimmer, revealing a fluid razor edge. Truly there was a skill involved in its construction, as well as a blessing or two from some well-meaning eye above, en through the hilt is comparatively almost clumsily adorned. Drawing on the necromancy of the Skull of the Lich, Spectral Brand is now an instrument of unholy death that should never have been unleashed upon the Realms.
Stats- +3 scimitar that gives you a +3 to defense.
Rashad’s Talon’
This blade has traveled far since the forging from the shores of the Shining Sea, though documentation is sketchy because of the mundane nature of the item. Such weapon are considered common place among the rich elite of the far south., and are of little consequence to the historians of the rea. This attitude is incomprehensible to a citizen of the Sword Coast, where people routinely die for items of equal or lesser enchantment. This particularly blade maybe have belonged to a wealthy vizar, or perhaps attendants.
Stats- +2 Scimitar
Spectral Brand
Legend has it that the souls of those who fall beneath this dark blade are forever enslaved, and can be summoned to fight invisibily at the side of the very one who defended them
Stats- +4 Scimitar, each hit deals 1d4 cold damage and provides +4 to defense with a speed of 1. Once per day it can summon a spectral blade that will fight for the music dealing 1d8 +3 for 4 rounds. If combined with the Skull of the Lich it becomes a +5 scimitar that gives the wielder protection from negative energy. 1/day armor piercing strike which can lower the enemies defense by 10 for three rounds.

Desert Wind
If Rumors of Calimshite ancestry are true, then this scimitar is likely the product of the genies that founded the city long ago. All of the raging heat of the desert seems to be captured within the blade of the sword. Tales of enemies surrendering after merely scratch only seem true once one has tasted the blistering pain the Desert Wind causes wit ha wound.
Stats- This +8 Scimitar deals an extra 2D6 fire damage and maximizes pain.

Laughing Blade
It is doubtful the victim of a Laughing Blade finds anything humorous about it. These items were created by master illusionist Daniel Suther, who wanted an interesting twist the hedge maze he built. Several automaton were equipped with the weapons and heros accepting his challenged had to battle them, the maze, and their own senses. Suther was eventually jailed after several deaths on his estate.
Stats- This +2 scimitar deals an extra point of cold damage 50% chance of confusion 2 rounds (DC 14)

Prize of the Ocean Strider
Folk legends claim that this blade once belonged to an Ocean strider until the mighty fey was outwitted by a resourceful druid named Sariah Badgerriver
Stats- This +1 scimitar deals an extra 1D6 slashing damage, Druid only

Scimitar of Speed
This magic scimitar bears the mark of Taka Kobe, an honored swordsmith of Kara-Tur whose work ahs traveled the world in the hands of adventurers for quite some time now. Each of his blades is a masterful perfectly balanced creation, and they are highly prized by collectors and combatants alike
Stats- This +1 hasted scimitar deals an extra 1D6 sonic damage

Shimmering Blade
Known blades of this configuration are traceable to the armory of Daavid Ali Fazeer, a merchant of renown 50 years ago. He claim to have acquired these weapons aboard a drifting ghost ship, a vessel that sank soon after he found it, though he refused to state whether its crew achieved their ghosts status before or after he arrived on the scene
Stats- This +2 scimitar gives a +5 parry bonus.

Ula’s heart
When the smithy guild of Endrab refused to admit Ula on the basis of her gender, she challenged their best weaponsmith to a contest to see who could forge a finer sword. She toiled for weeks, her worship busy day and night, until she produced a flawless, beautiful scimitar. Enraged that a ‘mere’ women should best him, the guildsman hired assassins to do away with her. Ula’s story has since inspired many more women to take up her profession, and make many copies of Ula’s famous blade. This is one such copy.
Stat- This +2 keen scimitar can inflict fear 50%/2rounds (DC 14), immunity to fear.



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