Scale Mail


Black Swan Armor
The armor was made by the dwarven smith Karador and an elven enchanter known as Elameth of Five Trees. During the time of cooperation between the Hand of the Seldarine and Dorn’s Deep, many wondrous items were produced. This suit of armor was one of them Exceptionally light and beautiful, the armor was originally worn by a female elven marshal in the Severed Hand, which is why the orcs didn’t take it when they sacked the towers. The armor was later stolen from the Hand by Maiden Ilmadia.
Stats- This +1 Light Plate Mail, +1 to Charisma, 10% Elemental Resistance

Bathed in Blood
Kheros the Red wore this blood-red suit of plate mail through many of the years he fought for the church of Tempus. He was born as the son of humble farmers near Calaunt. When he was a young man, he set off for the city to hire himself out as a mercenary. After a number successful endeavors, Kheros became a short-term member of many adventuring companies. Along the way, despite his many victories, Kheros became disguised and terrified by the sight of blood. His fear eventually spiraled out of control, consuming him with madness. Priest of Tempus found the huge warrior, and took him into safe-keeping. The priests believed they could cure Kheros of his fear. Over several years, Kheros learned the ways of the Tempuran religion, eventually becoming a priest. His final step in overcoming his fear was being submerged in a tub of blood until he almost drowned. All the time he was held down, he never struggled, flinched, or tried to escape. In his later years, he had a suit of armor made to remind him of his past.
Stats: This +5 Medium Plate Mail gives you Spell Resistance 10

Shadow Armor
Upon Closer look at this suit of plate mail, its metal seems to e in a corporeal state, hence its shadowed look. Upon being worn, it will make the wearer appear as shadowed as the armor is. It will also provided extra protection against missile weapons while the wearer is in its shadowed state.
Sats- This +1 Field Plate, +3 against range, lets you hide in shadow normally

Baleful Mail
This armor was crafted in1221 DR by a Duergar smith working for a vengeful priest of Bane amed Alerri of West Waterdeep. During Alerri’s early days in the priesthood, he frequently provoked and attack agents of Sune. Unfortunately for Alerri, Lady Firehair’s folllowers employed charm magic to cease the Banite’s antics. Once he had been charmed, Allerri was commanded to perform all sorts of embarrassing actions in the streets of Waterdeep. After many years, Allerri decided to honor his god of hate by creating a suit of armor that would protect him from charms magic. He communed with the spiritually minions of Bane to discover the materials and rituals necessary for the suit’s creation. Following his master’s instructions, he murdered thirteen married couples and had their weddings rings woven into the hem of the mail. He then killed thirteen elves and bathed in their blood, uttering prayers for thirteen hours. When he was finished, his armor protected him from the magic of the Sunites and filled him with irrepressible hate. Alerri went on a crusade against the agents of Sune, Llira, and Hanall Celanil for three years. His killing spree ended when elven archers and priests of Corellion Larethian laid a trap for him on a road going north from Waterdeep.
Stats: this +3 Plate mail, Immune to Dire Charm, Charm Person, Confrusion, Command, Rigid Thinking, and -2 to Charisma. Not usable by good characters.

Ashen Scales
Instead of metal strips, this armor uses wyvern scales bound to a chain backing by means of a magical fire. The resulting armor is ash grey in color and more flexible than standard splint mail. A ranger, Usher Skacan made this armor after slaying several wyverns that were killing all the deer and elk in his forest.
Stats- This +2 scale mail is half as heavy as normal scale mail.

Black Dragon scale
This armor was crafted by the dwarven smiths and pirest of Clan Battlehammer when one of their own, Bruenhal, led a band of heros in the defat of a black dragon far to the south. Ome dwarve turn up their noses at the though of wearing armor made from the remains of a dragon, but Bruenhal proudly wore the armor until the end of his days.
Stats- This +4 scale mail gives 25% acid resistance and +2 save vs. spells

Ogrien’s Scale
The great barbarian hero Ogien wore this armor during his many legendary conqeusts. Ogien was said to be a bear of a man, taller than his fellow barbarians and a good deal wider. It is said by some of the barbarians that Ogien would wrestle with wolves for amusement, and it is known that he was haunted by a prophecy that he would die ‘under white paws’. When he was killed fighting polar bears on the tundra of Icewind Dale, his armor was buried with him. Despite its power, it is not distinctive in its appearance.
Stats- This +2 scale mail, cast animal rage 3/day

Dragon Scale Armor
Dragon Scale armor is light of weight, strong, and resistant to fire. Because of these properties is much sought after, but finding, let along slaying, a powerful ancient dragon is near impossible. It is usually easier to search for an existing suit such as this one. One should be careful wearing it near dragons however, particularly red ones.
Stats- +3 Scale Mail gives the wielder 50% immunity to fire

Shadow Dragon Scale
This Suit of armor is formed from interlocking shadow dragon scales. Elegant workmanship and practical consideration make this armor both beautiful and useful. The shadow dragon scales grant the wearer extra protection from acid.
Stats- This +6 scale mail counts as leather armor for the purpose of weight, offers 50% resistance to acid.

White Dragon Scale
Not surprisingly, this armor created from the scales of a young White Dragon provides the wearer with protection from cold and ice
Stats- This +6 scale mail gives 50% resistance against cold and has no steal penalty. Finally you can cast Cone of Cold 3/day


Scale Mail

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