Mystra’s Great Robe of Magic
Jerant De’Argis, a follower of Mystra, receive this robe as a gift for saving the village Azropocis, and a collection of other good deeds. Unfortunately, he did not get to enjoy his new gift fro long as he was robbed and killed on his way to Shadowdale. The whereabouts of this robe were previously unknown.
Stats- +3 to AC, +2 to Strength, Con, and Dex.

Namji’s Robe
A wizard from Thesk named Namji was the creator of this powerful robe. While it does not impart a host of magical resistances to the wearer, it is extremely useful for spellcastesr who find themselves in dangerous situations often. Namji himself was a reckless battle wizards who delighted in hurling spells from the midsts of the fray. He was feared for his use of Namji’s Burnings Hands, an adaptations of the common Burnings Hands spell.
Stats- +5 to AC, Regeneration 1

Ogi-Luc’s Great Robe
This robe was fashioned from strong fabric and dyed dark blue, the favorite color of its proud owner, the archmage Ogi-Luc. A sembian by birth, Ogi-Luc was a powerful man, as strong in body as he was in mind. However, Ogi-Luc wasn’t content to merely be strong. He wanted to be exceptionally strong. When he put on these robes, proud men stood aside and braggarts stilled their tongues. For all of Ogi-Luc’s pride and prowess, he was unable to defeat the Red Wizard abjurer Nesk Vhaltim. Nesk took the robes as a prize. They were late stolen and sold by a daring rogue.
Stats- +4 to AC, Increases you strength to 21, +2 to Con.

Robe of Armory
There are a small number of these valuable gold and crimson robes floating around the Realms, and all of them are the creation of an abjurer named Delgam of the Many Hands- so called for his extensive use of the expression ‘on the other hand…’. Delgam eschewed imbuing his items with offensive powers or other miscellaneous magic effects. Instead, he focused on what abjurers tend to focus on: defense. His robes were extremely popular, so much so that mages were coming to him from all over the world to demand that he make more for them. Delgam decided to fade into obscurity rather than cater to packs of power-hungry wizards. His robes are his most well known legacy.
Stats- +3 to Robes, 10% physical resistance.

Necromancer’s Robes
This rob’es plain nature hies the power that the item imparts to its wearer. The Necromancer’s Roebe was previously owned by a wizard from Luskan who was a member of the Host Tower of the the Arcane. He created the item to protect him as he went in search of exotic items for his research. Its power did not save him when he got into an argument with a higher-ranking member of the Plague Rats, an organization of vile thieves and assassins’ in service of Talona. Presio bought the robe from the murderer several years later.
Stats- +2 to AC, 3% magic resistance, +3 on all saves against poison, death magic, and Paralyze.

Shadowed Robe
This robe is made up of some unknown corporeal material that gives its wearer a shadowed look. Besides giving excellent protection, it also provides some resistance against magic.
Stat- +2 to Defense and 15% magic Resistance.

Robes of Agony
These heavy robes were a gift from Siter Calliana for saving the soul of the Voice of Durdel Anatha. They were orgiinally worn by a repentant evil sorcerer who had destroyed a village for his own dark purposes. They are as white as snow and appear soft and supple.
Stats- This gives you a +2 to AC, 15 extra hit points, though the wearer can have the Symbol of Pain, can cast Symbol of Pain 1/day. Good Character.

Robe of the Watcher
Made for a dark elf wizard from Rilauven, the Robe of the Watcher is recognized among drow as a sign of great power. It is traditionally worn by the most talented practitioner of divination magic in Rilauven’s academy of sorcery. Malavon was awarded the robe when he was still in good graces with his city.
Stats- +3 to AC, 10% magic resistance, +2 save vs. spell, Non Detection, immunity to Umber Hulk Gaze

Robe of Enfusing
Since the age of Netheril, mages have learned to bestow a wide variety of magical properties upon everyday objects that surround them, with robes being a favorite. This type of robe was often the first great test of a mage, as it offers properties always needed for any wandering mage.
Stats- +2 to AC, 5% magic resistance, 1 extra 1st level spell.

Robes of the Hand
Created during the golden age of the elves of the Seldarine’s Hand, and the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep, it was worn by the elven wizards of the Hand. Although a very cumbersome robe, it provided its wearer protectio nagainst the elements.
Stats- This robe gives +1 to AC, -2 to Dex, and 40% Cold, Fire and Lightning resistance

Namji’s Robe
A wizard from Thresk named Namji was the creator of this pwoerful robe. While it does not impart a host of magical resistances to the wearer, it is extermely useful for spellcasters who find themselves in dangerous situations often. Namji himself was reckless battle wizard who delighted in hurling spells from the midst of the fray. He was feared for his use of Namji’s Burning hands, an adaptation of the common Burning Hands spells.
Stats- This robe gives +5 to AC and regernation 1, and lets you cast Namji’s Burning Hands (normal burning hands and double the range).

Adventurer’s Robe
This robe has been specially enchanted to meet the eclectic needs of the adventuring mage. Aside from protecting the wearer from various forms of crushing damage, it also provides protection from the basilisk’s pretrying gaze, and polymorphing powers of rival mages. As with other such robes, the Adventure’s Robe can only be worn by those engaged in the wizardly profession.
Stats- +1 bonus vs. petrification and polymorph, and +1 bonus to Armor Class.

Knave’s Robe
A favorite among mage/thieves, the Knave’s Robe has been enchanted to shield its wearer from the blades and poisoned from a darkened ally
Stats- +1 bonus against Death effects and Poison. +1 bonus to AC

Mage Robe of Cold
Mage Robes of Cold Resistance are a common sight in the Sword Coast Region, espically as one travels north towards Neverwinter and the Icewind Dales. Many young mages receive it as a girft from their instructors upon successfully completing their first five years of study.
Stats- This robe gives Cold Resistance 20%

Robe of Electrical Reistance
While seen less frequently than some other Mage Robes, those of Electrical Resistance can hardly be considered a rarity. Some are worn by paranoics sekeing protection from a ragged mountain storm, but many more are worn by mages seeking to protect themselves from the intrigues of others of their kind.
Stats- 20% electrical resistance

Mage Robe of Fire Resistance
Due to the extreme volitional nature of most magics, Mage Robes of Fire Resistance are not uncommonly worn among young acolytes and their wizardly tutors.
Stats- 20% magic resistance

Mage Robes of Electrical resistance
While seem with less frequency than some other Mage Robes, those of Electrical Resistance can hardly be considered a rarity. Some are worn by paranoiacs seeking protection from a ragged mountain storm but many more are worn by mages seeking to protect themselves from intrigues of other of their kinds.
Stats- Electricity Resistance 20%

Robe of the Evil/Neutral/Lawful/Chaotic/Evil Archmagi
These robes have the same mechanical effects, its just differs on who can wear them. They all give a +5 bonus to AC (though it is still cloth so that isn’t worth too much), a +1 bonus to all saving throws and 5% magic resistance. Each one also gives them a constant “Protection from X) effect

Robe of Vecna
This robe doesn’t even have close to the power of the two famous artifacts, the Hand and Eye of Vecna, and certainly was never worn by the god after he became a deity. Still, from simply being worn by the powerful lich when he was a student, the robe absorbed enough magical energies to become a potent magic item
Stats- +5 to AC, +1 bonus to all saving throws, magic resistance 10%, and immunity to the Lich’s paralyzing touch

Traveller’s Robe
This mage Robe has been perfected for use by any rambling, itinerant mage that travels from town to town. Its enchantments provide protection form the bandit’s arrow and from the jealous thief-mage’s that lies in ambush with his Stinking Cloud. As with other robes of its kind, the Traveler’s Robe can only be worn by mages.
Stats- This gives a +1 bonus to saving throws, +1 to AC from ranged weapons, and immunity to stinking cloud.

Robe of the Apprentice
This robe was created by your apprentices, working busily away within the Planar Sphere
Stats- +3 to AC



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