This is a gold ring with an inscription that says : ‘For the Glory of the Hand’. This ring belonged to Kaylessa of the Seldarine’s Hand. Her prowess in archery was only bested by her sword skills (oh and beauty I suppose) Kaylessa was devoted to hone the battle skills of any elf under her (oh shut up). If there were any heroes at the Battle of Seldarine’s Hand, Kaylessa was one of them. She was a shining example of courage in the face of impending doom as she fearlessly led her people against orc and goblin hordes. . Even after the fall of the Hand, her commitment to battle and her people remained strong. Her last wish was to die in glorious battle.
Stats- +10 to Hide, Move Silently, and Survival.
User- Kaylessa

Ulcaster Academy Ring
The ulcaster Academy was a school of wizards who practiced, learned and taught magic near the town of Beregost on the Sword Coast. Ulcaster’s school eventually became frighteningly powerful. A group of wizards descended on the academy and reduced it to ruin (at great losses), for the crime of disrupting Thay’s operations. Ulscaste’rs fate is unknown. Those few Ulcaster residents who escaped are known to pass on their class rings to private students, continuing their particular brand of education with pride.
Stats- +2 save vs. spell, Larloch’s Minor Drain, Horror, and Vampire Touch 3/day each

Traveller’s Ring
Personal ring of the famous bard Morridin. Missing a stone. When asked how the ring came to lose its setting, Morridin simply replied ‘It fell out while I was traveling” His ring quickly became known as the traveler’s ring. Since Morridin never told anyone what the ring did, the exact nature of the enchantments upon it are unknown.
Stats- You gain an additional level 4 and level 6 bard spell slot per day

Jasper’s Ring of Shocking
A thick steel band set with quartz, this tough-looking ring was created and worn by the Cormyrean battle-mage Jasper Silverblood. Jasper was a stocky, gruff man who appeared more like a common laborer than a wizard, and he liked it that way. He used this particular weapon on rowdy, cocky soldiers when he was confident it wouldn’t kill them. He went down in history as one of the strictest disciplinarians ever to have command over the Purple Dragons
stats- Shocking Grasp 4/day

Ring of Hearty Strength
Some rings look to be very rugged construction, befitting those who are stout of body. These rare rings have had enchantments placed upon them to confer various magical abilities. These rings are highly sought after, especially by those of the warrior profession.
Stats- +1 to Constitution and Strength

Ring of Metaspell Influence
The exact origins of this ring are unknown, however it is believed that the ring was in the possession of an elderly mage who was living out his remaining years in a small village and acting where he acted as the village’s ‘wise man’ before he died.
Stats- An extra 3rd, 5th, and 6th level wizard spells.

Ring of Righteousness
“We are made right with our god through our faith and we have peace. Through that faith we have been brought into the blessing of our gods’s grace. And we are happy because of the hope to share the glory our god with others. We also have joy with our troubles. Because we know that these troubles produce patience. And patience produces character, and character produces hope. And this hope will never disappoint us, for we have been filled with the holy spirit of our lord”-excerpt from the journal of Qaereth, the High Priest of Lathander
stats- +1 to Strength and Wisdom.

Edion’s Ring of Wizardry
Edion, a dying necromancer from Sembia, was the recent owner of this powerful ring. He crafted the ring himself for his private use. In his later years, he became so accustomed to wearing it that he almost never removed it. He wore it on the same finger that he would wear a wedding ring on, to symbolize his marriage to the Art.
Stats- Doubles the number of your 5th level wizard spells.

Acolyte’s Ring
Ashinaria came into service of Selune at the mere age of six. One night some decades ago, Ashinaria, then an orphan, went into her local temple looking for food and collapsed from malnutrition. One of the priestess seeing that she had clearly not eaten for many days decided to take her in and care for her. While the priestess was bathing the unconscious child, she noted that Ashinaria had a small birthmark just above her left shoulder, in the form of a crescent moon. Having been raised in the temple Ashinaria was indeed a powerful and promising young acolyte. One of her twenty-second naming day, the head of her order bestowed upon her the gift of this ring.
Stats: 2 extra 2nd level Cleric Spells, +1 to all saving throws.

Ring of Warmth “Shimar’s Savior”
Originally from a small settlement on the northern edge of Amn, Shimar was seen as an outcast by many of the other villagers since his birth. Shimar, whose mother and twin sister both died at his birth, was never incredibly smart. He had very little money, as his aunt and uncle were simply peasants, and his father left him no inheritance to speak off when he died a few years after Shimar was born However, Shimar did have one thing going for him and it made all the other villagers extremely jealous. Shimar was lucky, almost too lucky according to most of the villagers. Needless to say, the residence were looking for an excuse to get ride of the dim-witted shimar. Then one day his luck failed him; Shimar was in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the villagers had fallen from his house and snapped his neck. Shimar was walking home from a hunting trip and noticed the man. He dropped what he was carrying and ran over to see if the man could be helped. Obviously since the man was dead there was nothing Shimar could do for him, still Shimar called out for helping thinking perhaps the local healing may be able to do something. People slowly started to gather at the scene, and it wasn’t long before the magistrate arrived. Upon seeing the magistrate, several townspeople saw their chance to finally be ride of Shimar and stepped forward claiming to have witnessed Shimar kill the man by snapping his neck in a fight. Shimar was arrested and sentenced to banishment in to the cold waste of the north. Three days later, a mage teleported Shimar to the frozen tundrea. After nearly freezing to death Shimar’s luck once again proved true. For half buried in the ice and snow, lay this ring. Upon donning the ring, the cold was immediately banished from Shimar and he was able to make the journey to the nearest settlement where within a year became their king.
Stats- 50% cold resistance, Cold Damage reduced by 1

Kontik’s Ring of Wizardry
Kontik, a powerful wizard in the service of Auril, claimed this ring from a defeated enemy wizard, Nill the Infernal. An Archmagi who specialized in fire magic, Nill created this ring over a period of five years. The powerful item aided Nill in his far-ranging travels. Unfortunately for Nill, it did not protect him from Kontik’s powerful minions and spells. It is constructed from an extremely unusual grayish-white metal called tungsten.
Stats- Doubles 1st and 2nd level spells of a wizard.

Ring of the Will-o-Wisp
This unique brass ring is set with mandrake root instead of a previous stone. It was created by the druid Eimhec of Silvanus to protect his underlings on their travelers on their travels. It was first worn by Omad the Wise before he became the archdruid. It was later worn by Jontan Dunmoss, who was killed in a fen by Malarite marauders. The ring fell into the their hands for several years before its new owner, Hunter Renard, was shot dead by elven rangers in the northern woods.
Stats- 1/day the wielder the wielder can shoot a spray of electrical motes that do 4-16 points of electrical damage.

The Wanderer’s Ring
Another Thayvian product for their highly successful enclaves to sell, when wizards or sorcerers are traveling, it is always useful to have more spells available. When the young and very talented Red Wizard, Johan Kist, created this item, his apprentice attempted to steal the original, to sell it as his own invention. Kist caught the thief and instantly created a new spell that caused the victim’s flesh to peel away from his body in small strips. Kist has yet to share the secrets of his new spell
stats: Adds an extra Sorcerer Spell Slot levels 1-4, can emit light at will

Stoneater’s Ring
This ring can turn stone creatures to flesh. There’s more history to this item but its irrelevant and distracting
Stats- Stone to Flesh 1/day

This ring is warm to the touch. When worn it will accelerate the body’s natural warming process. This increase in shivering make the character a little more clumsy and also weakens their constitution. However, the ring keeps out all but the coldest cold, so the side-effect of wearing it may sometime be worthwhile
Stats- Cold Resist 40, -1 to Con and Dexterity

Rogue’s Ring
Worn by many roguish thieves (???) in the Northern Reaches, these rings grant their shady masters great ability in the arts of breaking and entering.
Stats- This gives +10 to disable device.

Ring of Universal Elemental Immunity
Druxus Rhym, an important Red Wizard of Thay created only a few of these spectacular rings. His allies among the tharchion and zulkiers have earned theirs by helping Druxus amass even greater power than before. A few other have been used to bribe ruling lords, who were attempting to stop the growth of the Thavian enclaves. Some mages have speculated whether Druxus might have some darker purpose in distributing these rings, but so far, no proof has been offered.
Stats- Immunity to Cold, Acid, Electricity, Fire (But not Sonic bitches)

Nasher’s Ring of Strength
Nasher was quite found of this ring for the additional strength it granted him saved his life on several occasions. He gifted the ring to the hero who saved Neverwinter from the plague. This is part of Lord Nasher’s item set.
Stats- +3 Strength, +5 if in set
User: Aribeth

Ring of the Wood Elves
As a child, Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande helped to save her home of Thundertree from the spells of a power-hungry Luskan wizard, doing so with the aid of this ring. Crafted by the elves of the Neverwinter Wood and given to her by the ranger Ansal Bloodshoulder, it was once a dear possession of hers…but no longer. On the road to become a paladin of Tyr, there have been times when she felt the need to break from her past- to shed certain parts of herself so that the light of the Just Gods would find her unburdened. For whatever reason, Lady Aribeth no longer chooses to recognize this ring as hers, and it has passed to other hands. Like its former owner, the silver band is graceful and resilient, elegant but with a hidden strength
Stats- Spell Resistance 16
User: Aribeth (she got it back)

Ring of the Wolf
Once belonging to the druid Farghan, this ring has a sapphire set into it that contains the faint image of a wolf within. Weaering it increases one’s ability the communicate with animals…and the wolf within the gem can be summoned to aid the wearer.
Stats- +2 to Animal Empathy, summon wolf 1/day, Druid or Ranger only.

Ring of the Rogue
This plain-looking ring pulsates with a faint glow and is warm to the touch. While not alive in any sense of the word, it does seem likely that the ring takes time to adjust to its wearer and over times its ability may grow. Tomi Undergallows, its previous owner, stated that he ‘couldn’t get it to work’…no doubt he is scared it after first placing it on his finger
Stats- +4 to Dexterity, +2 to Disable Device, Move Silently, Open Lock, Pick Pocket, and Hide.

Ring of the Aquatic Elves
A piece of Coral has been coaxed and smoothed into the shape of a ring. As aquatic elves wear little clothing or armor, they tend to rely on enchanted jewelry to aid them in times of peace and war
Stats- +2 to AC, +1 to Saving throws

Ring of Spell Battle
This potent Netherese ring is typically made of gold and set with small spheres of silver. The ring aids the wearer in identifying spells being cast nearby. In the event of unwanted spell effects, the ring also allows the wearer to dispel them.
Stats- +10 to spellcraft, Dispel Magic 1/day

Ring of Scholars
Scholar and sages across the known world covet these rings and their cousins, the famed rings of Insight. The Scholar’s Ring introduces an innovation to the original design, adding a light source for hands-free reading in the dark of a basement library or in a dungeon
Stats- Emits light, +5 to Lore
User: Sharazad

Ring of Resistance
Confounded by the inability to wear more than two magical rings at once, and desiring the powers of several of his own rings, Jagen marsk, a Turmish noble, researched the combing of powers in magical rings. While what he was really hoping for was to combine invisibility with teleportation, he eventually had to settle with this ring, that provided a measure of magical protection with a handy light source. He now sells these rings to finance his ever-growing obsession with more powerful combinations.
Stats- +3 to all saving throws, emits light

Huhhus Ring of Regeneration
The original ring of regeneration, fueled by bits of troll ichor and brain allows the wielder to regenerate like a troll, but sadly it makes you smell like one too
Stats- Regeneration 4 each round, you smell horrible

Eidan’s Legacy Ring
This simple silver ring bears an inscription on the interior, clearly carved by an expert silversmith. ’To the people of Kuldahar; should evening fall upon me, and my life be no more, I leave the Evening Shade to you. Please care for her as I did- Eidan, last of the line of Kaivon.”
stats- +5 to Haggle

Kaster’s Ring of Protection
One of the 13 rings created for King Caster De’Wess, this is by far the most powerful, to be held by the heir himself. Long after the rest disappeared, this one continued to be part of the family, until assassins slew the heir and the ring was lost to history.
Stat- Ring of Protection +10

Ring of Elemental Power
Mynseril Lostbone was a powerful priest of Malar who enjoyed many a bloody brawl or battle, but felt that such fights were simply over too soon. Studying the regenerative capabilities of trolls, Mynseril was convinced that more entertainment value could be garnered from a field of regenerating warriors than a regular battlefield, so he commissioned the creation of a number of powerful rings. When the rings were finished, he distributed them to particularly vicious warriors, who were often on opposite sides of the battlefield
Stats- +1 regeneration per round, Cold Electric and Fire Resistance 15

Ring of Nine Lives
This ancient Netherese Ring is made of ivory and carved to resemble a snarling cat’s face on one end. It allows the wearer to heal themselves
Stats- Can cast heal 9 times before needing recharge

Ring of Might
These rings are forged by clerics of Tyr to assist adherents. The wearer of such a ring of might gains great power at unarmed combat
Stats- Gains improved Critical (unarmed) and Weapon Specialization (unarmed)

Ring of Magic Defense
These potent defensive rings are much in demand in urban areas, where duels between rival spellcasters are unfortunately common. Armed with one of these items, even a relatively inexperienced caster can withstand the attack of an archmage-albeit briefly
Stats- Greater Dispel Magic 1/day, Spell Resistance 14, +2 to Spellcraft

Ring of Jade
These rings are an excellent light source for adventurers, since they leave both hands free for weapons and equipment
Stats- Light at will

Ring of Invisibility
Though there are numerous example of such rings, this one may have come from a set once owned by a master thief, that worked Waterdhavian crowds in broad daylight, replacing purses with bags of sand. Once thought retired, it is now suspected that the so-called “Sand Thief” was eventually killed for not joining a local thieves guild, and his rings were seized by a group that abused his methods liberally
Stats- Invisibility 3/day

Ring of Insight
These rings are coveted by sages and bards alike, and more than one befuddled professor owes his academic reputation to one of these ‘scholars friends’. They are no less valuable to adventurers, who put them to more practical use identifying magic items
Stats- +5 Lore and Identify 1/day
User: Sharazad (never enough Lore)

Ring of Improved Evasion
This ring continually grants the wearer extreme nimbleness, allowing her to avoid damage as if she had the improved evasion ability. These rings have been used as training tools among the Red Wizards in an effort to lower the mortality rate among apprentice battle mages
Stats- Gains Improved Evasion

Ring of Holiness
Legend holds that this plain gold band was a gift from Ao to Helm as a reward for the God’s stalwart service during the Time of Troubles. Helm, in turn, diluted and divided the ring and passed the gift on to his mortal followers. Scholars outside the church argue that Ao seems above emotion or gratitude, and chalk the story up to propaganda for the faithful.
Stats- An extra spell slot cleric level 0-4

Ring of Hiding
This ring is actually a magic leather cord that ties around a finger. It is tanned to be vaguely fleshed-toned and so subtle it often goes unnoticed when worn. Similarly, it allows the wearer to blend easily into the background to escape detection. Though a common item among rogues and others who wish to go unnoticed, this item is rapidly becoming standard equipment among the Night Masks, according to the Westgate city watch
Stats- +6 to Hide, +6 to avoid being found when searched.

Ring of Freedom
This gold ring allows the wearer to act as if continually under the effects of a freedom of movement spell. The name Shaundakul is inscribed in flowing script on the inside of the band
Stats- Freedom of Movement

Ring of Fortitude
Created by the Bedine shaman for survival in the harsh climate of the Anauroch desert, Rings of Fortitude are gifts given to warrior who prove their worth in raids on other tribes. While the least powerful of these are fairly common, the more powerful and rare rings are generally owned by the shiek of a tribe
Stats- +10 to fortitude (can be upgraded up to 10 times) e

Ring of Force Shield
Made by the Harpell clan of wizards in Longsaddle, these simple iron bands generates a large shield-sized invisible wall of force that stays with the ring and can be wielded by the wearer as if it were a normal shield. This special creation, since it can be activated and deactivated at will has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance
Stats- +2 to AC, Shield 1/day

Ring of Clear Thought
Tormented by voices that incessantly attacked his mind, young Resino of Beregost begged his local church to kill him. Understanding his pain but unable to identify any specific demonic influence, the church tied crafting rings that they hoped would clear his thoughts. Unfortunately, while the rings enhanced his senses that did nothing for the voices, and Resino eventually took his own life. HIs own brilliance seeped into the ring, upgrading its power tremendously
Stats- +10 to intelligence (if fully upgraded, starts at +1)

Ring of the forest.
Crafted of magically preserved twisted green twigs infused with the scent of edible berries, these rings are often employed by druids and throughout the High Forest in pacifying the local wildlife. Many have their twigs woven into subtle prayers to nature deities like Mielikki and Silvanus.
Stats- +12 to Animal Empathy

Purple Dragon Ring
These rings are brass and engraved with the purple dragon symbol of the Obarskyr royal family. The Purple Dragons use these rings to protect the royal family from assassination attempts by poison. Over 4,000 of these rings have been made, because Royals lose things a lot. Rings with similar functions are in common circulation, created for nobles or merchants fearing poison.
Stats- Immunity to poison, light at will.

Major Ring of Universal Elemental resistance
Druxus Rhym, an important Red Wizard of Thay created only a few of these spectacular rings. His allies among the tharchions and zulkiers have earned theirs by helping Druxus amass even greater power than before. A few others have been used to bribe ruling lords, who were attempting to stop the growth of the Thavian enclaves. Some mages have speculated whether Druxus might have some darker purpose in distributing these rings, but so far no proof has been offered. And so to avoid any possible contamination, a Red Wizard Known as “The Blank” Created his own Ring using the same model, not quite as powerful but easier to make and lacking any possible sinister motives…other than capitalism
Stats- Elemental Resistance 30

Lantanese Ring
The band of this ring is covered with scripts and etchings in a strange foreign language
Stats- +3 to Charisma, 1 regeneration per round.

Adahn’s Ring
This is a gift you received from Adahn, created by people’s perception of you, when you bid him farewell in the Smoldering Corpse Bar. It is a featureless metal ring that looks extremely thick and heavy but is almost weightless. It shifts as you watch, changing from silver to bronze, to gold
Stats- Immunity to Power Word Kill

Aegis of Torment
Rows and rows of Minute skulls line the outer edge of this ring. IT is crowned by an over-sized skull with fire-red gems that serve as its eyes. This ring is the physical manifestation of the suffering of the tormented slaves of Dahnthur. It was their ultimate wish to gain protection from their oppressors, and with this magical ring, their wish was finally realized. Even with the fiery red gems, a royal purple hue continually emanates outward.
Stats- +3 to Con and AC, and grants an additional +15 to hit points

Deionnara’s Wedding Ring
This ivory ring was part of Deionarra’s legacy. It radiates slight glow, and though it is cold to the touch, the chill is strangely comforting. The ivory band stretches to fit the width of any finger. Among the many secrets of the Society of Sensation is the ability to shape a particular stone from Elysium, dubbed “soulstone” While this stone is not as powerful as the sensory stones, the soul stone is said to carry an imprint of the shaper’s feelings. These rings are often used in Sensate marriage ceremonies, each rings inscribed wit the feelings of the other. This ring was obviously intended for you. When wearing Dieonnra’s ring, you gain added protection from all attacks, and additional protection form piercing, presumably the ring’s purpose is to shield the heart from shock and trauma, and this extends to any physical pain the wearer suffers as well.
Upgraded- Though some unknown means, Deionarra hs enhanced its power, where it radiated a slight glow before, it now burns with a cold, white fire along the edges. The fire does not burn- if anything, it’s touch is comforting.

Stats- +1 to all Saving Throws, AC, and an additional +3 to Defense from Piercing. If upgraded, it becomes +3 to Saving throws and AC
Wearer: The Nameless One

Displacer ring
Created from the blood of a displacer beast, this ring is able to partially redirect the force of an ordinary weapon. This results in making the user harder to hit and when hit takes less damage than normal
Stats- +2 to defense, grants DC 5

Gehraise’s Ring

This small silver wing looks like it belongs to a women’s finger. It feels slightly warm to the touch and it has the power to offset poison that has entered the wearer’s bloodstream
Stats- +3 to all saves vs. poison

Ring Zero
From a hero of ancient times from the Year of gii on AC195, this exquisite ring is smartly carved with spiked edges. The ring is made of a metal that is unidentifiable, with a center stone that is ice cold to the touch. It emanates a strange, royal purple glow
Stats- +3 to AC and Int, and an allows wielder to memorize an additional wizard spell for each level. Usable only by Wizards
User: Nameless One

Mempa’s Biting Ring
Mempa was a mage obsessed with the possibility of having her magic items lost or burgled while she was asleep or otherwise incapacitated. While the vast majority of her carried possession were inseperable from her corpse and thus buried with her, some of her weaker items- early experiments perhaps- were left behind and remain in the world of the living. Meap’s Biting ring, whose powerful aura protects its bearer from bodily harm is one such item. However, once placed on one’s finger, the ring bites down and holds on so tenaciously that it is nigh impossible to remove it from the ‘bitten’ digit
Stats- +2 to AC, Cursed
User: Nameless One

Yevrah’s Ring of almost invisibility
This ring of Almost Invisiblity makes the wearer invisible- almost. Sometimes, for brief periods, the wearer becomes really close to being invisible, an even which is often disconcerting to an attacker- and is thus more difficult to strike in combat
Stats- +1 to defense and +5 to stealth

Ring of Fallen Stars
The band of this ring is made of a stone recovered from a fallen star. When used this ring can call others of its kind to rain down upon the user’s enemies.
Stats- 1/day can cast Meteor Storm Bombardment.

Ring of Threx
This ornate silver ring is wet with a single red stone of an unknown type. The ring is believed to have been created by an adventuring mage named Thex. Thex claimed she was tired of sitting back and flinging spells at enemies while the rest of her adventuring party was able to get into the thick of battle. She felt the ring would allow her to become what she chose to call a Battlemage, without distracting from her studies. The Ring of Thex was the crowning achievement of her short career.
Stats- +2 to all saving throws, +4 to AC, an extra 20 hit points.
User: Nameless One

Ring of the Traveler
These rings are quite common across the planes . Simple to make and in great demand, mages usually create these items as a quick way to raise money.
Stats- +1 to Defense

Serpent Ring
This appears to be a baby serpent of some sort that has been frozen into the shape of a ring. Its eyes glitter and swirl like Jewels and even appear to move occasionally
Stats- +2 Save vs. Spells, Magic Resistance 33%

Twisted Ring
This ring looks like three rings have been wrapped around each other. Just looking at it makes you dizzy
Stats- +1 to AC, lets you case Mirror Image 1/day

D’Arnisse signet Ring
This ring was given to Nalia by her father upon her ascension to adulthood. Bonded to her bloodline the ring may not be removed from Nalia, nor its powers used by anyone else.
Stats- The ring grants a +2 bonus to all saving throws, +2 armor class and 50% resistance to fire
User- Nalia D’Arnisse

Heartwood Ring
Combined with the Nymph’s Tear, this simple band of oak allows a druid to draw upon the natural energies of the world around them
Stats- One extra 6th and 7th level druid spell
user: Cernd

Ring of Helm
Only those most worthy and devoted servants of the Watcher are granted these powerful holy symbols.
Stats- Grants an additional 6th and 7th cleric level, 5% magic resistance, +1 strength. Only neutral Clerics of Helm can use this
User: Anomen

The Ring of Lathander
Only those most worthy and devoted servants of the Dawnbringer are granted this ring, often the first day after they hit level 35
Stats- Same as above

Ring of Talos
Only those most worthy and devoted servants of the Storm Lord are granted these powerful holy symbols
Stats- Same as above

Mercykiller Ring

The Mercykillers are a powerful faction based out of the planar city of Sigil. This ring is given out to Mercykiller assassins when they are sent out to punish those who have broken the laws of Sigil. Often these assassins will roam as far as the Prime Mateiral Plane
Stats- +10 to move silently, hide in shadows, and Trapmaking

Ring of Acuity
The origins of this ring are unclear, and while its enchantments share similarities with historical examples of Rings of Wizardy, there is something strange in how it feels, either in the weight of the metal or in the aura it projects, and it does not function the same. It was likely found on some distant plane and as such, its maker will remain a mystery to you
Stats- Gives 2 extra 2nd level spells, and 1 extra 3rd and 4th level spell for Wizards.

Ring of Air Control
Air elementals make for powerful foes but with this ring they can become valuable allies. Dark tales tell of groups of Red Wizards all with rings of elemental command descending upon small villages with no warning and destroying every living thing in sight. Although the truth of these rumors is questionable, the fact remains that a ring of this power in the wrong hands is dangerous
Stats- Charm Air Elemental at will, Improved Invisibility 1/day

Ring of Animal Friendship
A druid order in Cormanthor is said to have cautiously guarded the secret to the construction of these rings, which have never been seen in the possession of anyone outside their immediate membership. How this particular ring escaped the protection of their forest is unknown, but there are rumors than an outcast could have brought it into exile with him
Stats- Charm animal at will

Ring of Anti-Venom
This ring is an unadorned silver band. However, its plain appearance belies the powerful magic within. A ring of Anti-Venom is eagerly sought after by royalty, influential political figures, and other potential assassin targets
Stats- wielder is immune to all poison (magical or non magic)

Ring of Danger Sense
Nizzuf’s Maze was a grande hedge maze created by the arch-mage Nizzuf for his amusement. The maze boasted hundreds of magical traps, most of them extremely lethal. Nizzuf posted a reward big enough to buy a kingdom to the man or woman brave enough to enter the maze and reach its core. Thousands tried and died. But one, Oteg Verm completed the maze, thanks mainly to this ring which let him ‘see’ where the traps were hidden
Stats- +15 to find traps

Ring of Djinni Summoning
An item out of fables, the Djinni ring is highly sought after. Once per day the wearer of this beautiful ring can summon a Djinni who will do as the ring wearer commands (no wishes)

Ring of Earth Control
If the songs of bards are correct, all one must do is wear this ring and they will gain the ability to control eaerth elementals at will. Of course, earth elementals are not easily controlled and care must be taken when commanding one. An angry earth elemental can make short work of an inept adventurer
Stats- +1 to AC, Charm Earth Elemental 1/day

The Victor Ring of Energy
Crafted by Drow mages of the Underdark, this weapon was ued in an arranged battle betweentwo rival houses. Each combatant was allowed to use a single magic item to aid in his efforts. This Ring was the weapon used by the victor of the contest, though he never laid hands on it. It was worn by his sibling and fired from the crowd, striking his opponent squarely in the back. Everyone witnessing agreed it was a brilliant interpretation of the rules
Stats- 50 charges, can shoot a black of energy that deals 2D6 damage.
User: Dynaheir

Ring of Fire Control
This burnished red ring is engraved with depictions of flames and lava coils. Mages and other planar travelers use these rings to protect themselves while visiting then Elemental Plane of Fire and to command fire elementals to do their bidding
Stats- This ring gives 50% fire resistance and you can cast Charm Fire Elemental at will. Can cast Burning Hands and Flamestrike 1/day.

Ring of Fire Resistance: Batalista’s Passport
The grand mage Batalista intended this item to aid in his travels in the plane of fire and it is said he repeatedly summoned a Salamander from that realm to aid in the construction of this ring. Not being known for their patience, it is likely he should not have pestered his “instructor” quite so much. The finger bearing this finished ring was indeed untouched by the inferno that claimed his tower. Had that finger still been attached, Batalista himself might have fared better.
Stats- This ring gives you 40% Fire resistance

Ring of Free Action: “Edventar’s Gift”
This ring was given to the reef scavenger and hunter known only as Edventar, by a group of aquatic elves long his friends. His help in routing the “Pirate Queen” Yenandra of Dambrath was instrumental in their survival, though Yenandra continues to be feared anywhere the water meets lands.
Stats- The wearer is immune to everything, magical and otherwise, that affects mobility.

The Ring of Gaxx
This ring is relatively unadorned, but the vile magic within radiates intense evil. Indeed, its creator, Kangaxx, was no less evil himself, even before millennia of undeath honed his power. It is said that a cadre of Netheril mages fought and imprisoned the demilich once, but being unable to truly destroy him they became liches themselves to stand guard over his remains. The construction of the ring may have led to their enmity, as each of the gem’s nine facets was supposedly empowered by sacrifice and death.
Stats- +2 to AC, +2 to all saving throws, 10% magic resistance, immunity to poison and disease, regenerates 1 hit point every 3 seconds, Invisibilty 1/day, Improved haste 3/day

“Honorary Ring of Sune”

Rings of this type were given to faithful priests of Sune who demonstrated actions of astounding integrity and kindness.
Stats- Grants an extra cleric spell 1-4th level, +5 bonus to Charm.

Ring of Human Influence
For seven years Count Fisfnilt searched the Realms for a suitable bride for his son Edwnin. Unfortunately all the women that Fisfnilt found were not up to the standards set by Ewnin, an impossibly spoiled man. Desiring an heir and impatient with his song, the Count had the court mage fashioned this ring. He gifted this ring to a woman of no small courtly influence and Ewnin was instantly smitten. They wed three weeks later.
Stats- Raises wielders charisma to 18, Charm Person 1/day.

Ring of Improved Invisibility
A ruthless assassin of Tethyr known only as the Specter used this ring to great effect many years ago. Striking completely unseen, his victims demise were often attributed to angry ghosts and spirits.
Stats- Cast Improved Invisibility 1/day.

“Sandthief’s Ring”
Held by a master thief for the better part of a generation, this ring was put to bold use in the markets of Waterdeep. Working a crowed in broad daylight, the rogue would steal countless number of purses from nobles, replacing them with bags of sand so the theft would go unnoticed. His identity was never known but the name “Sandthief” was cursed loudly in its stead. It is rumored he retired and now lives among the nobles he use to rob
Stats- Greater invisibility 1/day

Ring of Lock Picks
Derek Drak, one of the most talented burglars in the Shadow’s Thieves, wore this ring on many of his scores. The ring enhanced Derek’s already impressive lock picking abilities. In the city of Athkala there wasn’t a door that couldn’t be unlocked by Derek. To activate the ring, the proper command word must be known at which point the garnet stone on the ring will polymorph into the shape of a key that closely fits the lock
Stat- +10 to pick lock

Ring of Protection +1: Ring of the Princes
This ring and several of its type were originally crafted to protect the sons of king Castter De’wess, though who uttered the enchantment is unknown. History records that the rings remained within that family for at least 13 generations, though they were all apparently lost within the space of one. Enmity between the King and the family of the creator may be to blame
Stats- +1 bonus to AC, +1 bonus to saving throws

Ring of Proteection +2, the Guard’s Ring
The Guard was an immortal sentry assigned to protect a tomb that sheltered the body of a princess of Akanal. Over millennial respect for the grave disappeared with the memory of the royal family, and adventurers became to try their luck with the guard. It was inevitable that he would eventually be bested, and when he was, the ring he wore was one of many treasures taken from the tomb
Stats- +2 bonus to AC, +2 bonus to saving throws.

Ring of Protection +3, AO’s service
Legend has it that this plain gold band was a gift from AO to Helm as a reward for the God’s Stalwart service during the Time of Troubles. Helm in turn passed the gift on to his mortal followers.
Stats- This ring gives a +3 bonus to AC and +3 to saving throws.

Ring of Regeneration
A lowly ranked Red Mage named Huhhus is said to have discovered the perfect way to distill troll flesh to make a potion that provided the same regenerative ability as that of a troll. Few were willing to drink this vile liquid however, and decades later a student of Huhhus created this ring, building upon the foundations of knowledge laid by Huhhus. Within the holly cavity of the jade ring floats the ichor and brains of a troll, providing limited regenerative capability to the wearer.
Stats- Regenerates 1 hit point every 6 round

Ring of Spell turning
A gift to Derek Poodon, apprentice warrior, this ring was his salvation when he stumbled upon two Red Wizards traveling the CLoakwood Forest. Enraged at being disturbed, the mages unleashed a score of Magic Missiles at the seemingly helpless Derek but to their brief surprise, the assault reflected back and killed them both. Thereafter, without having lifted his blade, Derek was rather sheepishly known as Derek the Red Slayer
Stats- can cast Minor spell turning 1/day.

Ring of Reflection
As time flows it affects all living things. As the eternal winds blows, we change. Each of us must look back and reflect upon where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Once we realized and overcome our mistakes, we can see that which was hidden. Once we face ourselves, that which is within us, the secret parts we keep hidden we gain new strength. For with out this reflection we can never know who we are and what we want. Without those, we can never realize what true kindness is and we can never discover the strength called love.
Stats- +1 to all saving throws, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma.

Bard’s Ring
This ring, despite being plain, and nondescript, looks very whimsical and seems to hum slightly.
Stats- +1 to dexterity and +2 to Lore
User: Garrick

Ring of Dwarven Bone
These rings are commonly found among one of the more twisted orcish clans in the north. Orc shamans would gather dwarven remains, take some bone, and carve a ring out of it. They then enchanted it with darker magics that would grant its wearer a boon of strength.
+1 to strength to non good characters.
User: Dorn

Ring of Perspicacity
This powerful ring heightens the perception and the thoughts of wearer when worn. It grants the wearer enhanced deduction abilities, the knowledge of spell-casting (and how to thwart it), and also gives any missile attack greater range and damage.
Stats- +1 to damage, Save vs. spell, and +3 to Spellcraft

The Elfbone Ring of Kiran-Hai
Upon cursory examination, this ring appears to be made of ivory. Study reveals that the thick band is actually made of well-tooled elf bone. It bears the repeating angular geometric patterns that the long-dead craftsmen of Myth Lharast were known for. Considered plain by the modern elven standards, the ring was a gift to Kiran-Hai, Circle Singer of Angharradh and Ward Mistress of the Arboreal Tombs in Myth Lahl. The name of its creator has been lost. It is believed to have been stolen from the Arboreal Tombs some time after Myth Lharest fell.
Stats- +2 to save vs. paralyze, poison, death magic and immunity to finger of Death and death, non evil only.

Shield Ring
This highly prized ring is made from simple jade to hide its powerful magic. Crafted by the wizard Bil, the shield ring is plain and function. Bil, a sardonic mage of otherwise small repute (creator of such spells as Bil’s Fantastic Ale and bil’s Blasting Ball), found the ring to be incredible useful agianst the enemy mages he frequently fought. When Bil disappeared from the Realms twenty years ago, his ring was one of many items he left behind to his friends and associates. Because many of his friends and associates were larcenous thugs, it is assumed the ring was sold to the highest bidder as soon as possible.
Stats- Spell Shield on Wielder

Ring of the Gorgon
A powerful mage enchanted this ring to prevent petrification under the breath of his prized herd of gorgons. Zilzanzer the Magificent raised gorgons for their blood, which he sold to safety-conscious castle owners who used it to block ethereal travel. Zilzanzer was petrified over a dozen times, each time being brought back by his faithful assistant’s use of Stone to Flesh scrolls. Zilzanzer eventually decided that he should make an item to protect him from petrification. The result was the Ring of the Gorgon. Sages believe that Beshaba must have smiled upon Zilzanzer when he was born, for he was turned to stone when he put on the ring. His assistant dutifully read the Stone to Flesh scroll, bringing Zilzanzer out of his stone form. Unfortunately, Zilzander died in the process, this time for ever.
Stats- Turns wearer to stone.

Ring of Shadows
Priest of Mask made this plain silver ring in order help their more generious worshipers. In return, the tehives who borrowed the ring gave a portion of their earnings to the churches of Mask. The ring left the church’s ownership when an ungrateful thief named Jennick decided to run away with the prized item. The church of Mask hired assassins to hunt down the man and kill him, but he was never captured. It is believed that Jennick retired in Waterdeep and lived out the rest of his days in peace.
Stats- +7 to stealth, constant non detection.

Ring of Sanctuary
Created during the golden age between the elves of the Seldarine Hand and the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep, it was given to those clerics that were sent into battle against the orc and goblin hoards. Its power provided sanctuary to the cleric while he was calling forth the power of his faith.
Stats- Sanctuary 1/day.

Ring of Pain Amplification
This cursed ring fused itself to the wearer’s finger, only coming off if a Remove Curse spell is used on the wearer. While it is in use, the wearer, suffers extra damage from all e melee attack. Lovitarians are known to create these items and distribute them throughout the realms for their own amusement.
Stats- You take an additional 1d8 damage from slashing, piercing and crushing damage. This item can be used to modify blood magic.

Ring of the Ram: Breaker of Castles.
With one word this ring can unleash fantastic and deadly powers. When it is triggered, a barely discernible ram-like shape billows forth form the ring. This force can potentially knock opponents off walls, destroy a castle gate or crush enemies, but it is damaging as well in its own right
Stats- 1/day can omit a blast of force dealing 5D6 points of damage.

Ring of Wizardry, the “Reaching Ring”
This ring is masterfully enchanted, allowing the wearer to memorize more spells than normally possible. It was originally commissioned by the spellcaster Bhaalspawn, apparently at great monetary and personal cost
Stats- Creates an extra 5, 6, and 7th level spell
User: Xan

Ring of Wizardy Evermemory
long ago, a grand wizard from Amn was rumored to have defied Mystra’s limitations on the magical arts. Legends spoke of thiswizards being able to cast spells without the limitations of memorization. In the ends it was found that his powers stemmed from the several magical rings that he had made for himself. He proclaimed ‘everlasting memory’ was a hoax, though his rings contiued to be one of the most sought after items in the Realms.
Stats- Doubles the amount of 1st level spells
User: Neera

Topsider’s Crutch
Merchants that dare the risks of trading with the Drow of the Great Rift are often given these items to aid in their movement undergrounds
Stats- Darkvision 120 feet.

A long time ago, a grand wizard from Amn was rumored to have defied Mystara’s limitation on the magical arts. Legends spoke of this wizard being able to cast spells without the limitations of memorization. In the end it was found his powers stemmed from the several rings he had made for himself. His proclaimed everlasting memory was a hoax, though his rings continue to be one of the most sought after items in the Realms.
Stats- Doubles the wielders 1st level spell slots, 1 extra 2nd level spells.
User: Xzar

Cursed Ring of Ironic Punishment.
Although cursed in the sense that it cannot be removed, its effects are entirely beneficially to the wearer. Such is the nature of irony
Stats- Can memorize 2 extra 2nd level wizard spells and 1 extra 3rd and 4th level

Ring of folly “Discipliner” (Cursed)
Oft the bane of the careless mage, this ring was actually made to promote humility. Hergal Norin, a grand wizard of Narfell, would give the Discipliner to his most skilled, and most egotistically students. Through their bland arrogance they would mistake this ring as a reward for their ‘obvious brilliance’ and not the punishment of a disapproving teacher.
Stats- Infects the wearer with feeblemind. reducing Int and Wisdom to 3

Ring of Clumsiness, “The Jester’s Folly”
The most notorious owner of this ring made a substantial living exploiting its cursed nature. Gregoria the Foole, a jester by trade, would use his incomparable slight of hand to switch this ring with that of a patsy taken from the audience. The rest of the performance would involve mocking the newly clumsy ndiviidual, much to the light of their comrades. The ring was removed (by a method known only by the wily Jester) only once the stooge had promised no reprisals for the treatment he had received, though Gregoria frequently still had to make a hasty retreat. His last known performance was rumored to have been an ill-humored mage in Zhentil Keep; A show from which he did not flee quite fast enough
Stats- halves wearer’s dex, and all spells have a 75% of failure.

Slave Ring (cursed)
Stats- Makes the wearer unable to cast spells

Claw of Kazgaroth (cursed)
Little is known about this item, other than the claw itself was taken from the corpse of the great beast Kazgaroth. It has multiple enchantments that become activated when the claw is worn as a ring. The image of the wearer becomes blurred and more difficult to hit with a weapon or target with spells. It has one drawback however, as it seems to fuel its power with the blood of its wearer. Because of this, the wearer of this claw can be more sickly and therefore more susceptible to poisons.
Stats- Lets wielder wear an extra ring, +1 bonus against spells, +3 on all saving throws from spells, constant effect of blur, -2 constitution.
User: The Nameless One

Koveras’ Ring of Protection
Created as an item for the purpose of vendetta, against a very specific target it is better.
Stats- Counts as a ring of protection +1 except against a very specific target in which case it counts as +3. Once that target is chosen, it cannot be changed until that target is dead or another person uses the ring.
User: Sarevok

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
A special ring granted to only the most accomplished sorcerers at the Vinheim Dragon School. The ring is engraved with an everlasting dragon, and boost the strength of sorceries.
Stats- For the purpose of Pyromancy and Animancy spells you count as one level higher.
User: Souls Caster Character

Bloodbite Ring
One of the infamous bite rings commissioned by Sir Arstor of Carim. Despite the dreadful rumors surrounding its creation, this rings is an unmistakable asset, in its ability to help prevent bleeding.
Stats- You bleed at half the rate you would otherwise
User: Caska

Blue Tearstone Ring
The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death. The blue Tearstone from Catarina boosts the defense of its wearer when in danger.
Stats- When reduced to 20% of your health, you gain an additional +1 to AC and Defense.
User: Iconic Dark Hand

Red Tearstone Ring
The rare gem called tearstone has the uncanny ability to sense imminent death, and thus is the subject of much morbid fascinating among scholars. The red tearstone from Carim boosts the attack of its wearer when in dager.
Stats- When wielder reduced to 10% of health, they gain a +1 to attack and damage.
User: Iconic Dark Hand

Calamity Ring
A ring enchanted by the orange eye of Kalameeet, the bringer of calamity. Doubles damage received by wielder. A useless ring befitting of no finger. Best left unknown, or at least well hidden.
Stats- Takes double damage from all attacks, immunity to divine retribution

Cat Covenant Ring
Ring granted to those bound by the Forest Hunter Covenant, answer Alivina’s summoning. The white cat Alvina speaks a human tongue and has lived since the early Age of Fire. Alvina was a trusted friend of Knight Artorias and the Great Wolf Sif.
Stats- This ring serves as a Ring of Protection +1, Lets you summon a Green Phantom if you sacrifice a life, who ever wears this may be summoned to any other Forest Hunter, or may summon another member of the Covenant
User: Iconic Dark Hand

Cloranthy Ring
This ancient rings, engraved with a large green flower, is of unknown origin, but helps with regeneration of stamina.
Stats- You recover Stamina at twice the speed.
Iconic: Friar Tuck

Covenant of the Abyss
This ring symbolizes Knight Artorias’s Covenant with the beasts of the Abyss, and allows the wearer to traverse the dreaded realm.
Stats- Lets you travel the Great Dark without ill effects, immunity to Humanity Corruption for at least three days.
User: Iconic Dark hand

Covertous Gold Serpent Ring
The Serpent is an imperfect dragon and is the symbol of the Undead. Its habit of devouring prey even larger than itself has led to an association with gluttony. This gold ring, engraved with the serpent, boosts its wearer’s greed, so that more can be acquired
Stats- 1/day a copper coin can be found with this ring. If upgraded to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, allows you to access extra souls per kill by 1.

Curse bite Ring
One of the infamous bite rings commissioned by Sir Arstor of Carim. Despite the dreadful rumors surrounding its creation, this ring is an unmistakable asset, in its ability to help prevent curses.
Stats- Lets you reroll any failed roll to resist curses, must keep the new result.
User: Solare

Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring
This ring is granted to those bound by the Darkmmon Blade Covenent, answer Dark Sun Gwyndolin’s summoning. Gwyndolin all too aware of his repulsive frail appearance, created the illusion of a sister Gwynevere, who helps him guard over Arnor Londo. An unmasking of these deities would be tantamount to blasphemy…wait not that would be the definition of blasphemy.
Stats- Lets you summon a Dark Phantom
User: Caska

Darkmoon séance Ring
This ring is granted to the adherent of Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity and last born of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. Grants additional magic and attunement slots. The Dark Sun Gwyndolin is the only remaining deity in Anor Londo. His followers are few, but their task are of vital importance.
Stats- Grants an additional attunement slot.
User: Friar Tuck

Dark Wood Grain Ring
This special ring crafted in an Eastern land is made of gold, but with a wood grain crest on its surface. Agents of subterfuge in this faraway land are particular fond of the dark gold wood grain, which greatly alters its wearer’s rolling action.
Stats- +10 to acrobatics
User: Caska

Dusk Crown Ring
This magic crown-shaped ring was greanted to Princess Dusk of Oolacile upon her birth. The ringstone allows its wearer to cast additional sorceries, at the cost of one half of HP
Stats- Grants 50% more castings for Miracles, Sorceries, and Pyromanias but half’s your HP
User: Iconic Soul Caster

East Wood Grain
This special ring crafted in an Eastern land is made of gold, but with a wood grain crest on its surface. This rings slows the loss of weapon durability and is particularly useful to bearers of delicate swords crafted in the East.
Stats-Your weapons don’t break

Flame Stoneplate Ring
Stoneplates, the symbol of a true knight, grant the strength to face various hardships. The red stoneplate symbolizes fire, and boosts defense against flame.
Stats- Fire Resistance 20.

Havel’s Ring
This ring was named after Havel the Rock, Lord Gwyn old battlefield compatriot. Havel’s men wore the ring to express faith in their leader and to carry a heavier load.
Stats- you can wear 50 extra pounds.

Hawk Ring
One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyn, the Hawk Ring belongs to Hawkeye Gough, who led the Greatarchers. Boosts bow range, so that arrows fly like they were shot by Gough’s great bow, which took down high-flying dragons.
Stats- Increases the range of bows and crossbows by 50 feet

Hornet Ring
One of the special rings granted four knights of Gwyn. The Hornet Ring belonged to the Lord’s Blade Ciaran. By boosting critical attacks, its wearer annihilate foes, as Ciaran’s dagger laid waste to Lord Gwyn’s enemies.
Stats- deals an extra 1D8 on critical hits

Leo Ring
One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyns. The Leo Ring belonged to Ornstein the Dragonslayer. This ring strengthens counters with piercing weapons. His lugged spear is said to have sliced a boulder in two.
Stats- deals an extra 1D12 damage if you counter attack with a piercing weapons.

Orange Charred Ring
An orange ring enchanted by a witch, which reduces lava damage. Since his sores were inflamed by lava from birth, his witch sisters gave him this special ring. But fool that he is, he readily dropped it, and from that spot, a terrible centipede demon was born
Stats- Immunity to lava damage

Poisonbite Ring
One of the infamous bite rings commissioned by Sir Arstor of Carim. Despite the dreadful rumors surrounding its creation, rumors always involving snakes, spiders and other such creatures, this ring is very useful to adventurers for its ability to prevent poison.
Stats- Immunity to non magical poison.

Rare Ring of Sacrifice
This mythical ring was created in a sacrificial rite of Valka, the Goddess of Sin. The magenta-shaded ring is especially rare. Its wearer will lose nothing upon death, and will be freed from any curse whatsoever, but the ring itself breaks. “Die, loss nothing, nullify curse, ring breaks” are written in what looks to be blood on the inside.
Stats- If the wearer dies, they will return in 1 hour completely restored and at the maximum level they might have had, but the ring breaks.

Ring of Favor and Protection
A ring symbolizing the favor and protection of the goddess Fina known in legend to posses ‘fateful beauty”, and thus cannot be removed.
Stats- Adds 10 hit points, 1 point of endurance, and lets you carry 15 pounds more but can never be removed.

Ring of Fog
Those who befriend Alvina are given this mysterious ring. It resembles a pearl with its robust pure-white fog. The ring camouflages its wearer’s prevents, helping to prevent detection
Stats- The wearer becomes semi transparent while wearing it, and thus gains a +10 to stealth checks.

Ring of Steel Protection
This rings belongs to the Knight King Rendal. It grants its wearer protection by boosting defense against physical attacks. Of the many legends surrounding the Knight King Rendal, one of the more well-known speaks of his standing down a giant drake and slashing it to pieces.
Stats- Grants guard 10

Ring of the Evil Eye
According to legend, this ring contains the spirit of the evil eye, a dark beast which assaulted Astora. The Strength of the evil eye does not waver, and HP is absorbed from fallen enemies.
Stats- Every time you kill an enemy you are healed a hit point.

Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn
Lord Gwyn’s firsborn, who inherited the sunlight, once wore this ancient ring. Boosts the strength of miracles. Lord Gwyn’s firstborn was a god of war, but his foolishness led to a loss of the annals, and rescinding of his deific status. Today, even his name is not known.
Stats- Miracles deal 1D12 extra damage

Ring of the Sun Princess
This ring is granted to those who enter a Covenant with Gwynevere, daughter of Lord Gywn and the Princess of Sunlight. This slightly warm ring boosts the synergy of miracles. The princess of Sunlight Gwynevere left Anor Londo along with many other dieities and later became wife to the Flame God Flann
Stats- Allows one extra miracle.

Rusted Iron Ring
This iron ring was used to shackle the guilty. IT is terribly rusted, and faintly stained with blood. Those who find this strange ring to their liking will be pleased to find it much easier to gain footing on poor ground such as swamps
Stats- You take no penalties to Endurance or movement in non magical areas which are hard to move in.

Slumbering Dragoncrest ring
This ring was secretly worn by a certain surreptitious sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon School. The ring is engraved with an enverlasting dragon in silent slumber, and maks all sound emitting from its wearer.
Stats- The character emits no sound what so ever from their body, which gives a +20 to move silently, but it is really creepy so they take a -2 to Charisma

Speckled Stoneplate Ring
Stoneplates, the symbol of a true knight, grants the strength to face various hardships. The precious rare speckled stoneplate grants a small boost to defense against magic, flame and lighting.
Stats- Fire, Spell and Lightning resistance 10.
Usher: Siegmeyer

Spell Stoneplate Ring
Stats- SpellResistence 15

Thunder Stoneplate Ring
Stats- Thunder Resistance: 15

Tiny Being’s Ring
Ring made of an ancient tiny red jewel that can increase one’s health. Rings grant powers large and small, their discovery and effective use can make one’s journey easier.
Stats- Gives 5 extra hit points
User: Siegymeyer

White Séance Ring
A divine ring entrusted to the head bishop of the Way of White and apostle to Allfather Lloyd, uncle to Lord Gwyn. It grants additional attunement slots. The head bishop of the Way of White is the guardian of law and castes, and one of the great royals of Thurolund.
Stats- Grants an extra attunement slot

Wolf Ring
One of the special rings granted to the four kinghts of Gwyn. The wolf ring belongs to Artorias the Abyssalwalker. Artorias had an unbendable will of steel, and was unmatched with a greatsword.
Stats- Gives +10 to Poise

Cat’s Ring
A simple ring engraved with the seal of a cat. It decreases damage when falling from high places. However, if you fall from too high a perch, you will die the normal way.
Stats- Takes half damage from falling

Clever Rat Ring
Asimple gold ring engraved with the seal of a small animal, that can give somebody last life. Held by Lord Rydell, known as Little Allant. There is also the Dull Rat’s Ring, which forms a matching set with this ring.
Stats- If reduced to less than 15 hit points, wearer will automatically heal 1d12
Dull Rat’s Ring
Sister to of the Clever Rat Ring, the nature of these ring’s relationship with rodents is still unknown.
Stats- If reduced to less than 15 hit points, wearer gains a +1 to defense. If combined with its sister, then the wearer also gains a +1 to attack if reduced to less than 15 hit points.

Cling Ring
A mysterious ring forged in the shape of an eye, which effects the nature of the wielder’s soul.
Stats- 1/day the wielder can become incorporeal.

Eternal Warrior’s Ring
An old bronze ring held by Old King Doran, then gifted to his knights to help them preserve their energy. The hero Doran, protector of the royal family of Boleteria, lives on forever as a demigod.
Stats- +3 to Endurance.

Foe’s Ring
Mysterous red-black ring from an ancient Demons, this ring has power over Black Phantoms. This mysterious ring supports treachery against others, since its bearer raids warriors in other world and devours their souls. The Friend’s Ring makes a matching set with this ring.
Stats- Should the wear this ring and die, they will rise as a Black Phantom in 1 round. However if they betrayed at least 5 close friends with death, then they can also summon a Black Phantom 1/day (random combination of abilities).

Fragrant Ring
A nobleman’s ring, forged with spices, so wonderful that it has almost magical effects. An extremely rare, extremely delicate piece of handiwork
Stats- Boosts mana recovery by 1, spells minty

Friend Ring
A mysterious blue ring given by the Monumental, increases the power of Blue Phantoms. This mysterious ring supports camaraderie with others, since it’s bearer aids warriors in other worlds and is aided by them. This was the wish of the last Monumental. The Foe’s ring makes a matching set with this ring.
Stats- If the wearer dies they become a blue Phantom, should they save 5 enemies from death at personal risk while exposing themselves betrayal, they can summon a Blue Phantom 1/day (5 Levels lower than caster). If combined with the foe’s Ring, you can summon a Level 10 Red Phantom.

Graverobber’s Ring
An ancient topaz ring, it subdues your Soul, making it difficult to be detected by invaders.
Stats- You count as invisible to Invading Souls, but should attack or take a major action in front of them the magic ceases.

Master’s Ring
A ring made of straw rope, which changes the nature of your damage. This ring is from a faraway land known for its swordsmithing, and is said to be imbued with a distinct spell.
Stats- Wielder takes a -2 to basic attacks, and a +2 to sneak attacks, special attacks, and called shots. Critical hits deal an extra D8 damage.

Regenerator’s Ring
A strange ring of unknown origin allows somebody to recover health a little at a time. There is a green jewel in the center of its design, inside of which is encased a thick liquid. There are rumors that within that liquid is a tiny still beating heart.
Stats- You recover 1 hit point every hour.

Ring of Avarice
A luxurious gold ring fitted with a large sapphire. It allows its wearer to obtain more souls when slaying enemies, and was a symbol of wealth and debauchery in a kingdom now long gone.

Ring of the Devout Prayer
An extremely simple white silver ring. Increases miracle memory capacity. A symbol of high status in the church, it is given only to those who devoted pure and eternal service God, and constant prayer.
Stats- Provide extra miracle slot

Ring of Disease Resistance
A soft ring bearing against plague. Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts. The seal’s design is a rate claw.
Stats- You can reroll any disease roll, must keep the new roll.

Ring of Flame Resistance
A soft ring bearing a deep red seal. Increases defense against fire. Made by Geri, a fiends of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicraft The seal’s design is a flame.
Stats- Fire Resistance 3

Ring of Gash Resistance
A soft ring bearing a bright red seal. Increases defense against bleeding. Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts. The seal design is a fissure.
Stats- Wound points lost at a rate of 1 round slower.

Ring of Great Strength
A ring given to King Allant’s Twin Fangs. Raises Maximum equip burden. With this great power, the Twin Fang Biorr wielded a massive steel shield, a large crossbow and a huge sword with ease.
Stats- Weapon wait no longer adds to encumbrance when wielded.

Ring of Herculean Strength.
A ring that Stockpile Thomas once picked off the street and yet it seems to have magical properties.
Stats- The armor you wear doesn’t add to encumbrance.

Ring of Magical Dullness
A soft ring bearing a light green seal. Decreases magic attack power, increases defense against magic. Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts. The seal design is a right facing man.
Stats- Magic Resistance 20%

Ring of Magical Nature
This is a cold ring that helps increase spell memory. Legend says that cursed witches are born holding it. The natives of savage lands avoid it at all costs.
Stats- 1 extra slot

Ring of Magical Sharpness
A soft ring bearing a light green seal. Increases magical attack power, decreases defense against magic. Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts. The seal’s design is a left-facing man.
Stats-Magic Resistance 30%, all magical attacks deal 1D4 extra damage.

Ring of Poison Resistance
A soft ring bearing a deep green seal, it increases defense against poison. Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who was known for his magical handcraft, this ring was in a flood and hasn’t been found. The seal’s design is a skull.
Stats- Poison resistance 10%.

Ring of Sincere Prayer
This ring increases miracle power and vulnerability time while casting Miracles, said to have once been found by a young Sixth Saint Astraea as one of the Revelations of God.
Stats- You take a -2 to Concentration, Gains 1 extra casting of each Miracle.

Ring of Accused
A thing, gold serpent ring and draws the attacks of all enemies. Once used to mark criminals, the bearer of this ring was continuously pelted with stones and spat upon.
Stats- Enemies must Make a Will Save (DC 18) or attack the wearer of the ring first unless doing so immediately threatens their life or would be suicidal.

Ronin’s Ring
A ring made of straw rope, it reduces the wear on weapons. Said from a faraway land known for its swordsmithing. Said to be imbued with a district spell.
Stats: Weapons gain an extra 10 hardness

Thief Ring
An ancient sapphire ring. It is subdues your presence, making it difficult to be detected enemies.
Stats- +4 to Stealth checks.

Agape Ring
A ring affixed with an open vessel. The vessel insatiably absorbds souls in place of its wearer, who is left unware even of their collection. All things are rooted in souls, but what drives our thirst for them? Abstinence from this elixir may be the truest homage than an enduring self.
Stats- deduces soul absorption by 50%

Chloranthy Ring
The ring is named for its decorative green blossom, but its luster is long since faded. Raises stamina recovery speed.
Stats- Recovers endurance at a rate one point faster.

Royal Soldier’s Ring
A ring bearing a soldier’s seal, which increases the load that can be carried. These ringwere granted to warriors who distinguished themselves in the service of King Vendrick. The king favored simple warriors who stakes their every battle on strength alone.
Stats- You can carry 30 pounds likely.

First Dragon Ring
A dragon signet ring. Grants its bearer the protection of dragons. Raulmond, knight of Drangleic, served the king by guarding the fort until his own demise, and was said to have cherished this ring throughout his life of service.
Stats- Ring of Protection +1 gives you 5 extra hit points and lets you carry 10 more pounds. Can be upgraded to +3.

Spell Quartz Ring
A ring bestowed upon students of a certain standards at the Melfian Magic Academy. Its soul-based quarts increases magic defense against soul magic. Pyromancer Glocken crafts these replicas, much to the dismay of the conservative old-guard faculty.
Stats- Lets you resist 1 soul spell per day. Can be upgraded to 2 then to 3.



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