In 834 DR, a wizard named Legedain the Wiser caught a renown thief breaking into his tower. The thief was a cynical burglar named Ilfain Blackfeather. Legedain waas gorwing old and becoming tired of his frail body. To remedy the situation, he cast Magic Jar and forced Ilfain’s spirits into a host gem. Legedain then transferred his soul to the young elf’s body and left the gem on a shelf nearby. One hundred years later, Legendain decided to do something with it. he created a sword for his arrogant bodyguard, Gundak, and transferred Ilfain’s spirits from the host gem into the sword. Ilfain, always highly critical in life, started telepahtically criticizing Gundak in combat. Gundak became annoyed with the sword after two weeks and he threw it into the street. A series of warriors picked it up and discard it after short periods of ownership. Over time, the weapon has simply come to be known by its current name.
stats- This +4 Rapier, Find Trap and Knock 1/day

Feckle Raspude was considered one of the most unusual gnomes of his generation. A swashbuckler with a flair for attracting attention, Fekcle drove the young gnomish ladies wild with his lopsided grin and impudent behavior. Many a young glory-hunting gnome challenged Feckle to a duel, but the magic of his rapier quickly dispatched his naysaysers into gentle slumber. A consummate prankster, Feckle humbled his opponents with practical jokes that were simply unbeatable.
Stats- This +8 rapier has a 50% chance to inflict sleep (DC 16)

The Ophidian Sword
This is one of the most powerful weapons and the only thing that can send the Great Balance Serpent back to the Void.
Stats- This +5 can ignore all Damage Reduction including Divine Damage.

Rapier of the High Road
Bandits who pray on honest travelers have need of weapons that are light and easily concealed- wepaons such as this one. It is certain that, whatever its origin, this deadly rapier was not meant for honest purposes. Merely holding it in the hand produces a larcenous gleam in the eye, and purses spring to mind unbidden. This weapon is a boon for thieves and a bane of honest men
Stats- This +1 keen Rapier deals an extra 1D6 acid damage, 2d6 if used for sneak attacks.

Mercykiller Blade
A series of runes claim these blades are designed for the ‘quick eradication of evil, that they will suffer no longer as creatures at odds with all that is good”. A sweeping proclamation, one that suggests the involvement of a radical group no longer giving second thought to deadly force where villain are concerned. Certainly an unpopular stance in some quarters, though probably welcomed in others.
Stats- This +2 Swept rapier deals an extra 1D6 fire damage, 2D6 against Evil creatures.

Horatio’s Last and Most Loyal Friend
Horatio Sillifield had a simply philosophy; To be truly happy in life all one needed was a fine blade and a strong west wind. After years of searching, he finally found a blacksmith worthy of his dreams and had this weapon forged. Unfortunately, Horatio’s bliss was short-lived. On his next sea journey, he took only this rapier and no other provisions. His body was found sick week later, floating on a crudely constructed life-raft. He was still clutching his most prized possession
Stats- This +1 Keen Rapier gives a +2 to all skill checks while at sea

Grogbeard’s Grimace
This finely balanced rapier once belonged to Grogbeard the Privateer, a renown if ill-fated swashbuckler of the Nelather Isles. He ultimately took sick with a festering wound, having never read the safety warning regarding heavy drinking, high-stakes dueling and swinging from the mizzenmast while on stormy seas…
Stats- This +1 Rapier gives Spell Resistance 12

Gravesword of the Gleerider
The polished steel of this former gravemarker now glistens with its former glory. Inscribed along the blade, in elven characters is the single word, ‘Gleerider’
Stats- This +1 Rapier lets you use Cloak of Fear 1/day and is +2 vs. humans.

Devil’s Sting
This thin blade drips with foul green acid that can eat away the skin of an opponent. But even those who survive the searing of their flesh often fall, as the acid is also a powerful poison
Stats- This +6 Rapier deals an extra 1D6 acid damage and inflicts poison (DC 26) which deals 1d2 strength and constitution damage.

Dela’s Rapier
You took this weapon off the corpse of Dela, a blackmarket goods trader who tried to ambush you while in Neverwinter.
Stats- This +2 Rapier deals an extra 1d6 damage for crits

In recent years, number of thieve’s guilds reported losing members to these blades the weapon left as gruesome signatures impaled in the victims’ chest. The craftsman behind them was unknown, but the intent of the group using them was clear enough: to destabilize existing groups to facilitate their own expansion. It has been some time since the last killing however, suggesting that the incursion was either abandoned or succeeded through lests violent means. Members of the underground community have been forthcoming with information
Stats- This +2 Rapier can be wounding DC 14, can cast Melf’s Acid Arrow (50 Charges)

Black Rider Quill
Black Rider Quills take their name from celebrated epic repeated in any bardic college worth its salt. The Subject of the tale is dark, encouraging one to ‘dance around in your bones’ but it is referenced here solely to stimulate the muse. These blades were likely forged in tribute, and were probably not present for the events of te original story. It is not known if they were commissioned together or individually.
Stats- This +1 Rapier gives a +4 bonus to Lore and Perform.



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