Plate Armor


Vexed Armor
This fiery armor is actually a demon maifested into the physical embodiment of infernal defense. The breastplate of the harmor bears a malefic face, and the entire assembly looks impossibly wicked and meticulously sculpted. The armor is warm to the touch, and is obviously supernatural. The demon inside was bound not to harm the wearer due to the wielder learning its true name.
Stats- This +1 Full Plate gives you immunity to Cold, +2 to Constitution, and if you were killed, the Armor will summon the Glabrezu Chalimandren to fight for you.

Winter’s King’s Plate
This armor was crafted from the hide of the most powerful polar worm in Icewind Dale, known by the natives as the ’Winter King”. The hide of the creature is extremely thick and tough, but surprisingly light. It is very unusual in its appearance, colored white with blue accents.
Stats- This +3 Plate Amor gives you 25% Cold and Fire Resistance.

Ankheg Plate Mail
This plate mail has been expertly crafted for you by Taerom Fuiruim of Beregost. Sheathed in the chitinous scales of the Ankheg, it provides a greater degree of protection than traditional plate mail and is not susceptible to rust. As any world-weary adventuer will tell you, however, the best appreciated aspect of ankheg mail is its light weight and low encumbrance. Monsters come and go but fatigue is a constant enemy.
Stats- This +1 Plate Armor counts as +2 against missile weapons and +3 against slashing weapons, it also weights as much as leather armor, with the same arcane casting risk.
Blue Dragon Plate
The light but durable scales of the Blue Dragon provides excellent protection against weapons and all forms of electricity.
Stats- This +2 Plate mail provide 90% immunity to electricity.

Pride of the Legion
Not many suits of this armor, originally used by the legions of Unther, remain in use today. The few suits that exist are usually in the hands of rich collectors. Simply finding a suit of this armor is enough to earn an adventurer a small fortune
Stats: This +2 full plate armor gives the wielder a constant endure elements effect.

Delver’s Plate
This armor has been worn by many a fine solider, but among the best known, and for whom it was named, was Delver Kinlake. He was a vagabond whose strong sword-arm and keen wits made him a respected general to the Lords of Waterdeep. A gift from Lord Baeron, the armor served Delver well for thirty years, and after his death, it passed to his eldest son. It ahs since made its way into the hands of a variety of adventurers.
Stats- This +2 platemail is +3 against slashing attacks.

Fallorain’s Plate
Captain Fallorain, leader of Calishan’s 12 cavalry brigade, wore this enchanted armor for the last time during the Battle the Spider Swamp. There he lost his life and army trying to rid and unrecorded evil from the area.
Stats- This +1 Plate Mail makes the wielder immune to drowning.

Firecam Full Plate
Forged for Keldorn in order to support his quest for fighting evil. This suite was designed for Keldorn and few other than he can wear it.
Stats- This +1 Plate mail gives a +1 bonus to all saving throws and grants the wielder with free action.

Vhailor’s Mercykiller Armor
This Archaic suit of armor is animated by Vhailor’s life force. It bears numerous minor dents and scratches, but otherwise, it seems to have withstood the test of time…at least better than Vhailor’s physical body. Blades decorate the shoulder’s of this suit of armor, and the symbol of the Mercykiller faction (a red dragon with its wings outspread) is emblazoned on the chest piece). This suit of armor is part of Vhailor…destroying him (if such a thing were possible) would most likely result in the destruction of th armor
Stats- +2 Full Plate, immunity to unholy effects.

Armor of the Hart
Few Suits of Armor in all the Realms are the equal to this full plate. All that remains of the orgin of the Hart are folktales and legends. The most popular of these is that an impossible battle was once fought against an army of orcs surging through the Three Trees Pass. Arngor of the Oak led the armies of men and elves and it is said that he dueld with the orc commander till the sun set and the land was bathed in a bloody mist. Finally the orc fell but Argnor had sustained wounds too vast for any to save him. His blood soaked through the armor he wore, infusing it with his courage and nobility. Thus the Armor of the Hart became known.
Stats- This +3 full plate counts as +4 against slashing weapons.

The Doomplate
Named by Adarius Shin, the Doomplate is deserving of its foreboding title. He had hoped to strike fear in his enemies, but Adarius set a grim precedent when mysterious died soon after donning the suit, just as every adventurer who has worn it since has done. It might be said, however, that most adventurers die in their armor and are not known for their longevity.
Stats- This +3 Full Plate gives immunity to disease

Enkidu’s Full Plate
This armor was created Enkidu, a famed warrior from Kara-Tur. While none dared challenge him in fair combat, Enkidu was often subject to cowardly sneak attacks from assassins, ninjas and Wu-Jen.
Stats- This +3 Full Plate that grants 5% magic resistance and renders the wielder immune to backstab.
Gorgon Plate
Hunting Gorgon is a highly dangerous drow sport. Often, after a successful hunt, the blood of the Goron is taken and used in the creation of a new suit of plate. This special type of draw plate is actually able to withstand the light of the surface world.
Stats- This +4 full plate gives acid and fire resistance 15 and immunity to turning to stone.

Magma Bulwark
Forged by the fire giant Varboti as a gift for a Cormyrian general who made peace with his clan, this red and balck armor lends its wearer a molten aspect while providing protection against almost all but the most powerful blows. Due to its incrediable strong thin material, it also weighs far less than ordinary plate.
Stats- This +2 Full Plate weight half as much as most full plate and gives the wielder immunity to fire. It also glows constantly.

Plate of Balduran
This plate was worn by the famous hero Balduran. It is part of a set of weapons and armor that was stolen from the museum in the city of Baldur’s Gate.
Stats- This +2 Full Plate adds +1 Charisma

Plate of the Dark
Dark Lord Hertiuous, undead Warlord of Bane, wore this piece of armor over more than 500 years. During this time he was rumored to dwell in a castle somewhere within the Earthfast Mountains. How his armor moved to other lands without him is not certain, though the separation of the two was surely unpleasant.
Stats- This +5 Full Plate at half the weight

Shuruppak’s Plate
Shuruppak, the infamous right hand of the now dead god Gilgeam, earned the title of “Reaper” for his savage butchery of any who opposed him and identity the bloodthirsty madman eagerly embraced. Before Gilgeam’s destructin, the god presented Shuruppak with an enchanted suit of armor, to better enable the Reaper to slaughter his foes. Shuruppak’s plate is surprisingly light and grant the wearer an unnatural quickness and grace. It is not known how Shuruppak lost this treasured items, but one could safely assume he is still looking for it.
Stats- This +3 Full Plate gives Fire Resistance 10 and gives an extra point of dexterity.

T’rachcie’s Plate (Cursed)
In his aging years, Baron T’rachie coveted the wife of the lowly foot soldier Libol. Instead of openly pursueing her and causing a scandal, he instead created this suit of armor. He gifted it to the solider. This armor’s curse sickened LIbol and hideously disfigured him, and his wife fled from him in disgust. Libol, trapped in the armor, but not aware of T’rachie’s treachery, asked to be sent to the wastes for a dangerous tour of duty against marauding ogres. He never returned and Baron T’rachie was free to pursue Libol’s widow.
Stats- This +5 Full plate forever disfigures the wielder and lowers the wielders constitution by 5 points and charisma by 2 points.

The Practical Defense
The travelling adventurer could ask for no better suit of armor in all the land. Specially commissioned by Bohur “Thunderaxe” at GREAT expense, this suit was his most prized even if not his most ornate. Eminently practical, Bolhur demanded armor that would offer superior protection while hampering him in the least. By “hampering” he did not just mean in movement or weight, his idea suit should be able to withstand the rigors of his wanderlust with little maintenance. This is not to say that Bolhur neglected his armor-to say as much would get your ears boxed- but the regime of spit and polish required for a ‘gentleman’s suit’ was beyond his caring. Save the tassels and gilding of Full Plate for kings and heads of state; a working dwarf cares more for utility than looks.
Stats- This +3 Full plate weighs as much as leather and has only half the dexterity penalty as it should, as well as costing no fatigue.

Great Metal Unit
Found within a long forgotten pocket of our collected pantology, herein tales the lie of the Metal “Unit”. Gargantua was the self-proclaimed lord of his immeasurable lower regions until his son, Pantagruel, questioned the accuracy of the ruler. With his shortcoming exposed, great Gargantua lay prostrate upon the ground while Pantagruel sought to cover his cuirass in case his now governing body lost its sway. He was warned that the people would cut him no slacks, but he never listened, and had burned his britches behind him. Undaunted, he fulfilled his animus with the robes of father, as uncomftable as that might sound, and hsaped the Metal “Unit” with his own hands. The rule of Pantagruel was a discommoding morass, his armor eventually suffered a breach in the breach that proved his undoing. As his basket left the pantry, so to speak, his regime fell insurrection, and so complete was the sacking that not even his Metal Unit could be found. The component pieces, a pantaloons, triumvirate, were lost in the annals of time. You now bear the awesome responsibility of the Metal “Unit” Gussets of wind, seams like reality, pockets of resistance, the seak of power, and legs as flared as your temper. Polish it well, the onus is now on you.
Stats- This special object acts as +10 Full Plate armor, and turns the wielder in a giant metallic figure. Also weighs nothing and has no minus to dexterity of any fatigue. However cannot wield any weapons while in this form. They can attack with their fists for 2d6 damage or use the Big Metal Rod, which counts as a +5 longsword.

Umber Hulk Plate
The hard dark plates that protect umber hulks are reasonably easy to craft into humanoid armor. This dark suit of armor was fashioned into plate mail by duergar smiths. The dark dwarves, skilled in handling umber hulk exoskeletons, cured and reinforced the armor
stats- This +2 plate mail is +3 against slashing weapons

Demon Plate
Aragon was a Paladin in the service of Tyr. His greated enemy was the demon Tar’Chenise. After many ears of fighting one another Aragon finally killed the demon. He used the hide of the demon and made this armor. Little did he know that the evil of the creature still remained. Over time while wearing the armor. Aragon beacome corrupted with evil and become a fallen Paladin by killing a town of people. In the end, Tar’chenisc got his revenge.
Stats- This +5 Full Plate, gives fire immunity, 40% magic resistance, if you die you while wearing it a Galbazu is summoned.

Full Plate of Faith
The armor of faith protects those who fight against evil. A favored armor among priests and paladins. These items were actually created in the seventh heaven for an elite force of paladins to fight the forces of evil as the final wall against evil.
Stats- These +1 Full Plate gives you immunity to normal weapons, Good only.

Aasimar’s Aura
Aasimars are direct offspring from a union between mortal and celestial minions. While normally carry innate powers, it is not unusual for an Aasimar to don blessed armor. Such is the case for this unique armor known as Aasimar’s Aura. The armor shimmers with a silvery glow and is adorned with exquisite blue etchings across the breast. One look at the armor and its simple to see that it possesses powerful protections. Long ago, the Blood War between the Demons and Devils spilled over to the material plane. Luckily for most of the world, the battle was far away from any major towns or cities. However, this was still no comfort for the Celestial beings that watched over the material plane. So, it was quickly decided to amass as many Celestial and Aasimar beings as possible and drive the Blood war back into its own abyssal planes. However, because the great numbers of Demons and Devils, the Celestrial beings permanetly blessed all of the Aasimar’s armor with Protection from Evil. This spell allowed the Aasimars to get in close to the evil creatures without getting attacked. Once all of them were in position, the Celestial gave the order to attack, which completely surprised the hordes of Lower beings. The ensuring battle raged for days, with high casualties on both sides, but eventually the evil hoards were pushed back into the Lower planes. As a result of the high Aasimar casualties, it was not uncommon for looters to take the armor off the dead. So, from to time to time, a set of Aasimar’s Aura will pop up in a shop, or on an adventurer who could afford the high purchase price.
Stats- This +8 full plate gives a +1 to dex, and gives you constant protection from evil.


Plate Armor

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