Other Weapons: Zelda


Fairy Whip- This +3 Bullwhip allows the wielder to use it to pick pockets at a range.

Ball and Chain: This massive +5 Ball and Chain can destroy almost any physical object in its way, overcoming automatically the first 15 points of hardness.

Fairy Slingshot- This +3 Slingshot will shoot either mystical seeds, pellets, or Deku Seeds (Which are like normal pellets but automatically count as master work

Hyper Slingshot- This slingshot will shoot three shots in one that go out in a single shot, all acting as if shot by a +3 slingshot. Extremely useful to fighting against groups of enemies but against a single foe the slingshot is more useful

Seed Shooter- This odd little item works like a sling shot, but has a limited range (only 15 feet) but allows you to make objects richochet, three times, at the same range (so 45 feet in 15 foot increments which can bounce around. It can be used one handed and shoot around corners.

Scattershot- Essentially a shot gun, this slingshot will shoot 6 shots at once in a a cone 10 feet wide and 5 feet ahead.

Megaton Hammer- This +5 Warhammer can be used to create a shock wave 10 feet around the user, causing all opponents to make a Reflex save (15) or fall over. Can be used either two handed or with a shield

Skull Hammer- This +3 two handed hammer ignores the first 10 points of hardness from any object.

Heros Bow can be used to fire magical arrows at the cost of MP. If a round is taken to hold the shot, the arrows damage will be doubled

Fire Arrow- This Arrow will deal an additional 1D10 Fire Damage, and if it deals a 10 damage the target will be ignited the target dealing 1d6 fire damage for 3 rounds. It shot drains 10% of the User’s MP

Ice Arrow- Same as Fire Arrow except that it deals Ice Damage and if a crit will freeze the target for 3 rounds

LIght Arrow

Silver Arrows- These Freakishly powerful (and freakishly rare) arrows do not use MP, and are physical objects. When shot, not only do they count as +5 (in addition to the bows damage) they also ignore any hardness, damage reduction Carapace, or Armor, damaging the flesh directly. It also counts as a Divine Weapon for hte purpose of slaving the Avatar’s of Gods, while it can’t permanently kill a god, it can reduce them.

LIght Arrows- These take 30% of the user’s MP to use, but will deal an additional 1D12 holy damage against any evil enemy, it also has a chance to stun them for three rounds. Should the target be supernaturally evil, all damage they take for the next three rounds (regardless of crit or not) is doubled.

Sacred Arrow- These arrows can only be used by people with Magical Items, and drain all of your MP to use, and are hard to get anyways. However, any target struck by them must make a Fortitude Save (DC 19) or die instantly, their body vanishing in a puff of light. Even if they don’t die, they will take an extra 1D20 damage.


Other Weapons: Zelda

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