The Eastern Cat
Saito Kagizu, or ‘Cat of the East’ as the thieves of Athkalta called him, brought several of these ninja Swords with him when he arrived in Faerun. They were part of his personal collection, ninja-to to that he either “collected” from rivals or designed himself. When he died, his mistress gave away the swords to her other lovers, all of them powerful thieves in their own right.
Stats- This +1 Ninja-deals an extra 1d4 damage.

Usuno’s Blade
The daughter of a high ranking official within the bureaucratic society of Kara-Tur, Usuno rejected her family’s station and carved a legend for herself among the Yakuza of the underworld. The blade of this enchanted ninja-to crackles with electrical energy.
+4 ninja-to that has a 10% chance to deal 2d10 electrical damage upon every hit, and has a defense bonus of +4. Speed 0.

Ninja-to of the Scarlet Brotherhood
When a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood kills one of the organization’s “great enemies,” they are often reward with this sword. How this sword made its way from the world of Greyhawk (where the brotherhood is based) to Faerun is a mystery. When unsheathed, the ninjato will glow blood red.
stats: This +3 Ninja-to will poison the targets for 4 rounds at a rate of 6 per round (DC 14)



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