Morning Star


The Giving Star
This black and silver morning star was created by a Cormyrean necromancer called Dameth the Wan. Although it appears to be sinister weapon, the unadorned surfaces of the morning star mask its dreadful power. The weapon was sold to a priest of Myrkul who put it to good use in his battles against adventurers. Eventually, however, the priest was overcome by a paladin of Lathander who confiscated the item. When the mountain temple where the morning star was contained was sacked by giants in 1190 DR, the history of the weapon ended.
Stats- This +3 Morning star has a 10% chance to cast cure light wounds on the target and give a +1 bonus to strength for 5 rounds.

Morning Star of the Gods
This gold spiked Morgenstern is gifted to priests of Tempus tasked with defending the temple while the warriors leave for war. This particular one is mounted with a golden head that has been magically enhanced so as to improve performances and escape the malleability of gold.
Stats- This +3 Morgenstern gives 2 extra 1st level cleric spells, and 1 extra 2nd level

The deaf master, Vondin Clatch, was a ruthless warrior who learned to use his infirmity to his advantage. The glowing vibrating morning star he used would create a magical warping of its immediate area to create a sonic burst that could stun enemies it hit. The piercing sound could also cause damage to those around them; a problem that was not fixed until the master’s apprentice inherited the weapon. Being unable to use the weapon, he paid a wizard to focus the sonic to only damage those who were hit.
Stats- This +8 morning star deals an extra 1d6 sonic damage and has a 50% chance to slow the target for 2 round DC 14

Circling star
Circling Star Morningstar are the creation of Lord Welther Huntsman, a retiring ranger who worried for the safety of his patrolled forests. Having amassed a small fortune in his career, he paid an artificer in Waterdeep to fashion these weapons and gifted them to carefully chosen successors, ensuring a continued reverence for the land.
Stats- This +2 morning star gives a +4 to animal empathy and deals 1D6 electric damage

Phone Phoenix
These are the hallmark weapons of the fallen Lord Craghand of Unther, and are named for the fate he suffered. Lacking magical talent himself, Craghand employed a cadre of necromancers in an effort to extend his meager legacy. These wizards succeeded only in damning his court to the age of undeath. Now his mindless form stalks Faerun, his ageless skeletal body rising time and again even if destroyed.
Stats- This +1 Morningstar deals an extra 1D6 damage gives a Spell Resistance 5

Everard’s Morning star
This morning star was the personal weapon of the cleric Everard. Everard was a powerful priest of Tempus who sacrificed his life in the battle against the devil Balhifet
Stats- This +2 morning star has a 50% chance per hit of making targeted spellcasters lose one spell from memory.

Blind terror
When an opponent is struck with sufficient force, acid is released through the spongy surface of the mace. From the resulting spray of acid, the adversary can become temporarily blinded making him easier to hit.
Stats- This +2 morning star deals an extra 1D8 acid damage and wielders have to make a Dex check (DC 14) or go blind for 2 rounds.

Selune’s Promise
A weapon once owned by a grief-stricken high priestess of the Moonmaiden, Selune’s Promise was a short and sad history. Fassa the Melancholy (as she is now known) was the head of a band of Selunite adventurers dedicated to destroying undead wherever they found them. The band was initially quite successful, rarely suffering any casualties. Tymora’s luck could not stay with them forever, though. In 1156, Fassa and her band entered the Sepulcher of the Dim. The band knew the Sepulcher was rumored to contain a ‘leak’ to the Negative Energy Plane, but they ahd not idea just how many undead creatures were inside. Mixed in with the seemingly harmeless poltergeists and phantoms were powerful spectres and wraiths. Over a short and chillingly quiet period of several minutes, almost all of Fassa’s allies ahd there vital energy drained away. Fassa and her remaining companions fled and tried to form a plan of attack. When they returned on the control of the master. She and her few remaining comrades destroyed the master spectre and eventually destroyed the souls of her tormented bretheren. In the end, Fassa was the only one left alive. Fassa returned to her temple in misery and prayed to Selune that she never forget the agony of that night. Selune granted her request by causing a ghostly white and blue mace to appear on her bed when the next full moon rose. Carved into the shaft of the weapon were two words: Never Forget. Fassa became almost fanatical in her undead hunting in later years. At the age of thirty-three, tired and bitter, Fassa fell into decline. On the night of a full moon, she renounced her faith to Selune in front of her superiors and fellow clergy. Hours later, she threw herself into the Moonsea from a high cliff. The mace was found in her room and reluctantly kept in the church. Many years later, the new high priest of the temple decided that the weapon had an unpleant legacy after three clerics died wielding it against undead and threw it into the Moonsea. The history of the mace ends with this event.
Stats- This +2 mace is +3 against undead, +4 against Spectral Undead, 2% to reduce wielder’s moral, deals double damage against Shar worshiping undead.

The Justifier
What makes this item distinct is in the eye Etched in acid at the head of the weapon, a stylized sigil of the god Horus. This weapon is The Justifier, a mace created in the city of Heliopolis on the plane of Arcadia, designed to aid the followers of good and maim the followers of evil. It can heal its owner, if asked, and will offer its opinions n various matters
Stats- This Intelligent +2 morning star deals an extra 1D12 damage to evil creatures and gives the wielder regeneration 5 per round. Only good people can wield this weapon.
User- Fall-from-Grace
Kiel’s Morning Star
This is the morning star of Kiel the Legion-Killer, the first born son of Durlag Troll killer and Clan-prince of his father’s ill-fated tower. He was wielding it in his final hours as he rushed to war his father of the doppelgangers infiltration of their Clan-Home. It is said that the intensity of his rage in his final moments permanently imprinted itself upon the weapon. All who wield it are overwhelmed with this battle anger whenever an enemy is sighted
+3 Morning Star can be used to cast berserk upon the wielder.

Ice Star
The head of this morning star appears to be forged form unbreakable ice-blue crystal. The handle is chill to the touch, and the wielder is surrounded by a soothing nimbus of cold air which protects against even magical fire.
Stats- This +4 morning star deals an extra 1D4 cold damage and gives the wielder 20% fire resistance. Speed 4

The Sleeper
This belonged to Ssitalc, an uncharacteristically evil Light elf known as the Slaver of the Sword Coast. Until his sudden death several years ago, Ssitalc commanded a large force of human, dwarf, and gnomish brigands, using the Sleeper to keep them in line. It has a chance to incapacitate any humanoid by inducing deep slumber, though elves are conveniently immune.
Stats- This +2 Morning star has a chance of inflicting sleep upon anybody hit.

Wyvern’s Tail
The Large spike at the head of this morning star is actually the lethal stinger of a wyvern. The mage-fighter Sedej created this weapon, using his magical abilities to keep the stinger capable of producing poison. The magic he used has actually made the Wyvern’s Tail a living weapon, that pulses with life in the hands of its wielder.
Stats- +2 Morning star that can deal 5 points of poison damage. Speed 5.


Morning Star

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