Medium Shield


Sundered shield of Tiernon
Tiernon has apparently ‘awoken’ the enchantment that was hibernating with the shield (most likely due to the giant’s fist that struck it). He has retracted the runes along the edges and redrawn the Denthelm symbol in its center. The Shield seems brighter than it did before, lighter, and there is a slight vibration when it is held, as if it is humming to itself.
Stats- This +3 medium shield gives 15% Physical resistance, and 1/day can let you increase your AC by 2 and Damage Reduction 10, unfailing Endurance 1/day.

Shield of the Revenant
Worn by a series of paladin in central and northern Faerun, this white and red enameled shield is sacred to the Trinity of Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater. The paladins found it quite useful in their constant battles against undead. Unlike priests, who often occupy a support position, paladins are expected to be at the front of most battles. This shield allowed them to fortify an area with holy magic before entering melee combat. It was most recently used by Kardod of Tyr, who was mauled to death by dozen of wights. His adversary, the necromancer Shanin, sold the shield to a friendly priest of Myrkul.
Stats- This +3 Medium Shield lets you cast Undead Ward 1/day

Waukeen’s Defender
A number of these shields can be found in Waukeenar temples throughout Faerun. The church crafted these shield to sell to enterpising adventures. In exchange for the power of the device, the bearer is required to keep the front of the shield uncovered in its orignial state. If the owner does not comply, the sheild’s powers fail. In this way, dozens of adventurers walk the realm bearing the golden face of Waukeen on their arms.
Stats- This +3 medium shield

Darksteel Shield
Fashioned from Dwarven darksteel, this heavily enchanted shield provides more protection than most suits of armor. Legends hold that it was meant to be presented as a gift to the dwarvish hero Glimred Heavyhand, but he disappeared on his ill fated quest into the bowels of the marching Mountains before the work was complted. With Glimred gone, the shield was sold to the highest bidder-though the dwarven smiths refused to divulge the mysterious buyer’s identiy.
Stats- This +4 darksteel medium shield gives 10% resistance to fire, cold acid, and poison

Mercenary Shield
A standard magical shield given to elite troops and bodyguards, this particular shield is relatively new. Forged recently by Taeron Fiurium of Beregost, this shield has a few stories to tell. Perhaps it will take a brave young warrior to perform legendary deeds while wearing it to finally give it a history
Stats- This +2 Medium shield gives the wielder a +5 bonus to Search checks

Delryn family Shield
This is Anomen’s family shield, given to him by his father. In addition to the magical protection the shield radiates an aura that grants the wielder fire and cold resistance. To protect against ranged attacks, Anomen can use the shield to erect a field of energy around him
Stats- This +2 Arm shield gives 30% Fire and Cold Resistance and can use protection from missiles on bearer 3/day

Dragon Scale Shield
Another powerful item created by the warlock Wormsor, this shield consists of red dragon skin stretched over a steel frame. Green and white dragon scales adorn the red background in a pattern that, when looked in the right way, reveals the face of an ancient dragon
Stats- This +2 medium shield gives 25% DR to Fire, Cold and electrical damage

Saving Grace
One a very powerful shield used by the clerics of Bane, most the enchantments fled with their god’s demise. The basic magical protection of the shield stll remains, making it useful for an adventurer.
Stats- +3 Medium shield gives immunity to Beholder eyes

Sentinel Shield
A century ago, astronomers noted an unexpected comet coming to earth offshore of the Sword coast. An odd occurrence, it was made stranger by the light weight fragments of metal found days later by blacksmith Huffum Fuiruim, who cared little about celestrial events. He fashioned the bulk of it into his shield, though the forging took months and the aid of several enchanters. “From the heavens? Nay, from my hammer!”.
Stats- This +4 medium shield has half the weight and gives immunity to Color Spray

Shield of Balduran
This shield was worn by the hero Balduran. It is part of a set of weapons and armor that was stolen form the museum in the city of Baldur’s Gate
Stats-s +1 medium shield reflects Beholder rays.

Shield of Lost
This odd shield was constructed by the nomads that once inhabited the forests of Mir, a group long since absorbed into “civilized” society and forgotten. Examination reveals fine weaving of animal and human hair bound together by enchantment, though how this was done is lost to time.
Stats- This +2 Fur shield gives 5% magic resistance

Shield of the Order
Peragath the Valiant, a great champion of the Order of the Radiant heart, carried this shield into battle against a hoard of invading Tanar’ri pouring through a gate to the Astral Plane. Gripped by holy fervor, the mighty paladin single handedly drove back the horde, then foolishly leapt through the Astral gate to finish them off. The gate collapsed, and both Peragath and the shield were lost to the planes
Stats- This +4 mediums shield gives a +1 bonus to all saving throws.


Medium Shield

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