Masks (Non Zelda)


Devil’s Mask
A devil mask, perfect for playing pranks on your bunkmates in the middle of the night.
Stats: Scare 1/day

Moonstone Mask
Named after the Storied Moonstone Mask Tavern of Neverwinter, these helmets were worn to aid the ‘women of the Mask’ in their defenses. Each of these masks heighten the senses of the wearer, making it near-impossible for even the cleverest of theives to steal their way past a guardian so equipped
Stats- +1 to Concentration, +5 to Perception, grants Darkvision

Mask of Persuasion
In his battle to deflect the attentions of the god Mask, the drow deity Vhaeraun, granted his followers the knowledge to create these masks, which not only hide the faces of his folowers, but also make infiltration into enemy camps, such as the Church of Mask, far easier. With these helms, Vhaeraun’s dedicated followers are some of the most effective and deadly spies in the realm.
Stats- +1 to Charisma and concentration, +3 to Persuade, if upgraded becomes Charisma +2 and Persuade +5

Mask of the Skull
This ivory mask has been fashioned into the likeness of a human skull. Once per day, the mask can be loosed to fly form the wearer’s face. It charges and attacks a target as per a finger of death spell. After attack, the mask flies back to its user. Although the mask were originally made by sects of Myrkul-worshipers, several groups of Cyricists have begun claiming the masks as their own
stats- Finger of Death 1/day


Masks (Non Zelda)

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