Magics boots for everybody (Zelda)


Hover Boots
These boots will let you walk on air for 1 round before falling, they also make you have no faction, which is normally a bad thing as you slip everywhere, but sometimes is a good thing as you are able to avoid problems like quick sand or push traps that rely upon your body weight

Iron Boots

Kokiri Boots

These boots allow you to automatically avoid instant death effect

Pegasus Boots

These let you charge people people, doing triple damage but you can’t stop until you have run at least 50 feet or smash into something

Zora’s Flippers

These Flippers give a +10 bonus to Swim Checks

Mermaid Suit
This suit allows the swimmer to dive as deeply as they want without regards for water pressure.

Silver Scale
This Scale allows the user to swim ignoring most currents

Golden Scale
This Scale allows the user to be unaffected by ettins and whirlpools


Magics boots for everybody (Zelda)

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