Magical Rings of Zelda

The many rings used by Link


The Blue Ring

This small ring has a single blue gem upon it
Effect- 1/day the user may use this ring to gain damage reduction 10/- for 10 mins. The user takes on a perwinkle blue color if using this ring. If used in combination with the Defense Ritual, it means that he will have damage reduction 20/- the next 5 mins
(Link wears this on his right foot)

Red Ring
Small ring with a ruby on it
Effect- 1/day, this ring will make the next attack that the wearer will take deal only a single point of damage, provided the attack isn’t from a +5 item

100th ring
Appraisal- This ring only works if you have identified 100 magic rings
Effect- You can use identify at will, but only on magic rings

Armor Ring L-1
Appraisal- You must earn this in combat
Effect- While wearing this, you gain Damage reduction 5, but take a -1 on to hit

Armor Ring L-2
Appraisal- Must kill the former wearer of the ring in fair combat
Effect- +10 to armor class, -2 to all damage

Armor Ring L-3
Appraisal- You must take it from a powerful foe without killing him
Effect- +10 to your Defense Bonus, you cannot inflict pain effects

Blast Ring
Appraisal- Must survive a direct hit from a bomb
Effect- All bombs do 25% more damage

Blue Holy Ring
Appraisal- Must be grown through a Gasha Nut
Effect- Immunity to hostile spell like abilities

Blue JOy Ring
Appraisal- Must win it in a riddle contest
Effect- Healing spells are doubled when worn

Blue Luck Ring
Appraisal- Must be bought for 250 gold
Effect- Any beam effect does half damage.
Bomber’s Ring
Appraisal- Must win in a dancing contest
Effect- Lets you place two bombs per round instead of one

Boombproof Ring
Appraisal- Must win during a wrestling contest
Effect- You are immune to your own bombs

Charge Ring
Appraisal- Must be taken from Maple the witch in a running game
Effect- You can charge up a spin attack or other special attacks in 1/2 the time as normal

Cursed Ring
Appraisal- Must pickpocket from an enemy
Effect- Reduces attack by half, and all damage is doubled

Discovery Ring
Appraisal- Must find in a gravestone
Effect- Lets you find special patches of soil which can support magical plans

Double Edge Ring
Appraisal- Must gain in an arm wrestling contest
Effect- Doubles damage from any weapon you wield, but you take 1D6 points of damage every time you hurt somebody

Energy Ring
Appraisal- Must win in a raffle
Effect- Lets you shoot a sword beam out of your blade, which can travel 30 feet and deal 1D10 damage 3/day as a full round action

First Gen Ring
Appraisal- Must be gained through a random magical item effect.
Effect- Turns you into a child form of yourself when you wear it

Fist Ring
Appraisal- Must win in a boxing contest
Effect- You gain one point in weapon proficiency fists

Friendship Ring
Appraisal- Must be given it out of friendship
Effect- +1 to all Admiration checks

Trophy Ring
Appraisal- Must be given this as a free sample
Effect- Immunity to the Friendship spell

Nature Ring
Appraisal- Must be given as an indication of gaining a title of nobility
Effect- As long as it is worn, you gain the “nobility” feat

Time Ring
Appraisal- Must have been given this by a secret Admirer
Effect- You can always tell the exact time and date

Gasha Ring
Appraisal- Must be found lying in the ground
Effect- Any plant you tend to personally will grow twice as fast

Gold Joy Ring
Appraisal- Must be won by taking on 5 enemies your level at once by yourself
Effect- Doubles all Recovery Hearts found from enemies, and doubles enemy loot tables

Gold Luck Ring
Appraisal- Must be stolen from a friend
Effect- Reduces falling damage by half

Green Holy ring
Appraisal- Must win in a singing contest
Effect- Immunity to electrical damage

Green luck Ring
Appraisal- Must be found in a dungeon treasure chest
Effect- Damage from traps is reduced by half

Green Ring
Appraisal- Reward for a public service, given by a public offical
Effect- Increases damage by half, reduces damage by 25%

Heart Ring L-1
Appraisal- Must gain as a reward for doing a favor to a stranger
Effect- Fast healing 1 when wore

Heart Ring L-2
Appraisal- Must be dropped by a stranger and picked up
Effect- Automatically stabilize when reduced to below -10 hit points

Light Ring L-1
Appraisal- Must find in the stomach of a monster you killed
Effect- You deal +1 damage

Light Ring L-2
Appraisal- Must win in a shooting gallery game
Effect- +1 to hit

Like Like Ring
Appraisal- Must kill a like like in single combat
Effect- You turn into a Green Like Like when worn

Maple Ring
Appraisal- Must trade in exchange for another magical item
Effect- You intuitively know if anybody friendly is in a 5 mile radius

Moblin Ring
Appraisal- Kill 10 moblins in one battle
Effect- You turn into a green moblin when worn

Octo Ring
Appraisal- Kill an octo with your bare hands
Effect- You can turn into a green octo

Peace Ring
Appraisal- Must solve a conflict with an enemy without violence
Effect- Immune to area of effect spells that you cast.

Pegasus Ring
Appraisal- Must find in the sea
Effect- All speed increasing effects, items, or spells last for 1 round longer

Power Ring L-1
Appraisal- Must find in a crypt
Effect- +1 to all damage, but you take 1 extra damage from attacks

Power Ring L-2
Appraisal- Must be found on an island no more than than 30 feet long in any direction
Effect- All of your attacks deal an additional 1D10, but you take an additional 2D4 damage if hit

Power Ring L-3
Appraisal- Must be obtained during a coming of age ritual
Effect- All attacks deal 2D10 more, but you take 3D10 extra damage when ever you are hit

Protection Ring
Appraisal- Must travel to every single outer plane
Effect- Any attack you take deals 21 damage, be it a small needle or a nuclear bomb

Quicksand ring
Appraisal- Must be found in the desert
Effect- Immune to quicksand

Rang Ring L-1
Appraisal- Must be won during a horse riding contest
Effect- +1 to all ranged attacks

Rang Ring L-2
Appraisal- must be won in a card game
Effect- All ranged weapons have 10 foot increase in range.

Red Holy Ring
Appraisal- Must win in a dance off
Effect- Immunity to falling rocks.

Red joy Rings
Appraisal- Must win in a game of chance
Effect- You gain a +2 luck bonus on gambling

Red luck Ring
Appraisal- Must win in an arm wrestling contest
Effect- Damage from floor spikes is half.

Roc Ring
Appraisal- Must save children from a natural disaster and gain this as a reward
Effect- unstable floors do not fall apart on you

Sign Ring
Appraisal- You must destroy 100 signs with a sword
Effect- You can read any language

Slayer’s Ring
Appraisal- Must kill 1,000 people
Effect- Everybody who sees you wear this ring automatically know you killed 1,000 people

Snowshoe Ring
Appraisal- Must be given as a reward for a delivery service
Effect- You do not slip on frozen floors

Spin Ring
Appraisal- You must gain through the use of a Demon Door
Effect- Double damage from spin attacks

Steadfast ring
Appraisal- You must gain this at the end of a dungeon that you took on all by yourself
Effect- You are immune to bullrushing

Subrosian Ring
Appraisal- Must be reduced to 1 hit point in a single hit
Effect- You can transform into a Subrosian

Swimming Ring
Appraisal- Must dive into the ocean to gain this
Effect- Swim speed increases by 10 feet

Toss Ring
Appraisal: Must win the Big Bang game
Effect- Your throwing range goes twice as far as it normally would

Victory ring
Appraisal: Must succeed the most important goal in your life
Effect- Immunity to negative moral effects when worn.

Rupee Ring
Appraisal- You must have gained 100,000 gold pieces in one day
Effect- When worn, everybody knows that you did this

Whimsical Ring
Appraisal: Must have been given this on a whim
Effect- When worn, it has a 50% chance to either reduce damage by 1D8 hit points, or triple the damage you deal

Whisp Ring
Appraisal: You must kill an enemy entirely through magic
Effect- you are immune to jinx effects that keep you from using magic

Zora Ring
Appraisal: Must find from a dead enemy you didn’t kill
Effect- You can fight normally when under water

Grip Ring
Effect: This ring gives you a +20 bonus to all climb checks.

Ring Box
These extremely powerful items let you place a ring in them which counts as if you are wearing an extra ring. Their are three types of them

L-1 1 extra ring

L-2 3 Extra Rings

L-3 5 Extra Rings


Link not only has every single one of the these rings, he has them all usable and finally he has all of the Ring Boxes. This means that he can wear 10 rings on his fingers, 2 on his feet, and 9 extra rings

Magical Rings of Zelda

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