Magic Tunics


Green Mail
This Chain mail doubles your dodge bonus

Blue Mail
This chainmail reduces enemies damage by half

Red Mail
This Chainmail armor doubles your armor

Kokiri Tunic
Increase your Dexterity by 4. It also allows you to switch your items (and uniforms) automatically.

Goron Tunic
Makes your immune to Fire. Can be worn under armor.

Zora Tunic
Makes you immune to frost and ice damage. Can be worn under armor.

Purple Tunic
Makes your immune to magic

Hero’s Clothes
Makes you immune to fear

Zora Armor
Lets you breath underwater

Magic Armor
Total immunity to damage as long as your have money, 1 gold per round. If you take damage, the damage instead subtracts your total gold, so if you 1D4 damage, you lose 1D4 gold pieces


Magic Tunics

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