Magic Swords (Zelda)

weapon (ranged)

Recruit Sword
+1 Gladius, special enchantment, it has a 5% chance of stunning a foe for 5 rounds

Osho’s Sword
+1 Short Sword, special enchantment, if you manage to kill at least five enemies without getting killed, your damage is tripled

Orden Sword
+1 Broad Sword, can over come any damage reduction

The Wooden Sword
+3 Waster, this has a 25% critical hit ratio

Smith Sword
This +1 Knight’s Sword has +3 to all disarm and sunder attempts

Picori Sword

This +3 Longsword, this sword can take away elemental advantages of fire, earth, wind, or water weapons

White Sword
This +4 Long Sword randomly deals an extra 1D8 fire, water, earth, or wind damage when ever you hit somebody

Four Sword
+5 Longsword lets you split into 4 people

Hero’s Sword
This sword can be instantly summoned to you hand at any point

Kikori’s Sword
+1 Long Knife that makes you immune to fear

Fighter’s Sword
This +3 Long Sword lets you shoot out sword beams when you are at full health, that deal 1D6 damage, as well as giving you a +1 bonus to defense

Tempered Sword
This +4 Long Sword also lets you shoot sword beams that deal 1D6, this gives you a +1 bonus to Block

Golden Sword
This +5 Long Sword shoots beams that deal 1D10 damage

Noble Sword
This +2 Longsword shoots sword beams that deal 1D6 damage at will

Great Fairy Sword
This +6 Bastard Sword cannot be blocked. Seriously blocking just doesn’t work, its pretty terrifying

Gilded Sword
This +5 Short Sword lets you block magic spells

Razor Sword
This +5 Short Sword is only +5 for 101 successful hits, before turning into a +1 short sword

Giants Knife
This +6 Claymore only works for 8 hits, afterwhich it turns into the broken Giants knife, which is a broken sword that operates as a +1 short Sword

Biggoron Sword
This +8 Keen Mighty Claymore is…….really fucking Good. It also

Seashell Sword
This +3 Rapier lets you cut through any defensive magical spells (not inherent abilities or damage reduction)

The magic Sword
This +3 Long Sword lets you shoot fire balls (As in the fucking spell) as long as you in full health

Lokomo Sword
This sword lets you harm incorperal beings all the time, and you do triple damage to any being like that

Phantom Sword
This +3 Long sword lets you stop time 3/day, where everything goes normal so you can look around. You can’t change or affect anything, but you can look around and figure out stuff
Goddess Sword
This +3 Longsword does triple damage to evil creatures

Master Sword
This +7 Keen Vorpal Holy Long Sword may only be wielded by a good character, this sword can overcome any Damage reduction and deals 5X damage to evil creatures. It also makes the wielder immune to evil magic


Magic Swords (Zelda)

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