Magic Masks


Hawkeye mask
You can zoom in on enemies like a sniper
Used to take out an enemy Frost Mage

Heroes Charm
Lets you see how many hit points an enemy has

Skull Mask
You gain immunity to negative energy, but everybody thinks that you are undead .

Spooky Mask
Invokes fear in any who sees you
Used to defeat a band of Wolfos

Gerudo Mask
You Turn into a Gerudo
Used to assisinate a Gerudo commander

Goron Mask
Zora Mask

Deku Mask
Turns you in a Deku Mask

All night’s Mask
Prevents you from falling asleep
Used to say awake long enough to defeat a band of Nightlings
Blast Mask
You can blow as if you were a bomb.

Bremen Mask
Prompts large amounts of animals to follow you around

Bunny Hood
Doubles your movement speed

Captain Hats
You can command lesser undead

Circus Leader’s Mask
Constant calm spell is in effect

Couples Mask
Lets you see love

Done Gero’s Mask
You can communicate with Frogs and gives you a +10 to Perform checks

Garo Mask
Turns you into a Garo

Great Fairy Mask
Stray Fairies come closer to you.

Giants Mask
You grow to be 50 feet tall

Gibdo Mask
You can communicate with undead, constant speak with dead ability

Kafei Mask
You can get people to Gossip more easily, +10 to Gather information

Kamaro’s Mask
Lets you dance like awesome. +20 to perform if it is dance

Keaton Mask
You summon Keatons

Mask of Scents
You gain scent

Mask of Truth
You can read minds

Moon Mask
People will fall in love with you

Postman’s Hat
+5 to pick lock checks

Romani’s Mask
Its much like slighty physic paper, you always count as VIP

Stone Mask
You are invisible

Sun mask
You understand what people’s greatest ideals are

Fierce Deity’s Mask
You become a god unto men.


Magic Masks

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