Magic Candle

Magic Candls as used by Lnk


Magical candles exist, lets look at some

Blue Candle
This candle is about six inches tall, and has a small button which lights its flame. It cannot be damaged by any normal effect, nor its fire can be taken out
Effect: This candle’s special effect is that 1/day it can be light, dispelling all darkness spells, invisibility, and hiding illusions (As in illusions that make you unnoticable, rather than disguises) within a 30 yard radius. It also can be lit as a normal candle, which cannot be put out by any means other than human flesh, and thus can be used underwater

Red Candle

this candle is a foot long, and is far thicker than its blue counterpart (laugh it up).
Effect- This Candle can shoot out a small flame 15 feet, which will temporarily light up a 10 foot area around where the flame lands. If it makes contact with flesh, it deals 1D4 points of fire damage. The Fire is considered everlasting, unless put in a no oxygen environment

Flame Lamp
This small lamp may be held in one’s hand, and consumes no magical energy.
Effect: Its light dispels all illusions in the area, and it can automatically light any flammable object on fire, which includes melting small amounts of ice. Should the need arise, it can also, 1/day, produce a major flame in a cone of five feet forward and three feet wide, dealing 1D8 damage. 5 spell points will let the user do this again

Lantern of Truth- This lantern can be attached to one’s belt, producing light for a 20 foot radius. The lantern relies upon oil, which it holds enough to light the area for 10 mins. A vial of latern oil can replenish its supply


Link caries the flame lamp, and one of each candle on his person at all times. The lantern normally is on his belt, and 1 of his empty bottles contains extra oil.

Magic Candle

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