Mace of Weal and Woe
Even without magical enchantment, this particular piece of weaponry could fetch a healthy price for its exquisite craftsmanship. The shaft of the mace is a bronze cylinder reinforced with a steel bar down the center and six thin bands of polished steel, three above the haft and three below the head. The head itself is egg-shaped and made of red-stained cherry wood reinforced by decorative arcing bronze band. Steel flanges stick out from the head in an asymmetrical pattern. The two largest flanges bear extensive etching. One is a classical image of Tymora with the word “WEAL” in Thorass. The other is an image of Beshaba with the word “WOE”. Despite the delicate material used in the mace’s construction, it is exceptionally sturdy. The history of the mace is largely a mystery.
Stats- This +2 mace is +3 against lawful creature, +1 to all saving throws, 13% chance to inflict curse.

Pestilent Dawn
A nasty looking weapon covered in result and grime, Pestilent Dawn was created by a priest of Talona named Tamberlin. This morning star consist of a grip wrapped in human hair, a stout oak handle, and rusty iron head set with teeth taken from rabid bears. Prestilent Dawn is typically only used by Talonites, as the sight of the weapon usually unnerves common folk.
Stats- This +4 mace, 25% to inflict Cause Disease

Pestilent Dawn
This nasty looking weapon covered in rust and grim, Pestilent Dawn was created by a priest Talona named Tamberlin. The mace consists of a grip wrapped in human hair, a stout oak handle, and a rusty iron head set with teeth taken from rabid bears. Pestilent Dawn is typically only used by Talonites, as the sight of the weapon usually unnerves common folk.
Stats: This +4 mace has a 25% inflicts Cause Disease on target, Wielder immunity to disease.

The Stupefier
This mace isn’t just sleek and elegant, its stunning. With a shot in just the right spot, it can render a foe completely parasitic.
Stats- This +1 light mace can stun the foe for 4 rounds (25%) and if they fail a roll (DC 14) they will lose a point of intelligence

Three White Doves
An extremely unusual mace, Three White Doves was created by an Ilmaterian priest named Alledec in 850 DR. Alledec had been a fighting priest for the order for twenty years, and he decided it was time to leave a legacy for the church to use after he had passed away. This ivory-headed mace was the result. The shaft of the weapon is made from black-enameled steel, with the handle being crafted of carved ivory. Gold band lock the head and the handle into place. The head itself is the most unusual part of the mace. It is carved from pure ivory and it resembles three white doves facing the center of the weapon. The flared wings the doves form the flanges. Alledec died in his sleep three years after completing the mace. It was given to a traveling fighter in service of the church of Ilmater. The fighter later passed the weapon on to a priest of Ilmater named Recken the Bold. Recken lost the weapon when he was fighting a powerful vampire near Trollbark Forests. Recken was eventually victorious over the vampire, but he never recovered the mace.
Stats- This +4 light mace deals double damage against undead and outsider. 5% chance of instantly killing Outsiders. Against undead with 1-4 hit dice, they will automatically be destroyed, 5 hit dice 95% being destroyed, 6 hit dice 80%, 7 hit dice 65%, 8-9 Hit Dice 50%, 10 Hit Dice 35%, 11 or more hit dice 20%.

Death of Desire
This mace is used by the Dustmen to remove all desires from the living
Stats- This +2 spiked mace deals an extra 1D6 piercing damage and has a 50% chance of stunning the opponent. If used against living creatures, it deals an extra 1D8 damage. Only usable by Dustmen.

Greater Mace of Disruption
The bane of all undead, the mace of disruption interferes with the magic animating undead. Sometimes this means that it does increased damage to undead, while other times it destroyed the creature entirely. These weapons are often highly sought after by the priests of Lathander, who hunt undead with great zeal. Those who distinguish themselves as undead hunters are occasionally rewarded with one of these powerful maces.
Stats- This +3 spiked mace is +8 vs. undead, +5 against Necromancers, deals an extra 1D8 fire damage, 1D10 fire against undead, every time it hits an undead they must make a charisma save (DC 20) or die

Lesser Mace of Disruption.
Possibly the single most popular weapon amongst the ranks of Lathandar’s clerics the mace of disruption is the bane of the undead. It is rumored that the last cleric carrying such a weapon in Thay was caught by Szazz Tam and flayed alive, before being turned into a zombie servant
Stat- This +1 blunt mace is +2 against undead and has a chance of destroying undead (Charisma DC 14) and emits yellow light for 20 feet.

Blackriver Mace
This mace was created for the Blackriver Bandit leader when he went to Neverwinter.
Stats- This +2 spiked mace is +3 Chaotic Good characters, +4 if used with the Blackriver Mace.

Bloodsailor mace
This mace was made for the bloodsailor gang to help them fight against humans, their most likely target.
Stats- This +2 spiked mace deals an extra 1D8 against humans.

Fist of the Legion
A set of these weapons was originally created for the Sword coast Legion, a league of clerics and paladins who fought the orc multitudes in the Year of the Black Hoard, 1235 DR
Stats- This +1 blunt mace deals an extra 1D12 damage against orcs, and has a 50% of stunning a foe for 2 rounds (DC 14)

Kiss of Sune
A boon to the devout, this mace and others like it exude the grace and power of the Lady of Love, Sune. A service of great importance is usually required to warrant such a gift, such as the creation of powerful items is costly to any faith.
Stats- This +1 spiked mace deals an extra 1D10 damage to any target with less than 18 charisma. Also has a 50% chance of stunning the target for 2 rounds (DC 14)

Petty’s Tempest
The most recent recorded appearance of one of these weapons was in the black markets of Amn, rightfully commanding an impressive price. Several such maces have been found over time, each with an array of of elemental spells and effects woven through them. The creator remains elusive, though the name “Petty” is evident on each example. It is possible he is a smith on Toril, but his obvious understanding of planar forces suggests a more traveled origin.
Stats- This +2 studded mace deals an extra 1D6 electrical damage, counts as +4 against targets with a higher intelligence than the wielder. Also has a 50% chance of slowing the target for 2 rounds (DC 14)

Planar mace
No one knows for certain where these maces originate. Perhaps they come from the outer planes to help the righteous of Faerun defend their homes, or perhaps their arrival here is simply an accident. Regardless of their origin, they are unusually effective against creatures from the other planes of existence
Stats- This +2 spiked mace is +4 against outsiders

Scepter of Storms
This scepter plays an occasional ceremonial role within the Umberlant temple on Spindrift Island. The sisters use it to bless newly wedded couples and to perform burials at sea. Both are common enough occurrences that its absence will not go unnoticed for very long.
Stats- This +1 War baton is +3 vs. evil, an deals an extra 2D6 divine damage.

Soldier’s Might
It is said that lieutenants in the armies of Algarond were given these weapons, but not told of the flaws in their design. Many of the wielders died, but all fought valiantly and were accorded the honor of heros of the realm. The generals responsible for these flawed weapons were escaped punishment and today they were remembered among the revered dead.
Stats- This +2 spiked mace grants the wielder immunity to mind affecting spells and deals 1D4 cold damage.

Mace of Undead Bane
This bejeweled mace had a devastating effect on any undead creature it struck.

Stats- This +2 studded mace counts as +5 against undead.

Heaven and Earth
A fearsome aura of power emanates from this massive weapon. Sharp powerful lines adorn the shaft of this mace, which streak directly to a perfect sphere that serves as this weapons contact point. Perfectly curved spikes emanated from the perfectly-shaped sphere, yielding an image that is at once both arresting yet awe-inspiring. A vibrant, royal purple hue surrounds this weapon of power. Upon holding the weapon it instantly apparent that only those that are pure of hear can truly wield it
Stats- This +3 mace gives a +2 to strength and deals an extra 1D20 damage to evil creatures, only usable by good.

Ardulia’s Fall
Ardulia the Agile was a man whose speed and skill at knife play made him exceptionally lethal in battle, and he repeatedly proved it by leading raids on settlements along the Sword Coast. He would often challenge the village leader for possession of the two, and with his speed, duels were always quickly decided in his favor. Ardulia met his match one spring morning however, when he battled the priest Itgan, who wielded this mace. Ardulia seemed to stagger under each blow, slowing his pace to recoup and regain his breath. Without this speed, Ardulia was lost, and fell to the measured attacks of Itgan
Stats- +1 Mace that deals an extra 2 points of damage and any enemy who is hit is slowed for 12 rounds.

Handmaiden’s Mace
This mace has been crafted finely by the drow, and specially treated to survive the glare of the sun. It is made for surface raids by the subterranean race….and its black metal glistened with a dark poison that seems to be generated from within and causes incredible damage upon a successful impact. The mace seems almost alive and warm to the touch, and slithers away from those whom it does not like…namely drow or those who are similar enough to not make a difference. In the hands of anyone else, the mace become mere dead weight.
Stats- This +2 mace deals an extra 3 points of damage and anybody they hit must make a fortitude save (DC 14) or suffer 2 points of damage each round for 10 rounds. Only usable by drow.

The Child Slayer
On Pagan, the story of the Slayer was told to scare children. Said to be a weapon with a mind of its own, it would long for its wielder to spill blood so that it could be fed! However, the Slayer’s tale is, in truth, very real. Stored in the old ruins under the East Road near the Cemetery, the weapon waits the opportunity to finally feed again, to again taste the blood of its smitten foes.
Stats- This +5 Mace deals double damage to any child like creature.

Jerrod’s Mace
This was the favored weapon of the priest of Tempus named Jerrod. Jerrod sacrificed his life to save his tribes from an army of demons
Stats- This +2 mace is +5 vs. demons.

Krotan’s Skullcrusher
Even the hoards have their heroes, and while they are vilified in the civilized company, their deeds are sometimes impressive nonetheless. Krogan was an exceptionally intelligent orc, as far as orcs go, who commanded an ever-shifting legion of ogres, orcs, hobgoblins, and other associates beasties during the Year of the Lost Lady, 1241 DR. It was in this tear that a group of bandit orcs allegedly kidnapped and killed a Tethyrian noblewoman, and the response from authorities was genocidal slaughter of orcs throughout the south in her memory. Krotan mounted a defense that ensured his people were not entirely destroyed, though they were displaced. Krotan himself fell near the end of the conflict and his head was mounted outside the graveyard where the young lady was buried. As a point of interest, the orcs called this time the “Year of Pushing Too Far”.
Stats- +2 Flanged Mace with a +2 bonus to defense, speed 5.

The Love of Black Bess
This fell weapon was crafted by a beautiful and cruel wizardess who worshiped the lady of misfortuen, Beshaba. Her name was Redani, and she was known both for her powers as an enchanter and seductress. The Love of Black bess was always given to her favored consort at any particular time. Unknown to her lovers, she would place a Ring of Readiness on the mace, saving the matching ring for a special time. When she grew tired of her consorts, as she always did, she would give the matching ring to a new lover and send the young man out to kill her old paramour. The new lover would simply call upon the ring and the mace would fly to his hand. Unfortunately, Redani was done in when she trusted the wrong man to kill her old lover. Gural of Chessenta, a well-disguised preist of Hoar, took it upon himself to gain vengeance for a man whose skull he had picked up by the side of a raod. Unluckily for Redani, Priest of Hoar will go to any length to avenge the dead, even if it means animating all of her dead lovers to tear her limb from limb.
Stats: This +4 heavy mace deals 3 extra damage, 10% chance to drain 4 luck.

Mace of Disruption
This heavy mace was created for a very specific purpose: to slay undead. Any such creature hit by it not only feels the sting of weapon, but also has a chance of being blasted from existence. There are legends that speak of a priest so holy a single touch could send a vampire to oblivion, but where the weapon empowered her or she empowered it is a topic for theologians. If upgraded with illithium, it is even more potent, conferring to its user immunity to the light framing powers of the more powerful undead.
Stats- 1 Mace, +2 against undead, and against undead it an extra 2d64, doubles its damage, and forces them to make a Charisma check (with a -4 penalty) vs. the wielder’s level or be destroyed. If upgraded it is +2, +4 against undead and gives immunity to level drain

Mauler’s Arm
Jurrg the Mauler was a proud chieftain of a northern tribe, but feared he would be the last of his family to lead. His son Kullen was sickly and clearly couldn’t meet the tradition requirement of strength for a chieftain. Jurrg knew that wise leadership took more than brawn, however, so he bargained to enchant this mace so that it would cover Kullen’s weakness. Who Jurrg made the deal with is unknown, but the cost was apparently high. Kullen same to rule soon after.
Stats- +2 mace, will automatically raise the wielder’s strength to 18 (no effect on people who have 18 or higher strength).

Mace of Stunning: The Stupefier
This mace isn’t just sleek and elegant, its stunning. With a shot just to the right spot, it can render a foe completely parasitic
Stats- +1 Mace that has a 25% chance to stun the target for 4 rounds.

Storm Star
This magical weapon is of ancient design, though to have been devised in Netheril. It crackles with spectacular arch of lightning when wielded. Infused with the other Starfall Ore, the powers of this already formidable weapon are greatly enhanced.
Stats- +4 Mace, gives a +3 bonus to defense, has a speed of 4. If upgraded, it becomes +5 and deals an extra 1D6 electric damage and has a 5% chance of stunning a foe for 3 rounds. It also gives the wielder 20% electric resistance.

This mace is permanently bloodstained; a telltale trace of its many years spent mashing heads. The weapon would have been the bane of humanoids throughout its history, but those that wielded it seem to have been purposely left out of the historical record
Stats- +3 mace that deals an extra 4 points of damage, with an additional +2 points of damage against humanoids. It has a speed of 4

Before leading her house into the Deep Roads, Branka forged and infused this masterwork weapon with tireless-if single-minded-devotion. This weapon in hand, she would lead her people to the Anvil of the Void, or die trying.
Stats- This +3 blunt mace give +3 to Strength and Constitution

High Constable’s Mace
Until the loss of griffons, the high constable of the Grey Wardens was responsible for maintaining the aerials of Weisshaupt and was effectively second-in-command to the first warden.
Stats- This +1 blunt mace is +6 against darkspawn.

Endrin’s Mace
A fine mace, this was a gift made by one of the premier clans of Orzammar to King Endrin Stonehammer, commemorating the construction of Stonehammer Hall.
Stats- This +2 blunt mace gives +5 to will.



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