Googles of Minute Seeing
This metallurgist’s helms bears the distinctive look of Lantanese make. It has been specially constructed to allow an intricate series of lenses to swivel over the wearer’s eyes. They enable much improved close-ranged vision and are very useful for locating or identifying features such a tiny seams, marks, cracks, or imperfections. Such helms are valued by Lantanese archeologists when manipulating experimental contraptions- both for their investigatory and protective properties.
Stats- Gives +5 to Lore and Search

Googles of Nightmares
These opaque lenses are placed over the eyes of the wearer to grant them dark vision. Common equipment for adventurers in the Underdark, these helms are also hailed as the “great equalizer” by humans and so are very popular among human rogues
stats- Darkvision

Beer Goggles (cursed)
Apparently, some modron foolishly asked a wizard what it was like to be intoxicatd and these goggles were fashioned. When this lens is equipped, the wearer becomes ‘braver’ and ‘stronger’ but can’t see very well
Stats- Makes the user drunk, gives immunity to Panic, -1 to ranged attacks, -1 to dmage, +10 to hit points

Lens of Confounding
This scope possess a strange ability; it clouds the eyesight of anyone who intends to harm the wearer, making him seem blurry and indistinct to his enemies. The Lens of Counding makes the wearer harder to hit.
Stats- Gives +2 to AC

Lens of Perspicity
This powerful lens heightens the perceptions and the thought of the wearer when worn. It grants the wearer enchanted deduction abilities, the knowledge of spell-casting (and how to thwart it), and also gives any missile attack greater range and damage.
Stats- +1 to damage, +1 to save vs. spells, +1 to Missile Weapons, +3 to Lore

Lens of Seeing Double
This bizarre bubble shaped scope has two lenses mounted side by side. When looking through it, everything appears double, which makes it difficult to distinguish which target is the real one. The benefit of the lens, however, is any projectile the user fires at a target is doubled while he is wearing the lens. When equipped, any projectile fired by the lens-wearer splits into two, doubling its damage
Stats- +8 to damage, -2 Missile weapons

Lens of the Bat (cursed)
Whether a joke or the result of a bizarre experiment, some insane machinist dabbling in the Art has crafted a lens that ‘gifts’ the user with the vision of a bit. The investor must have wanted to force the user to appreciate the persecptive, as the lens cannot be removed without a Remove Curse
Stats- Induces Blindness

Lens of the Horizon
This aqu-marine lens of this scope is a drop of water in Oceanus. The water drop ahs been frozen with the reflection of the Elysium’s skies on its surface, giving anyone who looks through it the ability to see objects at the incredible distance. It increases the wearer’s chance to hit, but it reduces their ability to look closely at object.
Stats- -50 to Lore skill, +5 to missile weapons

Magnifying Lens
This snap-on lens is good for examining things up close, but makes for a poor sighting scope
Stats- +10 to Lore, -2 to Damage

Nordom’s Ocular
This snap-on magnifying lens serves as a sighting scope for Nordom’s crossbows. It improves his accuracy and looks really intimidating when he slides it down over his left eye.
Stats- +1 to Missile Weapons

Optix (cusred)
Nordom’s Crossbows are not the only gear spirits to have fled from Mechanus – Optix, a somewhat older and more curmudgeonly gear spirit, has been living his last few centuries in an alchemy lab in Sigil. When the alchemist passed away, Optix moved on to various odd jobs, including keg taps, cuckoo clocks, metronomes, corkscrews, and so on, never settling very long in one place. His most recent form, that of a sniper scope, seems to content him for now. Although Optix is an irritating nag to the two younger crossbow gear spirts, he has studied the physiology of creatures throughout the Planes. The two youngsters grudgingly admit (with reluctant, strained clicks) that his advice on how to aim for the eyes and other vital areas of creatures is quite valuable. Although it runs contrary to his nature, Optix can actually force itself to be charming to other small mechanical devices… just not for too long . While in Nordom’s possession, Optix can be convinced to ‘talk’ to any locks you encounter and try to persuade them to unlock. This ability is the equivalent of a Knock spell, but it can only be used a certain number of times before Optix gets fed up and refuses to do it anymore. Another unfortunate aspect of Optix’s presence is that once he’s “comfortable,” he doesn’t like to come off. A Remove Curse will be needed to pull him off of Nordom’s head if he becomes too irritating.
Stats- +2 to Damage, +1 to Luck, increases critical hit by 1, +2 Misisle Weapons
User- Nodrom

Retractable Scope
This intricately designed sighting scope folds up into itself when not in use. When activated, it clamps into place over the user’s left eye and immediately begins tracking any targets in range with a series of low, threatening ‘clicks’ The tracking system gives the user greater accuracy with missile weapons and makes projectiles more damaging
Stats- +1 to damage, +2 to Missile Weapons.

Stealth Lenses
This scope looks as if it’s missing its lens, but in fact, the lens itself is displaced in space: if you use your peripheral vision, you can make it out a few feet to your left, just hanging in space. When this scope is equipped, a portion of the wearer phases out, and he becomes EXTREMELY difficult to hit with missile weapons or spells. Furthermore, the wearer is just hard to see, period; it’s almost like he’s not all there. Depending on on who’s wearer this lens, it may compliment his personality just fine
Stats- +4 to AC, +2 to AC vs. Missile, +2 to all saving throws, 50% chance of avoiding missiles.

Time’s Eyepiece
This snap on magnifying lens gives the wearer the ability to see a few seconds into the future, allowing them to anticipate where an opponent will be and doge incoming attacks. Archers and snipers will have a maddeningly hard tmie trying to pin down anyone wearing this lens
Stats- +2 AC, extra +2 to AC vs. Misisle weapons, +3 to ranged attacks.



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