Kite Shield


The Argent Shield
This silver shield once resided in the Hand of the Seldarine, where it was used to protect its bearer from harmful magic and attacks. Beacuse of its racial attunement the marauding orcs and goblins left it in the towers. Maidain Illmadia grabbed it from the ruins.
Stats- This +3 Kite shield, gives 25% magic resistance.

The Red Knight’s Shield
Divination about this item reveals little, save that it once belonged to a woman called the Red Knight, a devoted worshiper and soldier of Tempus. A cult to the Red Knight exists in a few places around Faerun. The little information that is known about the religion indicates that the Red Knight is a quasi-deity representing strategy and tactics in war. The faith consists entirely of a small group of Tempurans who favor the Red Knight’s emphasis of military structure and order. The Shield is plain in design and constuction, with a small icon of a horse’s head cared into the back rim of the item.
Stats- this is a +4 kite shield

The Bitch Queen’s Envoy
Represnatives of Umberlee, the so-called Bitch Queen, were given this shield to display to the court of Ishtishia on trips to the Elemental Plane of Water. It prodected its bearer on numerous occasions. The envoys of the Queen of the Sea rarely abused the power of the device, but it only took one mischievous priest to lose the items. Legends say that Herren of Umberlee used the shield’s sanctuary to attack and destroy a number of elemental before the water lord Ishtishia shifted the priest to the paraelemental plane of ice, where he froze to death. Form there, it is beieved that the shield floated around the planes for many years, only recently resurfacing in Faerun.
Stats- This +3 kite shield makes the wielder invisible to water elementals.

The Argent Shield
The silver shield once resided in the Hand of the Seldarine, where it was used to protect its bearer from harmful magic and attacks. Because of its racial attunement, the marauding orcs and goblins left it in the tower. Maiden Ilmadia grabbed it from the ruins.
Stats- This +3 kite shield gives 25% magic resistance.

Large Shield
Chaos Shield
Legend hold that this powerful item was created by the god Cyric during the Time of Troubles, giving him one more weapon against his foes in battle. For, unlike most shield, the Shield of Chaos is truly a weapon. Whenever its wearer is hit during combat, the shield can retaliate with any number of powerful and disabling effect, ranging from blindness to paralysis to blast of fire and lightning that will engulf the unfortunate opponent
Stats-2% chance to inflict reflect all damage back upon them.

Demonflesh Shield
Some forgotten crusader in the Blood Wars fashioned this shield from the flesh of a fallen enemy. The surface is pocked and marred by countless blows but there is no way of knowing whether the scars came before or after the demon died.
Stats- This +6 Large Shield gives Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire/Sonic 10, Spell Resistance 14

Dragon Shield
Evil dragons are fearful opponents, but luckily for the good races of the world every dragon carries the seeds of its own destruction. When a single dragon falls, its scales are turned into shields and armor sovereign against its own attacks. A gifted artificer can combine scales from different dragon types to produce item that resist many forms of elemental attacks. The famed Dragon Shields are of this sort, and are among the best equipment and ambitious dragonlsyer can carry
Stats- This +2 Large Shield gives Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire resist 10

Laeral’s Spell shield
Named for Laeral Silverhand Arunsun, who created the first shield of this type, this large steel shield also imbues the wearer with resistance against spells.
Stats- This +1 Large Shield gives Spell resistance 16

Mirror Shield
Often confused with the better-known Shield of Mirrors, which has been known to aid in the defeat of medusas and basilisks. Mirror Shields are most often seen on the arms of mage hunters. Aside from their silvered appearances, Mirror Shield are so named because they can reflect harmful spell cast against their wielder
Stats- This +3 Large Shield gives Spell resistance 12, Spell Reflection

Shield of the Prator
Dethin Prator was a hero of Unther, who led one of the most successful uprings against the new Magocracy, run by the Mulhorandi conquerors. His rebellion lasted two months during which time his army swelled to total over 1500. His army came to the attention of a dissatisfied Unther mage, who began to supply his army with magical assistance, including this shield. When the army was finally destroyed, Prator was found dead, but his shield was gone.
Stats- This +5 Large Shield gives Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, Sonic Resistance 10, Spell Resistance 14, +3 to Wisdom.

Shield of the Holy
These sield are first mntioned in Ancient liturgies of Lathander, in which the Morninglord’s Champion bears radiant shields against an infestation of undead. The shields made their first appearance in modern times in dramatic fashion, appearing miraculously at the alters of several of the deity’s temples in the Year of Smoldering Spells, 1020 DR. Since that time a number have been lost in battle, and not a few were stolen by foul creatures to prevent their use.
Stats- This +4 large Shield grants Extra Turning

Shield of the Sun
Forged by clerics of the Mulhorandi sun god Horus-Re, these shields are constantly aglow with the golden fires of the sun. Depending on the skill and intent of the crafter, some Shield’s of the Sun carry more potent powers as well
Stats- This +3 Large Shield emits light, and lets you use Searing Light 3/day

Uthgardt Holy Shield
The Uthgardt value strength above all, and these shields provide strength to spare. They also disdain fancy talk and fine worlds, and the shields do their best to make the wearers as barbaric as the wild men of the north
Stats- This +2 Large Shield gives a +2 bonus to Taunt and Strength, -2 to Charisma

Fortress Shield
This Shield, as tall as a man, is aptly named. With it, Phil Pious, a paladin of the Most noble Order of the Radiant Heart once held a marauding battalion of hobgoblins and kobolds archers at bay till they exhausted their arrows. As the shield is almost as useful in melee as it is at range, he then slew each and every creature
Stats- This body shield gives a +7 bonus to defense against ranged weapons.

Shield of the Falling Stars
Ilmater himself enchanted this shield upon seeing a young squire’s willingness to endure untold agony for the wellbeing of his mount. During a fierce battle between a human calvary division and a hobgoblin horde, the young man was sent for reinforcements. He was beset by a cascade of arrows that nearly blocked out the sun, and he knew that even if he avoided the arrows himse,f should his horse fall he would surely be doomed. With his shield and boyd he positioned himself to take the brunt of the onslaught, and was mortally wounded for it. His horse remained unscathed allowing for their escape, and his body was carried back to the nearest town, where hew was resurrected from death
Stats- This +1 Large Shield is +4 vs. Missile weapons

The Shield of Pellan
Pellan of Tyr, a brash paladin known for unquestioning courage and an almost total lack of common sense, commissioned this dwarven made shield. Upon hearing that a red dragon was ravaging the countryside, Pellan mounted his horse and rode off to do battle. As it happened, Pellan and his armor digested readily enough, but the shield gave the dragon severe stomach cramps. Subsequently coughed up, it lay in a hoard for years until it retrieved y Pellan’s son, a warrior who knew when to sneak. Superior craftsmanship is supplemented by a permanent lightness spell, which makes the shield very easy to wield
Stats- This +2 body shield is +3 vs. Missile weapons, weights half as much.


Kite Shield

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