Darkened Glory
This weapon was originally owned by a young office guarding a diplomatic envoy from Kara-Tur. When the envoy’s caravan was ambushed by a small band of yuant-ti raideres, most of the gaurds were quickly dispatched during a surprise attack, save for one wagon and the young woman defending it. In wave after wave, the yuan-ti charged at the officer and in wave after wave they were cut down by the speed and fury of her steel. At last the leader of the yuan-ti raiders faced off with the young woman, and although he did finally overpower her, he was astonished by her skill (though he lost an eye in the process0. The katana she carried was recovered and later enchanted by a high priest of Sseth. The once graceful blade was tainted by dark magic and now guides those who wield it to inflict the severest of wounds upon their enemies.
stats- This +2 Katana deals an extra 1d8 damage against non reptiles.

If memory serves correctly, these weapons date to the stadium battles of old Kai Chen province, where promising warrior would test their skills against the greatest samurai of the day in ritual combat. If ever a challenger was victorious, he or she won the people’s ovation and fame forever, symbolized by a Kaga-To katana. The blade is etched with a sumple phrase: “Tell me how you fight and I will tell you what you are.”
Stats- +1 Katana has a 50% to stun for two rounds DC 14

Sword Saint Legacy
With death being the ultimate challenge for a great warrior to overcome, powerful and noble warriors have begun to sacrifice their physical bodies, so that their spirits can inhabit an ancestral Katana. The more powerful the warrior was in life, and the more noble his spirit, the more powerful the sword. IT is told that the great Master Kendai Kousra inhabits a weapon so powerful that a god claimed it as his weapon of choice
Stats- This +8 Katana deals an extra 1d6 sonic damage, and an 2D6 against evil,

Radiant Death
This finely crafted katana belonged to the renowned swordsman Viromoto, a weapon master from the East who fought a hundred duel before finally dying. The Keen blade shatters though any opponent’s defenses but it is so sharp and light that it is difficult for even a master to wield, Viromoto gradually became distrustful of the weapon and for his final duel he favored a different weapon—only to fall in battle, his first and only defeat.
Stats- This +6 Katana gives a +5 to AC and deals an extra 5 damage when it crits.

Master’s Li Way
Once thought a unique instance of the swordmaker’s craft, several katanas of this type have been linked to a ship that ran around on the Sword Coast some years ago. All bear the markings of Master Hu Li, a great artificer from the east, but little else is known of him
Stats- This +2 katana deals an extra 1D4 acid damage

Katana of the North
The Katana of the North crafted by small order of monks in the Nether Mountains. It grant its wielder some protection from the harsh elements of the north as well as having a calming influence on beasts that may be encountered.
Stats- +1 katana gives a +1 bonus to Animal Empathy, lets you cast Endure Elements 2/day, and deals an extra 1D4 damage on crits

Divine Fury
“…in the night there came the rain of fire which crashed as though an avalanche of stone. There were creaters in the square, and instide were the stars, from which we forged our vengeance and took back the land of our fathers” the writing of Kaa Mihnd, explaining how a poor fishing village could possess the weapons to challenge their wealthy overlord. The account has never been verified, though these blades are supposed outcome
Stats- This +3 katana deals an extra 1D6 electric damage, 50% of 2/round stun, DC 14

Blade of the Elements
Besiege by a powerful wu-jen, Lord Sunuang of Kara-Tur was forged into some very expensive alliances. Weapon like these were plentiful, but not cheap, and the strain of equipping his army against an ever-strengthening foe eroded his influence. In the end, Sunang’s land fell to their own weaknesses, notthe sword of his enemies. Merchants may have supplied both sides with the same arms to extend their profits, but three centuries have hidden the answers.
Stats- This +3 katana has a DC 14 chance of automatically slaying any elemental creature.

Dak’kon’s Zerth Blade

On the Githzerai’s home plane of Limbo, solid matter is something of a rarity. Limbo itself is a soupy mass of elements, and only through force of will can the githzerai shape these elements into stable matter. A substance called ‘karach’ is a material that can be shaped with the mind. Dak’kon’s blade is composed of thise substance; though metnal discipline alone, Dak’kon maintains the integrity of this blade. When the users spirit is focused, his mind clear of doubts and devoted to a single purpose, the blade itself will react, mirroring the wielder’s thoughts.
Stats- Chained Blade is a 3 Katana grants +4 to AC, +6 to Defense, deals an extra 1D122 damage, deals an extra 1 points of damage against chaotic enemies, doubles all 1st and 2nd level mage spells and adds 2 1st level and one 2nd level and third wizard spell.

Celestial Fury
To enchant a katana is no simple process. Unlike conventional weapons, katanas are already a ritual weapon. To enchant it usually requires a sacrifice, perhaps a dying samurai might beg a Wu Jen to infuse his fighting spirit into the spirit of the katana. The wielder of the Celestial Fury must respect the customs of Kara-Tur and of the samurai who once carried this blade into battle. Not doing so could drastically cange one’s luck for the worse
Stat- +3 Katana every time it hits an opponents they must make a fortitude save (DC 16) or be stunned for 3 rounds. There is a 5% chance that an extra 20 points of electrical damage will be done. Once per day it can cast Blindness and Lightning strike, and gives a +3 bonus to defense.

Corthala Family Blade
This fine katana radiates magical energy when wielded by Valygar. The blade was designed to respond only to those with the blood of the family Corthala flowing through their veins. This blade causes additional bleeding damage when it strikes an opponent.
Stats- +2 katana, deals 2 bleeding.

Hindo’s Doom
Hindo was a samurai of great reknown, a staunch defender of his people against the evil undead that often ravaged his homelands. Reunited with the hand of its original owner, Hindo’s Doom is a katana worthy of the greatest of Samurai.
Stats +3 katana gives a +3 bonus to defense that can be used to case Lesser Restoration. If upgraded with Hindo’s hand it becomes +4, +4 to defense and gives 10% magic resistance. Also it grants you immunity against all forms of death magic and you can also cast Greater Restoration 1/day.

This sleek katana radiates magical energy when carried. The Malakar or ‘Dueling Steel’, was used by a less-than=honorable samurai during duels against other samurai. As if of its own violation it will swoop down and deflect the slashing attacks of other weapons. It is perfect for the warrior concerned about defense as well as offense.
Stats- +2 katana gives a +2 to defense and a +2 to armor class.
Dak’kon’s sword
This sword was the weapon of the choice of the famous githzerai Dak’kon, when for what ever reason his Zerth blade wasn’t working.
This +2 katana lets the wielder memorize an extra spell level between 1-4.
Yoshimo’s Katana
This blade, though only lightly enchanted, has archieved a semblance of awareness, though it only allows a semblance of awareness, enough so that it allows only the thief known as Yoshimo to wield it. Any other than he cannot use this katana in battle.
Stats- This +1 Katana gives a +1 to defense and can be summoned to Yoshimo’s where ever his hands are.



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