Imaskari Kama
A palpable aura around this item marks it as tained, perhaps rightly so, for all that is known of the Imaskari civilization points toa depth of depravity unmatched in modern times. Of course, such condemnation has had many years to fester, and while a goodly number of Imaskari may have been involved in necromantic studies, it is likely that their vilification springs form later societies elevating themselves through the slandering of others
Stats- This +8 Kama deals an extra 1d6 acid damage, and gives +5 bonus to discipline

Empty Fields
Weapons of this type may have come from a series of destroyed villages in southern Calimshan, though details of that destruction are hard to come by. There are suggestions that a pestilence, infested crops of a small barony during harvest, causing dementia in the citizens and turning them against each other. Whatever the reason, whole communities are thought to have erupted in chaos, leaving behind nothing but their bloodstained tools
Stats- This +1 Kama has a 50% chance of inflicting Doom upon the wielder

Hideo’s Kama
There are very few examples of ‘known’ peasant weapons, as most were adapted from farm implements in the absence of ‘real’ martial blades, and by their nature are nondescript. There are exceptions, whoever, and from the defense of Kyo prefecture comes Hideo’s Kama, created to bolster a group of farmers against marauding pirates. The farms survived, though Hideo himself, the architects of the plan, fell out of favor having spent his fortune on the effort.
Stats- This +2, +2 to parry

Peasant Dynasty
Strange as it may seem, this item bears markings that identify it as the equivalent of a courtly dagger, though it is obviously adapted from a simple farming implement. The leader who sponsored the creation of this and similar weapons likely began life in the fields, which suggests a rise to power quite outside the tradition bloodlines of royalty
Stats- This +1 Kama gives you Electrical, Cold, Acid, and Fire Resistance 5

Intended for chopping ropes and rigging in times of emergencies, ruthless buccaneers have been known to turn these blades to others uses while in port
Stats- This +1 Kama gives +5 to Pick Pocket.

Thread of Life
Not everyone on the battlefield is eager for a fight. The devout of Aido Glade seek out conflicts solely to ply their healing skills, trying to ease the suffering of the fallen while avoiding harm themselves. A thread of Life kama aids in their efforts while marking them as impartial to the cause of the skirmish. They do not judge, knowing that some wars are inevitable. They tend to those in need, regardless of circumstance.
Stats- This +1 Kama comes with 50 charges, Cure Critical Wounds (5 Charges), Cure Minor Wounds (1 Charges), Cure Moderate Wounds (Three charges), Cure Seriously Wounds (4 charges)



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