Ioun Stones


Wong Fei’s Ioun Stone
This Ioun Stone was said to be a gift given to the Shou-ling monk, Wong Fei Hung by the Kara Turan divine of War, Chan Cheng. The Divine came down in the form of a dragon and fought Wong Fei for three days and three nights. Chan Cheng was so impressed by the monk’s prowess that he bestowed the Ioun Stone upon him. The stone disappeared when Wong Fei died
Stats- +1 Bonus to Ac, 15 extra hit points, regenerates 1 hit point per round

Pale Silver Ioun Stone
Perhaps the silver and gray in this stone hint at the knowledge that only comes with age and experience
Stats- +1 to wisdom

Pearly White Ioun Stone
Legend tells us that this particular type of ioun stone is crafted with the enslaved soul of a troll. This pearly white ioun stone will grant the wearer the ability to regenerate at a rate of 2 points per min
Stats- See above

Pale Green Ioun Stone
Upon his deathbed, aged hero Rigar Trueblood begged one last request of his mage companion Spectorial: that his skill and fortitude as a warrior live on. The reluctant friend consented and transferred these traits to an item, knowing the warrior’s soul would be lacking them. This pale green Ioun stone now holds these essences, and grants the owner’s TrueBlood’s health and skill
Stats: +1 bonus to attack, increasing hit points by 10%

Pearly Obsidian Ioun Stone
This tough stone imbues its owner with a similar hardiness
Stats- +1 bonus to constitution

Malla’s Soul Stone
This Small sapphire gem that holds the soul of the innocent young women Malla, has the magical ability to float about the forehead and act as an ioun stone of considerable power. Only those of little conscience would considering using this device, however.
Stats- +1 to Dex and Con, can cast Neutralize Poison 1/day. None Good only

Lavender Ioun Stone
The bright lavender hue of this stone dances and sparkles, as if the stone itself were alive
Stats- +1 bonus to AC, +4 on all saves vs. death

Golden Ioun stone
Highly sought out by wizards and mages, this ioun stone raises the intellect of those who possess it.
Stats- +1 Int

Dusty Rose Ioun stone
This Ioun stone glows with a dusty rose hue, hinting at calming images and sensations. While pleasing, it does not appear to enhance the basic protection enchantment upon it.
Stats- +1 bonus to AC

Bronze Ioun stone
The powerful enchantments on this ioun stone makes it a treasure eagerly sought after by wizards and mages
Stats- an extra 7th level spell

Blue Ioun Stone
These are the basic Ioun stones that are often used as a way for wizards to help themselves solve prolbems.
Stats- 1/day can increase Wisdom by 2 for 10 mins

Deep Red Ioun Stone
This stone is used by wizards to help them avoid assassinations, but in reality this usually means improving their dancing
stats- 1/day can increase Dexterity by 2 for 10 mins

Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
This stone often serves as the last ditch defense by wizards against attack, providing just enough defense to save a life
stats- 1/day can improve AC by 1 for 10 mins
Pale Blue Ioun Stone
Even wizards sometimes like to pretend they are macho, and when moving day comes they all bring these items to act like they are somewhat fit…it often fails
stats- 1/day this gives you a +2 strength for 10 mins

Pink Ioun Stone
When Wizards get sick, wizards can’t work. So wizards will trail futilely to increase their ability to stay healthy.

Stats- 1/day +2 to Con for 10 mins


Ioun Stones

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